The Most Valuable Fashion Brand In The World.

GUCCI: The Most Valuable Fashion Brand In The World

It’s kind of funny how fashion has become so prevalent in our world today and quite a large number seems to desire to keep up with the trends and follow through on the latest additions. Having a fashion wish list from valuable fashion brands is necessary. However, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the lessons from the most valuable fashion brand in the world; Gucci brand.

Just a subtle reminder, there are numerous fashion brands on the globe today. They range from, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Rolex, and the likes. It is also important we know what difference each makes in dominating the fashion market space.

Of all the valuable fashion brands in the world, Gucci has been well recognized as the biggest selling fashion brand. The brand is widely known for dishing out qualitative products that are presentable and acceptable. This has also helped them maintain a solid brand position in the mind of their target consumers. These days having a product of the Gucci brand shows you off as an affluent and brand-conscious individual. Interesting!

Three lessons from the most valuable fashion brand in the world:

Pay close attention as I unravel the three key branding and basic marketing lessons from one of the world’s valuable fashion brands: GUCCI.

1. Think Big and Start Small.

It is brilliant to think big, in fact, it is of great essence. In venturing into any career pursuit, or owning something big like a fashion brand, it is ideal to envisage an important future of that career. But the problem with most people who have a desire to achieve this is that they do not want to start small. A big valuable brand like Gucci didn’t start today. No doubt that they saw the future; they dreamt of it, thought of it, and most importantly, started small, with what they had. Fashion is flexible! It is not a do or die affair. It is not enforced to own the biggest valuable brand in town before actually achieving what you so desire.

Here’s a shocker peep! Gucci actually started from a small leather-goods shop where woven bits of hemp were interconnected to produce strong leathers as a result of a leather shortage war that occurred. The success story is really mind-blowing. It doesn’t matter how the startup looks like. What matters most is the endpoint; bringing your thoughts and dreams into reality.

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2. Broaden Your Target Audience.

One thing that’s as important as your business is knowing who your target audience is, what they are capable of, and ensure you stick with them. Gucci’s main target audience has always been high income and status men and women from different age groups. The sole reason was to prevent the brand from communicating with one specific generation, not leaving the rest clueless of what they have to offer. With this in view, they accelerated to reaching out to as many people as possible, thereby covering a wider target audience. So, bear in mind to expand your target audience and ensure your brand product and service appeal to them all.

3. Treat Your Customers with dignity.

“Customers are always right”, cliché though, but you don’t want to forget this. This is one factor the Gucci brand hasn’t failed to enforce. That is, they have a large target audience, yet they’ve been able to treat them rightly. Understanding that without their customers they wouldn’t valuable brands today. In this regard, they carry out market research about their clients. Hence, they can identify their tastes, needs, and what they are actually expecting from the brand. And as such, they maximized the opportunity and result obtained to create valuable brands that suit their target consumers perfectly. This also gave it an edge to reposition its brand and maintain great fruition in the fashion world. The way you handle your customers; caring, treatment, manner of speech and address, truly matters. Never take them for granted so you don’t end up losing all you’ve struggled to garner and achieve over time.

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