21 Best & Affordable OUTDOOR CLOTHING BRANDS in 2023 (Updated)

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On the market for outdoor clothing, there are many different brands, from high-end backcountry specialists to brands that focus on being affordable. Based on years of testing a wide range of hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, and everyday products, here is a list of the best outdoor clothing brands. A list of men’s outdoor clothing brands, women’s outdoor clothing brands, European outdoor clothing brands, and Swedish outdoor clothing brands is added to this article to make your shopping trip easier.

Best Outdoor Clothing Brands

If there’s one thing every traveler needs, it’s top-notch equipment from one of the top manufacturers of outdoor clothes.

I consider the finest outdoor clothing brands and consider whether they offer comfort, toughness, and style. Here is a list of the best outdoor clothing brands you can consider:

#1. Patagonia

With a long history of mountain exploration, Patagonia is a well-known adventure clothing company. The talented rock climber Yvon Chouinard started the company in 1973. It has become a mainstay in the outdoor industry thanks to its wide range of outdoor clothing. This includes hard shells, baselayers, and accessories. With a wide variety of technical and casual items, including the renowned Down Sweater (casual) and synthetic standouts like the Micro Puff and DAS Parka. They specialize in insulation in particular and do so exceptionally well (technical).

Patagonia spends a lot of time and money on projects that help the environment and promote sustainability. For example, they make products out of recycled materials and cotton that comes from a responsible source. They also offer repair services and sell used equipment. They do this through their Worn Wear program. Arc’teryx, which you can see here, is the clear leader in technical mountain gear, but Patagonia gear usually works well for both day-to-day activities and trips into the backcountry. Although the cachet and Patagonia, the emblem will cost you a little more. However, the company’s transparency and stewardship initiatives help to make up for the difference.

#2. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is a business with a social conscience and is named after the well-known volcano in Ecuador. I love these men because they started the Cotopaxi Foundation. This foundation gives money to long-term programs that work to reduce poverty. When you buy their clothes, you can be sure that you’re helping good causes, because 1% of their annual profits go to these charities.

Cotopaxi’s outerwear is on the cheaper end of the price range. However, that doesn’t mean the brand has skimped on quality. Parkas and fleeces from their vibrant range are incredibly cozy. And recyclable and organic materials are used in the production of their hoodies and t-shirts.

Among the goods of the brand, llama fiber and goose down are common components. With Cotopaxi, you can feel warm while simultaneously contributing to environmental preservation.

#3. The North Face

Without talking about The North Face, a renowned mountain brand with a long history of high-altitude adventure, we couldn’t get very far down this list. Their bright orange and yellow tents can be seen at high-altitude basecamps all over the world. They have put together a talented team of athletes, including professional climbers Margo Hayes and Alex Honnold and dedicated mountaineers Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker. The items in TNF’s Summit Series of outerwear, like the expedition-ready L6 Cloud Down Parka and the more casual Down Hoodie, are definitely high-end and made for difficult activities and harsh environments.

Impressively, The North Face also succeeds at the more casual end of the spectrum, as shown by their renowned and common Denali fleece and town-friendly ThermoBall synthetic. Their weakness is either serious mountaineering or everyday wear, which is a drawback because they haven’t established a strong medium ground. Additionally, we frequently observe that TNF’s core garment lines are worse in quality and general attention to detail than Arc’teryx and Patagonia, and their jackets frequently have boxy fits. However, the company offers one of the market’s most substantial lifetime guarantees against flaws, and pricing is frequently reasonable considering what you get.

#4. Black Diamond

One of my favorite outdoor clothing companies that specializes in outdoor wear and accessories is Black Diamond. They produce products for nearly every hobby imaginable! Black Diamond has it all: climbing, skiing, mountaineering, and trail trekking.

The rock climbers’ spring-loaded camming device is one of their best-selling products. For more gear, including helmets, harnesses, tents, and carabiners, see their website.

Black Diamond also offers apparel options if that’s what you’re after. They sell hats, sweatshirts, gloves, and coats so that you may stay warm and comfortable while traveling.

#5. Outdoor Research

 Outdoor Research (OR), based in Seattle, is well-known in the Pacific Northwest. Mountaineer Ron Gregg started the business after his climbing partner on Alaska’s Denali in 1980 suffered frostbite due to a pair of shoddy gaiters. Since then, the company has grown a lot and now makes gear for sports like hiking and skiing. Their shells and insulation (both down and synthetic) are especially well-made. The new SuperStrand LT Hoodie is our favorite thing from them. It is made of synthetic materials, but it looks and feels just like down.

While we don’t often gush about in-house waterproofing innovations, OR’s AscentShell membrane, used in products like their Skytour ski shell and Microgravity rain jacket, has proven to be astonishingly weatherproof, mobile, and breathable (although a slight step down from more premium Gore-Tex in all-out protection). Even if the fit isn’t always ideal, OR gear typically strikes an excellent balance between affordability and performance. Overall, we think it’s a great compromise between high-end specialists like Arc’teryx and Norrna above and affordable brands like Columbia below.

#6. Mountain Hardwear

For a while, Mountain Hardwear faded from view, but recently, they’ve made significant strides in both quality and sustainability. We believe their current collection is very promising. Most notably, the business is distinguished for its high-end down goods and expanding line of Gore-Tex shells and ski gear. It continues to be a preferred choice every year for devoted quick and light outdoor travelers (and MH recently released an even lighter UL version).

The company’s Exposure/2 collection of hard shells, which goes from the basic Paclite to the high-end Gore-Tex Pro, strikes a good balance between protection and weight, and their ski line-up also uses Gore’s tried-and-true membranes. We also like that the company keeps putting an emphasis on sustainability. This is clear from the fact that many of their new and updated products are made with recycled materials. Overall, we think this brand is getting stronger, and its recent growth gives us hope.

#7. Marmot

Marmot is a business that strikes a good balance between high quality and low prices. They are actually less expensive than the other well-known names on this list. You may purchase an all-purpose jacket for $100 that will last you for years (or even decades).

Marmot not only makes great clothing for the outdoors, but they are also experts in outdoor gear like winter jackets, merino wool, technical clothing, rain gear, and backpacks. This is one of the few companies whose website sells all types of travel accessories, including different-sized hiking tents.

 You won’t regret it if you spend a little money on one of Marmot’s high-quality tents.

#8. Montbell

The ultralight (UL) market is a very specific niche that Montbell, a Japanese company, goes after in a different way than the brands above. Montbell, a pioneer in the fast-and-light market, is renowned for its incredibly premium down goods (such as the 1,000-fill-power Plasma series) and incredibly thin casings (like the 10-denier Versalite rain jacket). Overall, the weights are impressively low, with the Versalite weighing only 6.4 ounces and the Plasma 1000 Down Jacket weighing just 4.8. These figures are almost unequaled in the market as a whole.

Unfortunately, losing weight often means giving up something, and the most common thing to do is an everyday appeal. To put it another way, the styling is extremely technical, and these are targeted pieces that won’t hold up to regular wear (we recommend reserving them specifically for hardcore adventures when weight and packed size matter most). But given how well they work, Montbell products are often priced surprisingly cheaply for thru-hikers or serious alpinists who want to lose weight.

#9. KÜHL

KÜHL is well-known for its pants, but it is best known for its mountain gear. They are one of the most economical brands because the majority of their hiking pants cost less than $100. They sell tops, outerwear, and accessories for both men and women in addition to pants.

To see everything KÜHL has to offer, visit their website. You can focus your search on the material you choose, the size you require, or even the activity you intend to do.

KÜHL always makes high-quality clothes, and right now, it is one of the most popular brands of outerwear. It is one of my favorite outdoor clothing companies for travel because of the unique fabrics and vintage washes they use.

#10. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is a well-known brand in the Pacific Northwest, just like Outdoor Research. The company started out as a tennis shop in the back of a local hunting and fishing outfitter in 1920, but it quickly grew into a brand dedicated to the outdoors. In 1936, the company’s founder Eddie Bauer got a patent for the first quilted down jacket. Since then, the business has provided gear for many historic expeditions all over the world, including the first climbs of K2 and Mt. Everest in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, they provide a wide range of products, including insulated jackets, rainwear, winter parkas, and accessories, in addition to hiking boots.

Eddie Bauer and The North Face both have a large number of casual fans and make great technical products, but regular outdoor enthusiasts don’t know them as well as they should. However, their own products have particularly surprised us. One example is the MicroTherm line, which uses quality 800-fill down and has performance elements like elastic side panels and inside stash pockets for essentials like gloves or goggles. Overall, Eddie Bauer seems to be working hard to broaden its reach, and we can’t wait to keep track of its development.

Men’s Outdoor Clothing Brands

Getting the best men’s outdoor clothing brands as a man is very essential! You need to be in cloth that you feel comfortable with. Here is a list of men’s outdoor clothing brands that I feel are very okay for you.

#1. Kühl 

With almost 40 years of experience, Kühl has produced quality outdoor clothing. Their clothing is as sturdy and long-lasting as anything on the market right now, while also being lightweight and breathable.

With its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kühl may really claim to have been “born in the mountains.” In the 1980s, the company started making technical ski caps. Since then, they have grown to be America’s second-largest privately owned outdoor lifestyle company.

Going outside calls for some preparation and the appropriate equipment for each activity. Kühl makes choosing clothing simple. Whether you’re new to day hikes or a seasoned adrenaline junkie used to challenging terrain and severe circumstances, this brand is the perfect choice for you.

Hiking shorts and pants from Kühl’s Free Radikl will last for years without adding weight to your journey. Kühl uses smart materials that will work on your behalf to keep you cool in the heat and toasty in the cold, ranging from thicker outerwear to thinner, breathable pieces.

#2. Cortazu

On a day trek, if you are caught in bad weather, you get a bit wet, get back in the car, and turn on the warmth. The issue is resolved.

When bad weather strikes, you are forced to rely on the equipment you brought with you when you are thousands of feet above ground and miles away from help. Therefore, bring equipment that can withstand even the worst storms.

Cortazu, a brand-newcomer to the scene that was only established in 2016, took home the 2019 ISPO Gold Award, the event’s top honor for outdoor clothing brands.

Quality clothing that won’t let you down from seam to seam. Cortazu has a line of jackets and pants that can be worn in different ways. Their clothing is inspired by nature.

When shelter and warmth are miles and hours away, zipping up a jacket that is 100% guaranteed to be windproof and waterproof gives you peace of mind.

The Mountain Mid-layer Zip-in and other jackets from Cortazu are made using fabrics that can withstand both mild and severe weather.

#3. Vuori

Vuori’s line of casual performance clothing was inspired by the easy-going way of life along the coast and in sunny California. Vuori consistently produces straightforward, supremely comfortable clothing while supporting sustainable manufacturing methods.

Take any of Vuori’s warmer items, such as their jeans, hoodies, or jackets, on your next camping trip, and you’ll be toasting a marshmallow in total comfort.

When you go camping, all your gear should be comfortable and mobile enough to accomplish simple tasks like chopping wood, stoking a campfire, and erecting camping equipment like tents.

Quality materials are delivered by Vuori in a relaxed, everyday style. Their hoodies, lightweight jackets, joggers, and jeans are all fantastic accessories to bring along on your upcoming epic camping trip.

#4. Western Rise

Will Watters started his career in his grandfather’s yarn mill, worked his way up to become the head of product development for a company that made technical fabrics, and did a lot of testing on fabrics while working in research and development.

After spending his entire life honing his craft, he and his wife founded Western Rise, a cutting-edge technical clothing line that creates clothes that not only look good on the street but also function and flow with the body.

Sometimes you’re enjoying a leisurely stroll on city streets rather than starting out on a dusty route. Even so, since you’re outdoors and traveling a distance, you’ll want to wear clothing that won’t limit your range of motion or make you overheat and perspire.

Western Rise combines both fashion and utility. Even though you look clean and simple, you’ll still be ready to run after a taxi or catch a football.

#5. Kathmandu

Over 30 years ago, Kathmandu began in New Zealand. They make high-quality clothes that are made to last and are a quiet part of the outdoor community all over the world.

As a B-certified company, Kathmandu genuinely tries to employ recycled and ecological products. They also happen to be making some of the best hiking equipment available at the same time.

Hiking clothing is not difficult to find. But it has to be easy to carry, have some storage space, and get you safely around the course. Kathmandu meets those criteria. Their catalog includes a well-done list of all the items you need for hiking that are also made sustainably with the environment in mind.

If you’re going outside to soak in the scenery, you might as well invest in some equipment that meets your demands while also preserving nature.

Women’s Outdoor Clothing Brands

Outdoor clothing for women is now more technical than ever. The tried-and-true technology of men’s outdoor clothing used to be used to make women’s clothes by making the styles smaller and adding more feminine colors. Those times have passed. Modern women’s technical outdoor attire is created from the ground up with the female wearers of those looks on the mountain or the trail in mind. Women’s physiological distinctions are carefully taken into account by producers like The North Face and Patagonia, who base their technical clothing designs on those disparities.

These women-specific technical items, like The North Face’s Animagi Jacket, are excellent examples. The Animagi Jacket is made for prolonged, intense aerobic exercise in chilly, dry conditions. Cross-country skiing or cold-weather runs would be perfect for this jacket. This jacket has been made to fit a woman’s body and has been body-mapped to do so. It also has an ultralight PrimaLoft Eco-insulated core and stretches sleeves to let air in.

Swedish Outdoor Clothing Brands

Swedish outdoor clothing brands are worth going for! Why need try one today? Here is a list of Swedish outdoor clothing brands to help you choose the best:

#1. Fjällräven

Fjällräven would undoubtedly be the first brand mentioned. Because they produce some of the greatest jackets available on the market, we have heavily promoted this brand in a number of our selections and reviews.

They started off with a single product that they mastered as many other businesses do: rucksacks with external frames.

Their rucksacks and backpacks were then modified for use by schoolchildren and given the name Knken. It was created with the intention of preventing back pain, and today it is one of their best-selling items, especially with female customers.

The primary focus of Fjällräven’s subsequent outdoor clothing and equipment designs was their coats. One glance at their collections would quickly reveal why this is one of the most popular Swedish outdoor clothing brands.

#2. Peak Performance

Three skiers from the mountain community of Re came together and agreed that there should be more functional and stylish Swedish outdoor clothing available. Additionally, they wanted to be able to spend more time in ski resorts without becoming cold. When the trio expanded to four, they started sewing garments for their own use as well as that of their friends, family, and neighbors. In addition to being fashionable, the clothing was durable against changing weather. Since its founding in 1986, this business has grown to be well-known and is concerned with more than just aesthetics.

They have both casual and outdoor clothing. When it comes to the cold, layers are crucial, and Peak Performance has them all! There are down jackets, vests, outer shell coats, and pants available. They feature specialized apparel for outdoor enthusiasts, skiers, and more casual wear. Depending on the choices you make, the outfit is made to handle the weather.

#3. Haglöfs

Having been established in 1914, Haglöfs is today among the biggest  Swedish outdoor clothing brands.

You can simply find whatever you need in their product selection for your next journey. You don’t need to look any further for a variety of equipment that is appropriate for various sports like climbing and mountaineering or for stylish, high-performance clothing and footwear.

With their selection of hats, jackets, tops, jeans, and shoes, Haglöfs has you covered from head to toe. And there are options accessible for men, women, and children as well.

They take great satisfaction in creating some of the highest-quality goods available, which have been tried and tested and have lasted for many years. Even in the worst situations, these items are dependable and robust.

The fact that Haglöfs’ clothing is appropriate for everyone, regardless of whether you are an athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or casual adventurer, is another factor that strongly made me like them


This brand was started with the goal of making tough Swedish outdoor clothes that can handle the cold weather in Scandinavia. It was established in Helsingborg in 1891. Tretorn has created solutions that are useful for everyone, from city dwellers to outdoor enthusiasts. With only 52 employees, the Dunker family founded Tretorn in a rubber business. The shoes were first made to help farmers who didn’t have sturdy shoes that could stand up to the harsh Swedish winters. Farmers from all over Sweden could keep their feet warm and dry while the Galoshes shoes were being developed. Reusing and recycling are popular among Swedes. Tretorn started asking individuals for their used rubber shoes. They then transformed into fresh rubber shoes! Currently, some of their items are environmentally friendly. They’re excellent for outside work, particularly when it’s a little chilly!

#5. WeSC

WeSC is a company that was established in Stockholm about 20 years ago. They have a slightly different aesthetic than the other Swedish outdoor clothing brands in this list. They do develop jackets for various weather conditions as well as other clothing, but style and fashion are more important to them than how well the coats fit.

We were very interested in this brand because they had a lot of different and attractive products, like jackets, hoodies, pants, jeans, tops, and even underwear.

For those who want to go above and beyond—pardon the pun—they also have a wide variety of shoe designs, from stylish to extremely sporty and functional as well.

The gender-neutral collection, which includes various costumes and apparel items that may be worn by anyone, is one of their most intriguing offerings. We find it to be quite refreshing because there aren’t many brands that do this.

European Outdoor Clothing Brands

Do you want to go with European outdoor clothing brands? And you’re not sure which one to pick. Here is a list of the best European outdoor clothing brands to help out with your shopping:

#1. Helly Hansen

Founded in Norway, this company has been in operation since 1877. Sailors wore their clothing in the past; they were the first to bring waterproof textiles to the world.

Helly Hansen has 140 years of experience and has stayed modern, growing into one of the top names in outdoor and tech clothing.

Helly Hansen is a name you can trust, having been chosen by tens of thousands of Olympians and professional athletes and being used in a variety of ski resorts around the world. But the majority of apparel can be quite expensive.

#2. Bergans of Norway

Bergans of Norway was started in 1908 in Norway. They make outdoor clothing for men, women, and children. Its founding principles have been to make every outdoor excursion safe and worry-free.

Outdoor activities are more fun when you have clothes that last a long time and protect you from even the coldest temperatures and worst weather. Additionally, every product made by the brand is always comfortable, wearable, and, most importantly, lightweight.

This final component was specifically created to prevent movement restrictions. The Y LightLine Air 3L Shell Jacket for Women is a great example of what the company is all about. It is waterproof, durable, and light, and it is also very colorful because the company wants to please even the pickiest customers.

#3. Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin is a German outdoor company that was founded with the goal of making high-quality products that are also good for the environment.

To avoid using PVC, Jack Wolfskin mostly makes its products out of pure cotton and recycled polyester. In addition, they advocate for the humane treatment of animals because they use some of their materials.

They make sure that every piece of clothing meets the highest standards for comfort and quality. Most of the clothes they make are for hiking and other everyday activities. They are ideal for whatever kind of adventure you are planning, especially since they are within your budget range.

#4. Salomon

Salomon was established in France in 1947 by the Salomon family, which consisted of François Salomon, his wife, and his son. After Adidas bought the trademark in 1997, the brand was bought by Amer Sports, a global company based in Finland, in 2005.

The business, which is now part of ANTA Sports, is a great resource for skiers, snowboarders, and other people who like to be outside. The company also produces footwear and accessories in addition to clothing.

Salomon is always looking for ways to protect itself from cold and harsh weather, so you could say that it is always trying to push its limits.

#5. Berghaus

Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, who were both British climbers, set up Berghaus in 1966. Unfortunately, they were unable to locate the right clothing and tools for their expedition.

They made the decision to produce their own outdoor clothing as a result. Using what they knew about climbing, they were able to make things that every climber or mountaineer would like. Now, they have a wide range of insulated coats, waterproof jackets, and their unique 3-in-1 jacket line.

Is Patagonia an Outdoor Brand?

Outdoor clothing is sold by Patagonia, Inc., in America. Its headquarters are in Ventura, California, and it was started by Yvon Chouinard in 1973.

What Are Adventure Brands?

Adventure brands provide a sense of adventure, exploration, and development. They give us the impression that anything is possible and that we can do or be anything. They invite us to follow them as they travel in order to reach a better destination.


These outdoor clothing brands are ones you can always go for. They are reliable and make your adventure fun and comfortable.


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