New Business Ideas 2023: The Ultimate List (+ 30 Quick Easy Tips)

new business ideas

With the changing times comes the demand for new business ideas; innovative and creative ways of doing things that will shake the very foundation of business and trade as we know it today. As such, everyone is out in search of new business ideas that can bring in a fortune and by which their name can forever be remembered.

We all want to be the new Zuckerberg or Jobs of our field but it is useful to remember that the newest ideas are often borne out of old ones. By improving on what exists to better meet the needs of people, we can create profitable business ideas. Indeed, an idea can change the world, and in this article, we look at several new business ideas you should consider.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

New Business Ideas 2023

The following covers a list of new business ideas you can start in 2023; and by new, we mean businesses that aren’t saturated just yet.

Home Delivery Service

In today’s world of online shopping, and with the end of the pandemic nowhere in sight, there has really never been a better time to start a home delivery service. You can offer contract-based services to businesses that do not want to invest company funds in setting up delivery services but want to offer it anyway. You can also cater to the needs of buyers who want their products delivered to their doorstep.

This new business idea requires good capital as you will need to get a vehicle, preferably something fast that can navigate tight traffic pretty well (you wouldn’t want to get a bad review because you delivered someone’s hot Ogbono soup late). You may also need to get the necessary permits from the concerned authorities.

Online Magazine

Running an online magazine is another new business idea you should think about going into. An online magazine is everything the traditional magazine is, save for the paper; it publishes soft copies only. This makes its production a whole lot cheaper, shorter, and easier to manage.

The magazine can be based on the usual genres like sports, news, entertainment, art, fashion, and what have you. It can also be published weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or biennially. It is however important that the publication engages and entertains the readers whose numbers will determine its success or failure.

You may decide to offer the e-zine for a small token or for free. In any case, the goal is to get as many readers to download as soon as possible so as to attract advertisers. As such, there should be massive social media publicity to inform readers of every edition that is available for download. Also, the website where readers can go to download your magazine should have tools that can count the total number of downloads and such other information – this will help monitor your readership progress as well as aid in your sales pitch to advertisers and investors.


Writing for the big screen might seem like difficult work but the film industry is ever in need of good screenwriters who can flesh out a story so that it is relatable and entertaining to the audience. As a screenwriter, it is important you adhere strictly to any specifications given to you even as you bring your very best to the job. You must avoid clichés and work at baring the core message of the story.

 Your goal as a screenwriter is to make a career of writing for TV or movie, but the industry is already brimming with screenwriters, as such, you must distinguish yourself with quality storytelling, relatable characters, and a beautiful plot.

Clothing Line

Perhaps you’ve been in the tailoring business for a while and have been looking to take your business to the next level. Well, it is high time you considered creating a clothing line. Now, many mediocre fashion houses already exist so you must ensure that creativity and cost-effectiveness are your watchwords.

Let the quality of your clothes speak for you. That is not to say you should rely solely on word of mouth the get the word out. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook remain the most viable options for publicity. Open a business account and share pictures and videos of your brand with the public.

Be sure to hammer on the fact that your products are affordable – a lot of people associate clothing lines with exorbitance and may not be interested in engaging with your posts no matter how well designed and innovative your works are.

Massage Parlour

Yeah, you read that right – start a massage parlor. You can earn a lot of money as a masseur or masseuse for hire. The greatest pro of this new business idea is that it is still a relatively unexplored business in these parts of the world. This affords you the opportunity of setting the kinds of standards you want to see. You must be very creative in actualizing this business idea as public perception of the new business will be determined by you.

Footwear Line

Similar to creating a clothing line, the footwear line is a very lucrative endeavor worth considering. If you already have the knowledge of shoemaking, you should really give this new business idea some thought.

You can specialize in making one kind of shoes or really go to town with your production of every kind of footwear known to man. Just ensure that they are comfortable, affordable, and durable. Remember, you will be competing directly with foreign brands, you must therefore give the customer a reason to keep coming back.

Digital Art

The digital artist can do commissioned digital arts like pictures, illustrations, and comic strips. He can as well sell his already made digital arts to clients who are interested in it. The digital artist must be very active on social media so as to create publicity for his works.

Adhering to a recognizable style that is appealing to viewers can see demand for your work skyrocket. You can also create socially-aware art by making drawings that make commentary on the times we live in.

Music Lessons

Depending on your capital and base of operations, your music lessons can range from teaching students how to play all kinds of musical instruments like the piano, violin, trumpet, and guitar to offering vocal lessons. The new business idea can be started right in your house or in the houses of your students.

Focus more on the practical aspects of music as students will likely be put off by the theories of music. Use proven teaching methods that are sure to get quick results but do not be afraid to try new things, especially with students who are experiencing difficulties with your approach.

Dance Lessons

If you are any good with dancing, you should contemplate giving dance lessons. With this new business idea, it is advisable not to start out with a dance studio or some other capital-intensive investments. You can start by giving lessons at the clients.

You will most certainly find your market in schools and churches looking for dance instructors for their children and teenagers. By keeping your rates low and your dance routines creative and doable, you are sure to attract a large client base.

Themed Restaurant

Instead of establishing yet another restaurant incongruent style, make yours stand out with a theme. Your theme could vary from something as exciting as a Wakanda-flavoured approach to something calmer as a 1900’s décor. Your dedication to the details could mean going as far as renaming the dishes and cutleries used.

Riding on such a creative idea means you have to regularly change the décor of your restaurant to maintain its freshness but the theme should remain untouched.

Social Media Entertainment

Today, anywhere you turn in the glamorous universe of social media, you will certainly be met with one entertaining post or the other. If it is not another comic variation of a ubiquitous meme, it is a hilarious skit.

The goal of these is to make their creators garner engagement and more followers such that they become social media influencers. As a social media influencer, you can make a lot of money from advertisers, affiliates, and social media marketing. Some platforms also pay content producers based on the number of views they get on each post.

Travelling Theatre Troupe

This is a new business idea that requires a lot of thorough planning and creativity to actualize. It involves assembling a group of actors and musicians, writing and performing dramas and musicals in different parts of a region or country.

Your troupe can perform at events such as marriages, funerals, school graduations, and so on. You can have already created dramas that the troupe can perform within a short notice. You can also write and perform special dramas and musicals tailored to specific events at the request of the client.

Themed Event Planning

Take your event planning to another level by offering themed events. Themed events are styled after a particular subject or idea and can be very fun and creative. Do ensure that you do not make half-measure attempts at the theme as this can prove disastrous in its final execution.

If executed properly, this new business idea will certainly subvert the expectations of guests at such planned events. You can offer clients a selection of great themes and advise them on the ones most suitable for the event.

Selling of Foreign-Used Phone

In these parts of the world, smartphones are relatively dear. Anyone interested in the offerings from global smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung would have no choice but to break the bank to purchase these or otherwise settle for cheap but poorly made alternatives from OEMs catering exclusively to price-considerate markets.

This is why there is a teeming market for foreign-used phones. You can sell last year’s fairly used flagships for half their original price and earn good money in the process.

30 Quick Easy Tips to Getting New Business Ideas

  1. Observe everything
  2. Question everything
  3. Be patient
  4. Ask questions
  5. Have  an open mind
  6. Read wide
  7. Don’t write any idea off
  8. Get ideas from things around you
  9. Seek advice
  10. Stay current
  11. Do not listen to the naysayers
  12. Improve on old ideas
  13. Aim to meet the needs of others
  14. Try things
  15. Correct your errors
  16. Learn from your mistakes
  17. Listen
  18. Believe in yourself
  19. Stay focused
  20. Aim for perfection
  21. Don’t fear failure
  22. Dream
  23. Accept criticism
  24. Never give up
  25. Do what you love
  26. Be inventive
  27. Seize every opportunity
  28. Be determined
  29. Seek professional help where necessary
  30. Take chances

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3 Pointers to Help You Pick the Best Business Concept

Even though the new small business ideas we’ve discussed are easier to run in terms of logistics, that doesn’t mean they’re simple. No matter what type of business you decide to start, there are at least three things to keep in mind as you consider your options.

#1. Marketing Is Easier if You Focus On a Niche

Marketing is the key to your company’s success, as it is with any other business. Knowing that your products are in demand isn’t enough; you also need to figure out how to reach the people who are most likely to buy them. You must attract the appropriate visitors to your website.

When you’re catering to a specific target audience or identity, marketing is a lot easier (e.g., vegans, board game lovers, photographers in your city). You can create social media content that appeals to these individuals, or you can run ads that are tailored to their preferences. This method also helps you project a consistent brand because you’ll know who you’re talking to more precisely.

Consider how you can target a specific audience for your products and how the company you create may meet their needs. If you already have a large following (through a blog, a YouTube channel, or an Instagram account), you might be able to use that audience to build your business.

#2. There’s More to Pricing Than Just Making Money

If you underprice your products, customers may believe they are of poor quality. You risk frightening off some clients if you price them too expensive. In any case, you’ll need to discover a sweet spot that allows you to account for customer acquisition costs and give discounts, especially if you plan to pay for marketing.

Several online vendors tend to include transportation expenses in their retail prices so that they may provide free shipping or a fair flat charge. Others focus on persuading customers to add more goods to their cart by offering conditional free delivery (for example, free shipping on orders over $50) in order to maximize profit.

At the end of the day, you can play about with your prices and try out different pricing tactics until you find one that works for you.

#3. Continue to Experiment, Learn, and Improve

One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when starting a business is the desire for perfection. Nothing is set in stone, so keep that in mind.

It’s really simple to change products in and out (especially if you don’t have any on hand). A revamp of your store is possible. You have the ability to alter your prices. You have the option of switching to a more reputable provider. All of these selections can be validated using the dozens of signals available to you (traffic, how much time people are spending on your site, reviews, abandoned carts, etc.).

Consider how you can pivot your idea if it isn’t working out as intended.

If you try a different product or technique, you can always rescue some components of your business. The brand you’ve worked so hard to build, as well as the followers you’ve gained on social media and in your email list, can be repurposed for your next business venture.

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Which business is growing fast?

One of the largest industries in India’s fastest-growing industry is the food sector. Agricultural products and services are sold in the conventional food sector.

What business makes you rich?

According to the Wealth Report, the financial services sector has produced the most millionaires in recent times. People make a lot of money in the world of finance. People and organizations competent at deploying and growing money are the driving forces behind the world’s most prosperous undertakings.

Which business will boom in future?

The fastest-growing industry in India is technology. The entire cost of the product will decrease as soon as you have the necessary hardware and software. Making IoT a successful business will depend greatly on the pay scale and customer income.

What businesses do millionaires start?

Investment banking, hedge fund management, and private equity are some of these firms. All of these are a part of the financial business, which is the leading source of millionaires.

Is there a secret to rich?

By far the most crucial secret of all is having a strategy. You must plan out your investments if you want to reach your financial objectives because a goal without a plan is just a desire. It’s simpler to compare your accomplishments to your goals and keep yourself accountable when you plan and lay out your goals.

Who is the youngest person to be a millionaire?

Meet Alexandr Wang, the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

New Business Ideas FAQs

What business can I start immediately?

The following are pretty lucrative businesses you can start immediately;

  • Freelancing.
  • Blogging.
  • Online retailing.
  • Public Speaking/Teaching/Tutoring.
  • Consulting/Training.
  • Errand Running/Personal Assistant.
  • Babysitting/Petsitting/Housesitting.
  • Landscaping.

What business should I start in 2023?

The following are businesses you could start in 2023;

  • Join forces with a dropshipper.
  • Create and sell t-shirts on demand.
  • Create your own book.
  • Offer a service for sale/Offer homemade products for sale.
  • Start a Bakery or Online kitchen
  • Coffee and tea shop on the internet.
  • Begin taking Online classes.

What services are in demand right now?

Services in high demand right now include;

  1. Accounting and tax advice
  2. Consulting.
  3. Legal.
  4. Marketing.
  5. Web and app design.
  6. Recruiting.
  7. Writing and translating.
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