Black Friday 2022: Predictions, Coronavirus trends, deals and sales (+ best easy tips)

Black Friday 2022 will be here before we know it, as the holiday season is approaching rapidly.

It has always been known as part of the holiday season where retail stores offer sales at discounted prices to kick off the holiday season.

It usually begins a day after Thanksgiving, and it has risen to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

Many people use that day as an opportunity to shop for the festive season.

It is a typical day full of special shopping deals and heavy discounts.

A lot of individuals look forward to this day, because a lot of retail stores place irresistible discounts on their goods like electronics, toys and some other items.

In this blog post we have extensively written about the predictions, corona virus trends, deals and sales for this year’s Black Friday.

Keep reading.

Black Friday 2022

This year’s black Friday promises to be mind-blowing as there are lots of amazing deals and discounts to jump on.

Due to the pandemic that struck this year, this year’s Black Friday promises to be bigger and better, and a little bit different from the norm.

Black Friday takes place every November, usually late November.

The official date for commencement is November 27, since it is the day after thanksgiving.

Although that is the official date for commencement, a lot of retailers begin early to send out their ads.

A lot has happened in the year 2020 due to covid-19 which has led to some changes here and there.

Let’s take a look at some predictions for the year 2022.

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Black Friday Predictions

#1. Black Friday 2022 will be different from the previous years.

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people might think that this year’s black Friday might be cancelled. No, it’s not.

This year’s shopping spree will only be slightly different from previous years.

There won’t be people crowding the stores, or lining up in the dark. No, there won’t be any of that.

No one wants to get infested with the ‘Corona Virus.’

The world is still recuperating from the pandemic. So, we’re not expecting to see any ‘in-store only’ deals.

Expect a lot of online sales and home delivery services this year.

#2. Expect Black Friday 2022 earlier than usual

Black Friday this year is coming up fast, and sales are beginning to drop early.

The competition online will be massive, hence the need to put out ads early enough.

So, be on full guard and watch out for retail stores that have started displaying ads on their website.

Most important, subscribe to useful newsletters to keep you up to date with information as regards this year’s black Friday.

#3. Technical issues

Because there will be an influx of traffic for the retailers online, you should expect to run into a bit of technical issues from time to time.

Sites would become slower or crash totally due to the inevitable massive traffic.

#4. Better deals this year

2020 has been a tough year for us all.

These retail stores might try to make up for all the torture this year by running better deals and amazing discounts. So, anticipate!

#5. Technology will be a great tool this year

Expect QR codes, virtual retail spaces, etc.

Technology has been a great use in this covid-19 times, so expect retailers to make good use of it when black Friday comes.

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Covid-19 has completely changed the world, permanently.

Yet, these changes have given room for innovation especially in ecommerce.

Majority of retail stores have moved to the digital space, entirely.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends this season.

#1. Home delivery will be on the rise

The need for shipment of goods or products from a store to houses will be in great demand, as sales will be mostly done online.

#2. Ecommerce stores need to put in extra effort

With more customers shopping online, we are going to see more online stores which means more competition.

To beat the best, ecommerce stores will have to put in extra work meaning more money spent.

#3. Black Friday might be longer this year

Take Amazon for example, who will offer early Black Friday campaigns, starting October 26th.

Retailers know that this year’s event will be different, so if you haven’t started planning, start already.

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Black Friday deals

  1. Black Friday Yakata is ON: Get up to 80% off across all categories

2. Jumia black Friday: Lloyd home theatre and DVD up to 50% off

3. AliExpress black Friday sale: Up to 50% off women shoes

4. Jumia flash sales deals (up to 70% off)

5. Slot promo offer: Get 10% off on selected laptops

6. Jumia Treasure hunt: Up to 995 off

7. Jumia Prime: Unlimited Free delivery all black Friday

8. Jumia shake & win

9. Jumia wheel of fortune

10. Konga black Friday treasure hunt: Up to 90% off

11. Up to 45% off smart phones on Konga black Friday sale

12. Konga black Friday: Up to 35% off mini laptops

13. Konga Black Friday: Up to 55% off mobile phones

14. Konga black Friday deals: up to 30% off power generators

15. Black Friday & cyber Monday deals on Konga: Up to 80% off

16. AliExpress black Friday deals: Up to 50% off cameras

17. Black Friday deals at Amazon: Up to 45% off headphones

18. Amazon black Friday early deals: save even 50%

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Black Friday Sales

1.Jumia flash sales (up to 70% off)

2. Up to 45% off smart phones on Konga black Friday sale

3. Jumia N100 sale

4. AliExpress black Friday sale: Up to 50% off women shoes

5. AliExpress black Friday sale: up to 70% off

6. AliExpress black Friday sale: Up to 80% off fashion

7. AliExpress Black Friday sale: Up to 50% off home & garden

8. Amazon Black Friday sale: Up to 90% off

9. Up to 45% off smart phones on Konga black Friday sale

10. Jumia black Friday: Lloyd home theatre and DVD up to 50% off

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