The Best Most Popular BLACK OWNED CLOTHING BRANDS of All Time

Black Owned Clothing Brands
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Purchasing from one (or all!) of the incredible black-owned fashion companies listed below is a wonderful way to show your love and support for the black community. As highlighted by Aurora James’s 15 Percent Pledge and the work of the Black in Fashion Council, designers of black-owned clothing brands have long been underappreciated in the industry (and underrepresented on shelves), and there is still room for change. There are enough affordable and popular black owned clothing brands on this list to fill your virtual shopping cart, ranging from businesses that make luxurious loungewear, statement-making spring dresses, and affordable jogger and hoodie sets for men and women, to those that have mastered statement-making online boutiques and few lines that were highlighted in Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Black Owned Clothing Brands 

Designers of fashion labels like LaQuan Smith, Christopher John Rogers, and Telfar, as well as smaller Black-owned firms, truly elevate creativity and art to a new level, whether they concentrate on chic ready-to-wear pieces, overtly high-fashion gowns, bikinis, or streetwear.

Don’t overlook accessories labels either, such as the unique leather and shoe business Brother Vellies or the jewelry brand Mateo. They also merit your attention for their distinctive interpretations on traditional silhouettes, which they do year-round, not simply during times of public outrage. All of them can be found here. The 10 Black-owned fashion brands listed below can help you support great companies for years to come by putting your money where your mouth is.

#1. Feben

Do you recall the renowned “Brown Skin Girl” video by Beyonce? The costumes for that were made by designer Feben. A recent graduate of Central Saint Martins who goes by her first name only, the up-and-coming designer takes an honorable and varied approach to black identity. If you enjoy surrealism, you’ll find the dynamic tales that Feben’s design tells to be fascinating.

#2. Yitty

Say hello to bright colors and great shine! Sizes 6X-XS are offered in Lizzo’s shapewear line (see what she did there?). and provides vibrant, entertaining pieces. You’ll feel like a total badass wearing any of YITTY’s items, from bandeaus to catsuits.

#3. Nosesso

We enjoy seeing it since it is a giving movement. Nosesso was created by L.A. designer Pierre Davis to inspire everyone. In Italian, the name translates to “no sex/no gender.” The socially conscious brand is well known for its distinctive hand embroidery, loud prints, and a variety of recycled materials.


You’re going to adore the African clothing line ÖFUURË if you enjoy statement-making, stunning pieces. On their website, you can find everything from adorable pajamas to jaw-dropping gowns.

#5. Jolie Noire

On the Jolie Noire website, casual luxury is everywhere. This brand carries everything, from stylish tees to cozy loungewear.

#6. Zelie for She

Zelie for She’s creations are ethereal with an edge, making you drool the moment you see them. A look through this plus-size apparel line is undoubtedly worthwhile.

#7. Rendoll Lagos

With Rendoll Lagos, you have the option to make a bold statement with vibrant prints or maintain your cool with gorgeous neutrals.

#8. Buzzoms

Buzzoms is for you if you’re ready to stop wearing bras altogether. No of your cup size, they design chic tops and dresses that let you “fly free” and go without chest support.

#9. Anya Lust

Do you require some new, hot underwear? Visit Anya Lust’s website for an abundance of bodysuits, thongs, and corsets.

#10. Rebdolls

Rebdolls is a one-stop store for any event and is full of classic going-out outfits. Bonus: They offer small to 5X sizes.

Affordable Black Owned Clothing Brands 

The Black Lives Matter movement has made it more crucial than ever to support black owned clothing brands. It’s time to highlight various designers now that many well-known companies have been accused of stealing designs from black and minority-owned businesses. This is important not only because of what’s going on right now, but also because these people should be honored for their skills.

Even though they had been through hard times and growing pains in the past, black business owners found support and unity, and many of them saw their sales and demand go up. Here are a few reasonably priced black-owned clothing companies that will undoubtedly match your sense of style.

#1. RE ONA

Bodysuits, dresses, and shirts, all in stylish, neutral tones, are available at Re Ona. The brand features simple, cozy looks that are versatile from day to night and season to season. After being made in Toronto, Canada, the RE ONA collection is made in Bangladesh and China in an ethical way. Costs begin at $45;

#2. Niger Skin

The issue of finding lingerie and shapewear that complements one’s skin tone is something that many people of color can identify with. This issue inspired inventor Ade Hassan to develop Nubian Skin. Hassan made the decision to reinvent the definition of “naked” one bra at a time after realizing that her particular shade of “naked” wasn’t offered in retail stores. Nigerian-skin Hassan dressed Beyonce for her Formation Tour. For her work in fashion, she was also given an MBE at Buckingham Palace. Costs begin at $18.

#3. Lukafit

An athletic company called Lukafit offers “squat-proof” clothing made for curvy women. The name LukaFit is derived from the Zulu word Juluka, which means to sweat, and was given to the company by its founder, Mbali, as a tribute to her South African roots. Mbali discusses how Lukafit wants to encourage self-care on the company website. Mbali said that it’s hard to feel confident when your leggings don’t fit right and have huge gaps at the waist. “Supporting companies that use token women of color in their advertisements, if they include us at all, is aggravating.” I created Lukafit to deal with all of these problems.

#4. Black Jolie

Jolie Noire was established by Keyondra and Kim Lockett to celebrate the beauty of black women. This brand’s $30 graphic t-shirts are very popular, but they also have leggings, sweatshirts, and shorts for all your WFH needs.

#5. Cherie Kala

The founder of this black-owned company with the same name, Kala Chérie, wants to make it as easy as possible for individuals to look and feel their best. This little shop, based in Los Angeles, sells hip swimwear and boho-chic outfits. Starting prices are $38.

#6. Wander Loud

If you want to stay fashionable in the gym, Roam Loud is where you should shop for fitness gear. With pricing starting at $40, this brand can meet all of your fitness needs, whether you like muted colors or vibrant, vivid hues.

#7. One DNA

One DNA is proud that its brand-name collections are made in their own workshops in New York City under safe and ethical conditions. The brand often makes products that are good for the environment, and their collections are made to last and be fixed over time. While One DNA’s sweatshirts start at $78, they also sell more reasonably priced items like graphic t-shirts and canvas bags starting at $38.

#8. Zarnea

Zarnea is a reasonably priced, black-owned swimwear brand that everyone should be aware of, with prices starting at $35. This brand makes swimwear that stands out, with styles like cheeky bottoms, cut-out tops, and classic one-pieces.

#9. Dressed by Chi

Adorned by Chi sells clothing, hats, and pins with anime themes. Aye also produces free-to-download manga. Customers can also purchase character-themed goods, with prices starting at $3.

#10. NaCIO Clothing

NaCIO is the small business to visit for all of your athleisure needs now that the tie-dye trend is back in full force. Two people who were quarantined in North Carolina during the pandemic started this company. Each sweatsuit is made to order, and the cost depends on the type of clothing and the size.

Black Owned Clothing Brands for Men 

Due to essential introspection and effective calls to action, black firms and creators in 2021 have experienced a variety of sales spikes that did not previously exist. Disenfranchised Black communities are nothing new, but our growing awareness as a nation helps to shape the “new America,” one that proactively supports members of marginalized groups for the benefit of everyone.

Furthermore, each of the black owned clothing brands and stores you’ll find on this list has our approval. Each has a unique twist that makes it stand out from the rest of today’s most popular items, but it still has the same creative and comfortable design you know and love. These companies have a strong network of black employees, local suppliers, and loyal customers who all work together to help launch great products.

We have various types of brands, from emerging to well-known. Know these 10 black-owned menswear companies and retailers:

#1. Bricks and Wood

Bricks and Wood, a business established in South Central Los Angeles, provides a cozy selection of loungewear and products to match laid-back lives. The unisex “racewear,” as its owners and competitors refer to it, includes premium sweatsuit sets, t-shirts, and caps that are all made to have a timeless aesthetic.

Imagine Yeezy sweats and joggers with more of a streetwear connection to the South Central neighborhood’s ordinary walks of life and less inflated price points. T-shirts start at $32, while sweatshirts and bottoms cost between $90 and $148. You can purchase clothing from Bricks and Wood online and at 12 local stockists around the country.

#2. Connor McKnight

The next premium company to watch in 2021 is Connor McKnight. This brand’s first collection, which was made while the designer was in quarantine, came out in September 2020. It was a redesigned take on workwear that can be worn casually. The items are all produced in Brooklyn, New York, on demand. Each piece has personality thanks to the use of textured materials like corduroy and fleece, as well as tight shirting and tiled leather coats.

The midcentury home McKnight’s grandfather built in the 1950s served as the source of inspiration for the colors and textures of his brand. He then combined it with his interpretation of vintage outdoor clothing as valued by black youth in his hometown of Washington, D.C. Connor McKnight’s gender-neutral clothing ranges in price from $300 to $2000.

#3. Daily Paper

One of the most popular fashion and lifestyle companies from outside of the United States is Daily Paper, which is quickly rising to the top. Hussein Suleiman, a co-owner, began the Amsterdam-based business as a blog where he would discuss streetwear. Together with their business colleagues Jefferson Osei and Abderrahmane Trabsini, the three started designing apparel that reflected both their African heritage and upbringing in Amsterdam.

Daily Paper releases distinctive items every season, including one-of-a-kind monogrammed denim and pastel hoodies. The company has also participated in numerous product partnerships. The most recent collection is sold at Farfetch, Eraldo, and the brand’s new store on the Lower East Side of New York City. A T-shirt costs $55 and an outerwear piece costs $374.

#4. Darryl Brown

Darryl Brown, who used to work as a railroad engineer, makes high-quality work clothes that can compete with brands like Carhartt and Huckberry. Brown’s selection of essential pieces, which are a no-brainer for everyday, 9-to-5 life, exemplifies his contemporary perspective. Brown has also served as Kanye West’s primary stylist, a position he claims helped him hone his abilities and inspired him to launch his own company.

Check out Darryl Brown if you like to wear casual layers or want to spice up your all-black outfits. Everything in the current collection is made in the United States. There are cropped T-shirts, cargo pants, and shirts with military influences. You may purchase the newest collection for $80 to $180, and if you want to get an enormous look, we recommend sizing up in the tops.

#5. Denim Tears

A wide variety of clothes designed to tell the story of Black America are available from Denim Tears. Tremaine Emory, a Los Angeles-based designer who recently collaborated with Converse and Levi’s for 2020, boldly designs everything from hats to pants with the idea of honoring black leaders and the era of slavery in mind.

Any item you buy from Denim Tears is sure to make a statement. The colorful collection of clothing available on the brand’s website costs $30 to $160, with a few items made from EcoLife cotton that reduces production waste. Don’t overlook the original designs; however, we’re sure there will be more incredible collaborations for Denim Tears in the future.

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#6. Fear of God

Fear of God is an American luxury streetwear company that consistently changes how the world views streetwear with each new collection. It has changed its style from the hoodie and jogger look to one that is more classic and up-to-date. They just came out with the eagerly awaited “Seventh Collection,” and they just finished working with Ermenegildo Zegna on a more sartorial project.

But you can always count on Jerry Lorenzo, the founder and new global head of Adidas Basketball, to make a wide range of options, from frayed jeans to the hottest shoes on the market. Fear of God can be bought from a number of stores, such as Mr. Porter and PacSun. While the more expensive and collaborative models can cost up to $3,500, the more cost-effective “Essentials” range starts at $40.

#7. The Folklore

Ever wish there was an online store where you could only purchase high-end creations by up-and-coming black designers? Look no further than The Folklore, a New York City-based store that only sells clothing made by African and diaspora-based designers.

The Folklore’s carefully curated collection of modern labels is obtained in small quantities and often contains unique pieces. This website was made to help the African clothing industry get more attention and make more money. It makes it simple to shop from internationally renowned designers, including Third Crown, Tokyo James, and Orange Culture. Consider this your new go-to for access to more than 40 of the best luxury brands from Africa today.

#8. Heron Preston

Heron Preston is one of the most popular high-end streetwear brands, and his collections are like those from Off-White or 1017 ALYX 9SM. Preston, a Parsons School of Design graduate and former Nike marketer, wants to work with NASA and the U.S. Postal Service. He comes up with ideas for his brand while having a deep love for uniforms.

This style is often seen in the brand’s functional jackets, pants, and even vests. It is emphasized by strong color contrasts and designs made in collaboration with artists. Brand items are currently available at SSENSE and Bloomingdale’s after making their debut at Paris Fashion Week 2017. Costs range from $112 to $1,000.

#9. Martine Rose

Martine Rose, a menswear brand based in London, was founded in 2017. Rose started it out as a line of shirts, but it has since grown into a well-known and respected brand. Rose’s Jamaican-British ethnicity and the London cultural setting serve as inspiration for the collection’s designs.

The collections are labeled “menswear,” but anyone can wear them. They have a variety of interesting prints, original designs, and bright colors to draw attention. If you want to wear the outfit, you have to leave your comfort zone and take on the designer’s point of view. This is a luxury brand with prices ranging from $115 to $1900, and it is currently available at a number of high-end retailers like Dover Street Market in Los Angeles, New York, and Ginza.

#10. Post-Imperial

Niyi Okuboyejo, a designer who was born in Lagos but grew up in Texas, started the men’s clothing company Post-Imperial in Harlem. The Yoruba people came up with the wax-resist technique, which is used by expert dyers in Nigeria to make the brand’s unique textiles. The first ones were made in 2012.

Post-Imperial’s Jollof and Ijebu collections, which are based on African culture, are full of bright tie-dye washes and bold patterns on fabrics like chenille and funtua cotton. Every city-named item is hand- or Adire-dyed in Nigeria and manufactured in Kenya. Prices range from $75 for tees to $625 for jackets, and you can get these items, among others, at Farfetch and Mathes Fashion.

Black Owned Clothing brands for women 

If you’re seeking the ideal work-from-home outfit or something elegant to wear when life “returns to normal,” think about replenishing your wardrobe with clothes from black-owned clothing companies this year (and beyond). Here are some of the black owned clothing brands for women. Scroll down to find them all.

#1. Aliya Wanek

The Aliya Wanek-founded apparel brand, which carries everything from cozy sweaters to jeans, was established in 2016. The mission of Aliya Wanek is to merge individuality with fashion. This Bay Area-based brand is committed to making sustainable clothes with materials that are ethically sourced. For example, her clothes are made and colored by local contractors.

#2. Taylor Jay

Taylor Jay is a clothing company based in the Bay Area that makes great clothes that are good for the environment and fit all body types. This brand is anything but basic. It has everything from classic midi skirts to jumpsuits and even face masks. For your upcoming Zoom call outfit, check out the chic WFH collection.

#3. Zelie for She

Zelie for She’s got you covered, whether you’re looking to update your work-from-home wardrobe or need a show-stopping outfit. Elann Zelie, a designer specializing in clothing for women who wear a size 14 or larger, creates the line in Los Angeles. There are only so many of each design made, so snag it while you can.

#4. Label By Three

Rue Newby, Tish Rezek, and Jael Toczko, who are all sisters, started Label by Three in 2018. Its three main themes are minimalism, sustainability, and adaptability. They sell vintage and used items in addition to their handcrafted, vegan-friendly coats, dresses, and separates.

#5. Gracemade

This lifestyle company, founded in 2016 by Jasmine Rennie, aspires to provide “a fashion-forward version of modest attire.” Gracemade is a modest take on modern classics, with dresses that flow (and have pockets!) and tops that are wrapped.

#6. Majestic Plus 

Your go-to store for fashionable and seductive clothing in sizes 4X to 6X is Majestic Plus. The colorful shirts, dresses, swimwear, and undergarments at this online shop are all own by the Empress Tia herself. If you have a specific design in mind for your ideal piece of apparel, it can be manufactured.

#7. Rue 107

Rue 107 is ready to meet all of your fashion demands with trendy, inexpensive, and size-inclusive clothing. It offers a range of sizes, from tiny to 4X, and has anything from flower crowns to clothing with colorful prints. Pay attention to their sales.

#8. Courtney Noelle

Courtney Noelle is the place to shop for plus-size clothing in sizes ranging from big to 4X, including athletic wear and pieces fit for the red carpet. If the name seems familiar, it’s because Lizzo wore clothing by this same designer, who was included in Beyoncé’s list of black-owned businesses. Courtney Noelle also makes custom items if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

#9. Ruby Love

Tired of using pads and tampons, which cost money and produce waste? Ruby Love has the answer with their water-resistant clothing, which lessens your need for pads and tampons and your environmental impact. Crystal Etienne opened Ruby Love in 2015 as a store that sells underwear, sleepwear, swimwear, sportswear, and briefs. The collection also includes curvaceous items.

#10. Jibri

Amber Riley, Tess Holliday, and Gabourey Sidibe have all worn clothes from Jasmine Elder’s 2009 plus-size clothing line. Jibri provides what you need, whether you’re shopping for loungewear or your wedding dress.

What Designer Is Black-Owned?

There are several black-owned luxury firms that are revolutionizing the fashion industry and producing ground-breaking advances, despite the fact that well-known designer brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Prada are well-known internationally and are valued at billions of dollars. These black-owned companies merit public support and acclaim on an equal basis. Here are some high-end black-owned brands you should look into as Black History Month and Valentine’s Day approach.

  • Hanifa
  • Laquan Smith
  • Telfar
  • Off-White
  • Brandon Blackwood
  • Rendoll

Who Is the Top Black Fashion Designer?

Currently, Louis Vuitton is the hottest fashion brand, and its top black designer is Virgil Abloh. Birth date: September 30, 1980; death date: November 28, 2021 He was a businessman and fashion designer from the United States. Beginning in 2018, he served as the creative director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear line. At the beginning of 2021, he was given more creative authority across the LVMH brand. Prior to taking over as CEO of the Milan-based brand Off-White, which he founded in 2013, Abloh launched his own streetwear clothing line, Pyrex Vision, in 2012.

We’re giving some of our favorites well-deserved praise in honor of the black-owned businesses and designers who are creating some of the best, most cutting-edge designs available. These black-owned clothing companies, from those in NYC to those in London and Africa, continue to make a difference and advance the culture through a combination of fashion, activism, and generosity. Shopping from these fashion labels enables you to assist the black community in a variety of ways, including through your personal style choices.

#1. Telfar

The Telfar tagline, “It’s not for you—it’s for everyone,” explains why Telfar’s designs are known for their upscale appearance and low prices. The person who made the famous “Brooklyn Birkin” made a big statement in 2020, but success didn’t come right away. In actuality, Telfar Clemens introduced the unisex brand in 2005. You can still stock up on T-shirts, hoodies, jewelry, and shoes if you can’t find the brand’s notorious shopping bag purse, which is frequently sold out.

#2. The Folklore

If there’s one online fashion store you should spend an hour or two browsing, it’s The Folklore in New York, which specializes in carrying up-and-coming luxury brands from Africa and the diaspora. Even though the brand names might not be immediately recognizable, the styles, like butterfly-wing leotards, slime-green leather handbags, and surreal wide-leg pants, are definitely unique.

#3. Wales Bonner

Grace Wales Bonner, a British fashion designer, has dressed Meghan Markle, worked with Solange, and won the LVMH Young Designer Award. Her career is on the upswing. The relatively new fashion designer started out making clothes for men, but in 2018, she switched to making clothes for women. Her clothes cleverly make references to culture and art, as well as her background as a half-Jamaican, half-English woman. latest?Don Cherry, a jazz musician, inspired this collection with a ’70s flair.

#4. Farai London

If you recognize these outfits, it’s because Kylie Jenner’s Gaia minidress from Farai London nearly destroyed the internet (again). The brand was only introduced by designer MaryAnn Msengi in the summer of 2020, making the fact that it is currently sold at stores like Revolve and Selfridges all the more noteworthy. With abstract bikinis, mesh cover-ups, bodysuits, and a variety of fashionable gowns that resemble works of art, she offers vacation-ready items.

#5. LemLem

Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede started her fashion line, LemLem, which means “to bloom” or “to thrive” in Amharic. She did this as a way to honor her mother’s continent and help local craftspeople. Traditional Ethiopian weavers make the bright, beachy caftans, swimwear, and other resort wear that are its mainstays. In addition, 5% of the line’s sales go to the LemLem Foundation, which assists female craftspeople in Ethiopia and Kenya in finding employment possibilities in the fashion sector.

#6. Diarrablu

The founder of Diarrablu, Diarra Boussu, started out as a financial analyst on Wall Street. However, she never stopped believing that design was her true calling. As a Senegalese woman, she made Diarrablu a love letter to her African roots. The result is a chic range that includes classy jumpsuits and separates as well as eye-catching printed styles. Everything comes in sizes up to 3XL, and the majority of the clothing is around $200.

#7. Samaria Leah

More people are paying attention to the environmental impact of their clothing purchases, and more fashion designers are taking environmental concerns into account in their work. One of them is Samaria Leah, who was motivated to start a sustainable denim company by her love of repurposing vintage clothing. After years of modifying her own jeans, she started her own collection to fill the hole. It featured patchwork denim and sensual lace-up styles, and celebrities like Saweetie took note.

#8. Riot Swim

Riot Swim Model With the belief that everyone should have access to swimwear coverings that make them feel comfortable, Monti Landers founded Riot Swim in 2016. In light of this, the brand creates sexy and useful items for people of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Customers can also shop depending on their preferred levels of coverage, allowing them to add everything from extra-cheeky bottoms to high-waisted one-pieces to their shopping cart.

Is the Fear of God a Black Brand?

Yes, it is a black-owned company. Fear of God is an American luxury clothing brand that was started by Jerry Lorenzo in Los Angeles in 2013. The brand’s distinctive take on American expression, which results in ageless, wearable clothing, has become a symbol of modern culture. through the thoughtful combination of premium materials and expert craftsmanship, paying honor to its distinctive heritage.

Is Hanifa Black Owned?

Yes, it is a black-owned company. As a leading luxury brand around the world, it lets its houses create the elegance of tomorrow in an ethical way and with innovation at the center of its business plans.

They think that women should have the power to overcome obstacles, flourish in all facets of their lives, and establish their own standards. In addition, they want to support women because they are aware that they can do anything they set their minds to. In their signature, they express these ideals: “For women without limits.”

Who Is the Owner of Shein?

Shein is a business that sells fast fashion directly to consumers. It was started in 2008 by Nanjing Lingtian Information Technology Co. Chris Xu founded the business, which has its headquarters in China. Both men’s and women’s clothing are the main focus. Other clothing categories that Shein carries include children’s clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes.

Is off White a Black-Owned Brand?

Virgil Abloh is a mainstay on the contemporary streetwear scene, with brands like Pyrex Vision and OFF-WHITE. Any memories of wearing belts with yellow caution tape and diagonal zebra stripes? It’s imperative to monitor Off-White, a high fashion/streetwear hybrid brand, regardless of whether you like either category. Off-White had its beginnings in a “vision from Virgil” and quickly gained notoriety.

Since American “wunderkind” Virgil Abloh started the Milan-based brand in 2013, it has opened stores in 15 different countries and kept a clientele of famous people. Who would have thought that Abloh, who holds a master’s degree in architecture, could achieve such success with his abrupt shift to creating high-end streetwear? The secret has always been the multi-hyphenate’s distinctive vision underneath the clothes.

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