ORGANIC MILK BRANDS: 8 Best Recommended Options By Nitritionists 2023

Organic Milk Brands
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Milk is an important part of every meal. Even though you might not believe it, the BBC says that people all over the world have been drinking milk for thousands of years. This food is full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat, all of which come from the food itself. From a cultural point of view, milk is an important part of many American homes. If you can digest lactose, you probably have a gallon or two of milk in your fridge, ready for a dish or a snack. There are many different brands of milk to choose from in the USA, such as the organic brand, because of its widespread consumption. Because of this, choosing which carton or gallon to buy at the grocery store can be an extremely stressful experience. So, in this article, we’ll look at the best organic milk brands on the market.

How to Choose a Healthy Milk Brand

You can pick up a gallon of milk at just about every shop in town, from the fanciest grocery store to the cheapest convenience store or gas station. However, not every type of milk is made equal, and there are specific qualities to seek out while shopping for the best milk.

#1. Learn as Much as You Can About rBGH

The use of recombinant bovine growth hormone, or rBGH, in milk production has persisted for decades despite the many negative effects it has on the animals’ health (and the fact that can pass to humans by drinking milk from cows treated with rBGH). Keep in mind that just because milk doesn’t have rBGH on the label doesn’t indicate it was produced in a sustainable manner. While “rBGH-free” labels guarantee that the milk used in the product did not come from cows treated with rBGH, they provide no guarantees about whether or not the cows consuming the milk had access to antibiotics or genetically modified cereals, or whether or not they had been milked while pregnant.

#2. You Should Prioritize Grass-Fed, Organic Products

Cows who were largely fed grass produce milk that is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for the heart and the brain, as explained by Rueven. In case you weren’t aware, organic milk requires that at least 30 percent of a cow’s diet be grass.

#3. Stick With Whole Milk

For a long time, it was recommended that people stay away from whole milk due to its high-fat content. Magryta says that there is no evidence to back up the advice to limit full-fat dairy. Recent studies have shown that eating full-fat dairy does not make you more likely to get diabetes, heart disease, or become overweight. In addition to being tastier, full-fat milk, according to Reuven, is more filling and may help curb binge eating later on.

#4. Choose A2 Over A1

Although you may not be familiar with these labels, as a regular user of milk, you should be proficient in their significance. According to registered dietitian and cookbook author Nicole Magryta, “A2 cow’s milk, which originates from particular kinds of cattle like Jersey or Guernsey breeds, is less inflammatory than A1 cow’s milk,” with A1 making up the vast bulk of commercially accessible milk.

Some of the Positive Health Effects of Milk

Thousands of years of history suggest that people have been drinking milk. Basically, it’s a nutrient-rich fluid that mothers of animals generate for their offspring. Beef, lamb, and goat cheeses dominate the market. Milk from cows is the most popular in the West. You may be wondering if drinking milk is healthy or not because this is a very contentious issue in the nutrition community.

Milk includes a number of qualities that might enhance your appearance. Even the gods have their reasons for soaking in this elixir. Furthermore, milk has a wide range of benefits, from skincare to hair care. If you don’t care for milk on its own, you can get the same health benefits via buttermilk or yogurt. Here are some of the positive health benefits of drinking milk.

#1. It’s A Good Source of Quality Protein

One cup of milk has 8 grams of protein, making it an excellent source of this vital nutrient. Protein is essential for numerous bodily processes, including growth and development, cell repair, and regulation of the immune system.

Because it contains all nine of the body’s “essential amino acids,” milk is a “complete protein.”

Casein and whey protein are the two primary forms of protein in milk. Both are examples of premium protein sources. Casein makes up between 70 and 80% of the protein in whole milk and is the primary source of protein for dairy products. Whey makes up about 20% of the total.

Leucine, isoleucine, and valine, three branched-chain amino acids found in whey, have been studied for their potential health advantages. Muscle growth, muscle preservation, and workout fuel may all benefit from branched-chain amino acids in particular.

Multiple studies have found that milk consumption is inversely related to the rate of muscular atrophy that occurs with advancing age. Milk and milk products have been related to improved physical performance and increased muscle mass in older persons. Similarly, research has shown that drinking milk while exercising can help speed up muscle recovery.

Drinking milk after a workout has been shown in multiple studies to have beneficial effects, including reduced muscle damage, improved muscle regeneration, increased strength, and reduced muscular pain. Plus, it’s healthier than protein drinks you can buy in stores to help your muscles recover after a workout.

#2. Milk Is Beneficial to Dental Health

Our teeth and bones are the primary sources of calcium in our bodies. And there’s nothing better than milk for the latter, whether you’re looking to fortify it or protect it from harm. It has been suggested again and again that avoiding cavities and tooth decay by drinking milk twice a day is a good idea. But it’s important to remember that the body can’t use the calcium in milk without vitamin D. Check with the producer to see if their milk has been fortified.

Helpful Hint: Beyond the minerals calcium and phosphorus, milk and other dairy products also contain the protein casein. Together, they form a shield that protects the tooth enamel. This coating works well against the acidity of the most common bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay.

#3. Milk May Be Useful in Warding off Acid Reflux

Many of the meals we eat are more tart or fiery than we’re used to eating. These, therefore, are the causes of severe stomach acidity and discomfort. A glass of milk after a meal that leaves smoke coming out of your ears can help you avoid getting into a jam like this. Scientists think that milk’s cooling properties protect the walls of the esophagus and stomach, which helps prevent heartburn.

 Furthermore, Hot peppers get their scorching heat from capsaicin, an oily chemical component that binds to a receptor on the tongue. Given that oil and water don’t mix, the latter is of little use. Capsaicin, however, is fat-soluble and hence aids in the burning process.

#4. Facilitates Weight Control

According to a number of studies, drinking milk can help reduce the risk of obesity. Surprisingly, only whole milk offers this advantage. The risk of being overweight in children was found to be lower among those who drank more milk with higher fat content, according to a study of 145 Latino children aged three.

In a separate study of over 18,000 middle-aged and older women, eating more high-fat dairy products were linked to less weight gain and a lower risk of being obese.

The high protein content, for instance, makes you feel full for a longer time, which might control your appetite. Additionally, milk’s conjugated linoleic acid has been found to aid weight loss by decreasing fat production and increasing fat breakdown.

Calcium-rich diets have also been linked in numerous scientific research to a decreased probability of being overweight. There is some evidence that people who consume more calcium in their diet are less likely to develop obesity. High calcium levels in the diet have been shown to help the body use fat and stop fat from being absorbed.

#5. Milk Can Help Fight Disease

The heart can’t pump blood without the muscle contraction that calcium-dependent muscle contraction allows for. This means that drinking milk can help prevent life-threatening conditions, including high blood pressure and the risk of having a stroke. Also, the lactose in milk can help your liver produce less harmful cholesterol. In addition to helping your eyesight, this also aids your body in its fight against some malignancies. aids in lowering cholesterol synthesis in the liver. You can prevent or treat some types of cancer, and your eyesight will also get better.

Additionally, adding turmeric powder to milk is a quick and easy way to improve your immune system and combat everything from a cough to a viral infection.

Organic Milk Brands

There are many advantages to drinking organic milk brands rather than conventional milk. We all have at least a gallon of milk in the fridge. Milk is a common household item since it has so many uses, including consumption, cooking, and the topping of breakfast cereal.

Milk is also a great source of many important minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin D, which are hard to find in food but are important for immune function, bone health, and mood control. However, before deciding the kind of organic brand you want, take into account how each one tastes, smells, and provides nutrients. Both your budget and your individual response to dairy products can impact your decision on the best organic milk brands to buy. For the most benefits, drink the organic milk brands listed below, which are full of the nutrients listed above.

#1. Organic Valley Ultra Organic 2% Reduced Fat Ultra-Filtered Milk

Organic Valley Ultra Milk is said to be made entirely from organic pasture-raised grass-fed milk, from the initial pasteurization and gentle filtration to the reduction of carbohydrates, increases in protein and calcium, and suitability for people who can’t digest lactose. Ultrafiltration frequently halved the amount of sugar and yielded a highly concentrated protein and calcium solution.

It has the same rich, creamy flavor as conventional organic milk. Because of the low-fat content, these smoothies taste better. Also, they say that they don’t use any artificial hormones, antibiotics, dangerous pesticides, or organisms that have been changed in a lab.

#2. Canned Powdered Whole Goat Milk

Meyenberg claims that it contains nothing artificial. Organic “goat” milk doesn’t include soy, gluten, artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, or growth hormones. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium can all be present in good amounts in this cuisine. Both vitamin D3 and folic acid have been included as extra nutrients. Protein and calcium levels are both high. They state that it is superior for those who have lactose intolerance. Unopened, it has a four-year shelf life. As soon as it’s opened, put it in the fridge.

#3. Stonyfield Farm

In addition to receiving an “Excellent” rating from the Cornucopia Institute in their milk brand study, this milk has received numerous other accolades as one of the top organic milk brands. On its website, the company says that none of its products contain genetically modified ingredients, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or dangerous, long-lasting pesticides.

This brand is great, and it’s not only because of how healthy it is. You won’t find better-tasting milk in the supermarket than this. Without any watery flavor or odd aftertaste, it has a creamy, pure milk taste. There is no off flavor and it has a mild sweetness that isn’t cloying. Stonyfield is just excellent, fresh milk. In addition, people prefer Stonyfield Organic milk over other brands, whether we’re baking with it, eating it with cereal, or just drinking it out of the carton.

#4. Maple Hill Shelf Stable 100% Grass-Fed

Maple Hill asserts that its product has less sugar, an incredible taste, is better for the planet due to the fact that the company uses recyclable packaging, is made to move due to the fact that grab-and-go cartons make it easier to move the products, and that people of all ages adore it. They are easy to transport from place to place. Outstanding flavor with absolutely no added preservatives

It has a lengthy shelf life and can be kept at room temperature for more than fifty days after it has been delivered. In addition, their grass-fed milk, which has been certified as organic, is a great source of both protein and calcium.

#5. Horizon Organic

Even though the word “organic” may draw some people in, you should know that this is not the best way to find organic milk. Horizon Organic, in particular, has been in the midst of controversy on many occasions for making false claims about its organic methods. In 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the company because it was said to have mixed DHA from a non-organic source into its organic milk. There have been claims that the company doesn’t treat its cows ethically, despite the fact that its website insists on mentioning that the cows are given plenty of attention, get to spend 120 days a year outdoors, and consume only organic feed.

The milk’s wonderful flavor, however, has won it many devotees. One Influenster reviewer said, “My family only drinks whole milk, and we can certainly taste a difference if it is not Horizon.” One customer remarked, “It just tastes so much richer than other products, even other organic milk brands.” We’re crossing our fingers that this company sees the error of its ways and adopts more ethical procedures moving forward.

#6. Borden

The Borden Dairy Company is a Dallas, Texas, landmark that is best known for its smiling cow mascot, Elsie. Also, the company sells different kinds of milk, including low-fat, whole, and flavored milk. In fact, their vitamin D-fortified whole milk is a bestseller.

Whole milk has a cult following due to its savory and creamy taste. According to one Amazon reviewer, “Milk’s fantastic quality tastes like you’re drinking it right from the cow.” But Borden’s milk may be too heavy for those who prefer a lighter dairy product, and not everyone likes that “straight from the cow” taste. One Influenster reviewer said that Borden’s chocolate milk had a “very chocolatey” taste and was “quite thick.” They drew the conclusion that “if you’re used to drinking non-dairy kinds of milk or low-fat milk, this may be too thick for you.” Maybe Borden isn’t the best choice among other organic milk brands for your fridge unless you really like thick, creamy, strongly flavored milk.

#7. Whole Foods Market 365 Organic Everyday Value Organic Milk

When you use products from 365 by Whole Foods Market, you’ll get that exciting sensation that makes you want to dance down the aisles. Now, going to the grocery store means much more than just putting a few pantry staples in your cart. So many options, all of which are both reasonably priced and made with premium materials. In addition, it’s the most wasteful approach to cost-cutting.

#8. A2

The A2 Milk Company is a brand that specializes in the distribution of A2 milk and related A2 dairy items. Casein, a family of proteins responsible for over 80% of milk’s protein composition, is found in all types of milk. A1 beta-casein and A2 beta-casein are two variants of protein casein. Most cows make both proteins; however, A2 milk comes from cows that only make A2 beta-casein.

Research has shown that while A2 milk still contains lactose, it may be easier on the stomachs of those who have difficulties digesting dairy products. A2: Drinking milk has been linked to lower levels of inflammation and cholesterol, but the evidence is limited and not clear. Reduced stomach discomfort is the primary benefit of consuming A2 milk.

However, people like the taste of this type of milk and are glad that it is suitable for those with dairy sensitivities. They didn’t find the flavor to be any better than the other organic milk brands they tried. Because of the higher price, some buyers on a tighter budget may still be hesitant to switch.

What Is the Unhealthiest Milk?

Banana milk is the unhealthiest milk. extremely high in sugar, carbohydrates, and calories, with very little in the way of fiber or protein. Outstanding flavor: oat milk. It has a smooth consistency, and the flavor is sweet, rich, and mellow all at the same time. In addition, it creates the ideal flavor profile.

Horizon Organic Milk Brands

Horizon Organic is a leading maker of organic milk and other foods. It was started in the United States in 1991. When it comes to organic milk in North America, Horizon Organic is your best bet. Its wares can be found in grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the country. Horizon gets organic milk from 700 dairies in 23 states, including its own Maryland plant.

Prior to its acquisition by Dean Foods, Horizon was a publicly traded corporation that owned the organic dairy brands Juniper Valley Farms, The Organic Cow of Vermont, and Rachel’s Organic, a British brand. Also, milk brands from Horizon Organic are certified organic by the USDA and are advertised as not having any synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides.

The American dairy company Horizon Organic Dairy, or Horizon Organic as it is more often known, is owned by Danone North America. The company has been around since 1991 and has grown to become the largest organic food manufacturer in the world. Horizon Milk comes from more than 700 dairies in 23 different states and is processed in Maryland.

Is Horizon Organic Milk Really the Best Option Among Other Organic Brands?

Organic milk is different from regular milk because it comes from cows that were born and raised according to the rules of organic farming. No one can force someone to buy organic milk if they don’t want it. Protein, calcium, vitamin D, and the other 15 important components are all present in both forms of milk.

Organic foods were made without using any man-made fertilizers, chemical pesticides, or seeds that were changed in a lab. Furthermore, organic livestock must be raised without confinement and only on organically grown food. Antibiotics should only be used when time is of the essence since they take so long to stop being manufactured.

The amounts and types of pesticides used differ noticeably. Chemicals in regular milk hurt nerve cells, which may make you more likely to get Parkinson’s. Switching to organic milk reduces a person’s exposure to these chemicals and their risk of developing this illness. Additionally, there are more healthful omega-3s in organic milk.

What Happens if You Drink Milk Every Day?

There are a lot of important minerals in it, like calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium, and vitamin D. In addition to that, it is a very good source of protein. Milk and other dairy products may make you less likely to get osteoporosis or break a bone, and they may also help you keep a healthy weight.

Also, read Cheese Brands: Cheddar, Specialty, And Spring.

Organic Milk Brands in USA

A baby or young child’s main food is milk, which gives them a lot of important nutrients. Calcium, lactose, and protein are just a few of the many nutrients present. In addition to producing the largest amount of cow’s milk worldwide, American (USA) organic milk brands are well-known for their high-quality cow’s milk. More than a hundred businesses in the United States deal in milk and related items.

In 1925, the United States was home to between 1.5 and 2 million dairy cows, each of which produced around 4200 pounds of milk annually. In 2007, there were 9.1 million dairy cows generating over 20,000 pounds of milk per gallon. There were 40,200 dairy farms in the United States in 1995. However, five states dominate the organic milk brands in the USA: California, Wisconsin, New York, Idaho, and Texas.

In the United States, milk consumption has gone up faster than the population has grown over the past few decades. But it’s possible that factors outside the consumption of milk-based beverages are at play here. Despite this fact, milk continues to be a must-have item for most American households. Here are some of the organic milk brands in the USA.

#1. Borden

The Dallas, Texas-based headquarters of this privately held American milk producer and distributor date back to 1857. It was started by Gail Borden Jr. This company was an early adopter of glass milk containers. There are a total of 12 plants that process dairy milk. These plants send milk to 100 branches all over the United States. This company pioneered the method for making milk into a thicker, more concentrated form.

The company produces and retails a wide range of dairy and non-dairy goods, such as milk, cream, buttermilk, dips, sour cream, cottage cheese, flavored milk, juices, tea, and eggnog. The vitamin D added to their whole milk is a bestseller. Borden Dairy has been through numerous acquisitions and spin-offs. In addition to selling in their home state of Texas, they also ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas.

#2. Organic Valley

In 1988, a group of organic farmers banded together to form this company and cooperative. When it comes to organic products, Organic Valley is a household name and the largest farmer-owned organic cooperative in the world.

A variety of dairy, egg, soy, dairy, and dairy-free products, as well as organic snack foods, are manufactured by the company. Organic chicken, hog, beef, and turkey are also sold under the cooperative’s label.

The firm sells its wares across the entire United States, in all 50 states, and overseas in 25 nations. All of the people who own the farm are farmers, and they all have a lot of experience with organic farming methods that are good for the environment. Organic Valley, Stonyfield Farm, and HP Hood formed a partnership in 2009 when they agreed to let Organic Valley license the Stonyfield fluid milk brand and handle distribution and sales.

#3. Stonyfield Organic

The Cornucopia Institute did a study that found that this organic American milk brand is one of the best in the country. The company states on its website that there are no dangerous persistent pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs in any of its goods.

You can’t find grocery store milk that tastes better than this. It tastes like pure milk but doesn’t have the wateriness or unpleasant aftertaste that other milk products sometimes have. It’s slightly sweet without being cloying, and there are no bad flavors or aromas. A glass of Stonyfield is like a glass of pure, delicious, farm-fresh milk.


From what we know, milk is neither good for your health nor bad for your health. That said, including dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt in your daily diet will help ensure that you get the nutrients your body requires. This can be as simple as adding a splash of milk to your morning coffee or a cup of milk to your breakfast cereal. But keep in mind that if you eat a lot of green leafy vegetables and nuts, you can get the calcium and protein you need without eating as much dairy.

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