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Samsung devices are pricey and fragile. More pricey gadgets and home appliances are likely to emerge as technology advances. As a result, owning these devices or gadgets or appliances without sufficient insurance may impact your finances negatively, leaving you liable for accidental damage (such as drops, liquid spills, and cracked screens) and failures due to normal wear and tear after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Samsung insurance, also known as Samsung premium care is meant to improve your connected life, no matter where you are. Here’s a brief overview of what Samsung Premium Care entails. This All-In-One Guide will provide you with all you need to know about Samsung mobile phone insurance, the phone number to call when you want to file a claim and why it’s important to get insurance with a Samsung company. 

What Is Samsung Insurance?

Care Plus is an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty for Samsung smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, home appliances, TVs, and monitors. Care Plus was formerly known as Samsung Premium Care until being renamed Care Plus in 2020. The idea intends to make Samsung device maintenance and replacements as simple as possible.

It’s comparable to AppleCare, which customers of iPhones, iPads, and other devices may purchase when they acquire their new devices. Both are designed to provide additional protection against breakage or malfunction. However, because today’s technologies are so durable, paying for additional coverage isn’t always advisable. Maintenance on foldable devices can be time-consuming and expensive.

Additionally, Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss covers device replacement if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or unrecoverable.

Samsung Mobile Phone Insurance 

Samsung mobile phone insurance covers the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and a lot more.

If you made a purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, or Galaxy S8+. Perhaps you recently purchased a new phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20 Ultra or the foldable series. I’m sure you can’t get enough of how nice it looks and feels in your hands.

You should seriously consider selecting Samsung insurance or care plus as your extended warranty plan and accidental damage warranty option from a Samsung company if you’re thinking about getting a protection plan for your smartphone. It’s a good deal for the amount of protection you get for your new $1000+ phone. However, there are third-party options for fixing your Samsung Galaxy s8, Galaxy s9, Samsung Galaxy s20, or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but their prices aren’t significantly lower, and there’s a good possibility they’ll damage your phone by improperly repairing it. Also, you shouldn’t try to do it yourself except you are an expert. Instead, consider enrolling in Samsung insurance with a manufacturing company. 

The Samsung+ app provides extensive support. There are tutorials to help you learn more about your phone. You can also text, chat, or video chat with customer service reps.

Finally, Samsung has partnered with HelloTech and DISH to meet with you in person seven days a week, whenever and wherever you need it.

What Do Samsung Insurance Cover?

Samsung Care+ and Samsung Premium Care plans provide installation assistance and remote technical support.

It also provides replacement coverage for covered product hardware failures caused by normal wear and tear, as well as coverage for accidental damage from the beginning of the coverage period (such as drops, liquid spills, and cracks).

According to the Care Plus FAQ, the number of times you can get accidental damage repairs and replacements is a maximum of three times each year. Mechanical breakdowns, such as a dead battery, have no repair limits and are not subject to service fees.

On Samsung’s Care Plus website, broken screen repairs could be about $29. However, this rule doesn’t apply to foldable phones. Samsung devices divide themselves into four tiers in the Care Plus service contract coverage document, and service prices add up according to those tiers. With a $249 service cost, foldable phones are tier 4. Other Samsung products, such as the A-Series, S Series, and Note smartphones, are among Tiers 1 through 3.

What Doesn’t Samsung Insurance Cover?

As stated by the care plus FAQ, Care Plus does not cover problems that your device may encounter due to “misuse, abandonment, pre-existing conditions, rust, corrosion, theft or burglary, strange disappearance, damage from weather exposure conditions, power fluctuations, and any loss covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.”

How To Enroll In Samsung Insurance 

Samsung Premium Care+ is available for all qualifying mobile devices when purchased on

Samsung Care+ can also be enrolled via the Samsung Members app for eligible devices within 60 days after phone activation. Simply open the app and type “Samsung Care+” into the search field. Then select “Check Eligibility” from the content card that opens. If your device qualifies, you can enroll.

Samsung Insurance Cost 

In the United States, Care Plus costs $4, $9, $11, or $13 a month, depending on your device. (It’s also available in other nations, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, but the terms will vary by territory.) The subscription will automatically renew every month for the next three years until you cancel it or Samsung cancels it, for example, due to nonpayment.

The monthly bill for foldable owners will be $13 per month. Those who received a free year as part of the preorder promotion will begin paying when the first year ends, and you will be invoiced monthly until you cancel or reach the third year of device ownership, whichever comes first.

Benefits And Features Of Samsung Mobile Phone Insurance With A Samsung Company

Getting Samsung insurance with a Samsung company is very beneficial.  You can get cracked screens repaired for $29, coverage for accidental damage and mechanical breakdowns, and 24/7 dedicated assistance with Samsung Premium Care+.

  • 24/7 Help Line
  • Accidental Damage Coverage
  • Cracked Screen repair for $29
  • Lengthened warranty coverage

Samsung Insurance Claim

How much is a claim’s service fee?

Samsung insurance, also known as Samsung Care+ offers low-cost servicing for accepted claims and covers accidental damage resulting from usage. The cost of a service depends on the type of service chosen. For mechanical failure claims, there is no service charge.

In the case of accidental damage, a maximum of three repairs or replacements are can come in in a 12-month period. And when it comes to mechanical failure, there are no repair limits.

Phone Number To File A claim On Your Samsung Insurance Coverage 

To file a claim on your Samsung insurance, call their customer care phone number at 1-866-371-9501 or 1300 362 603
1300 425 299 (GALAXY). You will get to speak with a representative from Samsung. They are quite helpful. Once a claim is approved, replacement devices are usually dispatched the next business day. Also, see your program’s Terms and Conditions for full coverage details.

When To Return A Claimed Device

After receiving your new device and successfully transferring your data, you must return the claimed device to us within 10 days using the given packaging. If the claimed device is not returned within 10 days of receiving the replacement, you will be charged an unrecovered equipment cost, up to the manufacturer’s retail price, on your coverage paperwork. Please see your program’s Terms and Conditions for full coverage details.

Is Samsung Premium Care Worth the Money?

If your phone costs more than $1000, we believe it is worth it for the first few years. A little accident might cost you a lot of money in the long run. Without a contract, many new phones cost more than $1,000, yet they’re more fragile than ever. Millions of individuals today carry small, pricey devices that are susceptible to being dropped, stolen, or otherwise harmed. If you fall into this category – or if you have a budget phone that you cling to – you should think about getting a phone insurance plan for your smartphone.

Deductible for Samsung Premium Care

Deductible for Samsung’s Premium Care

The deductible amount is, of course, determined by the Galaxy phone you have as part of the Samsung Premium Care plan. It also offers 24/7 setup assistance and remote technical support.

Samsung’s Samsung Care Plus mobile insurance covers all of Samsung’s most current flagship phones, including the series. It has a monthly subscription that varies depending on your device and includes an extended warranty for your Samsung Galaxy phone, as well as up to three claims per year for accidental damage.


Samsung mobile phones are usually expensive, and regardless, everyone wants one because of their beautiful features and efficiency. However, many users overlook the fact that, while it has all of the amazing features and models here and there, it is a very fragile phone that is easy to damage and even easy to rob due to how flashy it looks. Having Samsung insurance, on the other hand, keeps you protected and prevents you from worrying about what might go wrong. If you’ve recently purchased a new Samsung phone, Samsung insurance from their company, also Samsung premium care or Samsung care plus, is a safer and more cost-effective option. Please review your program’s Terms and Conditions for full coverage details or call their phone number for further information on how to enroll in Samsung insurance/Samsung care plus or file a claim.


What does Samsung Care plus cover?

Samsung care plus includes setup assistance and remote technical support, as well as coverage for accidental damage from day one (such as drops, liquid spills, and cracked screens), and failures due to normal wear and tear after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. 

If I buy a new eligible device will my current Plan carry over?

No, your current Plan will not carry over to your new mobile device. You must enroll your new mobile device in a new Samsung Care+

What is the cost of Samsung insurance?

Samsung insurance cost varies depending on your device and payment is on a monthly basis to the credit card you provide at the time of enrollment. 

How do i file a claim?

To file a claim on your Samsung insurance please phone this number at 1-866-371-9501 or use the form below to submit your claim online. You can speak with a representative from Samsung.

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