CHEAP VODKA BRANDS: The Top Best & Worst Picks in 2023, Ranked!!!

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It’s not always easy to get your hands on some vodka. When you’re seeking to cut costs, cheap liquor is often the result. Although many of the bargain bottles available today would make you squirm, you no longer have to settle for subpar liquid just to save money. There are numerous low-cost options that are worthy of inclusion in a fantastic cocktail, and some of them are so good that they deserve to be enjoyed on their own. The best budget vodkas come in a variety of flavors, and the transparent ones are perfect for adding your own twist to infusions. To learn more information about the best cheap plastic bottle, bottom-shelf, and worst vodka brands, here is an article for you.

Cheap Vodka Brands

The world loves vodka. Even though it is currently growing more slowly than other categories, the clear spirit has been expanding year after year. Vodka is a widely used and versatile alcohol that can be enjoyed alone, in cocktails, or as an icy shot. We promise you haven’t tried some of the bottles on this list, despite the fact that many of them are commonplace in homes and bars. Continue reading to learn about the top 20 vodka brands in the world.

#1. Smirnoff

The most famous cheap vodka brands in the world has been produced by Russian serf Pytor Smirnov since 1864. In 1886, Smirnov agreed to an exclusive contract to supply vodka to the Russian Tsar. Smirnoff is currently sold in more than 40 different tastes and is distributed in 130 different nations.

#2. Absolut

Absolut was a bit of an anomaly when it initially entered the U.S. market in 1979 due to its oddly shaped container and unique marketing techniques. However, Lars Olssen Smith, who also founded Absolut, which is among the cheap Swedish vodka brands made completely of wheat, invented fractional distillation.

#3. Khortytsa

Although Khortytsya, among all vodka brands from Ukraine, is the third-most-popular cheap vodka in the world, it is less well-known in the US. The grain-based brand is silky and delicious, and it is deserving of your attention.

#4. Żubrówka

In addition to the bison grass tincture that is added to each bottle, Ubrówka has a distinctive flavor profile that, for people who are unfamiliar with bison grass vodka, may also include flavors of woodruff and coconut. The Polish brand is widely available in America and it is among the cheap brands of vodka you can get.

#5. Morosha

The largest alcohol producer in Eastern Europe is the owner of the Global Spirits Morosha brand, which has a delicate flavor and is manufactured with natural spring water.

#6. Soplica

This Polish vodka has been produced and is offered in a variety of flavors, including walnut, strawberry, and plum, since its launch in 1891. Because rye is the base grain, this vodka has a stronger kick than some others, and its quiet among the cheap vodka brands to get.

#7. Grey Goose

Sidney Frank, an American businessman, established this vodka company in 1996. It is currently produced in France. It is made from wheat that is solely grown in Picardy and has grown in popularity in France. Grey goose is thus among the cheap vodka brands in the market store.

#8. Magic Moments

Magic Moments saw a 4% increase in 2021. At the International Wine & Spirit Competition, this triple-distilled Indian vodka won a silver medal in both 2010 and 2008. It is described as being creamy, lemony, and moderately spicy.

#9. Ketel One

This cocktail-friendly Dutch brand has been produced in the Netherlands for 11 generations by the Nolet family. The family still has control over the brand, distillery, and recipes despite entering a 50/50 agreement with Diageo in 2008 for an estimated $900 million.

#10. Skyy Vodka

According to the uniquely American brand Skyy, one of the first cheap vodka brands was made completely using grains and water from domestic sources. This, together with its distinctive triple- and quadruple-column filtration and distillation procedures, are used to produce citrus and spice scents.

#11. Żołądkowa De Luxe

One of the most well-known cheap vodka brands in its native Poland. Polish consumers adore it for its wonderful aroma and delightfully bland flavor.

#12. Stolichnaya

Stoli is the traditional Russian brand’s most well-known name among drinkers and industry insiders, despite being produced in Latvia. Its appeal is heightened by its affordability and accessibility.

Cheap Vodka Brands Plastic Bottle

You can’t help but feel the horror of the plastic booze bottle if you’ve ever attended a college party or hurried to the local store for alcohol. For a college senior earning work-study who is on a limited budget, it typically feels like the only alternative accessible in the early hours of the morning. Plastic bottles appear to be less expensive, especially in the modern spirits industry where manufacturers create exquisite and sophisticated bottles and labels. The liquid inside occasionally has a reputation that is well-deserved, even though it frequently falls short of being even passably decent. A bottle does not have to be thrown away just because it cannot be broken. The best plastic bottles for this liquor is used. Below is a list of cheap vodka brands in a plastic bottle:

#1. Smirnoff Vodka

The original vodka used in the Moscow Mule, Smirnoff, has endured through the years as a premium bottle at an inexpensive price (an even more affordable price when it comes in a plastic bottle). Despite having a peppery and minty flavor, this was only a marketing gimmick and not the main reason it gained popularity in the Moscow Mule. It is, however, undoubtedly a superb option for the gingery beverage because of its intrinsic qualities. Despite the brand’s several weird flavor experiments, we advise sticking with the traditional red label (such as iced cake and cinnamon churros, for instance).

#2. Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

Regardless of the bottle, Wild Turkey 101 is one of our favorite inexpensive bourbons overall. The robust, peppery (for a bourbon), high rye whiskey is concealed by the plastic wrapper. With 101 proof, it also packs a punch for everyone lifting a glass.

#3. Fireball

We’ll admit it, we’ve had one or two Fireballs on occasion, but only the “spicy for a bourbon” variety. Fireballs can be bought in a variety of container types, including glass, plastic, and even a box with a tap. The most popular flavored whiskey in the world is not meant to be sipped since it resembles a wad of Big Red. It can be consumed as a shot, combined with a cinnamon cocktail, or made into Jello Shots.

#4. Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon

One of the best value bourbons is the entry-level, caramel-forward Evan Williams bottle. While it can be enjoyed straight up, we think its finest used as the base for a sweeter bourbon cocktail, such as Mint Julep.

#5. Jim Beam Bourbon Straight Bourbon

Whatever its moniker, Beam Straight Bourbon is a dependable, affordable bottle. One of the easiest whiskeys to enjoy is this one. And let’s face it, that’s precisely what you’re looking for if you’re picking up anything in a plastic container.

#6. Sobieski Vodka

You can prove that you have control over your drinking by buying a $8–11 plastic bottle of vodka. It might actually be a game of roulette (pun intended). Terms like “acetone,” “Lemon Pledge,” and “alcoholic mop water” are regularly used when discussing vodkas in this price range (that last one might just be us). But because the flavor is so subtle, Sobieski is great. Whether you need vodka for party shooting or as an ingredient in a beverage like a Long Island Iced Tea, this Polish brand’s shatterproof bottles are dependable.

#7. Gordon’s London Dry Gin

Gin is challenging to produce because, unlike whisky or vodka, which can get away with tasting bland or with some flavor issues being at least partially mitigated by the barrels in which they are aged, the juniper spirit-primed spirit is primarily defined by the combination of botanicals used to flavor it and how skillfully that process is carried out. The plastic gin bottles sold at big-box stores are therefore rarely of a high caliber. Gordon’s London dry gin is among the cheap vodka that can be seen in a plastic bottle. However, if all you wanted to do was sip on a few gin and tonics throughout the day, a plastic handle of Gordon’s would be the best choice. Its London Dry has a strong juniper flavor and little citrus flavor. A real cocktail can be made with a nice tonic and a squeeze of lime.

What is Middle-Shelf Vodka?

Behind a bartender, bottles are arranged on the lower half of the shelf. For alcohol, these are often bottles priced between $25 and $50.

Is Smirnoff Cheap Vodka?

There should be Smirnoff vodka practically everywhere you look. One of the most dependable and reasonably priced vodkas available, it comes in a variety of flavors. However, according to the company, its vodka is the most well-known in the world and has won the most awards.

Is Tito’s Cheap Vodka?

For selling affordable, high-quality vodka, Tito’s has won recognition. A 750-ml bottle of this spirit retails for roughly $28.39 on Drizly and is categorized as a mid-priced spirit. The flavor profile of Tito’s vodka makes it well worth the price.

Cheap Vodka Brands Under $10

Below is the list of Cheap vodka brands under $10, to get and enjoy with your friends:

#1. Burnett’s

Burnett’s vodkas are quadruple distilled and triple charcoal filtered to remove impurities throughout the distillation process. It makes sense why the flavored vodka company is praised for being more pricey than its suggested retail price. The flavors are potent without being too sweet; flavored schnapps and rums come to mind. Use caution because they have a greater punch at 70 proof. Burnett’s is among the cheap vodka brands under $10.

#2. Buffalo Trace

Wheatley, Work At the distillery, Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley and his dedicated team produce vodka in small batches using a specialized micro-still with a mixture of unknown wheat and other grains. This craft vodka has a clear, crisp, and fresh flavor. It underwent triple filtration, 10 different distillations, and 82 proof bottling. Harlen has always wished to produce high-end vodka due to the delicate and well-balanced flavor character that wheat delivers. Buffalo trace is among the cheap vodka brands under $10. The wheat recipe goes through seven rounds of heating, fermentation, and distillation on the micro-still before being mixed with a recipe made from other grains and being distilled three more times. Harlen thought this was how vodka was meant to taste.

#3. Absolut – Vodka 

Absolut Vodka made its New York debut in 1979. It spread fast over the US and, afterward, the rest of the world. Despite the fact that Absolut has been using pure, natural flavoring for more than 30 years, the iconic Absolut Vodka bottle was inspired by a medicinal flask from the 18th century that was found in a Stockholm antique shop and is among the cheap vodka brands under $10.

#4. Absolut – Citron Vodka 

Absolut Citron is among the cheap vodka brands under $10. When Absolut Citron was created in the 1980s, lovers of vodka on the rocks with a hint of lemon got wonderful news (and there were lots of them). To be more explicit, Absolut Citron first appeared in 1988, two years after Absolut Peppar, the family’s founding member, and nine years after Absolut Original. The lemon twist movement saw considerable success, and it served as the primary ingredient in the well-known “Cosmopolitan” drink.

#5. Deep Eddy – Sweet Tea Vodka

Deep Eddy is the name of Texas’s oldest swimming hole. Longtime Austin residents will attest to the advantages of the city’s spring-fed freshwater supply. In the tradition of Deep Eddy, another Austin classic, we are pleased to provide you with the best-tasting, top-of-the-line, sweet tea-flavored flavored vodka in the country. For a long time, vodka and sweet tea have been mixed together. While Clayton is an expert on tea, Chad is an expert on vodka. Several beverages were drunk when Deep Eddy was being created. We are happy to now offer our cutting-edge blend to everyone. Swimming in the water is a fantastic pastime. Deep eddy is yet another, among the cheap vodka brands under $10

#6. Vodka Ciroc Coconut

In February 2010, Ciroc Red Berry and Ciroc Coconut, two new flavors of vodka, were released among the cheap vodka brands under $10. Both are made with premium French grape vodka that has been delicately flavored with coconut, wild berries, and other delicious flavors.

#7. Ciroc – Watermelon

Introducing CÎROC Summer Watermelon, a refreshing vodka that tastes like watermelon and is perfect for summer. Only for a short while, so seize it right away before it disappears! A wonderful spirit known as CÎROC Summer Watermelon is created in Southern France using vodka that has undergone five distillations from quality French fruits. The vodka is carefully infused with a special concoction of Summer Watermelons and other natural tastes, resulting in a flavor experience that is lusciously distinct and elegantly smooth. You can consume CÎROC Summer Watermelon on its own or add it to your preferred summertime libation. Thus knowing this brand as among the cheap vodka brands under $10.

Best Cheap Vodka Brands

Superior premium vodkas are available. If you want to have a wonderful time without spending a lot of money, allow us to show you the most affordable vodkas. They also have distinctive flavors and a silky finish. You might be tempted to crack open a bottle of Grey Goose after reading this list of the most affordable vodkas.

#1. Skyy

Smooth and trustworthy, Skyy Vodka is. Because it is also reasonably priced, it is perfect for a home bar. The mild and neutral flavor of Skyy Vodka makes it a versatile and adaptable base for whatever beverage you choose to create. This vodka’s pleasant pepper flavor improves its average taste. Although Skyy wouldn’t be considered an experimental vodka option, it nevertheless offers a great drinking experience and premium vodka at a fair price.

#2. Spirytus Rektyfikowany

The Polmos company creates the well-known Polish rectified spirit Spirytus Rektyfikowany. An alcoholic beverage with a reasonably high ethanol content is referred to as a rectified spirit. A staggering 95% of this pure, extremely potent alcohol is alcohol by volume. One of the most well-liked rectified spirits is this one, which has a deliciously smooth and clean flavor. It should be noted that consuming rectified spirits straight would be equivalent to doing so. As an alternative, use Spirytus Rektyfikowany as the foundation for your own flavored liquors or cocktails.

#3. Pinnacle

Another incredibly well-liked low-cost vodka brand is Pinnacle. Pinnacle continues to be praised by the vodka business despite having a low average price. The undertone of this smooth vodka is slightly sweet. Like its rivals from other inexpensive vodka brands, Pinnacle offers a wide selection of distinctively flavored vodkas. Pinnacle Whipped, one of the most famous Pinnacle flavors, is a great flavored vodka for dishes using sweets. Pinnacle’s orange and pineapple flavors go well with imaginative and unique cocktail concoctions.

#4. Finlandia Vodka

Finland, the land of the midnight sun, is where Finlandia vodka is distilled. According to the producer, glacial spring water is also used in vodka production for clarity and smoothness. Suomi, a unique kind of barley that is most adapted to growing in the Finnish climate, is used in Finlandia.

Finlandia is never consumed when standing on a rock. It tastes and burns a little more stoutly. The cocktails from Finlandia still create excellent mixed drinks even though they aren’t as smooth as Tito’s. A superb bloody Mary or white Russian can be made with Finlandia. Keep a bottle on hand for when you want to prepare some hotter cocktails.

#5. Deep Eddy Vodka

Deep Eddy is another brand-new vodka entry. The whiskey Deep Eddy, which is also made there, bears the name of Austin’s first swimming hole. The Deep Eddy vodka is surprisingly smooth and palatable. Deep Eddy makes a variety of delicious flavored vodkas in addition to their traditional vodka. Some of its flavorings include ruby red grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, peach, cranberry, and sweet tea. When served as shots, these flavor variations perform best when frozen.

Different than neat, there are other ways to take Deep Eddy. They create a range of mouthwatering recipes using their collection of vodkas. One of my favorite models is thus the Deep Eddy Texas Madras. Cranberry juice, club soda, mint leaves, and Deep Eddy orange vodka are used to make this light cocktail.

#6. Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff is undoubtedly one of the most well-known vodkas on the list. They are arguably the best vodka in the world, as they say, based on brand familiarity. Its low price makes it a fantastic brand of inexpensive vodka. Premium alcohol has always been associated with Smirnoff. P.A. Smirnov launched the business in 1864, marking the start of Smirnoff’s history. The vodka is currently made and packaged in the US. In 1941, Smirnoff created the renowned Moscow Mule. Using Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer, and lime wedges, a refreshing cocktail is made. This cocktail gained popularity in the vodka community rapidly and is still popular today.

Smirnoff vodka enhances the flavor of many types of drinks, including bloody Marys, screwdrivers, and everything in between. Try a traditional Smirnoff Moscow mule instead if you truly want to spoil yourself.

#7. SVEDKA Vodka

Low-cost vodka brand Svedka is extremely well-liked, and for good reason. Svedka vodka is consistently harmonious, silky, and fresh. In order to attain the maximum level of purity and flavor, vodka is four times distilled with fresh spring water. Despite making good conventional vodka, Svedka is most recognized for its flavored vodkas, which are superb cocktail mixers. Numerous fruit flavors, such as mango, pineapple, or blue raspberry, can give otherwise straightforward vodka cocktails a distinctive edge.

Bottom Shelf Cheap Vodka Brands

The best bottom-shelf vodkas actually work best in mixed drinks, despite the fact that some of the more expensive bottles may taste finer and be smoother to sip if that’s your thing. And this is useful since if you want to mix cocktails for a complete party, the cheaper the alcohol, the better! Let us look at some bottom-shelf cheap vodka brands:

#1. Wodka Vodka

Don’t be fooled by Wodka Vodka’s low price; it is among the market’s most expensive vodkas. and bottom-shelf cheap vodka brands. It’s a fantastic vodka, especially considering the cost. Like many of its more expensive rivals, it has undergone five distillations and two charcoal filtration procedures. Premium Polish rye is used in its distillation, which results in a versatile and clear vodka.

The nose has a faint alcohol aroma that quickly gives way to rye and graininess. On the palate, there are also strong rye flavors and a great grain character. Its body has a creamy texture and a length that is about the medium. The finish has a nice spicy kick and a touch of alcohol heat.

Despite having a surge at the end, its clear, neutral mouthfeel and affordable price make it a superb base vodka for many cocktails. With vodka, you can make enough drinks for a sizable crowd.

#2. New Amsterdam Vodka

New Amsterdam Vodka was founded in 2011 in response to a large demand for higher-quality vodka. For the price, this expression has exceptional smoothness and a clear, crisp flavor. It has undergone three passes of charcoal filtration and five distillations.

But the advantages don’t stop there. They used only the finest water and carefully picked their grains. New Amsterdam Vodka proved how successfully its rigorous attention to detail paid off by becoming the first alcoholic beverage company to sell a million cases in record time. The Tasting Panel also gave this competitively priced vodka 93 points in 2016, and some individuals believe it is delicious and smooth enough to be consumed on its own.

It has a subtle sweet undertone and is straightforward and unambiguous to the nose, as to which makes it a good bottom-shelf cheap vodka brands. A similar amount of muted sweetness and smooth texture on the palate, medium-bodied. The finish frequently has an unnoticeable bittersweet undertone and a light burn. Its modest, delicate palate makes it a fantastic contender for almost any vodka drink you can think of.

#3. Finlandia Vodka

The glacier spring water used to make Finlandia Vodka has never been changed. They claim that the 4,000-year-old moraine, through which the water naturally filters does an adequate job of purifying the water. Vodka is made from premium Finnish barley, which is grown there because farmers believe the summer climate provides the best circumstances for growth.

On the nose, it has a few fleeting, subtle, understated grittier notes. The palate is initially greeted with a delightful lemon balm flavor before a hint of spiciness appears. You start to notice a faint mineral undertone as you get closer to the end. The flavors of this one are typically traditional, delicate, and adaptable, and the taste is typically very light. These characteristics make it an excellent cocktail base, although other individuals might prefer it as a refreshing sipper on its own. Lastly, Finlandia is a bottom-shelf cheap vodka brands you can go for.

#4. 360 Vodka

360 Vodka is quite affordable and has many positive qualities. It is first quadruple-distilled and then five times filtered for the optimum flavor and smoothness. one of the first vodka manufacturers to prioritize sustainability. The vodka has won awards for its quality, flavor, and environmentally responsible packaging! This brand can be seen at the bottom-shelf cheap vodka brands.

One strategy the business uses to stay as environmentally and sustainably friendly as it can is local grain buying. Because they can track the origin of the grain, they can minimize their impact on the environment and ensure grain quality. It smells clean and crisp with a subtle floral undertone that isn’t overpowering. It has a medium body and a texture that is just a touch greasy. The flavor has a slight bite to it as you drink. In the end, there is a little mild heat and a dry, grittier flavor. The palette is frequently fairly dry, therefore dry drinks like a martini are ideal.

#5. Deep Eddy

Using their special technique, Deep Eddy is distilled ten times and filtered eight times to guarantee a gorgeously smooth finish with no bite at all. Of all the things we selected from the bottom shelf, it could be the smoothest. The vodka, which is entirely made of corn, is made with the cleanest Texas water. It is naturally gluten-free because it only contains maize, which is advantageous for people who need to be cautious about such things. Despite the rest of the profiles being slightly different, they promise a flawless finish.

The aroma thus has a candy-like peppermint smell with a slight sweetness. At first, it has a silky mouthfeel before abruptly becoming fairly dry and syrupy in flavor. The finish is slightly bitter and has a trace of peppery spice. Although it may not be the best sipper available, it works well in a variety of drinks and tastes great with a variety of flavors. Thus seeing it among the bottom-shelf cheap vodka brands

Worst Cheap Vodka Brands

Since we occasionally (or, more specifically, every weekend) find ourselves forced to consume it, here are a few of the least expensive and delectable vodka substitutes we’ve discovered. Although the process is a little unpleasant, the good news is that these vodkas work.

#1. Hudson Baby Bourbon

This whiskey is unattractive, inexperienced, astringent, and ethanol-heavy. Thus, this spirit doesn’t have many positive qualities. There isn’t much of a sweet or sugary fragrance emanating from the nostrils, and the tongue is acidic but sweet. The ending is brief and unimpressive. After a few sips, you wouldn’t want any more of this whiskey.

#2. Town Branch

Town Branch whiskey is uninspired and unoriginal. It is uncomplicated, potent, and scorching. However, the quality of the flavor was inferior to the aroma. On the palate, it wasn’t as distinct as it was in the nose, but a mismatch isn’t always a bad thing. Nothing delicious A dry mouth and no flavor It is not appealing. a waste of time.

#3. Saint Liberty Bertie’s Bear Gulch Bourbon

Saint Liberty’s is among the worst bourbons due to its terrible aroma, flavor, and finish. It smells weirdly manufactured or chemical, like chopped brake fluid or industrial alcohol. The flavor has a lot going on and is complicated and puzzling. Buy at your own risk if you’re inquisitive.

#4. Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey

This is essentially just delicious caramel syrup with a touch of alcohol. If that’s what you were seeking, you have unquestionably discovered the ideal website. This Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey gives you sweetness. It only carried out the tasks specified in its name. This whisky pairs nicely in beverages like these Ole Smoky Salted Caramel concoctions.

#5. Clan McGregor

The combination of ethanol, sulfur, and vegetable components in the nose results in a strong scent. The scents of chocolate and caramel, which are first wonderful, are gradually overwhelmed by a sulfur aftertaste. Next comes the finish, which has a flavor that is mildly peppery, spicy, smokey, and gripping. Usually, we saw this kind of whiskey being offered somewhere else.

#6. Santis Malt Single Cask

Santis Malt Single Cask is an excellent whisky on occasion. It’s possible that The Orange Finish used too many words. The flavor is rather subpar given the ABV. It has an odd and unpleasant flavor that is reminiscent of body lotion, crab apples, oak, rubber balls, sawdust, etc.

#7. Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey

Like other drinker reviews, this one has a strong crayon and play-doh scent. You have to admit that this is odd for a beverage. The fact that it has been aged for at least two years is something we don’t enjoy. To taste like “the whiskey standard,” this whiskey has to develop. This alcohol would not amuse a whisky specialist in the least.

#8. Proper Twelve

If you have really specific fragrance preferences, this whiskey won’t live up to your expectations. This has a strong aroma that suggests that not enough time was spent barrel-maturing it. It has a really fresh scent. It should, in our opinion, age more. There are still more whiskies available in the same price range, but these have better palates, aromas, and finishes.

Is Absolut Vodka Cheap?

Absolut’s low price makes it a highly competitive brand. A bottle of Absolut can be purchased for between $20 and $30, which is significantly less than the average price of high-end vodka.

Tito’s had three selling features in comparison to other vodkas of its day, which had vaguely European cosmopolitan pretensions: it was handmade, it was pot stilled, and it was from Texas.

What is Comparable to Titos?

Both Grey Goose and Tito are controlled by American conglomerates: Bacardi for Grey Goose and Fifth Generation for Tito. Both vodkas have a similar flavor, but their base spirits and distillation processes give them distinct differences.

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