The World’s Best LUXURY JEWELRY BRANDS: Top 21 Picks

Luxury Jewelry Brands
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What’s your favorite jewelry brand? Bulgari, Dior, Cartier, Boucheron, Harry Winston? While jewelry is generally meant to add sophistication to your look, luxury brands do more than that. There’s always something that jewelry adds to one’s appearance. We don’t just look for clothing lines at red-carpet events; we also look for the latest jewelry from top luxury brands. It’s thrilling to see your favorite celebrity wearing jewelry from your favorite brand. Even though they are very expensive, high-end luxury jewelry brands for men and women are still very popular. For jewelry lovers, getting quality jewelry is more of an act of collection. So, if you’ve got cool cash to spend on luxury brands, then the focus is on sophistication and class. Although jewelry is perceived as something that’s more feminine than masculine, there are men’s jewelry brands that add a boost to your overall confidence.

No matter what is going on in the economy, the jewelry market continues to grow, and some of these brands hold their value and even go up in price. Well, check out our top 21 picks when it comes to women’s and men’s luxury jewelry brands.

Top Luxury Jewelry Brands in The World

While it’s true that there are several jewelry brands in the world, luxury brands are few. However, they control a vast chunk of the market. The following are some of the top luxury jewelry brands in the world;

#1. Missoma

Without Missoma, no list of the top luxury jewelry brands is complete. Well, there’s a reason why it’s on most lists, and the top reason is that Missoma is affordable. That never means you can get it for a few cents. Missoma is one of the best brands in London, and it is known as the queen of jewelry brands. So anyone who loves the grace of royalty at an affordable price turns to the brand. 

No matter what your taste in jewelry is, Missoma’s demi-fine and fine jewelry collections are designed to make you feel confident and are made in an ethical way.

There are loads of lovely styles to play with and complement your everyday look. This includes classic gold chains, coin pendants, and charm hoops made of vivid gemstones and 18-karat gold-plated brass. They are eye-catching enough to wear alone, but they look even better when layered. There is something else about this luxury jewelry brand that distinguishes it from other brands. Missoma is all about celebrating individuality and having fun with your everyday jewelry.

#2. Jemma Wynne

Jemma Wynne has been in business for 15 years and is one of the most luxury jewelry brands. Aside from being a luxury brand, it is a sought-after brand in the industry, trusted by stylists and editors alike. The line began with famous open bangles as a casual luxury. Since then, it has grown to include unique diamond pendants and rings with many stones. Jemma Wynne’s jewelry will always stand out, irrespective of whether it is the bangle, necklace, earrings, or pair you’ve gotten.

#3. Bulgari

Top on the list of luxury jewelry brands is Bulgari. In every way, this jewelry line is out of this world. Ever seen the Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Twist Watch? If you have, you will give anything to own one of those beautiful sets. Because of its long history and beauty, Bulgari is sought after by collectors all over the world, and most people want to buy it. If you want a wow moment, just look out for any Bulgari pendant necklaces and watches.

You must have heard the popular cliche, “Go Bulgari, or Go Home.” Well, let’s just say you will not be going home. But you may just have to take down whatever is not from Bulgari when you come across their collection. Bulgari is more than a luxury brand, other brands accord it respect for its quality. In terms of quality, Bulgari is simply out of this world. 

#4. Ondyn

Ondyn is another jewelry brand to look out for. Compared to other luxury brands, Ondyn’s jewelry is known for its stunning creations. Each piece makes a statement on its own. However, we adore how the set works together to give this extraordinary boost of confidence. Ondyn’s is perfect for diamond collectors. Each diamond is put in its own gold bezel to allow for fluidity.

#5. Cartier

People’s love for Cartier is exceptional. Perhaps it is because they are famous for the love bracelet, which you frequently see on people. I don’t really know. However, I do know that there is a heart connection with Cartier. You just can’t help but fall in love with their jewelry. Compared to other luxury jewelry brands, Cartier is absolutely outstanding. 
The fact that jewelry lovers can now tell the difference between original and fake Cartier only intensified people’s love for the brand’s unique taste. Moreover, the elegance it adds to a maxi dress and boots is out of this world. Additionally, it is perfect for everyday use. 

#6. Harry Winston

When you are making a list of luxury jewelry brands, Harry Winston has got to be there. Trust me, your diamond collection will never be complete without one from the King of Diamonds. No, it can’t be. 

Harry Winston’s work, whether it’s his famous historic stones or the hidden jewels he’s been working on for the last 10 or 20 years, will only get more valuable over time, which shows how great they are.

#7. Van Cleef and Arpels

Most of the fans and lovers of Van Cleef & Arpels own the brand’s lucky clover. In fact, that piece of delight has been a huge part of the brand’s success since it was first released. To date, the lucky clover is still one of the most renowned and stunning pieces of jewelry available. And in case you are wondering why it’s named Lucky Clover, here’s a little secret, everyone wonders why. However, we do know that the lucky clover by Van Cleef and Arpels makes the wearer feel special. It also gives off an aura of success. The lucky clover is one of their numerous products. So if you are someone who loves class and elegance, you can check out their website for other renowned jewelry pieces. 

#8. Graff

There’s this aura of class and sophistication that you possess if you suddenly carry a Dior bag or wear an outfit from their clothing line. You just can’t help but feel important. In a way, Graff conveys the same message in a simple but more alluring way. Once you own a piece of Graff jewelry, no one cares whether it was an inheritance from your grandmother, instead, all focus is on the message every piece of Graff jewelry conveys. In case you do not know, it reads “affluent,” and you can’t dispute that.

If you want a clearer understanding of what the Graff jewelry brand does, check out its magnificent 24.78-carat Graff Pink diamond, It spells out one thing, and that is class. 
To date, the massive 24.78-carat pink diamond is one of the reasons why the brand is on the list of the best and most incredible jewelry companies for wealthy individuals. Check out their website, but be warned: if you don’t have a lot of money, don’t bother. 

#9. Chopard

Chopard is a brand of jewelry that isn’t too flashy but is unique and stylish in its simplicity. It is a renowned jewelry brand, and even in its simplicity, it still draws attention. Chopard will always be alluring, and eye-catching, whether it’s worn for a night out, a dinner night, a wedding, or even that romantic date. 

They don’t just make earrings, either. Check out their whole collection and you won’t be disappointed, we promise.

French Luxury Jewelry Brands

France is famous for its high fashion taste and classy lifestyle. That explains why most of the famous brands in the fashion world are based in Paris. There are several French luxury jewelry brands. This includes the popular Vcleefs & Arpels and so on. If you love French luxury jewelry, then you need to check out these brands. I believe you will find an alluring catch with each of these;

#1. Nouvel Amour

Nouvel Amour has to be on the list of high-end French jewelry brands when talking about them. The brand is known for both the trendy jewelry they sell and the custom jewelry they make. This can include anything from earrings and rings to necklaces and even bracelets.

This French luxury brand can be easily mistaken for a more affordable name, which is one of the factors that sets it apart from other labels in the marketplace. But make no mistake about the brand: Delphine Pariente, the founder of Nouvel Amour, is fully aware of exactly what her customers anticipate from them, and the company is doing everything in its power to fulfill those anticipations. For instance, jewelry with 18-karat gold plating and lovely colored stones can be purchased for a price that is not outrageously expensive.

If customizing your jewelry collection is something else you’re interested in doing, you can rely on Nouvel Amour to get the job done in around 48 hours or less. This is because the company has an atelier where custom jewelry can be made in a very short amount of time.

#2. Sophie D’Agon

One of the most interesting aspects of the Sophie D’Agon brand is that each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with a great deal of enthusiasm. It is not surprising that she has a passion for jewelry, as she has worked with some of the most talented people in the fashion world. In fact, it is not surprising that she has created her own piece of jewelry. Even though it is a fairly new company, it is quickly becoming one of the most respected names in the field of high-end French jewelry brands in France.

According to the documentation, her fond memories of her uncle’s jewelry as well as her appreciation for them motivated her to start the Sophie D’Agon brand in 2017. Judging from the level of its jewelry, it is difficult to believe that the producer is a self-taught artist. This is due to the fact that Sophie D’Agon’s jewelry is both magnificent and fashionable.

Each piece in the Sophie D’Agon collections is painstakingly created to produce a one-of-a-kind, colorful, and timeless piece that is as unique as the ladies who buy them. The pieces in these collections are inspired by nature and plants, and the names of the collections as a whole come from plants and flowers.

#4. Chaumet

Chaumet is one of the oldest names in luxury French jewelry brands. Because there is nothing else quite like it on the market, it is not one of the brands that compete for fame. The Chaumet brand, which has been around since 1780, is still known as one of the most popular and well-known French luxury jewelry brands.

The firm has already established a name for itself, and wealthy families in France have a particular fondness for the jewelry that they produce.

Chaumet is known for its patterns that are based on things found in nature, like flowers, plants, and even weeds. Bee My Love, Joséphine, and Liens are only a few of the well-known compilations that Chaumet has produced. The Maison’s high jewelry know-how has been handed down through the generations of jewelers who have worked there for more than 240 years. And the year 1907 was the year when Joseph Chaumet decided to open his Maison at No. 12 Place Vendôme, which is the most famous plaza in Paris. At this prestigious address, you can still find an old grand salon, a boutique, and a studio specializing in high jewelry.

#5. Boucheron

The fashion house of Boucheron was established by Frédéric Boucheron. Not only is it one of the most prestigious names among French luxury jewelry brands, but it is also one of the oldest. One of the best things about Boucheron jewelry is that the precious stones are of such high quality. Most of their work consists of necklaces, rings, and earrings with precious stones that are of high quality.

For close to 160 years, aristocratic and royal customers have desired to patronize the house. Boucheron is well-known for its hand-carved gold pieces, stunningly beautiful diamonds, and creatures that are painted in intricate ways. However, the company has also created one-of-a-kind products for private clientele, such as royal wedding necklaces, over the years.

They are best known for making a tiara for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, a jeweled crown for Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, and jewelry for Queen Elizabeth II of England. This is the third company to boast royal patronage. It is also the brand that designed the tiara for Camilla.

The Maharaja of Patiala himself asked the Maison to make him and his court 149 beautiful diamond and emerald pieces of jewelry. Their most prominent collections include the Quatre collection, which was influenced by the cobblestone streets of Paris, the Bleu de Jodhpur collection, which was influenced by the city of Jodhpur in India, and the Serpent Bohème collection.

#6. Dior

Dior is a name synonymous with sophistication and refinement. And believe me when I say that their jewelry line exudes much more composure than their apparel line does. The jewelry designed by Dior is always a sparkling masterpiece. Dior jewelry exudes femininity, grace, and refinement, while still incorporating a wonderfully rendered assertive touch.

Men’s Luxury Jewelry Brands

Whether you agree to it or not, jewelry is more of a feminine thing than a man’s. However, this doesn’t mean that men don’t wear jewelry, of course, they do. Trust me, when you come across guys that genuinely love jewelry, they go for the luxury men’s brands. From necklaces down to bangles, brooches, and even rings, some men can be as classy as they choose to be, and a touch of jewelry is all you need to accentuate that masculine killer look you want to achieve. The following are some of the men’s jewelry brands to keep in mind. Trust me, it will be handy on your next shopping trip, winks.

#1. Le Gramme

If you are a man in need of affordable high-end men’s jewelry brands, Le Gramme is a fantastic choice to consider. The name “Le Gramme” is a fantastic fit for the company because it is one of the brands that names its products based on their weight in grams. Whether you’re looking at a string or cable bracelet, a necklace, or a ring, the Le Gramme brand is consistently high-quality. Also, here’s a pro tip: you can count on them to supply the ideal wedding band. All of their wares are made with care at their studios in France. There are so many different metals, gems, finishes, and prices that you will be able to find the perfect jewelry set.

#2. Balenciaga

The second on our list of men’s jewelry brands is Balenciaga. If you’re a guy who loves jewelry, Balenciaga is a must-have. In the world of high-end fashion, the label is known for being able to combine futuristic and vintage styles in a way that looks natural. Honestly, they’ve been doing it ever since the service began. Both of their sterling silver clip or stud earrings and this twisted ring are so out there that they’re almost considered punk rock. On the other extreme of the logomaniac spectrum is a thick “B” bracelet and a branded bracelet. Fans of Gorpcore can even adorn themselves with a bracelet made of rope. When it comes to Balenciaga, you can rest assured that high-fashion jewelry will always meet the daring culture.

#3. Tom Wood

I am not surprised Tom Wood made it to this list of men’s jewelry brands. This is due to the fact that Tom Wood can make even the most antiquated clothing and accessories look fresh and modern once again. This Norwegian label specializes in sterling silver 925 jewelry and accessories. Bracelets with a similar Scandinavian minimalist look but with an urban edge are presented with necklaces and rings such as the Curb. I’m telling you, every man who likes jewelry should have at least one Tom wood.

Tom Wood tries to make high-quality items that will last through the changing of the seasons and have as little effect on the environment as possible. Their sustainability approach prioritizes things like making it easier to track down specific products, making their supply chain more transparent, and using more low-impact materials. The company is committed to lowering its worldwide impact as much as possible, thus, in addition to its ready-to-wear collection, they also provide a made-to-order service.

#4. Hoorsenbuhs 

Are you on the lookout for high-end men’s jewelry brands that provide a dash of Los Angeles sparkle for men? Then perhaps the Hoorsenbuhs label is one to check out. Hoorsenbuhs is a fashion brand based in Los Angeles. All in all, the company is intriguing because it has refined the rougher end of men’s jewelry. You just can’t go wrong with a touch of Hoorsenbuhs. Recently, the label’s 1970s threads have been making a comeback. If you ask me, Hoorsenbuhs’s ideas are more than just a retrofit with some new features.

#5. Pearls Before Swine

This is quite a strange name for a jewelry brand, but then, it made it to our list of men’s jewelry brands. This is why I first assumed jewelry to be a feminine thing. I mean, if the founder of this brand was a lady, she would consider the delicate skin of the people wearing the brand’s line of products before coming up with such a name. No matter what you make of the name, “Pearl Before Swine is for dudes who despise ostentatious attire. The Canadian jeweler Himo Martin launched the company in 2006, and its products feature a decidedly less blingy aesthetic than that of many other jewelry brands.

Hero pieces such as signet rings, chain necklaces, and earrings from Pearls Before Swine stand apart due to the careful attention paid to the rough imperfections of their precious metals and stones. The brand is aimed squarely at men who don’t care about being flashy but who value authenticity over superficiality in their masculinity. The brand’s signature pieces are rough rings and bracelets in the shape of thorns, evocative of the crown of thorns from Tiffany & Co.


Men’s jewelry from Gucci, a legendary fashion house, is also part of our men’s jewelry brands list. Gucci jewelry is simply a symbol of class.
Traditional chunky bracelets are very masculine and trendy at the same time. You can find them in the “fashion” section, along with other ranges and collections. The “fine” line of this brand features geometric rings, bangles, bracelets, and necklaces, some of which are studded with glittering jewels. The “GG” rings and other rings with the Gucci initials look as though they could punch the name into the very fabric of the world. Gucci may have helped start a new era of softer masculinity, but the “fashion” line still follows more traditional standards.

Gucci’s “silver” collection is less bold and more refined than the “gold” collection thanks to the use of blue and gray enamel coatings and lighter metals, such as the “boule chain” necklace, which has a deliciously European name.

#7. Maple

Austin McMahon launched the Vancouver-based jewelry firm in 2014, with the goal of embracing American flair through high-quality items. For a brand that was founded in the 21st century, they are indeed coming up to compete with other luxury men’s jewelry brands. If you think I’m bluffing, check out their attractive sunburst gold-filled chain necklace or the thicker gold-plated chain bracelet. You can also try the brand’s quilted signet ring, the lab-created ruby signet ring with flower engraving, or the louder “Psychotropic Eternal Now” band with bezel-set topaz stones in green, red, and blue for extra oomph. Trust me, there’s this extra masculinity that the brand adds to your look.

#8. Serge Denimes

Many people adore Serge Denimes for various reasons. One of these is that it offers inexpensive classics. At Serge Deminies, you can get rings, bracelets, and necklaces in a variety of sizes and styles, all of which are made from 925 sterling silver and hallmarked by the Goldsmiths’ Assay Office. Gold and silver chains and signet rings are staples, but did you know that up to four new collections each year provide unique, thematic pieces that make a far bigger statement? 

#9. Vivienne Westwood

Nobody believes that a company with Vivienne’s history can quickly become one of the greatest luxury men’s jewelry brands. The year 1986 was pivotal for the jewelry line, as it saw the introduction of the brand’s signature orb insignia, which stood for “taking tradition into the future.” Bracelets, earrings, watches, knuckle-duster rings, pendants, tie clips, signet rings, and cufflinks all include this instantly identifiable symbol.

Korean Luxury Jewelry Brands

Aside from the top designers in the United States and France, there are other nations that also make quality jewelry. Korea is one of these countries, and their products compete in the US market due to their hard work and high quality. The following are some of the top luxury Korean jewelry brands you should know.

#1. Beauton

The first on our list of Korean luxury jewelry brands is the Beauton brand. Each piece made by Beauton is so carefully made by hand out of sterling silver that it is like a fine work of art. The minimalist jewelry line Beauton, which came out in 2016, is a great choice for modern women. Kayoung Kim, the company’s founder, is a sculptor who has dedicated most of her life to the art form.

#2. Coldframe

The second on our list of Korean luxury jewelry brands is the Coldframe brand. The organic shapes of flora and human bodies are the inspiration behind the brand’s jewelry designs. The brand’s products are also meant to reflect the confidence and beauty of modern women. This is why their jewelry, especially their rings, has such unique designs. Yet you may still discover delicately designed, simple necklaces to pair with your clothes. This brand’s designers have recently incorporated bracelets into their already innovative ring designs.

#3. HRJewelry

The third, on our list of Korean luxury jewelry brands, is the HRJewelry brand by Hera Park. Hrjewelry was founded by South Korean designer Hera Park. The brand is well-recognized as a top name in the American jewelry industry. All of Hera Park’s jewelry has a timeless, understated elegance since she was inspired by the styles of the 1980s and 1990s.

#4. Joomi Lim

Every jeweler has a focus. For Joomi Lim, it is a pearl. People who love pearl jewelry will find it hard to ignore this Korean brand since pearls seem to be the “breath” of every collection they make. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets featuring Joomi Lim’s signature delicate spiral lines are instantly recognizable as signatures of her exquisite, feminine design.

What Is The Best Luxury Jewelry Brand?


Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek goldsmith, established the company in 1884, and it has always been motivated by a desire to challenge the status quo. The Maison’s inventiveness in jewelry, watches, and accessories continues to grow thanks to the use of brilliant jewels, sensual designs, and crisp lines. Its most recognizable symbols include the serpent, diamonds shaped like coins, and flowers in full bloom. 

What Is the Most Famous Jewelry Brand?

There are so many of them but we will go for Tiffany & Co. When we think about designer jewelry, Tiffany & Co immediately comes to mind because of the rich history associated with the company’s brand.  Whether it’s a diamond, a solitaire, or platinum, it’s known all over the world for creating couture jewelry of the highest quality.

What Is The Biggest Jewelry Brand?

We will answer these base on their jurisdiction.

  • Tiffany & Co. New York City, USA.
  • Harry Winston. New York City, USA
  • Chanel. London, United Kingdom.
  • Cartier. Paris, France.
  • Chow Tai Fook. Hong Kong.
  • Chopard. Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Signet. Ohio, USA
  • Pandora Jewelry. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Who Are Tiffany & Co’s, Competitors?

There are many companies that compete with Tiffany & Co., such as LVMH, Chow Tai Fook, Swarovski, Chopard Group, Harry Winston, Signet Jewelers, and Worthy.

Which Jewellery Brand Holds Its Value?

Tiffany & Co., Cartier, David Yurman, Harry Winston, and Van Cleef & Arpels are some of the best jewelry brands that hold their value. Their jewelry costs a fortune, and in addition to that, it holds the same value and increases in value over time. So these brands offer investment opportunities to jewelry lovers too.

What Jewelry Retains The Most Value?

There are several jewels that hold their value. While some are above 100 percent, some others are way below that threshold. The following are some of the top pieces of jewelry that hold their value; Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermès, Anita Ko, Foundrae Necklaces and Charms, and so on.

Is a Tiffany Diamond Worth The Money?

Of course, it is. Since Tiffany is so widely respected, the company would never knowingly market subpar goods. When it comes to their diamond, they use the four Cs—carat weight, color, clarity, and cut—and their ratings are consistent with those of competing laboratories. However, Tiffany places a premium on cut quality, and only offers diamonds with excellent cut grades for sale. That’s one of the many reasons why their diamonds are so valuable. That is to say that Tiffany diamonds are reasonably well cut, but you’ll pay a hefty premium for their quality.

What Jewelry Appreciates?

Depending on the brand, diamonds, gold, palladium, platinum, and silver appreciate in value. The price of many precious gems and metals that are used in the production of jewelry has increased over time. Diamonds, gold, palladium, platinum, and silver are some examples of such materials. Other examples include diamonds and palladium. The limited availability of these resources raises their prices, which in turn increases the value of those resources. Processing a certain stone or metal costs more when it is harder to find and get.

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