Business ideas for women to start in 2023. Get the best 30 here (+ easy tips)

We know that running and starting a business is not a walk in the park, so we have carefully listed out 30 business ideas for women to start with low capital investment.

At the end of this post, you will identify various skills or talents that could be converted into a business opportunity.

See the list below.

30 business ideas for women to start


If anyone has ever complimented your cooking skills, then you should consider a business in food.

You can use social media to your advantage, a good platform is YouTube that can be used to share your favourite recipes and also get customers from your fan base.

All you need to start the above is a Smartphone and a knack for Cooking.

On the flip side, if you’re not comfortable being a caterer, but you have different unique food recipes, you could put your knowledge into a book and sell for a price.

Either way, you’re on your way to making some cash with your skill.


Baking is a great business idea for ladies with low capital.

You can start out by baking cakes, parfaits, etc., for people at different functions, or you can start a YouTube channel and share your different recipes for everything you bake.

A great followership on your YouTube channel brings a higher Return On Investment.


You can write on different areas of interest and make money while doing so.

These days, all you need to start is a Smartphone or PC, there’s zero stress starting a blogging career.

You can also choose to write on trending topics that are entertaining, educational or informative.

The moment you gain a constant flow of traffic to our blog site, you can sign up with Google Adsense, and get paid.

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Freelance content creator

Content is king. Content can be in form of images, graphics and texts.

You can choose to be a freelance content creator as a photographer, graphic designer or writer.

Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork , and Inklancers (for freelance content writers) are good freelancing websites to help you get started.

Stock trading

Trading in stock markets offers a very valuable business opportunity. It is widely known as one of the best business ideas for women.

This business deals less with investments in form of cash and time, unlike other business investments.

Social media influencer

Having daily conversations on your interests supported by images on your social media pages, videos, and having a blog will boost your career as a social media influencer.

Social media influencers often operate on areas like travel, photography, make up, food, etc.

When you successfully build a strong portfolio, brands will begin to approach you.

Note: Always create content around your interest, and engage actively with your followers.

Home based Teaching

Majority of parents do not have the time to teach their kids at home, which is why they hire private tutors to help their kids in core subjects like Maths, English and Sciences.

You too can get hired as a private tutor with the right knowledge and skill set.

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A lot of women love taking care of children. If you’re like some of these women, consider starting a Daycare to help busy parents groom their kids.

Digital marketing

Any woman can be a digital marketer; all you need is the right training and certifications.

The world is now digital, almost everything happens online.

Digital marketing is a profitable investment.

Fashion designing

If you love sewing, and creating beautiful designs with fabrics, then starting a fashion designing business could be the best idea for you.

As an amateur, you can focus on learning skills, and making your business known out there.

Always try to keep yourself up to date with trends, because good work always dominates the market every time.

Craft making

This is a skill in making things especially with the hands. Examples of crafts are house wares, paper crafts, Wall Art, etc.

If you can make any of the crafts, you can make money.

Educational services

There are lots of things you know, that people don’t know. Why don’t you consider teaching the things you know?

A lot of people are willing to pay for knowledge. You can organize a class to teach people on the skills you’ve acquired.

Event planner

Organizing events and getting the right people to make an event successful are good skills that can be monetized.

You can start by organizing Birthday parties or Surprise parties, and then grow from there.

Teach / tutor

If you have the necessary skills to teach students in a classroom, then you can be a Teacher.

You get paid to teach children on different subjects, and this can be done online or offline.

Soap making

Learn how to make soap and other detergents, then begin to supply to supermarkets or stores.

Good branding will enhance the growth of this business.

Fitness trainer

If you ever struggled with weight gain, and successfully cut down on excess calories, you can train people to become like you too.

Also, if you always love keeping fit, you can organize classes for people to always keep fit.
This is the work of a fitness trainer.

Wedding planning

Planning a wedding can be daunting. A lot of brides hate going through the stress of planning their wedding, that’s why they always hire a wedding planner.

If you would love to turn this into a full time profession, get the right skills needed to plan a wedding successfully, then build your portfolio.

Travel agent

A travel agents role is to assist people traveling in planning, choosing and arranging their holiday.

They also give advice and opinions on where to go.

Sell on Amazon

You can sell stuff like books, clothing, electronics, toys, games, etc, on Amazon.

A free plan always requests that the seller pays a fee for each unit they sell.

Clothing business

The clothing industry offers many small business opportunities for women. If you have the zeal and creativity, you can start your own clothing brand.


If you love taking pictures of people close to you, then consider getting a digital camera to build a professional portfolio.

Interior designer

Get paid to design houses to the best taste.

You’re required to have good taste in household furniture, beddings, etc, to be a successful interior decorator.

Affiliate marketing

Truth is, affiliate marketing takes commitment to make it a real business. Don’t just jump into it, do a proper research on the market.

Affiliate marketing is all about getting a commission for every product you sell.

Owning rental properties

Owning rental properties (like land) have perks attached to it.

The goal is to make money using other people’s money and have a passive income source.

Laundry business

You don’t need a huge capital to start a laundry business; you can start off with buying a washing machine and other laundry agents.

Cosmetics shop

The cosmetic industry is growing at a rapid pace. Cosmetics are in high demand these days. Opening a cosmetic shop would be a great investment.

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Basket making

Basket making requires practice and patience. You can start making baskets right in your house, and then sell it off to shops, stores or supermarkets.

What business will be lucrative in 2023?

In 2023, specialized services such as breakfast food trucks, wedding caterers, and home party food services are projected to experience substantial growth. By working with delivery apps to fulfill orders between events, business owners may double their profits.

Is 2023 a favorable year to launch a business?

If you are considering launching a small business, 2023 may be the ideal year to do so. With so many opportunities and resources accessible, there is no excuse not to try! If you have ever desired to be your own boss, there is no better time than now to make it happen.

What is the best business for a woman to start?

  • Visual design
  • Editing and proofreading services.
  • Copywriting for marketing.
  • Content development.
  • Public relations advisory services.
  • Brand ambassador.
  • Photography.
  • Consulting and strategy for SEO.

Which industry will grow over the next five years?

  • Content Promotion.
  • Online education and training.
  • 3D printing.
  • Mental Health and Marriage Counseling Enterprise: Car Charging Station
  • Locations Offering Fast Food and Delivery
  • Biometric Sensor Internet of Things (IoT Industry) Company.

What are the top five most lucrative businesses?

  • Business Consulting Services. I support, consult, and repair technology.
  • Providers of Cleaning Services
  • Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation
  • Auto Repair.
  • Real Estate.

Which small business generates the greatest revenue?

  • Physical treatment or fitness services.
  • App development.
  • Online advisory services.
  • Dropshipping.
  • Home improvement services.
  • Information protection
  • Event management and virtual event management.
  • Services for cleaning businesses.

What is the least expensive and most profitable business to launch?

  • Content development.
  • Personal or virtual assistant.
  • Event management services.
  • Concierge and errand services.
  • Reviewer with expertise
  • Social media consultant.
  • Etsy store.
  • Online instruction and tutoring.

Hair stylist

Every lady or man wants to look good, that is why they hire good hair stylists. Hair styling can be learned by anyone who has a passion for it.

Interestingly, the business does not require a huge amount of money to start up.

Embroidery services

One of the reasons why this is on the list is because embroidery supplies are often very cheap (many people start out with a needle embroidery machine).

Marketing and public relations

Have a way of communicating effectively with people? Then, put it to good use. There are plenty companies that could use your services to communicate effectively with their customers.


The above listed is the best on any list for women looking out to be their own boss.

We have carefully listed out best business ideas for women, and we hope you found it useful.

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