Businesses to Start with 200k: The Top 10 (+Business Plans)

businesses to start with 200k
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With the waning of Nigeria’s currency over the years, 200k might not seem like enough money to start your dream business or any good business for that matter, but depending on your choice of business and your actualization plan, it can be. Contrary to what many may think, the amount of capital you have does not solely determine whether your business will get off the ground or not. Your choice of business, its suitability to your particular environment, and your actualization plan for it play a much larger role in your success or failure than the depth of your pocket. In light of this, we examine 10 businesses to start with just 200k. If you navigate this list with specific consideration to your situation in mind, you should swiftly make the right choice as regards a business to venture into.

Businesses to Start with 200k in Nigeria

Starting a business in Nigeria, even something on the small-scale side of things can often prove to be an expensive venture. Even if you manage to launch, you may still run the risk of showing a loss at the end of the day. Here are 10 businesses you can start with as little as 200k without worrying about breaking even in the long run.

#1. Daycare Services

The daycare business is one that requires trust between the service provider and the client. No sane parent will leave their toddler in the care of someone that is untrustworthy. As such, the onus of building this trust however lies with you – the service provider.

The first question to consider before starting a daycare center is ‘do you love children?’ If you do not, you have no business starting up one. With just 200k, you may want to focus on making your home childproof instead of renting a place.

You can turn a bedroom into your daycare and employ a hand or two to take care of the children. Set the limit of children your daycare can handle; do not overcrowd the place. Regularly encourage reviews from your clients and enforce reasonable suggestions.

#2. Hand Sanitizer Production

Hand sanitizers are all the rage in today’s global pandemic. They can be made at home using the right ingredients which makes it a viable business to start with 200k. There are a lot of hand sanitizer products in the market today so your goal is to distinguish your product. Pay more attention to not just the effectiveness of your product but also its appeal.

It is one thing to have an effective hand sanitizer and another to have one that smells and feels right when applied. Also, your packaging matters. The size and style of your product might appeal to first-time buyers. Lastly, remember you are dealing with lives and the prevention of disease. Ensure that your product works very well in achieving its primary goal.

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#3. Phone Repairs

Repairing cell phones as a business has the advantage of being an enterprise that requires minimum investment to start. There is also a lot of money to be made from it. You will have to invest some money to learn how to properly fix phones before you launch your business.

There are two approaches to starting a phone repair business. One, you can rent a store or get a space where your business will permanently reside given the 200k startup capital. This gives the impression of legitimacy and helps the customer feel more comfortable patronizing you. You can work on a lot of faulty phones and keep inventory as you go. It is however the more expensive option as you have to put down some money for rent.

The second option is to make your business mobile. This however means that you can only work on one phone at a time and will certainly not make as much money as someone who has a store.

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#4. Interior Designing

Nigerians are now more minded about how the insides of their homes look than they have ever been before. As such, they are more amenable to engaging the services of an interior designer. Interior designing is a rewarding venture that does not require a large capital.

Interior designers use elements of design such as color, texture, and shape to ensure that the homes of clients are tastefully furnished, thoughtfully put together, and altogether a joy to live in.

#5. Car Wash Services

A car wash is all about location. Find a strategic location and you are sure to have all-day patronage. Of course, when choosing a location for your car wash, you must, of course, consider the demography, your budget, and the competition.

Choose a busy place, preferably an accessible space by a major road. You may also site your car wash in a car service enterprise like a car repair shop or filling station. Avoid opening your business in a place where there are already many car wash businesses because you will likely not have the startup budget to compete with them. Given your 200k budget, you should employ just a few staff.

#6. Fumigation Business

This has to do with pest control, both domestically and on farmlands. The fumigation service business involves using chemicals and other tools to catch and kill destructive pests whose presence causes damage to the clients.  Customer satisfaction is very important.

For this business to be successful, you must have the right tools and the technical know-how on the operations of the organisms you are to eradicate.

But, to launch your business, you should name and register your company. You should also ensure that your company makes use of the Internet in its marketing attempts.

#7. Temporary Restaurant

A temporary restaurant is essentially a restaurant that appears only at such times as late evenings when day businesses have closed up. It may or may not have a temporary structure that can be set and folded up at convenience; it could be an open-air restaurant with as simple an arrangement as a few benches and tables (for customers) hurdled around a big table that serves as a makeshift counter (for the cook and servers).

Such restaurants do not require owners to pay standard rent (which is usually a major impediment to starting a small business with 200k). Also, it may only serve mobile customers who order and receive their food in takeaway packs.

#8. Barber Shop

Looking good is good business, and so is making others look good. Starting a barbershop, or barbing salon, as it is called in Nigeria, is a very good business idea to start with 200k. The first thing to note while opening such a salon is sitting. You want to site your barbershop in an open place where customers can easily reach you.

You may start out as a one-man business because of your budget but always have expansion in mind. Given the power situation in the country, getting a generator should be one of your major targets after setting up shop.

#9. Dry Cleaning Services

Many people do not have the time to do their laundry. Many also do not have washing machines in their homes. Even the ones who do may not be able to wash, starch, and iron their clothes in such a way that they are attractive or presentable. As such, many people engage in the services of a dry cleaner.

With a budget of 200k, you can start this business from your home. You just need to ensure you have a steady supply of water and electricity (invest in a good generator) and a good space where you can dry these clothes.

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#10. Specialized Wholesale Business

You can go into the wholesale of specific products like spaghetti, detergent soap, rice, and other products. But you will need a store where you can keep these products and sell them to retailers. You will also need a means of transporting these products in bulk to and from your store, although arrangements can easily be made with the manufacturers and retailers.

Specialized wholesale involves less money than would be needed were you to buy a variety of products. Discounts are usually given for buying in large quantities directly from the producer. Moreover, selling one product will reduce the hassles that are typical in the retailing business.

How to earn money fast?

Making money online

  • Get an online freelance job
  • Check out the apps and websites.
  • Start completing tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • Take surveys to get cash.
  • Earn money as an affiliate from your blog.
  • Use Etsy to market your products.

What is the most profitable thing to sell?

What goods may be sold profitably online:

  • Jewelry.
  • Beauty items.
  • Brushes made of bamboo.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Watches.
  • Women’s Clothing.
  • Fitness apparatus.

What are the best money-making ideas?

Methods for earning money at home:

  • Sell bespoke products.
  • Establish a print-on-demand company.
  • Establish a subscription box.
  • Sell on online stores.
  • Promote digital goods.
  • Sell the things you’ve created.
  • monetize a following.
  • Get a freelance job.

How can I earn 1000 a day?

You can make a daily income by creating courses for a variety of abilities, such as dance, art, cooking, etc., and selling them on websites like Udemy, Unacademy, Skillshare, Teachable, etc. Simply put, you will earn more money if your course is more well-liked.


If you are still at a loss as to what businesses to undertake with 200k, you should consider using the Business Yield Idea Generator. The Idea Generator is a fantastic resource for those looking to get tailor-made business ideas specific to their situation.

The Business Yield Idea Generator is fully operated by humans, not a set of algorithms or artificial intelligence. Our experts perform quick but detailed research based on the information you provide.

It is easy to use; all that is required are your answers to a set of quick questions and the perfect business ideas will be sent to your email in less than 24 hours. This comes after careful consideration of your budget, intended location, talents and skills, availability, and what have you.

With the submitted data and just a little token, you will get a list of ideas sent to your email based on an extensive feasibility study. You will also receive access to business plans, a business model canvas, and a 3-year financial analysis to help you get started with the business.

Businesses to Start with 200k FAQs

What are the most profitable small businesses?

  1. Food trucks.
  2. Car wash services.
  3. Auto repair.
  4. Personal trainers.
  5. Newborn and post-pregnancy services.

What business will grow in 2023?

  • Residential remodeling.
  • Home health care.
  • Animal care and services.
  • Digital events.
  • Wedding businesses.
  • Neighborhood or online nursery businesses.
  • Tutoring and online learning.
  • Food delivery.

What is a lucrative business?

Lucrative implies profitability, and it can refer to any business or activity with the potential to make money. Thus, an investment or business activity is regarded as profitable if it generates significant wealth.

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