15 Best ORANGE JUICE BRANDS & Those to Avoid in 2023 (Updated)

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The search for the ideal orange juice is a difficult one. Many of us drink it first thing in the morning, it’s frequently used as a cocktail mixer, and there is an astounding variety of flavor intensities available to satisfy any palate. Orange juice is, in essence, a matter of taste. And we wanted to make sure you found the perfect bottle for savoring a sweet morning, enhancing an outstanding weekend brunch dish, or simply quenching your thirst with a healthy dosage of orange juice. Therefore, in this article, we will be looking into the best and healthiest orange juice brands in Florida, and also the ones to avoid. Let’s move on!

Orange Juice Brands

Orange juice is a delicious and healthy beverage that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Today’s orange juice is a delectable and healthy beverage that is excellent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It can be taken on its own or combined with other libations to make a variety of drinks, including juices, cocktails, and smoothies.

What Is Orange Juice? 

Orange juice is a type of fruit juice that is produced from oranges. Orange juice is frequently offered with breakfast and is a typical ingredient in many other drinks. Although there are many different kinds of orange juice, Orange Crush, Sunny Delight, and Minute Maid are some of the most well-known brands. Along with the conventional method of pressing oranges for juice, the concentrate can also be used to make orange juice.

Numerous orange juice-based drinks also contain extra vitamins and minerals. Orange juice is a fantastic source of vitamin C and aids in the development of your immune system.

Benefits of Orange Juice

A pleasant, energetic, and nutrient-rich beverage is orange juice. Orange juice contains a lot of vitamin C, which is essential for building a robust immune system. Vitamin C functions as an antioxidant, which delays the aging of cells. Orange juice also contains folic acid, which pregnant women must consume to prevent unexpected birth outcomes. Potassium, which is essential for maintaining a normal blood pressure level, is also included in orange juice. Orange juice comes in a variety of brands, but they are not all the same.

Whether orange juice is made wholly from fresh oranges or from concentrate, its sugar concentration varies. Read the label carefully before selecting an orange juice to be sure it will best meet your needs.

Is There Such A Thing As Premium Orange Juice?

Orange juice, which has a variety of brand names, is one of the beverages that people consume most frequently worldwide. Does good orange juice even exist, though? You might be surprised by the answer. The variety of oranges used has a big impact on a lot of things, including the flavor of the orange juice. The three orange cultivars that are most usually used to manufacture juice are Valencia, Navel, and Hamlin. Valencia oranges are usually thought to be the best kind for juicing because they have a lot of sugar and a strong, rich flavor.

Orange juice brands can be divided into two categories: those made from concentrate and those made from freshly squeezed oranges. Although orange juice from concentrate is often less expensive, it can taste more processed and unnatural. Freshly squeezed orange juice, on the other hand, is more expensive but typically has a fresher, brighter flavor.

So, what is the best orange juice brand? Personal preference ultimately determines the outcome. If you like sweeter juice, it would be worthwhile to try a brand that uses Valencias. If you prefer a juice that is more tart, you might want to consider a company that uses Hamlins. Additionally, if you’re looking for a less expensive option, you could want to choose a brand that uses concentrate. There is undoubtedly an orange juice brand out there that is perfect for you, no matter what your taste.

How to Shop For The Best Orange Juice Brands?

People of all ages enjoy the flavor and health benefits of orange juice. However, not all orange juice brands are created equal. It’s important to choose an orange juice brand that uses high-quality components and has an irresistible flavor when shopping. The following is a list of the top orange juice brands:

  • Take a look at the ingredient list: The best orange juice products are made with freshly squeezed oranges as their main component. Products that employ concentrate or contain sugar or other sweeteners should not be used.
  • Picking pure orange juice as a beverage: Before choosing a brand, make sure that it only sells 100% pure orange juice.
  • Consider the flavor: Consider the flavor: Read online reviews or ask for recommendations to discover the best-tasting orange juice brands.

Best Orange Juice Brands

The classic American breakfast includes this tangy, sweet beverage in addition to coffee, eggs, bacon, and toast. It has become synonymous with breakfast in the US. It is obviously entirely up to you how much you love your orange juice because you have a number of the top orange juice brands to select from.

#1. Just Orange

The firm that makes Simply Orange is called Simply Beverages. They began producing basic juices in 2001, you guessed it. The Coca-Cola Company, a Florida-based company, truly owns this brand. There are numerous variations of Simply Orange. You can also choose fruit infusions, which range in flavor from high pulp to low acid, for a little bit more flavor. On this list of the top manufacturers, a 52 oz bottle of orange juice costs $4, which is about average.

#2. Tropicana

When orange juice is discussed, Tropicana is the brand that immediately comes to mind. It was established in Florida in 1947, making it one of the oldest companies on this list of the top orange juice brands. It was previously owned by Anthony T. Rossi, who eventually sold it to PepsiCo. Due to Tropicana orange juice’s success, the firm now sells a wide selection of beverages, some of which are fortified with calcium and vitamin D. It makes sense why people favor this tried-and-true brand given that it is made entirely of orange juice and has no fillers. 52 fl oz bottles frequently cost less than $4.

#3. Florida’s Natural

Since its founding as the Florida Citrus Canners Cooperative in 1933, Florida’s Natural has sold orange juice. They squeezed it back then by hand. Another five years passed before they finally started using machines to complete the work and market it to the general public in cans. After 50 years, Florida’s Natural established itself as a household name in 1987.

They never use anything other than pure orange juice, therefore their ingredient labels never list any concentrations. Despite the fact that the business also sells other orange juices, a 52-ounce bottle of its original orange juice costs about $3.

#4. Bolthouse Farms

Orange juice isn’t the most popular juice at Bolthouse Farms, but it made this list because of its excellent texture. If you enjoy tart fruit juices, you might fall in love with this brand because of its strong sour undertones. The Bolthouse family started selling cold vegetable beverages when Bolthouse officially opened for business in 1915. Their son William took over in 1938 and concentrated on growing carrots. A few years later, fruits were added, but the brand is currently known for its fruit juices. You may put a 52 fl oz bottle of Bolthouse orange in your basket for $7.

#5. Natalie’s

There’s a fair possibility that you’ve heard of Natalie’s if you favor orange juice. This distinguished organic farm has grown from a 1,000-square-foot building in 1989 to one that is 76 times as large at this moment. The company’s organic, non-GMO orange juice is its best-selling item. Their fresh juices are well known for their quality, flavor, and minimal processing. The cost is $6 for a 64 fl-ounce carton.

#6. Lakewood

savor some organic juice. You may be acquainted with Lakewood. Fred Fuhrman established this company in 1935 with the intention of offering fruits and juice to the residents of Miami. One of the well-known high-quality items there is orange juice. Orange juice should be minimally processed and 100% pure to ensure a natural and pure flavor. People with dietary allergies can rejoice because this product is vegan, allergen-free, and glass-packaged. A 32-ounce bottle costs $6.

#7. Minute Maid

It was simple to decide to put Minute Maid orange juice in this list of the top brands despite the fact that it might not be of the highest quality. Minute Maid comes in frozen, single-serve, and carton varieties and tastes fantastic despite being made from concentrate. Also, it is a little thinner than the others I’ve described because it is manufactured from concentrate, but it is still one of the most well-known orange juice brands in the US. After the US Army bought 500K pounds of orange juice powder in 1945, John M. Fox founded the Minute Maid firm, which is now based in Sugar Land, Texas.

#8. Tree Ripe

Researchers have compared Tree Ripe’s flavor to a “creamsicle” while studying it. Further research revealed that the juice is 100% natural, comes from Johanna Foods, and has a flavor that is quite similar to vanilla. Although Johanna Food’s website is quite straightforward, customers looking for richer, more flavorful juice greatly recommend their orange juice. The business was founded in 1985, and Robert A. Facchina has owned it ever since. 52 fl oz boxes of organic Tree Ripe cost $4 apiece.

#9. Trop50

Although it is a Tropicana product, Trop50 is such a unique variety of orange juice that it deserves to be listed separately on our list of top manufacturers. A brief recap Tropicana was established by Anthony T. Rossi in 1947. He had just $25 when he originally started the company. Describe the choice he made that altered the course of his life. It is the best option for people searching for something a little lighter because each serving just has 50 calories. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t bland or watery since a small amount of stevia keeps it sweet. A 52 fl oz bottle typically costs $4.

#10. Uncle Matt’s

This name may not be well-known to you. Despite not being a big name, Uncle Matt’s is a well-liked choice for individuals looking for organic items and a business they can trust. Because it offers carbon-neutral shipping and BPA-free bottles, Uncle Matt’s, which was established in 1999 by Matt McLean, appears to be a respectable company. It is the oldest organic orange juice brand in the US, despite not being the oldest brand on this list of the top orange juice brands. 52 fl oz weighs less than $7.

According to sales data for the 52 weeks ending May 16, 2021, Tropicana Pure Premium was the best-selling refrigerated orange juice brand in the United States by more than 0.07 billion U.S. dollars. Simply Orange and Florida’s Natural were two more top-selling brands.

Which Brand of Juice is Best?

Best Juice Brands Will Satisfy Your Cravings for Fruits and Vegetables

  • AllWellO organic cold-pressed juice berry delight.
  • Pure green apple lemon ginger 
  • Tropicana orange juice
  • Naked juice mighty mango smoothie 
  • Rijuice a million bucks
  • Pressed cold-pressed orange turmeric.

What Brand of Orange Juice is the Most Natural?

The only ingredient in Lakewood OJ is organic orange juice; there are no added sweeteners or preservatives.

What is the Purest Orange Juice You Can Buy?

In contrast to other orange juices on the market, Lakewood OJ contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives; it is just 100% organic orange juice.

Orange Juice Brands From Florida

The fact that Americans adore orange juice shouldn’t come as a surprise. The most consumed 100% fruit juice in America is orange juice, which is consumed in about a billion gallons annually. Do you understand the origins of your juice or why some brands taste more recent than others? Since it is entirely produced in Florida, it typically tastes fresher; to learn more about this, go here. Some brands market their goods as “Florida Orange Juice” even though they could not even be from Florida! These three Florida businesses promise to only use fresh orange juice that is produced nearby. Below are some brands of orange juice found in Florida.

#1. Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company

Only real Florida orange juice is used to make Natalie’s orange juice brands. The Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company, which Marygrace Sexton began in 1989 and named after her daughter, is still primarily motivated by family values. Pure, organic, freshly squeezed Florida orange juice is what the business sells. This family-run, female-owned business specializes in delicious, freshly squeezed juice that hasn’t been pasteurized. They produce some of the best juices on the market.

#2. Indian River Select

In order to create orange juice of a higher level and better quality, two native Floridians who had families who had planted citrus trees founded Indian River Select in 1996. In the Fort, Indian River has offices. At Pierce Farmer’s Market, only mid- to late-season oranges that have been squeezed in small batches for a deeper, sweeter flavor is used. The juices from Indian River Select have also acquired full Kosher certification. This brand is obvious among the brands of orange juice made in Florida.

#3. Florida’s Natural (100% Premium)

Florida’s Natural Growers, one of the largest citrus-growing cooperatives in the world, is the origin of Florida’s Natural. These 1933-founded producers maintain total control over their land, take excellent care of their fruit, and pick it only when it is ready in order to squeeze 100% Florida orange juice. Florida’s Natural takes pride in offering orange juice that tastes like it was just squeezed out of the grove since it is 100% pure and not made from concentrate. Also, this orange juice brands truly signifies that it’s made in Florida. The label should be carefully studied, though, as many do state “from concentrate.” Fresh Florida orange juice is the ideal option if you want a glass with breakfast or an immune booster in the afternoon.

Market Share and Value Information on Florida Orange Juice Brands

Florida, which continues to be the world’s top grapefruit producer, is the only other nation after Brazil that produces more orange juice than it does. More than 70% of the citrus consumed in the United States comes from Florida; significant export destinations include Canada, Japan, France, and the United Kingdom. More than 90% of the orange juice consumed in America is produced by Florida oranges over the majority of seasons. The majority of citrus is grown in Florida for its concentrated juices, which are then canned, chilled, or frozen.

Regions with Increasing Acreage on Florida Orange Juice Brands

Florida has 74 million citrus trees and 569,000 acres of citrus fields. The southern two-thirds of the Florida peninsula, where there is little chance of a frost, is where the majority of citrus is cultivated. Citrus farmers progressively moved south from the state’s northern and central regions after a series of freezes in the 1980s, but Polk County in the state’s center remains the leading county for citrus output.

Growing and Harvesting Rate With Florida Orange Juice Brands

Workers meticulously hand-pick the fruit when it is ready to be harvested and put it in big canvas bags. Then, using special “goats” that are loaded with the bags, the selected fruit is moved from the grove to tractor-trailers parked alongside the road. The transportation of citrus harvests to packing factories for packaging for fresh consumption Trucks transport the harvested citrus to the processing facilities, where the juice is extracted. In Florida, there are about 20 citrus factories and 40 packinghouses.

Orange Juice Brands to Avoid

Some orange juice brands are not worth tasting talking more or sipping it. They either contain additives, coloring, or other unhealthy flavors. Here are some of the orange juice brands to avoid.

#1. Tampico

If you’re in the mood for a glass of delectable orange juice, avoid the urge to settle for Tampico Citrus Punch brands. This drink, despite having an orange juice appearance, is a terrible copy that will ruin your day. Tampico is obvious among the brands of orange juice to avoid.

Tampico will immediately irritate your taste buds, alerting you to a major problem. Given that water and high fructose corn syrup are mentioned as the product’s first two ingredients on the label, it is not surprising that this product tastes entirely manufactured. This punch manages to be citrus-free despite having orange juice, tangerine juice, and lemon juice.

Surprisingly, the artificial flavor of this liquid disappointment isn’t even its worst quality; rather, its terrible aftertaste will make you vomit. Ever drink orange juice immediately following a tooth brushing? Yes, it has a flavor similar to Tampico Citrus Punch’s aftertaste. Maintain a safe distance.

#2. Bright & Early

It’s challenging to make someone accountable for acquiring Bright & Early. First off, this beverage is reasonably priced. In fact, you’ll find that it’s typically one of the most affordable options for orange juice brands, so you should also avoid it. Second, the container prominently advertises the existence of vitamin C and comes with a sizable, gorgeous orange. The beverage’s name also highlights the idea that it’s a great way to start the day.

But if you had paid more attention to the packaging, you would have noticed that Bright & Early makes it abundantly clear that the product contains no juice. Is orange juice lacking in juice? That is unquestionably a significant problem and the main reason why this product is so inexpensive. To drink this brand, eww its one of the brands of orange juice to avoid.

Instead of using actual orange juice, Bright & Early substitute food coloring for the color and citric acid for the tartness. Despite having a somewhat better flavor than Tampico Citrus Punch, this beverage is terrible. To start your day off right, spend a bit more money on better-tasting orange juice.

#3. Great Value

If you haven’t already found out the hard way or the juice to avoid, orange juice brands sold at Walmart under the Great Value brand are one of those things. Even while this isn’t as awful as Tampico Citrus Punch or Bright & Early, you’ll still be extremely disappointed. Questions are raised by the orange juice at Great Value’s watery consistency. It’s as if you diluted sour orange juice with water to make it last longer. The orange flavor and citrus aftertaste are apparent, but the remainder is unacceptably muted.

Great Value orange juice’s ingredient list additionally warns that it may contain soy, wheat, milk, or shellfish. Do you really want to take the chance of ingesting milk-containing orange juice? Yes, that probably only shows that a factory makes a range of products, including orange juice.

#4. Tang

Tang has been available since 1957, but its popularity didn’t really take off until news spread that astronauts enjoyed it in space. You’ll be amused to learn that the powder actually has a tangy flavor that tastes exactly like real orange juice when combined with water. However, once Tang’s novelty wears off, you’ll realize that, in the words of the late great astronaut Buzz Aldrin, it “sucks.”

Tang’s only perk is how easy it is to switch up the flavor. If you want a stronger orange flavor, add more powder. Also, if you prefer a lighter refreshment, use less powder than is recommended. If you aren’t being sent into space and can’t bring any actual orange juice with you, stay away from Tang. If you decide to stay on Earth, you have no excuse for not choosing real orange juice. Therefore, all these reasons make me to avoid Tang orange juice brands.

#5. SunnyD

When you were younger, the idea of a cool Sunny Delight certainly made you drool. Sunny Delight initially tasted like orange juice on sugar when it first came out. Its richness gave it a liquid candy-like quality, but more importantly, it had a slight orange juice flavor.

Unfortunately, Sunny Delight turned a little girl’s skin yellow, so the happiness was fleeting. This is the more reason you need to avoid Suuny D orange juice brands. In a state of shock, parents left and began to educate themselves about all the dangerous treatments, particularly excessive sugar. Since sales of Sunny Delight were in freefall, the company changed its name to SunnyD and made a few attempts to enhance its recipe. Parents will always recall the story of the small child who turned yellow, which is unfortunate for this company. The original Sunny Delight formula, which debuted in 1963, is vastly superior to the current SunnyD mixture in terms of flavor. If you were expecting the melting candies of yesteryear, you won’t get them.

#6. Whole Foods 365

The orange juice at Trader Joe’s might taste weird to certain folks, but not at Whole Foods. Even though their orange juice isn’t that amazing, the Whole Foods 365 brand offers a few alternatives that are at least passably acceptable, such as organic no-pulp orange juice and organic unpasteurized orange juice.

Why don’t we give Whole Foods 365’s orange juice a higher score on this list? Whether you get value for your money is what matters most. Orange juice from Whole Foods is expensive, just like many of its other products. Their orange juice is passable, as was already mentioned, but the price is too high. Spending that much money on a name brand that almost certainly tastes considerably better makes sense.

Having said that, feel free to buy a jug or carton of unpasteurized orange juice if you’re already at Whole Foods and are willing to incur the risks and and not to avoid it.

Healthiest Orange Juice Brands

In your local grocery store, there are numerous brands of fresh orange juice that are easily accessible. Without having to peel and juice oranges, you may use these to rapidly get your required daily intake of vitamins. It is similar to picking the original fruit because the bulk of them are supported by warranties of quality and purity. We can help you if you’re unsure about which brand of orange juice to choose. Below is the list of the healthiest orange juice brands to opt for:

#1. Just Orange

Operations for this Florida-based Coca-Cola Company subsidiary began in 2001. It is one of the healthiest orange juice brands, and they also make fresh fruit juices that are not manufactured from concentrate and sells them. For the convenience of the consumer, some items are packaged in clear plastic bottles. This company imports commodities from Mexico and Brazil in addition to producing fresh juice from Florida oranges. Just juice ranks among the healthiest brands of orange juice.

Among the orange juice-based products are Hugh Pulp, Medium Pulp, Low Acid, Simply Orange Pulp Free, Pulp Free with Calcium + Vitamin D, Orange with Mango, Pineapple, Banana, and Tangerine. Customers will enjoy a completely natural experience thanks to freezing in the juice and the absence of artificial sweeteners.

#2. Natalie’s

The only family-run, 100% female-owned orange juice company in the nation is Natalie’s. Marygrace Sexton, Bobby Sexton’s wife, and an orange farmer founded it. She began pressing Florida oranges grown by her husband into juice and bottling it for sale. While maintaining its ideals of authenticity and honesty, the business, which was once known as Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company, has grown into a well-known juice brand. For a fair fee, you may place a large order for this brand’s bottles and have them delivered. It’s probable that this is one of the healthiest and only well-known orange juice brands without a “no pulp” option. Natalie’s brands of orange juice are quite among the healthiest you can get.

#3. Tropicana

Since 1947, Tropicana has been the brand name for many drinks and fruit juices. The Florida-based company Tropicana, which has been providing clients with fresh juices for more than 70 years, was founded by Anthony T. Rossi. Orange juice, which comes in a variety of flavors based on the amount of pulp present, is unquestionably among the healthiest orange juice brands and is the most well-known product.

More than 15 different kinds of orange juice are available from Tropicana, including Original (no pulp), Homestyle (some pulp), Grovestand (lots of pulp), Low Acid, Healthy Heart, Antioxidant Advantage, Vitamin C + Zinc, and Healthy Kids, among others. There are many other beverages available, including Trop50, Pineapple Mango Probiotics, Watermelon Juice, Red Grapefruit Juice, Orange Strawberry Banana Juice, and others. In essence it is obvious now that Tropicana ranks among the healthiest brands of orange juice.

#4. Trader Joe’s

In 1967, the first Trader Joe’s shop debuted in Pasadena, California. Since then, it has grown into a significant grocery store industry in the US. Everything, from food to household goods, is available here. Customers appreciate the products in the brand’s signature range of items that are inspired by cuisines from around the world. Under its own brand, Trader Joe’s offers organic cold-pressed orange juice. Trader Joe’s ranks among the healthiest brands of orange juice in market. Customers appreciate their selection of fresh juices, and they have the best-tasting orange juice in the nation, according to their reputation. Their oranges are grown organically, and the juice is treated in cold water before being sold after being pressed to extract the juice with the ideal flavor.

#5. Minute Maid

Orange juice and lemonade are the two main healthiest beverage brands produced by the renowned beverage company Minute Maid. As a part of the US war effort, it was founded in 1945. The business has since developed into a significant juice manufacturer. It is offered for purchase throughout Europe and is marketed as Cappy. Orange juice, lemonades, punches, and other natural beverage brands are some of the more than 100 flavors and variations of natural beverages that Minute Maid promises to offer which made it one of the healthiest. They come in pulpy and no-pulp varieties and are made using fresh ingredients. It provides a variety of orange juices, including Original, Pulpy, Calcium and Vitamin D, Kids+, Home Squeezed, Countryside, Low Acid, etc.

Is Real Better Than Tropicana?

The honest response is “no.” Concentrated fruit juice and artificial tastes disqualify this from being labeled as all-natural. All natural, with no added sugars because 100% juice cannot contain any.

Which Brand is Real Juice?

In 1997, Dabur India Limited (Dabur), a company that has been around for a century and is a household name in India when it comes to health and wellness products, introduced its first line of “Real Fruit Juices.” In its early years, Real overcame many obstacles as a pioneer in its field.

Is It Good to Drink Tropicana Daily?

If you don’t like eating fruit, but want to meet your daily fruit requirement, drinking Tropicana juice every day is a great option. As stated by the United States Department of Agriculture, 1 cup of 100% fruit juice counts as 1 serving of fruit.

Is Real Juice Unhealthy?

Fruit juice is a potential contributor to obesity and ungainly weight gain due to the higher calorie and sugar content. High blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and other health problems are all linked to excessive weight gain in later life.

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