Gold as a financial investment

Before investing in anything, you first need to learn and understand it. The same goes for gold as a financial investment. There are things you have to know so you can weigh whether it’s an excellent investment or not. While it’s true that gold has been a form of currency since ancient times, it’s still best to learn more about it. As such, here are the things you need to know about it:

#1. Many Ways To Invest In Gold

Before, you had to buy physical gold if you wanted to invest in gold. But now, there are many ways to invest in it. From paper to digital, it’s now possible, thanks to technology. That being said, here are some forms of gold investment, which you can find on sites like so you can choose the most suitable one for you:

Physical Gold:

With this method, you have complete control over your investment at all times. Since you have it and own it, you can sell it any time you want. However, when buying physical gold, you need to secure it. They require proper storage, whether they’re in bullion, coins, or jewelry. While it’s okay to put them in your vault or cabinets, it’s still best to keep them in banks or third-party companies. That’s because they know how to keep your gold secure and safe from theft and other harmful elements.

Gold Mining Stocks:

These are similar to stocks of companies, but you’re buying shares from gold mining companies. With such, your profit relies on the success of the company. What’s even great about this is that you don’t have to own physical gold, which eliminates the need for storage. Instead, you only have to open an account so that you can buy gold mining stocks. Then, you can sell or trade them whenever you want. Thus, this method is best if you’re aiming for a long-term investment.

Gold Futures Or Options:

Another option is to buy gold options or futures. Here, you’ll have contracts that allow you to buy or sell gold in a certain amount of time at a specific price. This is beneficial if you have a good idea of whether the price is going up or down. However, you may not gain any profit if your guess is wrong since the contract contains when you should sell such options. 

Gold Funds:

As for gold funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), you’re buying ‘bundles’ of gold investments from one company. This company is the one that invests in gold options, gold mining stocks, and others. Thus, you’ll have the advantage of gaining exposure in various gold investments, but you’re only investing in funds. No longer do you need to analyze the market of gold mining stocks, as the company offering ETFs already does it?

#2. Demand For Gold

To say that gold is a good investment option, you have to know where the demand for gold comes from. That being said, most of the demand for gold comes from the jewelry industry. Other industries include the ones creating gold bars, medals, bullions, and coins—these are mostly physical gold investors, whether they’re banks or individuals.

In addition, other industries, like tech gadgets, heat shields, dentistry, and the like, use gold as it’s a good conductor of electricity.

As such, the demand for gold makes it an attractive investment. And, the higher the demand, the higher the value of gold becomes. This means that the price of gold increases as the demand goes higher.

#3. Hedge Against Inflation

Another reason why many investors choose to add gold to their investment portfolio is its capability to manage portfolio losses. You can use it to balance your losses when currencies, stocks, and other investment types fluctuate. Unlike fiat currencies that weaken due to the economic crisis, gold’s value remains. This means it doesn’t go down when the price of currencies goes down.

As years go by, the prices of goods go up, also known as inflation. As a result, the fiat currency can’t buy the same amount of things after some years. For instance, a USD$20 can buy ten burgers today. But due to inflation, the same amount of money may only buy five burgers in the future. On the other hand, gold’s price in 2000 was around USD$400 per ounce. Now, its price is around USD$1,700. This means that as years go by, gold becomes more valuable.

So, if you put your assets into gold, chances are you’re most likely to preserve their value. What’s more, you can double or triple their value when you invest for the long term.

#4. Best Time To Buy Gold

So, with all of the things mentioned above, when is the best time to invest in gold?

Ideally, you have to buy gold when its price is low. However, it may be hard to predict if the price you think is low will go higher. Thus, you may have to assess the influential economies, like China, the US, and Eurozone.  You also have to listen to and be wary of significant news from governments, Wall Street, Stock Exchange, and other prominent institutions.

Negative news or announcements regarding political and economic conditions are more likely to create unrest. During such crises, you may want to start buying because the price of gold is likely to go higher if there’s political and economic turmoil. So, before the prices go higher, invest now.

Moreover, you can also start through a gold individual retirement account (IRA). This means you can hold gold as a retirement investment. That way, you can allocate some of your earnings today to secure your retirement years.


Investing is one way to build your riches. But, investing in only one kind may not be the best option. Investors recommend that you need to diversify your portfolio so that you can balance possible losses. And, gold is one way to diversify your investment portfolio. By understanding what you need to know about gold, you can weigh if it’s an excellent addition to your portfolio.

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