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The New Orleans Saints logo is the same symbol as the city’s name. The city chose it as a tribute to the French individuals who set it up. The symbol, which is called a fleur-de-lis, has been on many coats of arms and flags in Europe for hundreds of years. Today, the Saints’ logo is a golden shade with black and white lines. And it still shows what the club is like. The club has two mascots in addition to this well-known logo. During games, Sir Saint and Gumbo the Dog will be wearing their official uniforms. Let’s proceed to the meaning, history, and evolution of the saints logo.

The meaning of the Saints’ logo has always been linked to the French monarchy and has always stood for perfection and royalty. The elegant fleur-de-Lys on the team’s logo makes it stand out from the other teams in the same sport. It also adds a sense of luxury and softness to a tough and masculine sport.

Since it was first made, the New Orleans Saints logo hasn’t changed much. In 1967, the club showed off its first logo. It was a mark in black and white that made people think of loyalty and class. Then, after 33 years, the owners gave the gold mark to someone else. It had the air of a noble and royal thing. The Saints’ logo is easy to remember. It’s modest, chic, unique, and versatile. In short, the logo for the New Orleans Saints meets all of the design criteria for a logo. So, fans like it a lot! Now, let’s look at how the Saints logo came to be.

The logo for the New Orleans Saints has been changed four times. In 2000, it was first changed. Then, in 2002, 2012, and 2017, there were three more. But despite these changes, the logo still has the same personality. In fact, the changes show that an expert worked on them. The football team from New Orleans has a very elegant and light look to it. The meaning of the Saints’ logo connects to the French monarchy and has always stood for perfection and royalty. The elegant fleur-de-Lys on the team’s logo makes it stand out from the other teams in the same sport. It also adds a sense of luxury and softness to a tough and masculine sport.

Why Is the Saints Logo a Fleur-De-lis?

The fleur-de-lis is a Catholic symbol that the French, who have always been a Catholic country, used as a big part of their national symbol and sense of who they are.The club chose the logo in 1967, and it hasn’t changed much since then. The well-known symbol is sometimes called a “fleur-de-lis.”The elegant fleur-de-Lys on the team’s logo makes it stand out from the other teams in the same sport. It also adds a sense of luxury and softness to a tough and masculine sport.The saints’ logo type according to its meaning is a sign of wealth and high status.

What Is the Logo on the Saints Uniform?

The fleur-de-lis symbol is on the sleeves and pants of the current New Orleans Saints uniforms. In 1967, the first Saints uniforms were gold pants with striped sleeves. The logo for the New Orleans Saints is made up of three different colors. Gold stands for kingship, black for wealth, and white for cleanliness. The club chose the logo in 1967, and it hasn’t changed much since then. The well-known symbol is sometimes called a “fleur-de-lis.”

The First Version of the Saints Logo-1967

1967 was the year that saw the debut of the Saints’ first official team logo. It had a black and white fleur-de-lis mark that had an air of nobility about it. In addition to this, the gorgeous basic sign was outlined in black and white. It has a strong connection to New Orleans as well as the Royal Family in France, particularly the House of Bourbon. This Saints’ trademark served the club for close to thirty years during its existence.

According to the meaning of the saints’ logo, which was created using a monochromatic color scheme and included a prominent black fleur-de-lys within a double white and black outline.The emblem was very classic and refined, and it did a good job of conjuring up images of regal dignity, airiness, and nobility, just as it was intended to do. This logo, which is both straightforward and refined, was used by the football club for more than thirty years before it was updated for the first time in the year 2000.

The Second Logo-2000

The New Orleans Saints debuted a new tender color palette with the fleur-de-lys emblem in a fashionable beige color on their new badge in the year 2000. Additionally, the badge had a triple monochrome outline, with the inner black contour being thinner than the outer one. There was also a secondary version of the emblem, which featured the colors in the opposite order from the primary version. This variant included the heraldic symbol in solid black, with a white, beige, and black outline, and all three outlines featured the same thickness.

The fleur-de-lis symbol was simplified, resulting in a cleaner appearance. When compared to the previous version of the saints’ logo meaning, for example, the outlines were made to be broader and more distinct. Once more, the designer included triple outlines and colors in the final product. In addition to black and white, he used the color gold in the mix. Approximately eleven years ago, this floral motif became synonymous with love and peace.

The Third Logo-2012

In 2012, the New Orleans Saints introduced a subtle update to their team logo. The color was altered by the designer to make it appear to be a lighter version of the color gold. This endowed the logo with an antiquated demeanor, alluding to the French Royal House in the process. It reigned supreme for close to four years, making way for the most recent logo design. The fleur-de-lys of the Saints’ current logo is rendered in a very light and stylish gold tone, and it is framed in black and white. This gives the emblem more power and assurance, despite its delicate and sophisticated appearance.

The Currently Used Logo-2017

It is a very slight one, and the average person would have a hard time noticing it. This version has a distinct color tone from its golden hue, which differentiates it from the one that came before it.

The New Orleans Saints are a team in the NFL. franchise based in New Orleans. Dave Dixon and other New Orleans residents helped the city get an NFL team. On November 1, 1966, this campaign of five years came to an end. All Saints Day was a good sign for society, which was mostly Catholic. So, the city became part of the NFL. John Mecom Jr. was the first owner. Five days after that, Tom Fears became the coach. On January 9, 1967, the team changed its name to the Saints. During the expansion draft in 1967, the Saints picked 42 players.

On March 8, the first season-ticket drive began. The club sold 20,000 seats. Before the first game, 33,400 people bought tickets. These numbers show how excited people were in the city before the first game. On September 17, 1967, the Saints’ first season began. The Rams played at Tulane Stadium. 80,879 people attended. The 94-yard kickoff return by John Gilliam made them lose.


On November 5, 1967, the Saints beat Eagles 31–24. On December 17, they beat the Redskins 30–14 and ended up with a record of 3–11. The Saints’ record was the same as that of Minnesota and Atlanta. It was a record by the expansion club. On March 29, 1968, Victor Schwenk took over as head of GM. It was hard for the Saints to win. They came in third on December 15, 1968. They beat the Steelers in their next-to-last game and ended up with a record of 4-9-1.

In 1985, Tom Benson bought the business. Tom owned an auto business and worked as a banker. Tom quickly chose Jim Finks to be the GM. His decision worked out. On November 1, 1987, the Saints beat Atlanta 38-0. It was a record for clubs. The birthday party was better. The Saints beat Green Bay 33–24 and ended the season 12–3. They almost got first place.

On December 16, 1991, the Saints beat the LA Raiders 27-0, ending a four-game losing streak. With this win, the Saints are getting closer to winning their first title. In 1991, they won the NFC West by beating the Cardinals 27–3. Joyful! 2010. Thank you. On January 24, the Saints beat Minnesota 31–28. It was the first Super Bowl for the Saints. On February 7, they beat the Indianapolis Colts 31–17 to win the Super Bowl. Benson died at 90. The 15th of March 2018 was a horrible day. He will always be a hero to the Saints and their fans. He was in charge.

As the Saints logo Keep Marching On 

Even though the New Orleans Saints may not be the NFL team with the most history, they are still very close to their city and fans. The people of New Orleans and the team members are still working hard to win another Super Bowl. Let everyone see your team spirit as you march into the Superdome. Find a style from head to toe: Get the best Saints merchandise and clothes that are officially licensed from.

Why Do They Call Themselves the New Orleans Saints?

In the world of sports, it is customary for most clubs to adopt the names of the city in which they are based. Again, the majority choose names that are associated with significant moments in history. The National Football League is not an exception to this pattern in any way. For example, there are teams such as the Chicago Bears, the New York Giants, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, among others. The fleur-de-lis symbol is on the sleeves and pants of the current New Orleans Saints uniforms. In 1967, the first Saints uniforms were gold pants with striped sleeves.

Indeed, this is the practice that all thirty-two teams in the National Football League (NFL) in the United States follow. They show their appreciation for the cities in which they play their home games by performing special ceremonies. The National Football League (NFL) officially invited New Orleans to become a member of the league on November 1, 1966.

You can safely expect that the team will refer to the location by its name. But where did the Saints come from in the first place? That is a very interesting subject, and I will now explain to you my three primary inspirations.

#1. The Influence of Catholicism

The Catholic faith runs deep in New Orleans saints logo and its surrounding areas. The city is home to a sizeable number of people who adhere to the Catholic faith. Dave Dixon, an entrepreneur in the sports industry, was successful in convincing Pete Rozelle, the commissioner of the NFL, to make the announcement on November 1, 1966, marking the birth of the franchise on All Saints’ Day.

#2. Authorization From the Archbishop

During that time period, Philip Hannan served as the Archbishop of New Orleans. The new franchise’s owners consulted with him over the selection of a name. They reasoned that by using the word “Saints,” they might cause offense or even commit blasphemy. On the other hand, the archbishop thought the idea was great, so he gave them his blessing. Even the club’s official prayer was written by him for them to use.

#3. The Historical Roots of Jazz

The city of New Orleans is known for its singular musical style. The majority of people were aware of its status as the birthplace of jazz. When the Saints Come Marching In is the traditional name of the city’s unofficial but nonetheless iconic song. The name of the club was derived from this song as well. When jazz trumpeter AI Hirt became a stockholder in the club, that’s when everything got started. He sang a version of the song that was later adopted by the group as their official anthem.

How Did the Logo for the New Orleans Saints Come About?

The logo for the New Orleans Saints came from France. Others, though, have used it all over Europe. It’s is a badge for the Catholic Saints of France. The saints’ logo type according to its meaning is a sign of wealth and high status. There are two mascots for the New Orleans Saints. One is Gumbo the Dog, and the other is Sir Saint. Gumbo was a Saint Bernard dog who wore the uniform of the team.

Today, the mascot is a person with a dog’s head who wears the team’s jersey. Also, it likes the number 00 on the jersey. Sir Saint is a white man who is tall. He has small eyes, feet that aren’t even, and a chin that sticks out. It wears the team uniform with a helmet, just like Gumbo the Dog. Sir Saint likes golden leggings.

There are three official colors for the New Orleans Saints logo. They are gold, black, and white. Most people called the shade of gold “old gold.” Gold means wealth, black means style, and white means loyalty. So the logo for Saint is both black and gold. You can also call it “white.”

New Orleans Fleur-De-lis 

The New Orleans fleur-de-lis is a logo that has a lengthy and significant history in the state of Louisiana. However, It is all over buildings, on the state flag, and even on the helmets of the New Orleans Saints. The fleur-de-lis is a special flower that only has three petals. The flower stands for life, safety, and cleanliness. In other cultures, it stands for honor, unity, and kingship. It is now one of the New Orleans Saints official visual symbols.

 The History of the Fleur-De-lis

The history of the fleur-de-lis dates back much further than New Orleans or even the history of the United States. The flower is a symbol of the French monarchy and the House of Bourbon long before the  introduction  to the United States. This explains how the flower became associated with the French history of New Orleans.

According to a popular urban legend, the fleur-de-lis was born from a tear that Eve shed as she was leaving the Garden of Eden. Since that time, depictions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph have shown them each holding a fleur-de-lis, which is a stylized form of the lily flower.

Within the context of the United States, the lily has come to represent both the Boy Scouts and the city of New Orleans. It has become a symbol of the people of Louisiana. It is on everything from the uniforms of the New Orleans Pelicans to the flag of the Louisiana Creole People. Because of this, everyone south of Baton Rouge knew exactly what the New Orleans Saints logo would be when the city’s first professional football team was formed in the late 1960s.

The Symbol’s Controversial Past Involving Slavery

Dr. Ibrahima Seck, a historian on slavery, said in an interview with the United States that slaveowners used the fleur-de-lis symbol to find out who had escaped. According to Seck” He would be brought before a court, and the sentence would be branded on one shoulder with the fleur-de-lis, and then their ears would be cut off.” “He would have to go to court,” “As an African, it hurts me, and I think those whose ancestors were slaves here may feel it much more than I do as an African because their relatives were slaves here,” she said.

It should come as no surprise that the symbol does not have the same connotation in modern times. However, it is necessary to be aware of the applications it has had in the past. Because of this, there have been some who have suggested that the Saints should replace their emblem.

New Orleans Saints Logo Bounty Scandal

The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, also called “Bountygate,” was an event in which members of the NFL team New Orleans Saints logo were accused of giving bonuses, or “bounties,” team to players on the other team who hurt them. The pool was said to have been running from 2009 (when the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV) until 2011.

Roger Goodell, who is in charge of the league, responded with some of the harshest punishments in the league’s 92-year history and some of the harshest punishments for bad behavior during a game in the history of professional sports in North America. Gregg Williams, who was in charge of the defense, was suspended indefinitely, but this was overturned the next year. Sean Payton was suspended for the whole 2012 season. This was the first time a head coach had been suspended since Chuck Fairbanks in 1978.

Mickey Loomis, who was the general manager for the 2012 season, was banned for the first eight games. Because he broke the rules, Joe Vitt was not allowed to play in the first six games of the 2012 season. The Saints organization had to pay a $500,000 fine and give up their 2012 and 2013 second-round draft picks as punishment. In May 2012, four current and former Saints players were suspended after being named as ringleaders in the scandal. Linebacker Jonathan Vilma was also suspended for the entire 2012 season. But in December 2012, former commissioner Paul Tagliabue overturned all of the punishments for the players. He did this because he found that, even though the players were “very involved,” the coaches and the Saints organization were mostly to blame for the scan.

The Symbolism Behind the Fleur-De-lis on New Orleans Saints Helmets

The fleur-de-lis,is also the same as the lily flower, which is on the New Orleans Saints helmets, and it is impossible not to notice it. The saint’s logo connects with the National Football League franchise; but, what does its actual meaning entail? Why did the Saints decide to use a flower as the primary element of their team logo? You may undoubtedly guess that there is a special narrative behind the sign, but contrary to popular belief, it does not involve a happy ending.

#1. A Symbol of Royalty and Religion

The fleur-de-lis is a very old symbol that connects with the royal house of France for a very long time. Due to the The meaning of saints’ logo, which depicts a lotus flower, involves a wide variety of things throughout history, including peace, conflict, politics, religion, and royalty. The French monarchs are credited with the invention of the sign, which can be traced all the way back to the baptismal lily that was utilized during the coronation of King Clovis I in 509 BCE.

The legend from long ago indicates that Clovis received the lily bloom as a gift from either an angel or possibly the Virgin Mary herself. The legend of the lily’s origin in Eve’s shed tears over leaving the Garden of Eden persists. The flower came to represent moral rectitude, and if Clovis fought with it by his side, he was victorious in every conflict. You probably didn’t know the New Orleans Saints logo had a religious meaning when you watching them play.

Initially only the French monarchs can use the sign, other noble families soon followed suit. King Louis VII of France is the first French monarch to have the fleur-de-lis affixed to his shield. People will believe you are the greatest of the best if you wear the symbol. It’s possible that this is the reason why the Saints put it on their helmets. This sets them apart from other football teams in the league.

#2. A Symbol of Louisiana

The fleur-de-lis is an important symbol of Louisiana, a state with strong French roots. Consequently, the symbol is on buildings, the state flag, and the helmets of the New Orleans Saints, among other places. If you grow up in Louisiana, you can’t avoid learning the meaning of the saints’ logo which is also “fleur-de-lis.”

Despite its current status as a symbol of the nation, it has nothing to do with with moral values. Instead, it was once in use as a means of identifying slaves. The emblem also, appeared in the “black code” of Louisiana, a set of regulations enacted in 1724 that borrowed heavily from the practices of other French colonies. The establishment of black code in Louisiana is as a means of restraining slaves. Anyone attempting to escape from their plantations will receive a “fleur-de-lis” insignia.

If you know the meaning and history of the saints’ logo, it only makes you feel sadder when you see it. Seck said, “I think people whose ancestors were slaves here [in Louisiana] may feel it harder than I do as an African.” Terence Fitzmorris, a history professor at Tulane University in New Orleans, says that the “fleur-de-lis” was one of the cruelest ways to mark someone as yours. He said, “It was a cruel way to scar someone and make sure everyone knew who the troublemaker was.”

New Orleans Saints – Statistics & Facts

The New Orleans Saints are a professional football team that plays in the American Football Conference South division of the National Football League (NFL). John Mecom Jr., David Dixon, and the city of New Orleans started the franchise in 1966. The team’s current franchise value stands at approximately 2.5 million U.S. dollars.

The Saints play their home games at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, simply referred to as the Superdome and famous for serving as a temporary emergency shelter during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In 2019, the team’s average regular season home attendance stood at 73,082. In 2019, the Saints made about 469 million dollars in revenue and about 116 million dollars in operating income. The Saints won Super Bowl XLIV in 2009. This was their first and only time playing in the Super Bowl. The New Orleans Saints had about 5.56 million fans and followers on both Facebook and Twitter.

The Most Important Statistics

  • Regular season home attendance of the New Orleans Saints 2006-2021
  • Average regular season home attendance of the New Orleans Saints 2008-2021
  • NFL – New Orleans Saints revenue from ticket sales 2010-2021
  • Average ticket price of the New England Patriots 2006-2021
  • National Football League: Price for a beer at games by team 2021
  • National Football League: Price of a hot dog at games by team 202
  • New Orleans Saints number of Facebook fans/Twitter followers 2012-2023


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