Blogging Business: 20+ Best Blogging Ideas (+ Startup Guide)

Searching for a business to start up with really little investment?
Are you in search of blogging ideas that can easily enable you make that 6-figure right from the comfort of your bedroom.?If that’s the case then you are absolutely on the right path.

Blogging Business Meaning

It is said the blog is either an acronym of weblog while few says it is originated from web log and this in particular was basically known an online journal or shall we say diary?
Blogging is popular now as its makes it quite easy for persons to share thoughts be it a single person or a group of persons.

In recent time, as things became more techy and innovative, entrepreneurs finds that blogging can be used for vital business marketing strategy but most importantly can also be a model of a high paying business.

Blogging Business ideas

Starting a blog today is absolutely very easy but ensuring it is successful and profitable can be hectic. Its requires consistently for building, maintaining and nurturing it. With all this said it would be extremely easier if you choose to start a blogging business on what you are passionate about but most importantly what you can be consistent on which is profitable.

Below are 25 profitable blogging business ideas you would certainly love to choose from:


Are you skilled at something and you feel your audience could immensely benefit or are extremely in need of it? You should consider writing a tutorial and explain exactly how to achieve similar things.
Here is a secret that you should know and keep at heart that there is always an audience for everything you have to offer and this applies to every blogging idea you choose.
Hence even if you are unaware of the audience who needs that skill, write the tutorial on your blog as simple as you can and then share for others to view.
Ramit Sethi writes about personal finance on his blog “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”. He wrote a quick tutorial on how to extra money on the side.

Top take ways from what ever
Recall the blood of blogging is to be consistent in uploading informative, educative and entertaining post.
Writing about the top lessons you learnt from an online course or trip or even a book would be extremely valuable.
I just finished a course by Astotz Academy on investing in the stock market, I found some vital points, I could write about those points in my blog.


As funny as its looks, people are reading to read to the end any sort of rants as long as it is entertaining.
Here you share your frustration about particular experience you had, its becomes better when its something or a process trending of which people can relate with. Example of this in a country like Nigeria is the sudden need to link persons National identity number to every sim card a person possess. Writing about the frustration you probably faced in the process of getting the national identity number would really get majority of your audience attention.

Conference post

If you are attend so many conferences and seminars, writing about the speakers and the speech given would make it an amazing experience for your audience.

Popular tweets in your niche
This calls for the need to be current on recent tweets. You could write a blog to address trendy tweets in your niche, deliberate on it and share your idea on these tweets.

Frequently asked question

If you observe your reader’s frequently asked questions then do justice to it either in a single article or rather in series.
I would suggest you do it in series and ensure it is around your niche.

Myths and Facts

In this era where information is found and shared everywhere, creating a list of the myths and facts in your niche would ideally make a great content.

Let’s move on…

Movie reviews

Do you love movies?

Cheers to you if you are a movie lover, writing on your blog about every particular movie would be entertaining ton your audience and most importantly fulfilling to yourself

Tool you use daily

Though really common, people are really eager to know tools that would make things easier for them in their daily activities. Here you can write about the online tools you use daily to ensure your day was timely or online tools one should possess as a writer, photographer etc.

Beginners’ Guild

Every expert today was once a novice and yes same applies to you and your readers. Hence writing a beginner’s guides for a skill you are aware your audience needs would certainly be apt.

Don’t you think so? OK just give it a trial and you’ll be amaze at the incredible results you’ll get.

Local news

Here you can write about the current happenings in your neighbourhood, a carnival is coming, very cool , why not write about it. There was a little bit of punch exchange in a fight, great write about it and do well to make it fun.

Inspirational stories

Share inspirational stories on your blog. Monday motivation is a way to go. It keeps your audience glued to you.

Keep reading…

Create resources

This is a very informative form of write up. Here, you can create a list of helpful toolkits, courses, websites, books which would be extremely helpful for a particular niche.

P.S below includes list of blogging business idea you can venture into

  • Freelance bloggers
  • Ghost bloggers
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Influencer
  • Email marketers
  • Bloggers with advertizers
  • Sponsored post Writer
  • Social media blogger
  • Product reviewers
  • Movies reviewers
  • Event bloggers
  • Infopreneurs etc.

Blogging Business Cards

How to start a blogging business
Are you ready to venture into ideal blogging business; here is how you can go about getting started with your blog

Know the kind of blogger you wish to venture into, if you are still confused on this, do well to check through the list of blogging business idea stated above. You are sure to get one that interests you.

Choose your blogging platform, I suggest you go for WordPress though there are free platforms available of which the most commonly used is called blogger but if you wish to make profit out of this business, word press is the surest way to go.

  • Get a domain name and a web host
  • Install WordPress
  • Customize and choose a blog theme
  • Publish your first post and pages
  • Be consistent with the content you put forward

Blogging Business Models

Creating a blog business model is very essential. Making a few bulks online through blogging is possible but hey if you wish for a profitable blogging business, a business model is not one to be forfeited.
Business models in this scenario simply describe how you can monetize your blog, well hopefully that’s the major reason you started it in the first place.
Blogging business model all comes down to selling
The question remains selling what.
These business models would be categorized into 3 which are;

  • Selling physical product
  • Selling your very own skill
  • Marketing digital products.

The main deal comes in when you sell using your blog, it’s very okay to earn with Ad sense or stacking up adverts over your blog etc. but none model beats the above listed models above. Now let’s go deeper.

Marketing and selling Digital Products

Digital product refer to products sold digitally simple. It is created online and then sold online. This is quite very easy because you don’t have to worry about shipping, availability or whatever because everything is done online. The good news is that you just have to create it once and at will constantly update it. For bloggers this is where the sauce is, this is very profitable but really competitive.
Examples of digital products include EBooks, audios, online courses, online trainings, software etc.

Selling your very own skills

Two ways to make a profit here include selling yourself, oh I mean your skill that is to say as a blogger you accept a contract to write for a company and you charge whatsoever amount you wish and this applies to other skills, here you typically render your service/skill.
The other way to make a profit is through consulting, you are given a contract in a company, and instead of rendering that service, you tell them how to improve and enhance them, you fix the mess up, you give instructions on what to be done to get the so result.

Then the big one…

Selling physical product

This is a popular trend as everybody sells physical products online. The physical product involves what you can see, touch, taste, etc. example includes your clothing and jewelry. Here for you to flourish, you would need a business- retail or wholesale, what matters is that you own a business that has physical products somewhere ready to be sold.
This particular model is proven to be tasking due to the process involved from the online orders to the timely delivery of each product requested for.

Affiliate Marketing

This model involves selling other person products via your blog.
In most situations, it involves making research on products with low competition and yes with about average of the needed audience. Bloggers here create a blog just for that niche and then upload contents which have to rank well on Google as they can make better sales and profit with organic traffic.
They build links and more traffic to attract persons interested in that niche when these prospects read your content, they are convinced to purchase which is certainly going to be through your affiliate link.
There are two ways to make money from this model, first would be creating and growing your niche blog then making money through the affiliate link of which you can decide to grow the site into a full-fledged industry, or otherwise you can create another niche while you earn passively from the previous site.

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