Popular Chocolate Brands: 2023 Best 21 Chocolate Brands You Will Love (Updated)

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Every person has their own taste or liking for chocolate, and moreover, chocolate is not eaten in consideration of age because it is loved by all ages in the world. The love for chocolates does not consider age, gender, geographical location, or social status; besides, it is one of the few edibles that most people like to take, no matter what region the person belongs to. However, every person has their own taste of liking chocolate. Therefore, we will be talking about other chocolate brands like the popular, best, Belgian, fancy, and german.

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popular chocolate brands, best, belgian, fancy, german
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These are the most popular chocolate brands found and loved by people. Similarly, it can also be seen as the most famous brand of chocolate ever. Below are the brands;

#1. Ferrero Rocher

It is said that Ferrero Rocher is the best chocolate and also the bestselling brand in the world, with millions of people all over the world who have the fondest and feel the benefits of having it each time. The company has been a leader in the chocolate industry for over 200 years. Ferrero Rocher chocolates are wrapped in golden foil, making them ideal as gifts for some occasions. This mouthwatering treat consists of hazelnuts in a thin wafer shell with hazelnut chocolate, milk chocolate, and chopped hazelnuts. It is also said that Ferrero Rocher stands at No 1 among the most popular chocolate brands.

#2. Lindt & Sprüngli

Lindt and Sprungli are the most popular brands of chocolate; they originated in Zurich and Switzerland in 1845. The name Lindt itself sounds rich, royal, and elegant. This smart, elegant brand is famous for producing the greatest white chocolate on the planet. This brand of chocolates is mostly used as a gift for kids.

The Lindor truffle is a chocolate ball with a hard chocolate shell and a smooth chocolate filling, and it comes in a variety of flavor options. Lindt & Sprüngli owns one of the largest chocolate factories in the world, and it uses only milk and granular ingredients.

#3. Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli is a brand that manufactures chocolates with a lot of passion and love. Thus, this brand of chocolate hosts one of the biggest festivals for two days, to attract a good number of people and chocolate lovers to come to taste their different brands of chocolate in their miniature squares.

However, Ghirardelli also makes a variety of baking mixes, and hot cocoa and all of their products are popular gifts during the holidays; and among the popular chocolate brands.

#4. Hershey’s

There are other Hershey’s chocolate products that I can consider the best, which include: Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s chocolate bars, KitKat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Pieces, Whoppers, Mounds, Almond Joy, and York Peppermint Patties. This brand thus is among the most popular brands of chocolate; and it is, however, established as a candy shop in 1873 in Philadelphia. Therefore, you are not wrong when you choose to eat a Hershey’s chocolate product.

#5. Toblerone

This is another Swiss chocolate brand and is also among the most popular brands of chocolate. Toblerone is unique because of its logo and packaging; and is owned by the United States’ Mondelez International Inc., and thus distributed around the world. It, however, resembles the most popular mountain in Switzerland, the Matterhorn, which is the reason why the Toblerone chocolates are in mountain shapes.

Toblerone’s originality comes from a good mix of cocoa, nougat, almonds, and honey; and it also makes other kinds of chocolate, including white chocolate, praline, honeycomb, and fruit and nut.

#6. Cadbury

Cadbury is among the most popular brands of chocolate used during the Easter season. Most of us are familiar with its chocolate eggs and bunnies. Cadbury makes chocolate bars, Christmas and Halloween candy, desserts, baking items, and beverages. It is a saying that you are happy if you are sweet, and to be sweet, one should taste the sweet Cadbury’s. One thing I know for sure, though, is that when it comes to Cadbury chocolate, you can always find an egg, no matter where you are or what time of year it is; and also, it is among the most popular chocolate brands.

#7. Guylian

Guylian is said to be the world’s most famous Belgian chocolate. This chocolate brand is sold in over 100 countries across the globe, and it is so delicious. This brand was created by Guy Foubert in the 1960s. The original Guylian hazelnut seashell praline made the company famous. But now the company makes other fillings and flavors as well. Guylian is said to be the world’s famous Belgian chocolate. Lastly is very sweet and mouth watery.

#8. Patchi

A Patchi is therefore a combination of Swiss and Belgian chocolate that is mouth-watering. It was founded in the 1970s, and it has become a luxury brand. The Patchi brand is mostly known for offering chocolate gifts for your loved ones. It is also the most popular international chocolate brand among other brands, and also has irresistible packaging. The company’s chocolate menu thus features more than 50 varieties that incorporate roasted hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds, as well as orange peel and dried strawberries. The chocolate also comes in flavors like cheesecake, peanut butter, and cotton candy.

#9. Godiva

Godiva is another chocolate brand from Belgium, founded in 1926. This Belgian company sells tender, sweet chocolate that comes in a wide variety of flavors, but the company sells more than just chocolate. Godiva also makes truffles, cocoa, shakes, chocolate liqueur, chocolate-covered snacks, and coffee. These chocolates look very charming and they have a rich, soft taste. They also make seasonal products for holidays and special occasions. Its chocolate is a popular choice for wedding and party favors.

#10. Milka

Another Swiss chocolate brand you might know is Milka, thanks to its logo featuring a purple cow with a bell around its neck. Milka sells its chocolate in a variety of packages and flavors. Some of its chocolate bar flavors include milk chocolate, milk chocolate with Oreo, strawberry yogurt, caramel, white chocolate, white coconut, and whole hazelnut. It is also a mixture of milk and chocolate which makes it a sweet better brand of chocolate to taste.

Best Chocolate Brands

#1. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher falls under the list of the world’s best chocolates. This Italian ball of chocolate has layers of surprises for you to offer. Chocolate-coated balls with a touch of hazelnuts in them give a different dimension to their flavor. This leading chocolate brand has been attracting millions since 1981.

These chocolates are beautifully wrapped under the golden paper with delightful wafer balls and creamy chocolate hidden inside as a surprise. The quality and appearance of this Swiss Chocolate made it top the list.

#2. Guylian

Named after its founder and his wife, this Belgian chocolate reveals a story with each bite you have. This is one of the finest chocolate brands in the world. The combination of white chocolate and dark chocolate soothes our taste buds. The artistic touch of the chocolate attracts people more to it.

Each chocolate has its own unique sculpture. Guliyan seashell chocolates are the most famous kind. These handmade, rich Belgium chocolate makers are customized by the craftsmen depending upon the customer’s needs. These are globally known for their professional touch with standardized maneuvers like seashell shape.

#3. Galaxy

This is a leading chocolate brand owned by Mars that was founded in 1986 and has emerged as popular chocolate in the US, UK, and the Middle East, opening its stores worldwide. The secret delicacy comes from the ripped milk and cocoa mixed with fruity flavors.

#4. Ghirardelli

They were a leading chocolate brand from 1852, which was founded by an Italian craftsman and is known for its professional mix of milk and cocoa and for adding some sweet caramel, and cool cream to the chocolate. This chocolate brand serves the chocolate lover with plenty of chocolate items.

Milk chocolate filled with caramel or white dark chocolate filled with white chocolate – each type unfolds a mystery. The dark chocolate squares, chocolate balls, peppermint chocolate, and chocolate mint are appreciated and loved by all.

#5. Patchi

The chocolate fans are served well with their cocoa ingredients and fresh milk. Their packages totally attract attention and slide interest into their chocolates.

#6. Mars

This chocolate brand is famous for producing chocolate bars. Mars is a bar of energy dipped in chocolate. The tagline of Mars: A bite in the bar can kill your hunger and refill your energy. The taste of Mars is matchless, the flow of caramel oozes out each time you bite the bar of chocolate.

Mars has been a popular chocolate brand for a century and is still a leading chocolate brand. Their secret ingredients include sweet honey, caramel, nougat, and almonds. Mars also has subsidiary brands like Snickers – A leading Chocolate.

#7 Toblerone

This Premium Chocolate appears like a cluster of prisms together, They started in Switzerland and are currently one of the most renowned chocolate brands around the globe. Their rich texture is made with almonds, honey, nougat, and rich cocoa.

#8 Cadbury

This leading chocolate brand has been making delicious bars of chocolate in various forms for the past 200 years. This best chocolate brand has been increasing its popularity and is well known to people of all ages.

Cadbury is the top chocolate brand in the world and offers us uncountable chocolates, starting from chocolaty Dairy Milk, crunchy Perk, colorful gems, and sticky and sweet caramel bars. Five stars, and whatnot. CADBURY is universally loved by all.

#9 Lindt & Sprungli

This premium brand emerged in 1845 in Zurich by David Sprungli and Rodolphe Lindt, who introduced the finest chocolate to the world. They make a perfect ecstasy by deeply mixing up the fresh milk and cocoa.

This Swiss chocolate brand produces chocolates of all flavors, be it dark chocolate or white, vanilla or coconut, hazelnut or peppermint. LINDT & SPRUNGLI can offer you all. A few famous chocolates this brand has come up with are Lindor milk chocolate in a red wrapper or Lindor dark chocolate truffle in a blue wrapper. Lindt chocolate bunnies are also a unique product of this brand.

#10. Kit Kat

They began their operations in 1935, This finger-like chocolate with crunchy wafers can be equally spilled into parts. The company offers a variety of chocolates, desserts, and candy.

A KitKat is a crunchy bar of chocolate that is mainly in a group of four. These four chocolate-coated wafers are connected to each other in a single pack. This red-colored pack of chocolate wafer bars teaches us sharing is caring.

We have seen the best chocolate brands enjoyed by the whole world, with their taste and goodness. Now let us go over to the Belgian chocolate brands.

Belgian Chocolate Brands

Belgian also has their own different chocolate brands among others, which includes:

#1. Neuhaus

Neuhaus handles top-quality ingredients with over 155 years of know-how and craftsmanship. When Jean Neuhaus arrived in Brussels in 1857, he opened his apothecary store in the prestigious Queen’s Gallery; to make the taste of his medicines better, he covered them in a layer of chocolate. However, his grandson, Jean Neuhaus Jr., who inherited his passion for chocolate from his father, started replacing the medicine inside the chocolate with delicious fillings. A few years later, the wife of Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the ballotin box, an elegant wrapping that elevated chocolate to a luxury gift. The passion of Jean Neuhaus for chocolate is still strongly present in the wide range of Neuhaus chocolates today and also among the top Belgian chocolate brands. Each one has its own shape, flavor, and name.

#2. Planète Chocolat

From the heart of Brussels, the passionate master chocolatiers of Planète Chocolat  provide the whole world with artisan chocolate. All wrapped in luxurious boxes. The Belgian chocolate is 100% pure cocoa butter and is free from GMOs, preservatives, and artificial coloring. 

#3. Zaabär

Zaabär invites the chocolate lover on an enchanting journey to the land of flavors and fragrances on the planets. He gathered for him the exciting scents of distant spices, herbs, seductive flowers, and tempting fruits with the pure joy of a rich, fine Belgian chocolate in brands. Since antiquity, these gifts of nature have had so many luxury goods as medicines. Zaabär continues this tradition. Open, smell, taste, and escape yourself in the fascinating world of … Zaabär. It is also considered, without any doubt, to be among the top Belgian chocolate brands.

#4. Godiva

The Godiva Chocolatier story is a symbol of luxury and prestige the world over and is also amongst the top Belgian chocolate brands. In 1926, Pierre Draps senior created his first praliné chocolates in the small workshop of his Brussels home. The family chose the evocative name ‘Godiva’, meaning being encouraged by the passion and generosity of Lady Godiva from the old English legend. The business continues to grow, and a flagship store was opened in Brussels’ iconic Grand Place. They use their expertise to create masterpieces out of the finest ingredients.

#5. Leonidas

For over a hundred years, Leonidas has enabled the world to share in the generosity of magnificent chocolates and has also been among the top Belgian chocolate brands, with an assortment of over 100 different varieties in stores all over the world. Leonidas guarantees the freshness and quality of its chocolates. They are manufactured using methods derived from the finest ingredients. Together with 100% natural ingredients, only pure cocoa butter is used for the shell. All other components are also carefully in want.

I have seen the best of the Belgian chocolate brands, though it is not all; there are other ones that are not mentioned here. However, we will be looking into the fancy chocolate brands we have in the market.

Fancy Chocolate Brands

The following is the list of fancy chocolate brands we have, and trust me, even the package can make you want to taste it. Let us look at them.

#1. Green & Black’s Organic Tasting Collection

Too sugary, too brittle, or even too soft. Green and Black, are the original fair-trade chocolatiers and also among the fancy chocolate brands. This is just one example of the flavors that G&B have come up trumps with this fabulous box, with others including their zingy dark chocolate with ginger, sweet-and-sour milk chocolate with Anglesey sea salt, and vanilla-rich white chocolate, among others.

#2. Willies Cacao sea salt caramel black pearls

This brand is also among the fancy brands of chocolate. Second, you taste one of these decadent little pearls, and it becomes quite clear that you’re tasting quality, cocoa-rich chocolate. Each pearl has a thick, dark chocolate shell that does not crumble as soon as you bite into it. The sea salt caramel filling is generous but could be a little saltier in our opinion, although this doesn’t take away from the overall flavor. However, if you like it rich with a hint of bitter fruitiness, these hit the spot.

#3. Melt Vegan Chocolate Gift Box of 10

Founded in 2006, fans of luxury chocolate will have heard of Melt. The company’s boutiques, based in Notting Hill and Holland Park, are a treasure chest of handmade, out-of-this-world chocolates, with all the recipes designed in-house. If you’re after something that will awaken all the senses, then this gift box is sure to do the job. Its cocoa delights include four dark chocolate truffles with ganache and four praline cups topped with crunchy nuts. Top-drawer and ridiculously tasty, we suggest devouring them slowly to savor the taste.

#4. Fifth Dimension The Personal Selection Box 18 Chocolates

Each one is of good taste, which is not to be a waste on anyone who doesn’t really appreciate top-notch chocolates. Some people have their favorite ones, which include the brand new “Siem Reap” Cambodian Curry, “Turin” Hazelnut Gianduja, which was updated in 2018 to a dark chocolate casing, “Kagoshima” Yuzu & Pink Peppercorn, and “San Francisco” Mandarin & Star Anise. This is definitely among the best fancy chocolate brands.

#5. Booja Booja The Gourmet Selection Chocolate Truffles

These truffles are therefore among the best fancy chocolate brands ever, also they are dairy, gluten, and soy-free; they are decadent and creamy, without being overpowering. These vegan chocolates might be on the pricey side but they are likely to be some of the best you have taken so far. Some of our favorites included the hazelnut crunch and the almond salted caramel, although they were all a real treat. Lastly, we can now see that the brand is worthy of being among the fancy chocolate brands list.

we have seen through the fancy chocolate brands and their specifications, we will thus go over to the next topic: german chocolate brands.

German Chocolate Brands

German chocolate in their different brands also has some killer milk chocolate varieties as well. Here are six German chocolate brands you can try.

#1. Ritter Sport

As the quintessential German brand, this chocolate knocks my lederhosen off. The Ritter Sport store in Berlin is incredible, and the curtain of warmth and flavor surrounds you like a cacao cocoon. My favorite varieties are Edelbitter (70% dark chocolate), Espresso, and Hazelnut. The regular bars are GIANT, so the chocolate lasts a few days (or minutes, in my case). 

#2. Moser Roth

This is among brands of German chocolate. Who needs an ultra-caffeinated coffee when you can eat a Moser Roth and feel zingy without the jitters? You can easily replace your brand with Moser Roth and you can bet on tasting other 70% dark chocolate products of the company. Thus, these chocolates are also produced and sold in Germany and are also among the top brands of german chocolate.

#3. Kinder

Although “kinder” means “child” in German, there is no age limit on these popsicle-colored treats. With tender insides and a creamy coating of milk chocolate, Kinder is sublime; it is also among the German brands of chocolate. Milk chocolate is their flagship variety, and it’s in every grocery store in Germany. I had definitely stocked up on these bars since they are costly in many stores.

#4. Knoppers

Among brands, there is also a German chocolate brand, which has layers of hazelnut, wafer, cream, and chocolate that feel like a substantial meal rather than a snack. Although the chocolate has a thin cover, it supports the hazelnut and stands out as silky and independent. Knoppers is similar to Hanuta, another wafer snack that is everywhere in Europe. 

#5. Milka

Milka is a European staple and also a German chocolate brand, among other brands, with its lilac theme filling market counters since 1901. According to the Milka fact sheet, its name is a combination of “milch” (milk) and “kakao” (cocoa). Milka isn’t just sold in Germany; it is also popular in Poland, Russia, and France, making it the most international of these chocolates.

What Are Famous Chocolate Brands?

  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Guylian
  • Galaxy
  • Ghirardelli
  • Patchi
  • Mars
  • Toblerone
  • Cadbury

Which Brand Chocolate Is Best?

  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Lindt & Sprüngli
  • Ghirardelli
  • Hershey’s
  • Toblerone
  • Cadbury
  • Guylian
  • Patchi
  • Godiva
  • Milka

What Is the World’s Best Chocolate?

The best chocolate in the world, according to the recently established Academy of Chocolate in London, is Chauo. Chauo took home the gold. Because of its distinctive personality and delicious flavor, Chauo won.

Malagos Chocolate is the most well-known brand of locally produced chocolate in the Philippines. Not only is it well-known among Filipinos, but its superior quality and unique, distinct flavor has already won the hearts and discerning palates of chocolate lovers around the world.

What Is Fancy Chocolate Called?

Couverture. A phrase indicating very glossy coated chocolate of professional quality. It typically comprises a minimum of 32% cocoa butter, which allows it to form a shell that is significantly thinner than that of a typical confectionery coating. Couverture is typically exclusive to speciality confectionery shops.

What Is the Sweetest Chocolate?

Mild in flavor and the sweetest of the real chocolates, milk chocolate comprises at least 10 percent cocoa, as well as cocoa butter and sugar. This variety is used to make traditional mainstream chocolate bars. It is also used to make confectionery and in a variety of sweet dishes.

Which Country Chocolate Is Most Famous?

The four countries that produce the most chocolate are Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Poland.
Switzerland began producing chocolate in the 17th century, and Swiss citizens consume the most chocolate per capita.
Belgium is one of the greatest manufacturers of chocolate, and much of it is still produced by hand.

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