ONLINE INTERIOR DESIGN BUSINESS: 2023 detailed guide for Startups (Updated)

ONLINE INTERIOR DESIGN BUSINESS: 2021 detailed guide for Startups (Updated)
ONLINE INTERIOR DESIGN BUSINESS: 2021 detailed guide for Startups (Updated)

Interior design business be it online or offline is a unique venture that allows for creativity and gives room to the client and the designer to create a balance of their artistic expression with practical logistic to ensure a completed job.


As a creative person starting an online interior design business in 2023, it will require that you are tech incline, you have an eye for color combination, space calculation, interpretation of blueprints, furniture’s, lighting’s and lot more.

Interior designers have an eye for design on a daily basis and before you can purse interior design as a legal career and business, there are common responsibilities that as a small business owner venturing online you will need to employ the services of a social media expert, a graphic designer, the role of marketing, coordinating and managing employees is an added element in the chain of command for setting up and running a business.

In addition, it’s important that you research on the different aspect of interior design business and settle for what is most suitable for you, what is in high demand and how your clients think. This will involve the financial demands and what they are willing to pay for your service.

In the online world, your business is exposed to numerous viewers which in many cases will judge your work from the first sight, that’s why you in your setting up there are a few things to consider, while bearing in mind that an online business will translate to a local

How to start an online interior design business

Before setting up an online interior design business you must be prepared to satisfy a client with a fantastic good job if you are called upon to translate what was displayed on your online platform.

  • Choose a niche.

This is the most important part of a business set up. With an online business you must research your area of interest and how many people are into the same industry as yourself.

There are many areas of interior design business that would strive online if they are properly packaged; here are a couple of them.

  • Paint Colors
  • Interior Re-decoration
  • Space Plan
  • Renderings
  • Professional Organizer
  • Design Consulting
  • Window Treatment Ideas
  • Art Layouts
  • Restoration
  • Accessories Mood Boards
  • Wall Art Ideas
  • Sell Specialty Rugs
  • Nursery Designer
  • Kitchen Facelift Service
  • Closet Organizer:
  • Blogging
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Interior design Podcaster
  • Throw pillows designer
  • Fabric Mood Boards
  • Faux Painting business
  • Sell Fashionable Home Décor
  • Sell artificial flowers
  • Antique Furniture refurnishing business
  • Start a Fabric Shop
  • Interior Light Shop
  • Home office planning
  • Sell designer lamp shades
  • Skylight installation
  • Designer On Call Service
  • Finish Selections Service
  • Pre-Made Room Designs
  • Pre-Made Paint Color Palettes
  • Window Design Ideas

Anyone of this niche will do well for an online business if you choose to venture into it.

  • Business name choosing

This is dependent on if you are starting as a sole entity or you’re going into a partnership two or more individuals. Many interior designers prefer to use their names which in most cases the names are readily available.

Before naming your business you will need to check with your local state if the name is available for use, this process can be done through a website.

In addition, because you are taking your business online and you will have to acquire a domain name, it’s important you go for a name that is available online and offline at the same time. It is advisable to do a Google search before you register or buy a domain name for your website.

Furthermore, it is imperative that you don’t choose a name similar to another site so that you don’t pass off as a copycat which could land you in a legal battle, make sure it is not too long and difficult to spell or pronounce, avoid the use or numbers and hyphens. 

Pick a name that best describes what you do and get a .com it is still the best, when all else fails before you use your name as your domain name.

  • Business structure  

Every business needs a structure for it to be successful, that also applies to an online service. You will need to decide what entity you will be operating, a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation. The business entity you settle for will affect the company’s tax, the level of risk you will be exposed etc.

  • Branding

Branding starts with your logo which is the simplest way for people to identify your company and it must stand out. Choose bright colors for your social handles this ensures that you stand out and your identity is captivating.

  • Interior design website

This is the most valuable assets of your online interior design business foundation and next to that will be your email list follow by your social media handles.

Your website is your salesperson, investing and spending a lot of time in there is never a waste. You can choose between your,,,

The process is quite technical and it entails a number of processes listed below.

  • Buy hosting and a domain from a company
  • Install via your hosting company
  • Purchase + upload a zip file of your theme (unless you like the free themes available)
  • Get started customizing your site
  • Add plugins to your site for additional functionality
  • Create email opt-in

For your website there are 6 basic pages you need, they are listed below.

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Services Page
  • Blog
  • Contact

Every website is a function of software that’s why before you choose suitable software that works for you ensure that you understand your design process and what your deliverables are.

Make sure you choose professional interior design software like studio by minutes matter, Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural, Design-flyers etc. there are many more out there. It is also important to read software reviews before using them.

Brand your website with past experiences that is what your clients are looking forward to see, it will help them know your deliverable and your financial worth.

  • Social media handle

These days people don’t walk up interior designers instead they search online and what defines if they will work with you is what project you have displayed online and what reviews you have gotten.

It is important that aside having a website also create social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube Google+, Pinterest) that will be linked to your website. Your social accounts should be regularly updated and active with current project process and finish work. (Show before and after the project.)

Keep your social media names simple and it should be the same across board including your website. Make your social accounts a place well visitor are turn into customers.

Social media helps in spreading the word for a new business fast if well maximized.

  • Offer Free Services

As a newbies in the industry in the industry you will need to offer your services free initially to demonstrate your talent and skills. You can wave some fee off from your clients’ project.

  • Marketing Strategy

Every company needs a marketing plan that will attract their targeted customer and as a fresher you may spend up to 20% of your business budget on marketing for a couple of years.

The majors keys are Identifying your target market, creating a goal that is well defined with avenues through which those goals are reachable, evaluate your competition know their loop holes and create a workable plan that will give you an edge, and lastly every plan needs a budget, running ads and campaign online and off will require funds.

Inclusive in the budget should be funds for print advertisements (newspaper, magazine), newsletter and postcard printing and mailing, printed promotional materials (brochures, business cards), website marketing and professional organization memberships.

Online interior design business model

There is no right or wrong model but what matters is know your clients and building your brand around them. It is up to you to build decide what services you want to render to your online client.

An interior decoration business has a model (online or offline) that governs it daily affairs. This will guaranty the smooth operation and success of the business, it will also help customers and investors understand the concept and services rendered by the company.

From the Executive Summary which contains the background, loop holes of competitors, strategy plans on how to bring about change, your mission statement, company info and comprehensive monetary information, to the Company Description, the Market and Competitive Analysis, Organization Management, Product and Service to be rendered, Marketing Strategy, and Financial Factors, every online business needs an outstanding communicator that will interface with your online client for Q&A.

 There are different model for an online interior design business one of which is a DIY website, this would involve lots of video content showing your clients simple tricks of homemade designs. 

Another model is Bedding and Curtain website; this allows a designer to displace beautiful combinations of color, fabric, furniture’s, room designs and lot more.

Bedding’s and curtains goes beyond the home, it can be a nursery, display showrooms or a unit. There are endless possibilities to the creativity that can take place in a bedroom.

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