ALCOHOL BRANDS: Top 21 Brands in the World, Updated!

alcohol brands
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  1. Names of alcohol brands
    1. #1. Jack Daniel’s
    2. #2. Jim Beam
    3. #3. Maker’s Mark
    4. #4. Budweiser
    5. #5. Knob Creek
    6. #6. Woodford Reserve
    7. #7. Cruzan
    8. #8. Dreher
    9. #9. Hennessy
    10. #10. Tanqueray
    11. #11. Remy Martin
    12. #12. Morasha
    13. #13. Jameson
    14. #14. Baileys
    15. #15. Malibu 
    16. #16. Johnnie Walker 
    17. #17. Crown Royal
    18. #18. Bacardi
    19. #19. Captain Morgan
    20. #20. Smirnoff
    21. #21. Absolut
  2. Brandy Alcohol Brands
    1. #1. Remy Martin 
    2. #2. Hine Antique
    3. #3. Asbach
    4. #4. Louis XIII
    5. #5. Torres
    6. #6. Hennessy 
    7. #7. Delamain XO
    8. #8. Bertoux
    9. #9. Germain Robin
  3. Seltzer Alcohol Brands
    1. #1. White Claw Hard Seltzer
    2. #2. Bon V!v Spiked Seltzer Variety Pack
    3. #3. Lone River Ranch Water
    4. #4. Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz Grapefruit & Rose Cans
    5. #5. Truly Hard Seltzer
    6. #6. Maha Organic Hard Seltzer Variety Pack
    7. #7. Corona Hard Seltzer
    8. #8. Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water Variety Pack Spiked Seltzer
  4. Celebrity alcohol brands
    1. #1. Mansinthe by Marilyn Manson
    2. #2. Casamigos Tequila by George Clooney
    3. #3. Aviation Gin by Ryan Reynolds
    4. #4. Heaven’s Door Whiskey – Bob Dylan
    5. #5. Código 1530 Tequila – George Strait
    6. #6. D’USSE Cognac – Jay Z
    7. #7. The Pogues Irish Whiskey – The Pogues
    8. #8. Virginia Black American Whiskey – Drake
    9. #9. Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello – Danny DeVito
  5. Which is Healthy Alcohol?
  6. What’s the Best Alcohol to Drink?
  7. What is the Number 1 Alcoholic Drink?
  8. What Alcohol makes you Drunk Fast?
  9. What are People’s Favorite Alcohol?
  10. What Type of Alcohol makes you Happy?
  11. What Alcohol makes People Angry?
  12. Conclusion
  13. Is brandy a whiskey?
  14. Is brandy harmful to health?
  15. What are the three types of alcohol?

Not only is alcohol common as a drink, but it is also a symbol that depicts different cultures and traditions in many countries. Alcohol also serves as a drug to reduce depression and anxiety. But then, most people use it to catch some fun, especially in celebrating joyous moments. There are different names of alcohol brands ranging from whiskey to brandy, celebrity alcohols, and also seltzer. Each brand is produced with unique recipes and expertise, all aimed at giving you optimum satisfaction. Let’s explore the world of alcohol as we give you the names of the leading alcoholic brands in the world. We also have the names of celebrity alcohol brands and seltzer brands in this article.

Names of alcohol brands

These are the names of the top 21 alcohol brands in the world.

#1. Jack Daniel’s

This whiskey was established in the United States of America by Jack Daniels, although it is currently under the Brown-Forman Corporation. Jack Daniel’s is one of the most famous whiskey brands in the world. It is also popular for its pleasant smell of brown sugar mixed with resin and fresh leaves. It also has a uniquely smooth and gentle aftertaste which will calm your nerves and leave you asking for more. Jack Daniel’s usually comes in dark chocolate and orange flavors.

#2. Jim Beam

Jim Beam is one of the world’s best-selling bourbon brands. It was introduced in the United States of America by Beam Suntory in the year 1943. Jim Beam derives its unique flavor from a perfect blend of fine butterscotch, cream, pepper, and oak. These all combine with the sweet smell of menthol and honey maple.

#3. Maker’s Mark

This brand was produced in the United States by Beam Suntory. It contains 45% of alcohol and has a characteristic nutty, spicy, caramel, and vanilla flavor. Maker’s Mark makes its mark with a long, smooth aftertaste.

#4. Budweiser

Budweiser was initially founded in the United States by Carl Conrad & Co in the year 1876. The beer has a heavy, malty-sweet taste that will enrich your taste buds.

#5. Knob Creek

Knob Creek is produced in the United States by Beam Suntory at the Jim Beam distillery. It was introduced in 1992 and contains 50% alcohol by volume. Knob Creek exudes a perfect blend of cocoa, sweet maple caramel candy, wood resin. These generally give it a sweet, woody, fruity flavor and spicy taste which lingers after each taste and leaves you craving.

#6. Woodford Reserve

Produced in the United States by Brown-Forman Corporation, Woodford Reserve has got incredibly smooth flavors of cinnamon, walnut, and allspice. These are rounded off with oak and vanilla depending, of course, on the barrel aging. A dash of dark chocolate and orange marmalade goes a long way in improving the flavor, coupled with a little rye spice. Woodford Reserve was established in 1996 and contains 45.2% alcohol. 

#7. Cruzan

Cruzan is a famous rum brand produced and founded in the United States by Beam Suntory in 1760. Its rum has got a sweet smell with traces of butter and grass combined with a soft vanilla taste. This makes it simply amazing!

#8. Dreher

Dreher is a beer brand founded in 1854 by Anton Dreher. You might want to go for something with a slightly bitter taste. Well, Dreher generally has a bitter palate combined with fruits that help to formulate a complex flavor.

#9. Hennessy

Henessy is among the famous liquor brands in the world. Their cognacs have got a nutty and sweet wood smell, and also a warm taste from traces of citrus fruits and apples.

#10. Tanqueray

Tanqueray is a gin-producing brand located in England and owned by Diageo. Their gin has a gentle and fresh smell of grapes combined with a taste of vanilla and juniper. 

#11. Remy Martin

Introduced in France by E. Remy Martin, this brand is famous for making cognacs. The cognacs are made from a blend of vanilla, flowers, and apples which gives them a fruity taste with perfect smoothness. Also blended in is a taste of licorice combined with fruits and spices.

#12. Morasha

Morasha is an alcoholic brand that originated from Ukraine and is identified by its silky and light flavor. Made from pure and natural ingredients, it is generally a favorite brand for many.

#13. Jameson

Founded in the Republic of Ireland by John Jameson, it is famous for producing Irish whiskey. Their whiskey has a flowery smell and a spiced vanilla taste, all combined to give a smooth finish. Jameson also has other variants including Black Barrel and Crested.

#14. Baileys

Baileys is made from a combination of Irish whiskey, cocoa, and cream. It was introduced in the Republic of Ireland in 1974.

#15. Malibu 

Currently, under Pernod Richard, Malibu is a coconut-flavored alcoholic brand produced in Barbados. It is often prepared with Caribbean Rum and contains 21% alcohol. Its ingredients combine to give it an incredibly sweet finish.

#16. Johnnie Walker 

Johnnie Walker is a famous whiskey brand that was founded by John Walker. It is produced in Scotland in addition to other products such as Gold Label, Red Label, etc.

#17. Crown Royal

A famous Canadian Whiskey brand was founded in 1939. The whiskey derives its sweet taste from a combination of vanilla, Brown sugar, and caramel, with traces of rye to add a little spice. These flavors perfectly combine to give it a smooth finish.

#18. Bacardi

Bacardi affiliates with many famous brands in the world and are famous for producing a variety of alcohols like rum, gin, etc. It was founded in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. 

#19. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is a famous rum brand produced in Jamaica by Diageo. Their rum has got the combination of caramel sweetness, and also the fresh essence of the Caribbean beach bar. 

#20. Smirnoff

The Russian vodka was founded by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnoff and is currently produced in the united kingdom. It has traces of vanilla, grains, as well as peppers.

#21. Absolut

This Swedish vodka is being produced in over 126 countries because of its high demand. It has an authentic flavor with the smoothness of grain and traces of dried fruits. Little wonder that it is among the most sought for.

Brandy Alcohol Brands

Brandy is basically a spirit distilled from fermented fruit juice, with the grape as the utmost priority. Apart from grapes, brandy also has other assorted flavors ranging from cherry to pear. These flavors originate from different parts of the world.

Generally, brandy serves different purposes. While some can make for nice cocktails, others can be added to Sangria to give it a little strength. Brandy is also used in small amounts as a cooking ingredient. So you see that Brandy has other purposes apart from just being a drink. Also, it is claimed that brandy contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties, which makes it suitable to be taken after a meal.

If you’re just starting on brandy, here are the names of some brandy alcohol brands you can try. Enjoy!

#1. Remy Martin 

Rémy Martin ranks as the best Cognac brand. Each bottle promises bespoke excellence with an aroma of dark chocolate, port wine cask, and exotic spices and figs. In addition, each sip reveals notes of white and red grapes, nutmeg, cinnamon, caramel, honey, and dried apricots. Remy Martin is a popular choice among brandy lovers as it combines everything a good brandy should have.

#2. Hine Antique

Hine Antique is also among the best brandy alcohol brands. It is an outstanding Cognac most popular for its vanilla, nutmeg, caramel, and jasmine flavor notes.

#3. Asbach

As a German brand, Asbach’s rich, spicy brandies have won awards for their smooth and warming tastes. Asbach’s 8 year reveals a good blend of almonds and spices, thus, making it the perfect brandy to share with friends and family after dinner.

#4. Louis XIII

Louis XIII is a cognac brand owned by Remy Martin. Its light and complex flavors composed of grass and earth with a subtle sweetness distinguish it from other brands. It also ranks among the most expensive brandy alcohol brands.

#5. Torres

Torres is a brandy cognac brand with the Torres 10 Grande Reserva Brandy as its oldest brandy. It is especially known for producing excellent and budget-friendly brandies with a rich and smooth finish.

#6. Hennessy 

Henessy is a premium brandy known for its notes of orange, black pepper, and powdered cocoa flavors. Each bottle of brandy reveals a rich, fruity palate of prunes, raisins, and sticky toffee pudding. Therefore, it’s a little wonder it ranks among the most popular brands of brandy alcohol in the world.

#7. Delamain XO

Delamain is a cognac brandy that is known as one of the purest and most authentic brandies ever known. This is so because Delamain doesn’t use sugar or caramel to modify the taste of its drinks, making them dry instead of sweet.

#8. Bertoux

Bertoux brandy ranks among the best alcohol brands for cocktails. Their brandy is produced in California from a combination of the world’s finest grapes. With its palette which features a hint of raisins and dark chocolate, it is especially regarded as a spirit made for cocktails. 

#9. Germain Robin

Germain Robin’s XO alabamic brandy has won competitions against some of the biggest names in the brandy world. This is as a result of its delicious taste and unique characteristics. Each sip from this brandy denotes a blend of soft orchard fruit, vanilla, and hints of chocolate.

Seltzer Alcohol Brands

You may think that Seltzer Alcohol Brands are already fizzling out. But you’ll soon find that Seltzer still waxes strong in the alcohol industry as we give you the names of some brands that are top of the list. 

#1. White Claw Hard Seltzer

This brand stands out from other brands when it comes to Seltzer alcohol. It brews its drinks with fermented sugar and a yeast strain. The final product contains fruit juice and cane sugar instead of malt and comes in different flavors. It also has a flavorless Pure version.

#2. Bon V!v Spiked Seltzer Variety Pack

The alcohol in this brand is made from a cold fermentation of sugar, which is afterward mixed with fruit oils. It also comes in different flavors including Coconut Pineapple and Pear Elderflower.

#3. Lone River Ranch Water

 This Seltzer brand uses organic agave and real lime juice in their drink to give an amazing Southern-style sip. It also has a Red Grapefruit flavor in addition to the real lime flavor.

#4. Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz Grapefruit & Rose Cans

This brand typically has low calorie and low alcohol citrus seltzers with a, particularly refreshing taste. It is specially made for all-day refreshment.

#5. Truly Hard Seltzer

 Truly is one of the most seltzer-like brands of all the hard seltzers when it comes to flavor. The flavors offer a wide range of berry and citrus options which includes Lime, as well Blueberry Acai. It also has a range of tropical flavors like Passionfruit and Pineapple and even a Rosé flavor. 

#6. Maha Organic Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

This drink is aimed at wellness-minded drinkers as their drinks are made from organic ingredients certified by USDA. These ingredients are blended with fruit juice, as well as vitamins and minerals. The brand also comes in three flavors which are raspberry, black cherry, and tangerine yuzu.

#7. Corona Hard Seltzer

This Seltzer has 90 calories with no sugar and has four fruity flavors including mango and blackberry lime flavors.

#8. Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water Variety Pack Spiked Seltzer

Last but not least among the brands on our list, this Seltzer alcohol has six flavors with few calories and zero sugar. The flavors include lemon-lime, passion fruit, pineapple, blueberry lemon, peach mango, and strawberry kiwi.

Celebrity alcohol brands

If you’re wondering whether there are alcohol brands owned by a celebrity, here are some of them.

#1. Mansinthe by Marilyn Manson

The artist has created a Swiss verte-style brand that maintains a prominent space at some of the finest cocktail bars in the world. Have a taste of this drink and thank me later.

#2. Casamigos Tequila by George Clooney

The white celebrity owns a brand with Blanco and Reposado as the main drinks. While these two are perfectly fine, their Añejo is kinda terrific, with a creamy, chocolatey taste, and a hint of smoke.

#3. Aviation Gin by Ryan Reynolds

The Aviation Gin was bought by Ryan Reynolds, who has become the face of the gin. Joe Montana has also become a quiet partner of the gin.  

#4. Heaven’s Door Whiskey – Bob Dylan

Dylan’s team liaised with Midwest Grain Products. Consequently, they have become a competent brand with Straight Rye Whiskey as one of their products. They also have Double Barrel Whiskey and Tennesse Straight Bourbon to their credit. 

#5. Código 1530 Tequila – George Strait

The Texas country celebrity invested in this small Mexican alcohol brand among other brands. The brand has prominent products including  $300 Origen. This añejo offering is aged in Napa Cabernet barrels, and also has the smell of a fine scotch or cognac.

#6. D’USSE Cognac – Jay Z

The reasonably priced Cognac is owned by Bacardi and is also a fair option for brandy start outs with a taste for an ostentatious bottle design.

#7. The Pogues Irish Whiskey – The Pogues

The Pogues are one of the more ambitious celebrity alcohol brands out there. Theirs is a blend of 10-year-old single malt Irish whiskey aged in sherry oak casks, 7-year-old Irish whiskey aged in bourbon oak casks, and also 4-year-old Irish grain whiskey aged in bourbon oak casks.

#8. Virginia Black American Whiskey – Drake

Drake has got a good brand of whiskey which comes in a bottle resembling some kind of cologne. The whiskey is also from MGP, which gives it an edge over other brands of whiskey.

#9. Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello – Danny DeVito

This lemon zest-infused alcohol by the celebrity can be a good start for you if haven’t tried limoncello brands before.

Which is Healthy Alcohol?

In comparison to beer and sugary beverages, red wine, whiskey, tequila, and hard kombucha are healthier options. The CDC advises limiting alcohol consumption to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.

What’s the Best Alcohol to Drink?

Red wine. One of the healthiest alcoholic beverages out there is red wine, which is widely acknowledged. Poon adds that red wine is high in antioxidants like resveratrol and proanthocyanidins and can support cardiovascular health. She adds that it is “relatively low in calories and also offers some health benefits.”

What is the Number 1 Alcoholic Drink?

The preferred alcoholic beverage in America is still beer. For many years, wine was its closest competitor, with alcohol trailing far behind. Over the past year, that changed drastically. A recent Gallup poll found that more people now prefer liquor to wine as their preferred adult beverage.

What Alcohol makes you Drunk Fast?

Vodka and gin are examples of highly concentrated drinks that your body absorbs more quickly. It also absorbs bubbly and fizzy beverages more quickly than other beverages, such as champagne or soda mixes. how quickly you drink. Instead of sipping, chugging will raise your BAC more quickly and make you feel more intoxicated.

What are People’s Favorite Alcohol?

While common alcoholic beverages like gin and rum aren’t the most consumed in more than one state, whiskey and vodka seem to dominate the nation as a whole.

What Type of Alcohol makes you Happy?

According to the study, spirits make people feel sexy and energetic while red wine and beer make people feel relaxed. It also discovered that, overall, women responded to alcohol more emotionally than men did, with the exception of aggression.

What Alcohol makes People Angry?

According to a recent study, red wine is most likely to make people feel relaxed while spirits are most likely to make people feel aggressive.


There are different names of alcohol brands for different occasions. From whiskey to brandy, gin, or rum, each alcohol brand has a unique feature that distinguishes it from other brands. If you’re just starting on brandy, we hope you find your pick from the list we’ve given. You’ll also find that some alcohol brands are actually owned by a celebrity. Furthermore, if you think Seltzer alcohol brands have gone extinct, think again, because the Seltzer brands on our list are still in vogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is brandy a whiskey?

Brandy is different from whiskey. both are different types of alcohol. Brandy is distilled from fermented juice or wine, while whiskey is distilled from fermented grain mash

Is brandy harmful to health?

It is claimed that brandy contains antioxidants that aid in the breakdown of food, therefore, brandy is not considered harmful to health

What are the three types of alcohol?

The three types of alcohol are isopropyl, methyl, and ethyl alcohol. Of the three, ethyl alcohol is the only one fit for human consumption.

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