10 Most Valuable Brands in Nigeria

There are over a million types of fish in the sea as there are a lot of similar branded products. Truth be told, humans often have too many choices but too little time. But what really makes one pick a particular product amidst several others? Some brands have been able to sell emotions instead of just products or services, they only leave us wanting more. Now, that’s the value of true branding, and we’ll consider the most valuable brands in Nigeria.

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Below is a list of valuable brands in Nigeria that have successfully carved a space in our hearts and lessons learned from them.


Bolt was formerly called Taxify, the rebranding strategy was as a result of the addition of an electric scooter to become a broader transport service beyond cars. This simply explains how they are able to uniquely strategize and become a leading brand in a space of few years.


If you don’t know of the famous Indomitables, then you just aren’t Nigerian. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been familiar with the name ‘Indomie’, you can’t possibly list names of noodles and it’s not ranked first five.

A major fore runner of Dufil Prima Foods, Indomie has been consistent throughout the years, always bringing fresh meat to the table. Their innovation game to their customers is just top notch and they never cease to show forth how much creativity they’ve garnered in years of marketing experience.


Asides not being an indigenous brand, Airtel is a prominent Telecommunication Network all across Nigeria. It beats our imagination each time with their creative ad content and branding strategy. I mean, who wouldn’t want a 4G network coverage over a 3G? How about selling a story that’s relatable?

They’ve been able to dominate the market space with tariff plans and several bonuses that have earned them the valuable brand in Nigeria badge.  


This is in fact, the most valuable soft drink brand. True, there are lots of soft drinks out there but Coca Cola has been registered in the minds of many. What coca-cola has done to become a valuable brand in Nigeria is to look at the previous years falls in sales and looked at how to turn this around in today’s market place.

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The Piggy Vest company is a recently established fintech company. It has earned the value of many. In addendum, it has made saving and investing easier by just having a smartphone. The entire team behind this deserves some accolades. This is because they have eased the burden of thriftiness with an awesome tech combo. This surely secures a spot for them in the valuable brands in Nigeria list.


It is a multinational commercial bank that belongs to the Access Bank Group. Apparently, it’s currently one of the largest banks in terms of assets, loans, and deposits.

Access bank has been consistent over the years with several awards to their name. The recent merging with Diamond Bank has made it the largest bank so far and is also major evidence of growth and the drive for value!


I don’t think your food is complete without a cube of Maggi or is that not what they told us in their adverts?

Over time, Maggi has been the best spicing to our dishes. And their products give several flavour variants sure gives a unique aroma of  Nigeria!


Channels Television is a Nigerian Independent 24 hour news and media television channel based in Nigeria. Momoh has built a commercial satellite television with reputable integrity in a country where the media sector is tainted by corruption.

Asides being a hub for credible and firsthand information, they’ve also brought redefinition to television stations in Nigeria.

9. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM)

IVM is a Nigerian automobile and bus manufacturing company, the first made in Africa automobile brand.

Innoson has successfully carved a name for himself by wanting to put an end to Nigerian imports by manufacturing made-in-Africa cars; brand products that are of their own class.

If you can think if, you can do it.

10. JUMIA.

You can’t think of an online shop and not think of Jumia. It is now much easier and reliable to make purchases with the birth of this brand. As a frontier in online shopping malls, they’ve served customers with prompt and almost seamless product delivery.

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