OFF WHITE LOGO: Where Did Off White Get Its Logo?

Off white logo

The off-white logo was brought into existence in the year of the company’s establishment, which was in 2012. Off White is one of the most popular fashion luxury brands, which is highly recognized all over the world today.

The off-white brand is a United States luxury fashion brand that was created by a man who goes by the name Virgil Abloh.

The well-known American brand, Off-White, was officially established in 2012. The headquarters of this brand is in Milan. The Off-White fashion brand was also able to create its first menswear collection in 2012.

Brief History of the Founder and Evolution of the Off-White Fashion Brand

The Off-White brand is an American fashion label that was brought into existence by the well-known Virgil Abloh. The man, who goes by the name Virgil Abloh was born in 1980, just outside Chicago.

When Virgil was a young boy, his mother, who was a seamstress, was able to teach Virgil everything he needed to know about the basics of her job, including how to sew.

In 2002, Virgil Abloh graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. The name of school Virgil Abloh attended was the University of Wisconsin Madison.

In 2006, Virgil finally completed his master’s degree in Architecture. The name of school in which Virgil Abloh completed his master’s degree was called the Illinois Institute of Technology.

During his master’s degree, there was an erected building close by (they were into fashion), and this was what picked Virgil Abloh’s interest in fashion and design. That was how he was interested in coming into the world of fashion.

In 2009, Virgil Abloh and his close friend Kanye West were made interns for the famous fashion house FENDI. The following year, Virgil Abloh was made the creative director of Kanye West’s agency. The name of Kanye West’s agency was DONDA.

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In 2012, Virgil was able to launch his first clothing brand. During this same year, he established his well-known brand Off White.

The basics of this particular brand of Virgil Abloh were luxury goods and a street style that was massively growing in popularity then. The establishment of Off-White as a brand was very successful. Off-White became very popular because it was pretty unique. This brand (Off White) was able to connect with the younger audience, which was a part of why it skyrocketed.

By 2014, Virgil was able to come up with his latest collection. His collection was excellent, and the clothing was designed for both men and women.

Virgil Abloh knew the worth of his latest collection, so he took this concept to a fashion show during Paris fashion week. By 2017, Virgil had a world filled with many opportunities.

Virgil Abloh started getting a lot of collaborations; some were with celebrities. There was also a collaboration that was done with the Nike company. This collaboration was done with the design of a shoe called the “10”.

The following year, Louis Vuitton officially named Virgil Abloh as the artistic director of their menswear.

The Off-White brand is simply a symbol that represents the necessity for change and all things, including in the world of fashion. It demonstrates a brand that saw a gap in the market and set out to fill it.

The evolution of Off-White as a fashion brand shows that luxury does not necessarily mean lots of comforts but rather a need for tradition to dictate a design.

Have you ever wondered where the Off-White Logo and its name came from? The question, “what does the Off White Logo mean?” has been frequently asked by so many individuals.

The Off White Logo was founded in the same year its company was established. Virgil Abloh founded it. Virgil is an American fashion designer and entrepreneur. He was also the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection before becoming Off White’s CEO.

Off White was initially called the “Pyrex Vision.” Virgil Abloh rebranded the company’s name in 2013, which was changed to Off White. The rebranding of the initial brand, “Pyrex Vision,” carried out by Virgil Abloh, occurred because it lacked concepts.

Unknowing to many people, the identity (logo) of the Off White brand is similar to the British railway and the Glasgow Airport, which was developed in the 1960s.

In 1964, a UK (United Kingdom) based design group, best known for most road signs worldwide, developed a design system for the Glasgow Airport. A part of the design of this system was a black and white emblem, which was supposed to look like the St. Andrews cross, pointing with arrows that went in four different directions.

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Alongside this, they came up with a paint scheme for the airport vehicles, which featured a yellow and black striped pad placed on top of the vehicles to make them more visible from the air.

In the Off White logo, the arrows, pointing in four different directions, were used, and these arrows also took the form of a square, just like that of the Glasgow Airport.

The yellow and black stripes used on the vehicles in the Glasgow Airport were also seen in the logo of Off White. In the design of Virgil Abloh Off White logo, the same stripes are applied but with a different theme color, which is black and white.

The design of the Off White logo is just like the signs which were made use of in the Glasgow Airport. However, the Off-White logo is said to represent street color. The logo designs that were used are something that people see every day. This particular streetwear culture was adopted from road signs.

As we all know, Off White does not just use one logo. The Off-White fashion brand makes use of several logos.

The first logo is the four-way arrows that point in four different directions. These four arrows can be made use of whether there is a horizontal bar above it.

The next logo is a bunch of diagonal lines with at least three marks which are in black and also white. These diagonal lines consist of fifteen lines, which take on the shape of either a square or a rectangle.

The other version of the diagonal, which is in black and white, consists of a total of nineteen lines, which take the shape of a rectangle.

These two symbols, now the identity of the Off-White fashion clothing brand, were borrowed by its creator Virgil Abloh.

However, he was able to add some changes to one of the symbols. Virgil Abloh changed one of the symbols by changing the initial theme color of the Glasgow Airport, which was yellow and black stripes, to a theme color of black and white.

According to research, the Off White logo was created by the founder of Off White ( An American fashion brand), Virgil Abloh.

The creation of name Off White was originally in 2013, but it was established in 2012. This occurrence was due to the rebranding of the company’s name. The company’s name was initially Pyrex Vision.

The Pyrex Vision was established in 2012 but experienced a rebrand in its name. This was how the Off-White name came into existence.

The well-known American luxury fashion brand, which is from Italy (Off White), as we all know, makes use of several types of logos. This fashion brand is also famous for its several identities.

It is called the Off-White logo because its creation came through the company’s establishment.

Off White has several logos, which are used in recognition of the company’s brands. One of the logos consists of four significant arrows. These four-way arrows point in four opposite directions, forming a square shape. The second symbol that Off White uses is their diagonal lines, which come in theme colors of black and white.

What is the Meaning Behind Off White?

With the way the Off-White brand skyrocketed at its first collection, it has left so many individuals in awe. Many have wondered why the brand experienced so much success at its first launch in Paris.

Since the popularity of this fashion brand, many questions have been asked, and most people want to know the meaning behind Off White.

Off White is simply streetwear, meeting a high-quality, luxurious fashion. The company’s founder, Virgil Abloh, combined these two things. The launch of his several successful collections has made many individuals, and also several fashion brands know that you do not need to be in the world of fashion before you know fashion.

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Off White is more of an embracement of the youth culture. Virgil Abloh, at that time, was able to study an upcoming trend, street fashion, and he combined this with high-quality, luxurious fashion styles. This street fashion was more prevalent among youths; this was one of the main reasons why the launch of Virgil’s first collection was such a great success.

Even he (Virgil Abloh) has professed that his brand was taken directly from the youths’ culture. Also, on the about page of the Off White official website, it is clearly stated, ” A fashion label, rooted in current culture at a TASTE – LEVEL particular to now, with a specific opinion and no necessary same with vision seasonal collections, the result is to be a young brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manner.”

With the men’s and women’s collections designed in Milan, Off White has single-handedly become the leader of the most sophisticated streetwear market.

The Off-White fashion brand keeps getting more relevance (which it undoubtedly deserves) in the fashion world. They have been able to get several collaborations with various celebrities and top brands. They even got a collaboration with Nike called the “10”.

Virgil Abloh, the founder of the well-known streetwear fashion brand, has made a new creation that represents the identity (logo) of the company.

He officially made this announcement for his Streetwear brand on his official Instagram account. Virgil had made an update to the identity of his streetwear fashion brand, which occurred on September 13.

The previous logo design (made by Virgil Abloh) in representing the Off-White fashion brand has been changed. Virgil Abloh took to his Instagram page on September 13 and made a tease concerning the Off-White logo change. The caption for that particular post on his Instagram page was “@Off ____ White ** updated identity, miscellaneous images.”

The new Off-White logo design consists of a face in the middle of two hands. In its new design, the logo also consisted of the fashion brands’ names “Off” and “White.” The words “Off” and “White” were placed above the hands.

This new identity (logo) of the fashion brand company that was adopted was featured on the pieces which were from the brand. This new identity for the Off White was officially used in the women’s collection in Spring 2020.

Virgil Abloh’s new logo design was also featured on a collection during the Paris runway show that coincided with ready-to-wear.

Virgil Abloh, the founder of the well-known American fashion brand, “Off White,” also the artistic director of another famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton, officially changed the identity of its company on September 13.

Undoubtedly, the previous (formerly used) logo, representing the Off White streetwear fashion brand since its establishment in 2012, has also received its fair share of criticism over the years.

In the previous design of the adopted logo by the fashion brand “Off White,” its identity was not just represented by a particular logo. Since its establishment, the brand has made use of several logos.

One of the company’s former logos was four arrows pointing in four different directions opposite each other.

According to research, this particular sign has also been seen at Glasgow Airport. This company (the Glasgow Airport) was initially developed in the 1960s.

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On the other hand, one of Off White’s former logos consisted of several diagonal lines in different sizes. These diagonal lines were also made use of in the 1960s by the Glasgow Airport. The diagonal lines were used on the placement of vehicles; the primary purpose was to make the vehicle look more visible.

The only difference spotted between the diagonal lines of the Glasgow Airport in the 1960s, and the Off-White logo in 2012, is the theme colors used. The theme colors used by the Glasgow Airport in the 1960s were yellow and black, while the ones used by Virgil Abloh in the design of the Off-White logo are black and white.

Unlike other companies, the Off-White logo was borrowed. It didn’t go through the processes other companies went through to get a unique logo that would make them stand out.

Due to the similarities between the Glasgow Airport and the well-known American streetwear fashion brand, “Off White,” Virgil Abloh, the company’s founder, has legally been accused of copying the designs (striped patterns) of Helly Hansen, which was over thirty-five years ago.

It has been rumored that one of the main reasons why Off White fashion brand had changed its identity is because of the accusations he is currently facing about copying the striped patterns of Helly Hansen and the legal tensions that have occurred due to this.

White Logo History

The evolution and history of the Off-White logo are pretty fascinating. Looking into its origination, Off White’s name was initially called “Pyrex Vision” before it changed its name, which was now called Off White.

Undoubtedly, the Off-White brand’s success was almost immediate, and the brand was also quickly recognized.

However, the choice of the brand’s identity (its logo) by its founder Virgil Abloh has been questioned by many, and the collection of Off White has gone through a lot of criticism by the public due to its similarities with the signs on an airport called Glasgow and also the famous designs made by Helly Hansen.

Due to this reason, many people in the fashion industry have been less than impressed by Virgil Abloh and his Off-White collections. He has even been labeled as a dilettante by some. Virgil Abloh has been accused of being more obsessed with the brand than the quality of the clothing.

Nevertheless, Virgil Abloh’s products are still a sell-out, and he has also gotten involved in many collaborations with various top brands. Despite the criticism Off White and its logo have faced over the years since its establishment, Virgil Abloh has continued to defile the conventional boundaries of the fashion industry, preferring to adhere to his creative instincts and consistently ignoring the people who criticize his work. Regardless of this fashion streetwear brand’s criticism, his collection never fails to sell.

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In addition, this famous fashion brand has also been accused of copying other top brands. Several times, some of Virgil Abloh’s followers and critics have taken to Instagram to point out how some of Off White’s products are similar to other brands’ clothing.

Several Off White items have been held next to big labels like Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, and others. The similarities pointed out and argued about are way too close for comfort.

However, Virgil Abloh’s collections often seem to reject the principle of “who did it first,” which is a standing convention in fashion.

Apart from the criticisms Off Has faced over the years; Off White has also engaged with several lawsuits of its own. Despite its alleged copying of others, Off White has officially filed a lawsuit against Brooklyn lighthouse, which sells children’s clothing.

The lawsuit says its designs have been copied by the Brooklyn lighthouse, and infringements have been made; the lawsuit further alleges that the Brooklyn lighthouse has printed Off White on many of its clothes, despite not having the necessary authorization to do so. The Off-White brand wants a total of two million dollars per infringement and the legal costs paid by the children’s clothing brand Brooklyn lighthouse.

Off White are a trendy American fashion brand and one of the best sellouts in the fashion industry.

The success of the Off-White brand has been since its establishment and has played a significant role in contributing to its success.

After the rebranding of its name (from Pyrex Vision to Off White), the first launch was a massive success for Virgil Abloh (its founder and designer). The brand was aimed at those looking for a unique design for up-market streetwear. The reason for the Off-White success was that he targeted the youth market.

In addition, Off-White is also becoming the choice of several celebrities. One of  Off White’s new collections will give a so-called favorite television show a second lease on (live). The latest collection feature, the Simpsons, one of the items is predicted to sell with a T-shirt which is featuring Bart Simpson. This design is accompanied by the slogan, “Public Enemy No 1”.

Off White is also a favorite among celebrities like Kandal Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, and many others. Apart from all these celebrities, his range is still collecting a new following.

During a basketball game between Duke University and the University of North Carolina, the coaches of both teams were spotted wearing Off White Nike sneakers. Virgil Abloh quickly posted pictures of these two University coaches on his Instagram.

Virgil Abloh is also expanding into the furniture business. Off White’s expansions and collaborations, many celebrities’ choice of style, and the countless successes/sellouts the brand has experienced are why it is so popular.

Is Off-White still trendy?

The question is, Is off White still trendy? And Why is Off white still trendy? Various individuals have asked me.

Well, the answer to both questions is yes. Despite all the criticism and lawsuits that the well-known brand “Off White” has experienced, it is still a trend in the fashion world.

It is one of the most famous American fashion brands and was successful at its first collection’s launch. The brand has also been a selection of different celebrity choices. The way it adopted the Street Wears fashion and combined it with high luxurious fashion is a perfect mixture, which made it a trend at its first launch, especially with the youths.

In addition, Off White, a fashion brand, has been able to land a wide range of collaboration deals, not just with ordinary brands but also with top-notch fashion brands and top celebrities.

This has also been a contributor to its success. The Off White is a sell-out and has never failed to bring a collection that was rejected by the public (although it has received a lot of criticism).

 The Nike and Off-White logos came into existence when these two popular brands (Nike and Off White) decided to come together and collaborate on a specific design. The launch of their first shoe was called the “10”. It was launched in 2017 and was ranked from the worst to the best. The logo still has the Nike design but with several colors added to it.

To Wrap it up, the origin of the Off-White logo was borrowed.

However, despite the criticisms Off White has experienced and the accusations that have been made against its brand, it is still one of the best-selling fashion brands.


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