APPLE MUSIC LOGO: History, Evolution & All You Should Know

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  1. Apple Music Logo
    1. The Significance and Background of Apple Music Logo
    2. Font and Colors of the Apple Music Logo Emblem
  2. How Do I Get the Apple Music Icon?
  3. What Does the E logo Stands in Apple Music?
  4. How Do I Change the Logo on Apple Music?
  5. Why is The Infinity Symbol Gone on Apple Music?
  6. How Do I Customize my Apple icon?
  7. Apple Music Replay
  8. Apple Music Free
    1. Free Apple Music Download
    2. Shazam: Your Ticket to Free Apple Music
    3. Purchase Apple products to Receive Free Apple Music
    4. Use Verizon Unlimited to your advantage.
  9. Did the Apple Music Logo change? 
    1. #1. 2007–2011
    2. #2. 2013–2014
    3. #3. 2014–2015
    4. #4. 2015
    5. #5. 2015–2020
    6. #6. 2020–present
  10. Is Apple Music now free?
  11. Apple Music Family Plan
    1. #1. Prepare yourself.
    2. #2. Maintain a lively atmosphere.
    3. #3. Inviting family members to share in an iCloud storage plan.
    4. #4. All of your family’s purchases across all of their devices.
    5. #5. It’s simple to make purchases. Setting boundaries is also acceptable.
    6. #6. Pay closer attention to how children use technology.
    7. #7. Always remember to keep check on everyone. The same goes for any and all gadgets.
    8. #8. You need to get your loved ones on the same page.
  12. Is Spotify or Apple Music better?
  13. Why do people use Spotify instead of Apple Music?
  14. Why is Apple Music better than Spotify?
  15. What is the new symbol in Apple Music?
  16. Is it worth switching to Apple Music from Spotify?
  17. What’s cheaper Spotify or Apple Music?
  18. Is Spotify or Apple Music Better 2023?
    1. #1. Free plan
    2. #2. Limitations on libraries
    3. #3. Sound quality in online streaming
    4. #4. Various Family Plan features
  19. Who has more users Apple Music or Spotify?
  20. Apple Music Subscription
    1. #1. Apple Music Student Subscription
    2. #2. Apple Music Voice Subscription
    3. #3. Apple Music Individual Subscription
    4. 34. Apple’s Music Family Plan Subscription
    5. How Much Does Apple Music Cost?
    6. Finding the Best Apple Music Subscription for You
  21. How much is a 1 Year subscription to Apple Music?
  22. Can I Use Apple Music Logo?
  23. Do Americans Prefer Spotify or Apple Music?
  24. How Much Does Apple Music Cost Per Month?
    1. #1. The Individual Plan is $9.99 Each Month
    2. 2. The Family Plan is $14.99 Each Month.
    3. #3. Students Plan is $4.99 Each Month
    4. #4. Pricing for The Voice Plan is $4.99 Each Month
    5. #5. Apple One Bundles is $14.95 to $29.95 Each Month
  25. What Does ♾ Mean on Apple Music?
  26. What is The Sideways 8 Symbol?
  27. Is Apple Replacing Apple Music?
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Marketing efforts should match the caliber of the music being promoted. Effective and concise communication is the backbone of any successful advertising strategy. Advertisements, applications, websites, and printed promos for Apple Music should adhere to these criteria to ensure compliance with Apple’s standards and maximize their effectiveness. In this article we will be looking at the logo, replay, family plan subscription and free apple music app

Apple Music is a streaming music service that provides access to iTunes Store songs for a monthly fee. On June 30, 2015, the initial version of the application was made available to the public, marking the official debut date. However, it is important to remember that Apple and Beats Electronics acquired Beats Music, which launched on January 21, 2014, as the service’s ancestor.

  • Launched on June 30, 2015
  • Owner: Apple Inc.
  • United States-based headquarters
  • Web address:

Apple Music is a streaming music service that draws its music selections from the iTunes Music Store. Beats Music and Apple Music share a lot of similarities, but their branding and song delivery methods are polar opposites. An American maker of computers, phones, and audio players has tagged its music streaming service with the iconic “bitten” apple so as not to break with tradition. Let us see the changing times of the Apple Music logo from 2014 till date.

#1. Apple Music Logo (2014 – 2015)

There were actually two components to the Beats Music logo. The design element was an identical replica of the Beats Electronics logo, which is a white “b” inside a red circle. The “b” in the center was altered to have a triangle shape, like the media player’s “play” button, setting it apart from the original.

A further color-related alteration was made; the music streaming service’s circle was no longer solid red, but rather gradated from red to purple. The second section of the logo, “beats,” features the same linear gradient as the first. beatsMUSIC is an acronym for “beats” and “MUSIC.”

#2. Apple Music Logo (2015 – 2019)

Since Apple acquired Beats Electronics in 2015, the company has discontinued the Beats Music streaming service and replaced it with Apple Music. However, she didn’t pass up the chance to have her bitten apple featured on the emblem when it debuted in 1976. Because it’s a black and white version from 1998, we know that.

The word “MUSIC” appears to the right of the emblem in all capital letters. It reaches the same point on the apple as the leaf does, and hence has the same proportional height.

#3. Apple Music Logo (2019 – Today)

A new Apple Music logo was unveiled this year (2019). Only the inscription was altered by the designers, who chose to keep the capital “M” but make all the other letters small. After the revision, the letter “M” is considerably taller; it now extends to the middle of the page.

Font and Colors of the Apple Music Logo Emblem

Apple Music logo

The logo found in the Apple Music icon represents the fruit of wisdom and knowledge prized by medieval alchemists, English physicist Isaac Newton, and the first humans, Adam and Eve. As an added bonus, Alan Mathison Turing was poisoned by eating this fruit, which subsequently inspired the advancement of AI. Similar to other Apple products, the music streaming service now has this logo.

On the right side of the logo, the word “MUSIC” appears in the San Francisco Compact typeface. It adopted its present moniker in 2014 after breaking away from the WatchKit framework. Because it was designed exclusively for the Apple Watch, the Compact version of the San Francisco family font features wider letter spacing and flatter sides than the regular San Francisco font. The lines of the symbols are all about the same width and there are no serifs.

Apple Music’s logo is more understated than Beats Music’s vibrant emblem. The designers went with a monochrome scheme, with black as the focal point and white serving as a supporting hue.

Apple Music Logo Font

Other social media symbols that are comparable in size or shape to the Apple Music icon can be used alongside it. Where the Apple Music logo does not fit, the icon can be used to link to music content within apps. Avoid making your own icons. Only the iterations seen here have our approval.

  • Favorite color icon: Use with backgrounds that have enough contrast
  • White logo, optional: Utilize with dark backgrounds
  • Black logo, optional: Use with pale backgrounds

How Do I Get the Apple Music Icon?

To access the App Library from your Home screens, swipe left. In the App Library’s top search field, type “Music.” Select Add to Home Screen after touching and holding the icon of the missing app.

What Does the E logo Stands in Apple Music?

The song is explicit and may include coarse language, profanity, or violent allusions, as indicated by its E classification on Apple Music.

How Do I Change the Logo on Apple Music?

Choose one of the following choices from Song > Info and Artwork after choosing one or more tracks from your music library: Click Add Artwork after clicking Open to select an image file. Drag the picture file over to the artwork area.

Why is The Infinity Symbol Gone on Apple Music?

With the most recent updates to its iOS, macOS, and Android apps, Apple Music now has the technology to suggest new songs and playlists based on the music you listen to. In other words, the icon designates the Apple Music Autoplay Mode (infinity). It is simple to switch on and off.

How Do I Customize my Apple icon?

To open the app placeholder, click the icon. Choose Take Photo, Choose Photo, or Choose File from the drop-down menu if you wish to change the app icon image. Pick a different picture. Enter a new name for the app in the text field to change how it appears on the home screen.

Apple Music Replay

Although not as comprehensive as Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay features, however, provide some useful metrics and personalized playlists. The top musicians and the number of hours they were listened to are listed in the Apple Music replay, as well as the total number of hours spent listening to music during the year.

Here’s how to access your playlist and Apple Music Replay statistics:

  • With a desktop web browser, go to
  • Launch your Apple Music player and log in.
  • Take a screenshot of the numbers to show off
  • Check out the exclusive playlist down below!

If you’re using an iOS or iPadOS device, please note that this link will launch the Apple Music replay app. While this will play the music you want, it will not show you the statistics for the entire year. Visit on a desktop browser to take advantage of all the features. in the Apple Music replay

Every year, the unique playlist is made a few weeks after the new year, and then it is automatically updated once a week until the end of the year. If you’ve been an Apple Music replay subscriber since the beginning (in 2015), you’ll find playlists here that highlight the best music from that year.

Based on your listening habits, Apple Music will recommend a top 100 songs in the Replay playlist. There is a playlist for every year, so you can go back and see how your musical tastes evolved.

You may access your Apple Music Replay statistics and playlists at any time on the Apple Music Replay website. New songs will be added to the 2023 Replay playlist every Sunday from now until December. Until further notice, the Apple Music Replay website will not feature in-depth statistics.

Apple Music Free

Trials of Apple Music are frequently included as a perk for customers of a wide range of businesses. You may be asking at this point how you might acquire one of these offers. Without further ado, please find below a complete listing of the current free Apple Music deals and instructions on how to redeem them.

Free Apple Music Download

When it comes to music streaming services, Apple Music is among the best. It has almost 75 million songs available for streaming. Downloads and Spatial Audio are available at no additional cost.

The free trial of Apple Music provides access to all of these features. For new members, the trial period lasts for one full month. That’s a minimum savings of $4.99 per month, depending on which Apple Music plan you choose. Please complete the following to receive your free trial:

  • Launch the browser tab where you can access Apple Music.
  • To begin your free trial, navigate to the top right or center of the screen and click the Try 1 month free option.
  • In order to join up and begin streaming, please read the instructions carefully.

A reminder that after your free trial of Apple Music expires, the service will begin charging your payment method on file. If you don’t want to commit to paying for Apple Music just yet, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Shazam: Your Ticket to Free Apple Music

Get an extra week out of your free Apple Music trial by taking advantage of Shazam’s offer if a month just isn’t long enough. You can use it to listen to Apple Music for free for three months. You can only get this deal by going to the Shazam website. Similar to Apple’s free trial, all you need is the Shazam app on your mobile device to participate.

You may use Shazam to instantly recognize and learn more about the music playing around you. Once you get to that page, you may open it in Apple Music and start listening. It’s possible to add it to your Apple Music library and listen to it whenever you like. It simplifies the process of exploring new music, tracking out new artists, and expanding one’s collection.

Here’s how to sign up for Shazam’s free 30-day trial of Apple Music:

  • Launch the Shazam app or visit their website.
  • Use your phone’s camera to read the QR code displayed here.
  • To claim your discount, simply tap the Shazam QR code in the upper right corner and follow the on-screen instructions.

Purchase Apple products to Receive Free Apple Music

Next, we’ll upgrade to Apple Music’s extended trial. The number of such people is negligible, yet they do exist. With Apple’s assistance, you can receive a complimentary Apple Music subscription good for up to six months. These are, however, not cheap.

You can get a free trial of Apple Music when you buy select products from the Apple Store or on the Apple website. Yes, you’ll need to part with some cash for this one, as Apple is not exactly known for its generosity. In order to receive your free trial, you must purchase one of the following products:

  • AirPods (2nd and 3rd Generation) (2nd and 3rd Generation)
  • A Professional Set of AirPods
  • Bluetooth headphones with the most advanced audio technology: AirPods Max
  • Beats
  • Mini HomePod

How to activate your free six-month trial of Apple Music on your compatible Apple stereo or headphones.

  • Ensure that your iPhone or iPad is running the most recent version of Apple’s software.
  • Following this, connect your compatible audio device to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Launch Apple Music and log in using your Apple ID. Alternatively, you can go to the Apple Music redemption page, scroll down to the bottom, and then click Get Started.
  • If the deal doesn’t pop up when you first open Apple Music, try clicking the Listen Now tab.
  • Select Get 6 months free.

Use Verizon Unlimited to your advantage.

Aside with T-Mobile, Verizon is your other option for a free six-month trial of Apple Music. Keep in mind that the cost of these extended trials has been already mentioned. It doesn’t work with this one either. To take advantage of this deal, you must subscribe to Verizon’s Unlimited plan. With certain Unlimited subscriptions, you get six months of Apple Music free forever. If you already have an Apple Music subscription, you can still redeem the incentives.

In comparison to Apple’s six-month free trial, Verizon offers more than simply an extended free Apple Music membership. Verizon’s Unlimited plans offer even greater value with these additional extras:

  • Apple’s Arcade or Google’s Play Music All Access
  • Disney+
  • ESPN+
  • Hulu

Ready to try Apple Music for free for six months from Verizon? The solution is simple: just add Apple Music to your existing Unlimited membership. It’s easy to switch to Verizon’s Unlimited plan if you’re not already on one. At long last, if you aren’t already a Verizon customer, consider making the switch so you can take advantage of Verizon’s Apple Music promotion.

Did the Apple Music Logo change? 

Yes it has series of time changing. Below is its specific time changes of Apple Music logo:

#1. 2007–2011

From iPhone OS 1 until iOS 4, this logo was utilized. An iPod silhouette is drawn in white in the heart of an orange to yellow skeumorphic gradient that predates iOS 7. The icon was updated with a gradient and stripes for iPhone OS 3 and iOS 4.

2007-2013 (iPod Touch) (iPod Touch) 2011–2013 (Both iPad and iPhone) (Both iPad and iPhone)

Since iOS 5 was released, the iPod app on the iPhone has been divided into Music and Videos, while on the iPad it has simply been renamed to Music. From iOS 5 to iOS 6, the Apple logo was used for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and from iPhone OS 1 to iOS 6 on the iPhone. There’s a splash of crimson in one, yellow in another, beige in still another, and various hues of orange in the rest. Moreover, there’s a deep crimson musical note right in the middle.

#2. 2013–2014

For iOS 7, Apple opted to utilize this logo. The red-orange-down gradient became flat, and the musical note was modernized to be white.

#3. 2014–2015

The incline was made steeper rather than flatter. From iOS 8.0 to iOS 8.3, this logo was displayed. It was also implemented in iOS 9’s initial and subsequent beta versions.

#4. 2015

This logo was intended for use in the canceled iOS 9 Preview. It has a gradation between purple, cyan, blue, and an orange-red combination. In tvOS 9.0, a matching icon can be found. The tvOS version has colors in a different order. Only blue, light blue, pink, and purple are available in tvOS.

#5. 2015–2020

This logo was used for iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 Beta 3 to iOS 14 Beta 2 and in macOS. It’s launch coincided with the release of Apple Music. The Colors are swapped, the background is now white and the music note is pink, purple and blue.

#6. 2020–present

This logo is used in iOS 14, and since macOS Big Sur. It looks very similar to the icon style used from 2013 to 2015. A vivid pink has been substituted with the previous orange hue.

Is Apple Music now free?

Upon signing up for the free trial, you’ll get access to Apple Music for three months at no cost. After the trial, you may choose from three different payment plans, with a fourth one soon to be added. The monthly fee for an individual plan is £9.99, which is equivalent to $9.99.

Apple Music Family Plan

Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and Apple Card are just some of the fantastic Apple music plan services that can be shared with up to five family members with Family Sharing. In addition to sharing an iCloud storage plan and a family photo album, your family can pool their purchases from the iTunes Store, Apple Books, and the App Store. Find each other’s lost gadgets with the help of your fellow club members. To get an Apple Music family plan, you need to follow the steps below:

#1. Prepare yourself.

Typically, one responsible adult in the family sends out invitations to everyone else and creates accounts for children younger than 13 years old. An Apple Music family sharing plan is immediately activated on all connected devices after a family member joins. From there, the collective decides which shared services and features they want to implement.

#2. Maintain a lively atmosphere.

Apple’s entertainment services include a wide range of interests, from music and movies to news and games. As a group, you can save money by subscribing to the same services and using the Apple Music family sharing plan feature. Each member of the family can use their own Apple ID to sign in to any of the supported services; this ensures that each user sees just their own data when it comes to content, preferences, and suggestions.

#3. Inviting family members to share in an iCloud storage plan.

A single iCloud storage plan may accommodate the media and documents created by a complete family. Files and documents are kept private, but storage usage is clearly displayed. You are free to switch to a larger plan if you feel the need for more storage when using Apple Music family sharing plan.

#4. All of your family’s purchases across all of their devices.

If you have a family and they choose to share their purchases with you, then everyone in the group can listen to the music, watch the movies, read the books, and use the apps that they have purchased. Each member of the household will see their recent purchases in their own purchased section of iTunes, the App Store, and Apple Books. Choose the relative whose library you wish to explore, and then proceed to download or play the selected media. You can share your collection with other members of your family in the same way while on Apple Music family sharing plan. You can hide specific goods from view if you’d like to conceal some of your purchases.

#5. It’s simple to make purchases. Setting boundaries is also acceptable.

New Apple Book and App Store purchases will be charged to the organizer’s account once purchase sharing has been set up for a family. Even if Ask to Buy is activated for kids in the household, the host still has final say over what they buy. When a youngster makes a purchase, the organizer is notified and can either accept or disapprove of the download from their own smartphone. This version of the Apple Music family sharing plan includes paid and free downloads alike.

#6. Pay closer attention to how children use technology.

Screen Time can help you keep track of how much time your children spend on their various electronic devices, including games, apps, and the internet. With Screen Time and the Apple Music family sharing plan, you can monitor your children’s app use and impose limits on their usage without ever having to leave your own smartphone. So that everyone in the household is on the same page with regard to their children’s use of electronic media, you might choose an additional parent or guardian.

#7. Always remember to keep check on everyone. The same goes for any and all gadgets.

With the Apple Music family sharing plan, you can always keep everyone on track. Whether you’re trying to arrange a meet-up at the mall or just want to know when the kids get home from school, Find My makes it simple to keep tabs on everyone. Just send out a simple invite asking where everyone is. When one member of the group loses their gadget, the rest of the crew can pitch in to track it down, even if they don’t have internet access.

#8. You need to get your loved ones on the same page.

When a family is set up, a shared album is instantly established in the Photos app across all family members’ devices. Anyone can join the album at any time and post pictures, videos, and comments at their convenience. With the Apple Music family sharing plan, you can create a shared calendar where everyone in the household can see everyone else’s schedule, add their own events and appointments, and receive notifications when others’ schedules are updated. Any member of the family can use the Reminders app to notify the others of upcoming events or remind them to meet somewhere.

Is Spotify or Apple Music better?

When comparing Apple Music to Spotify Premium, the latter’s lack of support for high-definition streaming is the deciding factor. Despite this, Spotify retains a number of significant advantages. These include, among other things, the ability to create and share playlists with others,

Why do people use Spotify instead of Apple Music?

The capacity of Spotify to offer song recommendations based on prior listening patterns is typically known by users. Despite the fact that users can find new music through Apple Music’s human-curated Stations, the allure of Spotify’s recommendation algorithms still outweighs them.

Based on your list, each playlist includes recommendations for new music. You also get personalized playlists like Explore Weekly, which compile hours’ worth of fresh music for you to explore, based on your listening habits. Additional hand-selected playlists with the newest songs are available on Spotify. These playlists are automatically organized for every user based on their selections.

Spotify offers the best user experience among music streaming apps, which is surprising given that Apple frequently dominates the design industry. Comparing Spotify’s app to Apple Music’s, you can see that it is much more streamlined and well-organized.

The user interface (UI) of Spotify is made to make it simple for you to access your own content. The majority of users like to check their recently played songs and playlists when they open a music app, which is why they are displayed on the home page. The priority of your content is reflected in every aspect of Spotify’s design, and you won’t see any suggestions until you’ve done seeing the content you came to see.

Why is Apple Music better than Spotify?

Apple Music provides high-resolution and lossless audio, which is a significant benefit over Spotify even if you aren’t a member of the AirPods army. You can get CD-quality sound from a digital file thanks to lossless audio, which essentially prevents a lot of the data loss that occurs when music is compressed from its original source.

What is the new symbol in Apple Music?

With the most recent iOS, macOS, and Android app updates, Apple Music now has the technology to suggest new songs and playlists based on the music you listen to. In other terms, the Autoplay Mode on Apple Music is represented by the symbol (infinity). It is simple to switch it on and off.

Is it worth switching to Apple Music from Spotify?

Both platforms, as was already noted, have a lot to offer. Spotify’s skill in this area will be appreciated by those who value music discovery. The extensive podcast and audiobook selection on Spotify is perfect for those who enjoy non-musical content. The scalable membership options offered by Spotify are also beneficial for people on a limited budget.

On the other hand, Apple Music is far more focused on music. Apple Song’s lossless and spatial audio will gratify those who are concerned with the audio quality of the music. This app will surely appeal to anyone who enjoy music chats, live performances, documentaries, music videos, and artist interviews. For Apple Song’s devoted consumers, the delivery of further music exclusives is excellent news. If in-depth musical curation is also your thing, the app’s playlist library won’t let you down.

Spotify will mainly satisfy casual customers who only appreciate listening to music and other audio content while doing chores around the house and working out. While audiophiles and slightly more serious music enthusiasts will be enticed to Apple Music.

Both programs have made steps to enhance royalty disclosure. We can only make decisions based on the information presented to us, though, as we are not aware of all of those computations and complexity. Despite this, Apple Music seems to be improving. It also demands support for and recognition of the intrinsic value of music and the individuals who make it, as well as equal and fair payment.

What’s cheaper Spotify or Apple Music?

Individual plans cost $9.99 per month, family plans cost $15.99 per month or £16.99 per month (UK), student plans cost $4.99 per month or £5.99 per month (UK), and other Premium Duo plans cost $12.99 per month.

Apple Music does not offer a free tier of service; the cheapest plan is $9.99 per month or $99 per year for an individual subscription, with family plans going up to $14.99 per month and student subscriptions costing just $4.99 per month.

Is Spotify or Apple Music Better 2023?

If you’re looking for a digital music streaming service, Spotify is a great option that’s both free and paid. In 2006, it was created by Swedish businessmen Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. A further two years passed before it made its debut in Europe. As of this writing, Spotify may be accessed in 184 different nations (February 2023). More than 406 million people use it every month, and 180 million of those people pay for a subscription.

It was always Apple’s intention for Apple Music to serve as iTunes’ replacement. When Apple bought Beats in 2014, the company’s founders and employees immediately set to work developing a whole new app. Finally, in 2015, Apple unveiled its own music streaming service, Apple Music. As of this writing (February 2023), it is available in 168 countries and has a member base of around 98 million. Below are the differences between Spotify and apple:

#1. Free plan

Spotify, in contrast to Apple Music, offers a free, ad-supported version. Using this, you have access to every song, podcast, and radio show in Spotify’s archive. However, there are some limitations on playback on demand. To that end, some playlists can only be listened to in shuffle. Although there is no free Apple Music tier, a three-month trial is available. Ample time to determine if the Premium plan is worthwhile.

#2. Limitations on libraries

You can only have up to 100 thousand songs in your library on Apple Music. Similar limits of 10,000 songs per Library existed in earlier versions of Spotify. This restriction has been lifted, so now listeners can “like” as many songs as they desire.

#3. Sound quality in online streaming

Apple Music is superior to Spotify in every way when it comes to the quality of the audio streams. Apple Music has recently been updated to include lossless music up to 24-bit/192 kHz and spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. Now, instead of having to settle for Spotify’s maximum setting of up to 320kbps bitrate, they may stream music in audiophile-quality quality thanks to this upgrade.

#4. Various Family Plan features

Even while both applications have family plans, their requirements are different. People who share an address in order to sign up for a Spotify Family Premium plan. Apple Music, on the other hand, requires just that all users have the same iTunes Store area.

Who has more users Apple Music or Spotify?

In the beginning, Spotify was the industry standard because of its massive library of over 82 million songs and 4 million podcasts. When you consider that it also regularly uploads more than 60,000 new songs, it’s evident that this service provides more music than your ears could possibly handle. On Fridays, the Swedish streaming service updates its New Releases tab and its Release Radar playlist with the latest albums, live sessions, and singles.

However, Apple’s service has more than 90 million songs, which is more than Spotify currently has (although Spotify has been rapidly catching up) and more than emerging competitors like Amazon Prime Music and Jay-Tidal. Z’s Apple has also made measures to get many more exclusives than its competitors, in large part due to its lack of a free tier. Spotify apparently has a history of changing search rankings for artists who release their music through Apple first, so it’s no surprise that the music streaming service isn’t too fond of musicians signing exclusivity deals with Apple.

Apple Music Subscription

Here are the four Apple Music subscription options: Apple Music Student, Apple Music Voice, Apple Music Individual, and Apple Music Family. All of the plans’ costs and perks are different. Detailed explanations of each are provided below.

#1. Apple Music Student Subscription

Undergraduate and graduate students in colleges and universities are the intended beneficiaries of this program. It provides full access to Apple Music’s 90+ million song library. It allows you to save songs to listen to later, even if you don’t have internet, and it works on several devices. Along with millions of music, the portal also offers over 30,000 playlists and live radio.

In addition to listening to music, Apple Music Student gives you access to music videos, song lyrics, playlist creation, and insight into what your friends are listening to. The absence of advertisements is a major selling point, but the plan’s support for lossless audio and Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos is useful too, especially if you want to listen to music in the highest possible quality. The monthly fee for the Apple Music Student package is $5.99.

#2. Apple Music Voice Subscription

To subscribe to Apple Music at the lowest possible price, choose this option. For $4.99 per month, you can use Apple Music with your voice calls. The Apple Music Voice plan is unique in that you can only play music by giving Siri voice instructions, such as “Hey Siri, play Leave The Door Open from Silk Sonic.” Most significant qualification Apple Music Voice is only compatible with iOS devices, thus users on other platforms will be unable to benefit from this package.

There are other restrictions built into the plan. You can’t make playlists, browse song lyrics, or watch music videos offline, and you can’t download songs to listen to later. Dolby Atmos, Spatial Audio, and lossless audio aren’t supported either, despite being included with every other Apple Music subscription. In addition, it lacks a library, so you’ll have to give extremely specific instructions when using voice activation. As an added downside, there isn’t much you can do with the Apple Music app. You can use Siri to play a song, album, or playlist, but you’ll have to use the default “Listen Now,” “Radio,” and “Search” tabs to get them. In order to test it out, you’ll need to get familiar with the Apple Music Voice plan.

#3. Apple Music Individual Subscription

This is Apple’s baseline pricing tier for its music streaming service. Priced at $9.99 per month, the Individual plan is affordable for everybody. All of Apple Music’s songs in lossless quality, countless on-demand radio stations, the ability to create and share playlists, download songs to listen to offline, stream from any device, and listen without ads are all part of this plan.

34. Apple’s Music Family Plan Subscription

The monthly fee for an Apple Music Family plan is $14.99. All the benefits included in the student plan are also included in the family plan. However, the Apple Music Family plan allows for up to six people to share a single subscription, unlike Apple Music Individual and Apple Music Student. Each profile has its own music collection, in addition to individualized playlists and suggestions.

How Much Does Apple Music Cost?

Questions like “Does Apple Music offer a free tier?” are rather popular, as free tiers are frequently offered by music streaming services to entice new subscribers. Apple, unfortunately, does not provide a free plan like some of its competitors do. Apple makes up for this by providing a free trial for all of their services. To avoid being charged for the remainder of your Apple Music trial, you can cancel at any time. There are other free Apple Music download options beyond the trial periods.

Finding the Best Apple Music Subscription for You

Having so many choices on Apple Music is great, but it can be difficult to determine which one is best without doing some investigation. If you are a student, you should sign up for Apple Music Student immediately. It’s the same coverage as the individual plan, but at a lower price. Apple Music Voice is inexpensive, but it has so few features that it is not worth the savings.

The Individual plan’s price may put you off if you’re not a student, but it’s still preferable to the Voice-Only plan. If you own an Apple device but could care less about listening to music in high quality, checking out the lyrics, listening without an internet connection, or making your own playlists, then Apple Music Voice is worth the price. Apple Music Family is a worthwhile investment if you have kids. Compared to paying for six separate Individual plans, the monthly savings from using a single subscription are $44.95.

How much is a 1 Year subscription to Apple Music?

The App Store app has a secret menu where users may purchase an annual Apple Music subscription for $99. That’s a savings of about $21 compared to what you’d spend on a yearly subscription if you paid the standard $9.99 per month.

But there is a catch: you must already have an Apple Music subscription. As a non-subscriber, you won’t be presented with the option to pay $99 per year. For this reason, we require that all new Apple Music subscribers first sign up for a one-month trial.

With this promotion, Apple Music may be more appealing to customers. Archrival Signing up for a full year of Spotify does not presently result in a discount. Amazon’s Music Unlimited is offered for a yearly fee of $79.

Badges for Apple Music. Use just the Apple-provided badge graphics. Never alter the artwork in any way or make your own Apple Music badge. Use the high-resolution scalable artwork in SVG format for creating marketing materials for online or onscreen messaging.

Do Americans Prefer Spotify or Apple Music?

Spotify distinguishes out in this regard because it offers users the option to listen to a large range of podcasts in addition to music. According to a survey, Spotify has 155 million users in December of 2019 compared to Apple Music’s 60 million members as of June of the same year.

How Much Does Apple Music Cost Per Month?

After signing up for the free trial, you have access to Apple Music’s full suite of features for an entire month. After your free trial of Apple Music ends, a monthly price will be automatically charged to your payment method. Choose from one of three Apple One plans, in addition to four individual Apple Music subscription tiers. Apple Music and other Apple services are included in all three-tier packages.

Here is a rundown of everything you need to know about the various Apple Music and Apple One packages on offer.

#1. The Individual Plan is $9.99 Each Month

Apple Music’s monthly individual plan is $9.99. Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of cloud storage on the iCloud+ service, in addition to the music collection, are all included in the Apple One individual plan for $14.95 per month.

2. The Family Plan is $14.99 Each Month.

Apple Music’s family package is not cheap. It costs $14.99 per month. With this package, you and up to four other people can all enjoy the benefits of the streaming service at the same time. For $19.95 a month, a whole household can subscribe to Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and 200GB of iCloud+ storage with the Apple One plan.

#3. Students Plan is $4.99 Each Month

For a reduced charge of $4.99 per month, for a maximum of four years, the platform is available to students enrolled in accredited institutions and colleges under the student subscription plan. Apple TV+ is included in the student plan at no extra cost.

#4. Pricing for The Voice Plan is $4.99 Each Month

The monthly cost of the Apple Music Voice Plan is only $4.99. With this subscription, you can use Siri to search the entire Apple Music library just by talking to it. This necessitates the use of Apple products equipped with the Siri voice assistant. You can listen to live radio and curated playlists on the Voice plan, just like with the other three Apple Music tiers. Users on this plan, however, can’t watch music videos or check out the lyrics section of the site. The Voice plan does not provide spatial audio or lossless audio for the complete Apple Music library, unlike the other three tiers.

#5. Apple One Bundles is $14.95 to $29.95 Each Month

The three Apple One packages all include iCloud+ storage in addition to Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+. Premier subscribers get two terabytes of iCloud+ space, in addition to Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+. This package allows you to provide up to five additional individuals access to all of the features and services it provides. The Apple One Premier plan is the most expensive option, with a monthly subscription of $29.95 compared to $14.95 for an individual plan and $19.95 for a family plan.

What Does ♾ Mean on Apple Music?

The button there is for turning autoplay on or off. See the “Let Autoplay choose what plays next” section in for more details: On your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device, you can add songs to your queue to play next.

What is The Sideways 8 Symbol?

The figure-eight symbol for infinity, which is used both mathematically and metaphorically to refer to love, represents many ideas like eternity or limitlessness.

Is Apple Replacing Apple Music?

Select Apple One. Make a plan. You don’t need to cancel your subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, or Apple TV+ if you already have one. When you are invoiced for Apple One, they will be instantly terminated.

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