Best Google Fonts: Trending and Top Rated Font to Use in 2023

best google fonts
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It isn’t easy for designers to choose the best fonts for their work, not to talk of those that are not even in the design industry. Thankfully, Google gives us access to a number of fonts we can use both singly and as combinations for our website headings and the rest. And, with the many options available, let’s see the best Google fonts we can use for our websites and logo designs in this article.

What is Google Fonts, By The Way?

Google Fonts is an open-source library that contains hundreds of fonts and allows you to browse font families and test various types in over 135 languages. All of these font files are available for free download.

Google Fonts will even tell you a little something about each font, such as its designer, related work, and trends and usage data. Furthermore, Google organizes its fonts based on the popularity, consumer behaviors, and trends in your area.

One of the best aspects of Google Fonts is that the fonts are:

  • Free: Google provides open-source fonts, which are free to use. You are free to distribute and alter them as you see fit.
  • Ready for commercial usage, which means you can use them for marketing reasons or on any of your products.
  • Compatible with websites and Android OS: If you’re designing an Android app, you can utilize Google Fonts as long as you have Android Jelly Bean or later. Google Fonts can also be embedded directly into your website, allowing your branding to be consistent across platforms.
  • Useful for branding: Google Fonts can be simply used on printed products, e-books, stores, jewelry, instructional materials, and other surfaces.
  • Modifiable: A Google Font can be altered with any design software and used commercially. You can alter the spacing, thickness, and slope of a font.

Now, with plenty of options available, let’s see the best Google fonts available for websites

The Best Google Fonts For Websites

#1. Open Sans 

Open Sans is a prominent font in the design business. It is a basic sans-serif font designed by Steve Matteson that is best suited for paragraphs and smaller writing. It comes in 13 different styles, ranging from light to extra-bold.

#2. Alegreya

Juan Pablo del Peral created the gorgeous and graceful font Alegreya. It was designed for print, and its quill-like appearance adapts well to the screen, especially for more sophisticated designs that call for a traditional touch. Alegreya is available in 16 different font weights and styles. There’s also a sans-serif variation.

#3. Roboto

Roboto is a web-safe font that Google uses for its Android devices and services. Christian Robertson, a Google designer, devised it as a replacement for Android’s old Droid font. Roboto is a popular choice among graphic designers due to its clean appearance. You’re presumably reading this in Roboto if you own a OnePlus device.

#4. Anek 

Anek is a sans serif font family that includes fonts in Latin as well as nine Indian languages: Bangla, Devanagari, Kannada, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Malayalam, Odia, Tamil, and Telugu. To accommodate each language, it employs a variety of fonts, styles, and weights. Anek has you covered if you’re seeking an Indian-based font.

#5. Montserrat 

Montserrat is another popular modern font. Designed by famous graphic designer Julieta Ulanovsky, it has become a design mainstay due to its adaptability and wide range of weights – it’s ideal for just about anything. It is available in 36 various styles, ranging from thin to black, as well as corresponding italics.

#6. Lato 

Lato is an eye-catching sans-serif font created by Adam Twardoch, Botio Nikoltchev, and Ukasz Dziedzic. It is one of Google Fonts’ most popular body fonts. It’s a clean and professional font available in 18 weights.

#7. Poppins

Poppins is a relatively new font that quickly became a designer favorite due to its sleek appearance and minimalist aesthetic. It’s a great typeface for big headlines and titles, and it looks great against a contrasting background. Poppins is a geometric font made by Jonny Pinhorn and Ninad Kale that comes in 18 different styles ranging from thin to black.

#8. Oswald

Vernon Adams created the sans serif font, Oswald. There are seven weights available: extremely light, light, regular, medium, semibold, bold, and heavy regular. We recommend choosing Oswald for headings because of its bold appearance, which contrasts well with smaller typefaces.

#9. Raleway

Raleway’s larger weights, like Oswald’s, make it stand out when used for titles and headings. It is a sans serif typeface designed by Matt McInerney, Pablo Impallari, and Rodrigo Fuenzalida that is very popular among designers today due to its versatility. It works well with both modern and traditional fonts.

#10. Futura

Futura is one of the most popular fonts in graphic design. Nike, Domino’s Pizza, and Volkswagen have all utilized Futura in some capacity, demonstrating that it is a versatile font that can be used for a wide range of products and services. Futura is a typeface designed by Isabella Chaeva, Paul Renner, Vladimir Andrich, and Vladimir Yefimov that comes in 22 weights.

Now that we’ve gone through some of the best Google fonts, let’s look at the best combinations

The Best Google Fonts Combinations for Websites

#1. Work Sans + Crimson Text

If you want a high-end look, one that will make your website appear both prestigious and modern, this is the combination for you.

Crimson Text, a serif font inspired by old-style typefaces, for the headings, paired with Work Sans, a modern, kind of grotesque sans-serif, for the body, creates a strong blend of tradition and modernity.

#2. Oswald and Cardo

This combo has everything you need for a first impression. A condensed sans-serif in all caps for the headings and a classically styled serif for the body will definitely be a catch.

#3. Quicksand (Light + Medium)

Sometimes just one typeface is all you need to make your design pop. This is one of those occasions. Quicksand is a geometric display sans-serif with rounded terminals that is friendly and pleasant in appearance. Just use it in two weights, Medium for headings and Light for the body, and your website’s typography is complete.

#4. Judson + Archivo Black

These two combinations are robust, assertive, and sophisticated. Use a bold sans-serif for the headlines and a more delicate serif for the body.

#5. Abril Fatface and Roboto

Abril Fatface and Roboto are a fashionable and stylish couple. Roboto appears to rebalance Abril’s personality. Creating a stylish and contemporary balance.

#6. Archivo + Open Sans 

Vibrant, bright, and gleaming. A typeface combination for brands that are young and lively.

Use Archivo (weight 500) for the headings and Open Sans (weight 300) for the body, and you’re done good to go.

#7. Montserrat and Work Sans

Montserrat is one of the most beautiful and solid typefaces in the Google Fonts collection. It is ideal for current websites, and you’ll notice that it adjusts to a variety of personalities.

Combine it with Work Sans (light version), and you’ll be glad you did.

#8. Prata and Lato

Prata is a refined serif typeface with strong serifs and polished curves that make headlines clean and appealing. Together with Lato as the body font, this combination creates an adventurous, yet elegant and minimal aesthetic for any website.

#9. Montserrat and Lora

This combo employs it in all caps and with a lightweight, giving your headlines a delicate and stylish appearance.

Combine that with a clean serif like Lora and a pink or rose gold palette, and you’ve got yourself a feminine-styled website for a solopreneur or a modern female-run firm.

#10. Playfair Display + Chivo 

Luxurious and fashionable. With this combo, you can acquire that status.

The headlines are styled with Playfair Display, one of Google Fonts’ most attractive serifs. If you use italics, your website will appear more premium and unique.

Chivo’s beauty and fine strokes in Light make it excellent for pairing with Playfair Display’s strong qualities.

Best Google Fonts for Logos

Here are the best Google fonts for logo designs available in 2023

#1. Open Sans

Steve Matteson, Ascender Corp’s Type Director, created Open Sans, a humanist sans serif typeface.

This version includes the entire 897 character set, which includes ISO Latin 1, Latin CE, Greek, and Cyrillic characters. Open Sans has an upright tension, open forms, and a neutral, yet inviting appearance.

#2. Oswald 

Oswald is a reinterpretation of the classic style often represented by ‘Alternate Gothic’ sans serif typefaces.

Oswald’s characters were initially redrawn and reconstructed to fit the pixel grid of typical digital screens. Oswald is intended for usage throughout the internet via web browsers on desktop computers, laptop computers, and mobile devices.

#3. Merriweather

Merriweather was created to be an easy-to-read text face for screens. It has a big x-height, slightly condensed letterforms, minor diagonal stress, strong serifs, and open forms.

#4. Nunito

Nunito is a well-balanced sans-serif typeface superfamily that comes in two variations.

The project began with Nunito, a rounded terminal sans serif for display font designed by Vernon Adams. Jacques Le Bailly expanded it to include a full set of weights as well as a conventional non-rounded terminal version.

#5. Titillium Web

Titillium began as a didactic project Course Type design of the Master of Visual Design Campi Visivi at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino.

#6. PT Serif 

PT Serif is a humanistic serif typeface with transitional serif terminals.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with PT Sans and is consistent in metrics, proportions, weights, and design.

#7. Playfair Display

Playfair Display lends itself to this period, and while it is not a resurrection of any single style, it draws inspiration from John Baskerville’s designs and ‘Scotch Roman designs.

As a Transitional Display (big size) design, it can effectively and stylishly accompany Georgia for body text. It’s also an excellent choice for logo design.

#8. Lora

Lora is a well-balanced contemporary serif with calligraphy roots. It’s a text typeface with moderate contrast that works well for body text. If you need more font alternatives for your logo, you can learn more about fonts here.

You can utilize online logo creator tools to auto-generate business logos in addition to professional vector design software to develop your logo. On desktop computers, enter, answer a few simple questions, and you may build a bespoke logo for your business in minutes.

Best Google Fonts For Headings

The best Google fonts for headings are not always the same as the best Google fonts for the rest of the body. And with that, here are some extremely nice Google fonts for headlines:

  • Crimson Text Semibold Italic 
  • Raleway Light 
  • Playfair Display
  • Oswald Bold  
  • Droid Serif (700 weight)
  • Arvo Bold 

What Is The Coolest Font For Google Docs?

Some cool Google Docs fonts include:

  • Ubuntu
  • Bitter
  • Cabin
  • Heebo
  • Ropa Sans
  • Amiri
  • Darker Gritesque, etc

What Fonts Look Professional?

Some professional fonts are Cambria, Georgia, and Times New Roman.

In Conclusion,

If you’re looking for the best fonts for your websites or logo design, Google Fonts has a lot of options. But to narrow down your search, we have categorized these fonts according to their intended use, from the best Google fonts for combinations to the best for headings, websites, and logo designs. We hope you find this information useful. 

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