Orange Liqueur Brands: Guide For the Best Orange Liqueur Brand

orange liqueur brands

Orange liqueurs come in different names. Which include triple sec, curaçao, and simply orange liqueur. Certain brands, such as Grand Mariner, are well-known for their high quality, while others are less well-known but equally tasty. Orange liqueurs with the best flavor and sweetness are perfect for drinking or adding in cocktails. Keep reading to discover more about blood, Italian, orange liqueur brands, orange liqueur drinks, substitute, and recipe.

Orange Liqueur Brands

Over the past few decades, the orange liqueur has gained a negative impression. Consider Curaçao as an example. Many people confuse curaçao with bright blue cocktails that are honey but flashy that they may have drunk in college or even just last weekend.

However, orange liqueur does not have to be linked with blue curaçao and other sweet mixtures. Today, we’ll review a number of orange liqueurs, ranging from high-end brandy-based goods to budget-friendly triple secs.

Classification of Orange Liqueurs

Before we proceed on different tasting brands, we have to define a few terms. Though, it’s kind of hard to give a specific definitions for these terms, but let make an attempt.

Orange liqueur is the simple term to explain. Therefore, Orange liqueur is nothing more than a sweet alcoholic drink flavored with orange. The alcohol could be column-distilled neutral spirit (like vodka) or pot-distilled spirit, like grape brandy.

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Blood Orange Liqueur Brands

Here are the best blood orange liqueur brands you should consider when ordering wine online or in physical stores.

#1. Elsewhere Blood Orange Aperitivo Liqueur Brands by Matchbook Distilling Co.

Price: $ 31.96

Using organic maize from a single product farm in the Finger Lakes as a base, the Matchbook team carefully blended the fresh blood orange peels and pulp, gradually removing the oils, sugars, aromas, and flavors across the multi-week soaking. Consider this to be a mix of Aperol with Campari, with a powerful blend of bittersweet fruit, botanicals, and spices. Very simple to drink on its own with a dash of soda and a citrus twist, or added into a variety of cocktails.

#2. Solerno – Blood Orange Liqueur Brands (750ml)

Price: $ 36.98

Italy- Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur mixes new versions of classic cocktails, original inventions. As well as perfect Italian-inspired aperitifs with a bright and refreshing flavor. Furthermore, it won a silver award at the 2020 IWSC and ISC.

#3. Skyy Vodka Infusions Blood Orange (Vodka and Liqueur)

Price: $ 2.99

Exquisite Skyy Infusions Blood Orange adds the sweet and juicy flavor from fresh blood oranges to quality Skyy Vodka, creating a rich, juicy dash in your preferred cocktail. However, Skyy Vodka was founded in 1992 in California with the idea that anything can be improved with a little creativity. It changed the spirits business with its revolutionary four distillation and triple filtration process, which uses the purest, most simple components of American grain and 100 percent pure filtered water. It is of great quality and taste.

Indeed, Wine Experts awarded Skyy Vodka an excellent “94 point” rating. Therefore, come join them for a drink. Furthermore, Gruppo Campari owns Skyy Vodka.

#4. Effen Vodka Blood Orange Brands (Vodka and Liqueur)

Price: $ 9.99

Effen® Blood Orange Vodka is distilled constantly from superior French wheat. As well as natural components to make a nice taste on the palette. However, it is smooth enough to enjoy on its own and adds a sweet, citrus touch to your favorite cocktails. Nota tecnica Proof 75% by volume 37.5 %.

Producer, those that are careful in their choices of details, from the clothing and clubs to their drinks and company, will select a vodka with same values. Not only was Effen® Vodka made for them, it was created for them.

Meanwhile, every aspect of ultra-premium Effen® Vodka has been carefully developed. The constant distillation process results in an extremely smooth flavor. As well as the bold tastes, which include Black Cherry, Dutch Raspberry, and Cucumber. And, without a doubt, the waiter touch on each bottle, a plastic cover. That is why Effen® Vodka is great for those who appreciate the nice products.

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#5. St. Elder Liqueur Blood Orange (Cordials & Liquers – Domestic)

Price: $ 11.39

St. Elder Blood Orange Liqueur, made in small numbers with real blood orange flavors, adds bitter citrus flavors to a range of cocktails. It has an alcohol volume of 35%. The craft liqueurs from producer St. Elder are great for any drink. Meanwhile, St. Elder improves a wide range of flavors with its popular natural Elderflower Liqueur and the latest additions of Blood Orange and Pamplemousse Liqueurs. However, it is produced in small amounts in the United States. With real extracts and natural flavors to provide pure, delightful flavors in every glass. Check out also the updated best-iced tea brands in the United States.

#6. Fabrizia Liqueur Blood Orange (Imported Cordials)

Price: $12.99

#7. Thatcher’s Liqueur Blood Orange (Cordials & Liquers – Domestic)

Price: $13.99

#8. Dekuyper Liqueur Blood Orange Mixologist Collection (Liqueurs & Cordials, Citrus & Triple Sec, Orange)

Price: $13.99

Dekuyper is made from the natural oils and flavors of Mediterranean oranges, Blood Orange mixes tangy. As well as juicy tastes and vibrant orange aromas for a bright, bold liqeur experience.

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#9. Dek Mixologist Blood Orange Liqueur – Hometown Wine & Liquors

Price: $14.99

Get Dek Mixologist Blood Orange Liqueur from Hometown Wine & Liquors for $14.99

Italian Orange Liqueur Brands

Let’s take a look at the top 3 most popular italian orange liqueurs you should probably know. However, they include the following:

#1. Gran Gala “TRIESTE, ITALY” Orange Liqueur Brand

Main Ingredients: Brandy & Orange

Gran Gala is an elegant orange-flavored brandy-based liqueur. Made of the finest VSOP brandy from Italy and fresh orange extract. Although the drink began in Trieste, it is now produced and brewed by Sazerac.

This is an amber-colored, full-bodied liqueur that smells of fresh oranges, orange zest, and candy oranges. The finish is strong and warm, with flavors of toffee, vanilla, cocoa, and spices. This fragrant liqueur pairs well with food and can be enjoyed alone, on the table, or in drinks. Before you go on that skateboard ride, why not have a chilled Gran Gala Orange drink first and ease your nerves. Don’t have a skateboard? Worry less, find the quality skateboard brands you can consider visiting.

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#2. Aurum “PROVINCE OF PESCARA, ITALY” Orange Liqueur Brand

Main Ingredients: Brandy, Orange & Saffron

Aurum is a Pescara-based brandy-based orange liqueur. It is created with old brandy and an orange extract, with the added saffron to get the unique orange color. It’s pairs well with sweets and ice cream and can be enjoyed straight up.

However, it is also rich and creamy, with orange flavors leading the flavor and scent. It was founded in 1925 and takes its name from the Latin word aurum, which means gold, and Aurantium, which means orange.

#3. Aperol “PADUA, ITALY” Orange Liqueur Brand

Main Ingredients: Aperol, Prosecco, and a splash of soda water

The Barbieri brothers of Padua created this Italian liqueur in 1919. It is a secret cocktail made of bitter and sweet oranges, vinegar, herbs, and alcohol. However, it is recognized by a blend of bitter, citrus, and floral flavors. As well as a low alcohol content of only 11% ABV.

Aperol was originally created as an aperitif, best sipped over ice. Although it mixes very well with citrus or fruit juices, as well as soda.

The most popular combination is the Aperol Spritz—a trendy, light aperitif made with Aperol, Prosecco, and a drop of soda water.

Orange Liqueur Drinks

There are several orange liqueur drinks you can try. If you’re wondering which to use, understanding the differences may help.

Triple Sec

The orange liqueur drinks began in France and are available in various of brands. As with vodka or rum, triple sec is a generic name; producers include Cointreau and Combier. Triple sec is typically made with a pure spirit like sugar cane, wine, or grain. It is colorless. Triple sec contains between 15% and 40% alcoholic content.


Curaçao is used equally with orange liqueur brands as a general term, but it is also a brand name. This is often brewed with rum or grain spirits and may contain extra color. It started on the South American island of Curaçao and was brewed with local bitter oranges. Curaçao contains between 15% and 40% alcoholic content.

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Cointreau orange liqueur drinks are the trademarked name for triple sec. It’s also created with beet liquor and contains 40% alcoholic content.

Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier is a French orange-flavored liqueur made from Cognac. Also it adds bitter orange essence and sugar.

Orange Liqueur Substitute

When you order liqueur in a store or club, you are ordering a distilled alcoholic drink that has been sweetened and spiced with an additional ingredient. Before, or after distillation, seeds, nuts, herbs, flowers. As well spices, and fruits, such as orange zest or orange peel, can be mixed into the alcohol. But all add an amazing taste and scent to the liqueur. See the 20+ best chocolate brands you should know.

However, there are so many flavors that is very easy to find orange liqueurs substitutes.

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Here are Possible Orange Liqueur Substitute

If we run out of our particular orange liqueur, we can substitute another with little noticeable difference in flavor. However, Grand Marnier is the least tasty substitute, made with a red or yellow brandy base, vanilla, and seasonings. While, Cointreau is a perfectly clear orange liqueur with a strong, slightly bitter flavor. That is slightly lesser sweet than Grand Marnier.

Furthermore, Curacao, like Cointreau, was made from orange peels. But is a little sweeter than Cointreau and Grand Marnier. Finally, triple Sec is indeed the richest of the orange liqueurs.

Other Orange Flavored Liquids

While orange-flavored liquids lack the sweetness or richness of liqueurs, they give the same citrus taste and color to cocktails, sauces, and baked goods. You’ll need more of these substitutes than you would liqueurs — taste as you add them to determine the exact amount required. In some recipes, using too much liquid might change the ratio of dry to wet ingredients.

Also, you won’t experience any harmful side effects from alcohol, so go ahead and enjoy that bottle of wine with your supper. Substitute orange liqueur include orange flower water, which has a mild flavor; orange juice or orange juice focus entirely, which work well in certain sauces as well as drinks; orange extract, which is more effective than orange water but bitter; and orange oil, which is incredibly effective and must be measured drop at a time.


Other Fruit Liqueurs

When you’re willing to substitute another fruit flavor liqueur for the orange recipe, you can choose from a number of other fruit liqueurs. Although liqueurs derived from fruits other than oranges have the same powerful flavor and aroma as an orange liqueur, they clearly do not taste like orange. Generally, you may substitute these liqueurs 1:1. Orange is most closely related to citrus liqueurs with mandarin or lemon flavors – go for limoncello, Licor 43, or Tuaca. Similar fruity liqueurs include apricot, melon (known as Midori), pear, and raspberry. For snowboard fans, still, check out the Salomon Snowboards for good snowboards and boots.

Orange Liqueur Recipe

Without orange liqueur and recipe, often referred to as curaçao or triple sec, a well-stocked bar is difficult. It would be more practical to list drinks that don’t include orange liqueur instead of those that do. Some top-shelf brands, such as Grand Marnier and Cointreau, are a bit costly, whereas the bottom-shelf brands can quickly ruin a great cocktail. However, the handcrafted orange liqueur recipe is perfect with a lot of fun to brew.

However, if you’re feeling brave, experiment with new herb or spice combinations, such as cinnamon or vanilla. An orange liqueur recipe produced at home does not require refrigeration. It has a shelf life of one year but is most effective when taken within a few months.



The primary differences between classic cocktails with brandy and orange liqueur were commonly found in the brandy and liqueur choices. Several classic cocktails included grape brandies such as Cognac or Armagnac.

Meanwhile, other brandy cocktails included a fruitier brandy, such as Applejack or Calvados, as the base. Orange liqueur, as well as a substitute, recipe, can also be chosen depending on personal taste and value. Cointreau, Grand Marnier, triple sec, as well as curacao are the most popular orange liqueur drinks. As new brands arise, the final decision comes down to personal choice. Like in the refrigerator brands, the fans always go for their favourite brand.

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