STAR LOGO: The Meaning and Brands With the Logo.

Star Logo

In logo design, a star can mean many different things. When you think of stars, you might first think of words like creative, dream, success, night, famous, and so on. A symbol like this, which has a strong global meaning, can be very powerful if you use it in the right way. This article talks about the star logo.

Stars can represent people, gods, hope, and faith. guidance, God, excellence, motivation, magic, fame, and the meaning of life. They also use it as a symbol in movies and religion. They can also show up in our dreams, which could be a sign that we should have more hope and faith.


Different cultures and countries use the five-pointed star. It’s on a lot of things, like the American Flag, the Star and Crescent, and, of course, the Walk of Fame. What it meant: a sign of quality.

The S, T, A, and R come from the services the company offers.

  • “S” is for Software: They make and sell translation technology
  • “T” is for Translation: They offer translation services
  • “A” provides technical drawings and artwork.
  • “R” is for Recording: They offer audio translation and recording services

The name also has a second meaning that isn’t obvious. The headquarters of STAR was first set up in the Swiss town of Stein Am Rhein. So the name has two hidden messages.

The Delta Sign for the Letter “A”

The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet is the big delta symbol. In math, it means the difference between two variables. It’s the difference between two sentences when it comes to translation. At the heart of STAR Transit, our editing system, a translator works, so they must know the differences between sentences to accurately review the context they are translating.

The Delta Symbol’s Horizontal Lines

There are many lines or sentences in a translation project, which you can see in these lines. When you add the delta principle, you will see how the whole translation fits together. To do this, you must look at every sentence or line in the context of the other sentences around it. So, when I say “vessels,” do I mean vases, boats, or test tubes? You would only know if you read the whole paragraph to understand the context.

It’s interesting to look at how wide the triangle’s lines are. The first line is the smallest at the top. You have one line and a small piece of information. Now that there are two lines, the second line is wider because it has more information. As you read more lines of a document, you understand it better. This is especially true if you read more in context. It’s just like a triangle: the more lines you can see in the translation, the better and wider your understanding is. The better the translation, the better you understand.

Logos With a Star on Them

In sports, some national and club teams have one or more stars next to or as part of their team badge (often called a “crest”) on their kits, usually on the shirt, to show that the team has done something important in its history. Since the late 1950s, when it was first used in association football for the first time, various national governing bodies at the club level and some confederations have regulated the practice. Some clubs have also decided on their own to wear that symbol. Here are the logo lists that include a star symbol;

#1. Paramount

A star who works for Paramount, an American company that makes and sells movies and whose name is famous. Even though the company’s famous circular medallion has twenty-one five-pointed stars, its visual identity has always been a mountain, not a star.

#2. Texaco

Texaco, the largest technology company in the U.S. and one of the biggest companies in the world, also has a star in its logo. However, this star is more than just a strong symbol with clean lines, because Texas has its name as the “Lone Star State.” The red and white color scheme, which is a sign of power and passion, makes the logo’s patriotic meaning even stronger. The Texaco logo might look simple and not very modern, but it has a very strong personality and is easy to remember.

#3. JAC Motors Inc.

JAC Motors is a Chinese firm that manufactures vehicles. It’s not too strange that the JAC star looks similar to the famous Chrysler badge, but here it’s on transparent background with an ellipsoidal frame that surrounds it. The JAC star is thin and sharp, elegant and modern, and has a sense of passion and progress, which has a soft round outline. The bold wordmark’s bright red goes well with the emblem’s light silver color scheme. Together, the two elements create an image of a confident and professional company.

#4. Starbucks

Starbucks, an American coffee company and chain of coffee shops with the same name, uses two simple five-pointed stars in white to separate the wordmark. This isn’t the most interesting way to use the symbol, but it is one of the most well-known and recognizable logos. The green and white color schemes come to life through the star symbol, which makes you think of growth, progress, and, of course, the energy that the brand’s coffee gives its customers, making their days brighter and more productive.

This American chain of coffee shops began in 1971 and quickly spread around the world. This network now has more than 23,000 locations around the world. Steve Murray, who made the logo, says that the emblem looks like the Siren. Myths and legends tell us about this creature. Myths say that the Siren caused sailors to lose their ships. You can also see the star in this logo on the crown of the Siren, whose image is inside a white and green round emblem.

If you look at the logo based not only on what the company says about it but also on what critics say, you’ll find that they have different thoughts about it. Some people who don’t like Zionist movements think that the logo might show Queen Esther. People who remember the first Starbucks logo think that, when turned upside down, it looks like the head of a goat that the Illuminati used. People who only look at the current logo’s shapes and colors in a general way think that the white and green color scheme may have something to do with growth and development.

#5. Estrella

This is the brand name of the oldest beer in Spain. And since the Estrella logo was also in this selection, it needed a star. The brand came out in the 1970s of the last century. Catalan brewery Damm now has ownership of it.

Since 1997, the beer has had a red-and-white color scheme that stands out. The same goes for the text in italics in the logo, which shows the company’s name. In 1999, the logo got a star with curved rays. It’s the first three letters of the company’s name. This design element looks like a hug. Given the company’s niche, it makes sense in theory. Sitting down with a beer and some friends or family is a sign of a good, friendly atmosphere.

When you look at the colors of the emblem again, it seems very sure of itself. White and red look great together because they are different and stylish. It relates to strong feelings, success, and passion. By the way, the updated logo, which was designed in 1999, was a sign that the company had moved into the new century. In theory, it’s a strong move to show that the company has a solid history and knows where it wants to go in the future.

#6. Heineken

A lot of people don’t like how the Heineken logo uses a red star and a green font. But first, let’s talk about the company. This Dutch company makes the most beer in its own country. And if you look at the company’s position on a global scale, it’s in second place, behind another industry giant, Anheuser-Busch InBev.

In the 1880s, when the Heineken logo was designed, the star was black and white. In the 1930s, the symbol changed from blue to red and white, with a black outline. The writing was red. It’s important to remember that the star only turned completely red after the Soviet Union broke up. The fall of the Communist regime made it possible to use this symbol without it being associated with Communism.

#7. Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is an American company that makes and sells computer games. Their logo is very bright and intense, and the star has no other meaning than to be part of their brand name. The appearance goes well with the logo, which stands for energy and strength, growth, and happiness. It is also a puzzle that reveals the brand’s name, but it is a very basic and literate problem.

#8. NFL

In the NFL logo, which is a professional soccer league in the United States, stars show patriotism. Here, the dozens of white five-pointed stars on a blue background represent the American flag. This shows that the league is part of the country, shares its values, and, of course, is the most professional. The stars on this badge, which are on a classy crest, represent the organization’s strong values and the fact that it cares about its roots and reputation.

#9. Energy Star

This is the name of the program the U.S. government runs to help people use less energy. The program started at the start of the 1990s. Today, the program runs in North America and in some Asian countries. The visual identity of the program is stable. The basic concept of the logo didn’t change since its creation in 1992. However, there have been some color modifications.

Energy Star’s logo is a very clever play on the company’s name. The word “energy,” which is in italics, follows a picture of a star. This part of the composition has an elegant arch covering. In the old logo, all of these parts had a black-and-white background. After the redesign, the logo had a slightly different look. The white piece of art is put on a blue background. This made it feel more clean and bright.

#10. Benelli

Benelli is an Italian motorcycle company with a long history. The business came into being in 1911. It’s interesting that the company started out as a small shop and is now one of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers in the world. In 1925, the star was added to the Benelli logo for the first time.

When the Benelli logo was redesigned in 1932, it had a new layout with three stars instead of two. And when the logo was changed again in 1951 and 1972, these parts were taken away, and the company name was all that was left. In 1951, people used italics and white letters with black lines around them. However, in 1972, the logo looked more interesting because it used straight letters and a font with a noble golden color, but it was still a long way from the refined visual composition that had come before. In 1995, the company went back to the version of the logo that had been used in 1932, but with a new style and a more modern look.

The logo is a silver circle with a picture of a lion, three stars with five points each, and the name of the company in the middle. A laurel wreath is placed around the edge of the symbol. It’s important to note that the company has had the lion as its symbol since the beginning. The animal, which is famous for its strength and power, is an ideal match for the motorcycle company.

#11. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz, a company that makes high-end cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles, has one of the most recognizable logos with a star. The logo was made by putting together the Benz logo and the Daimler logo. The image looks a lot like a three-spoked steering wheel. 

By doing this, the company has made it clear that it will now put most of its production efforts into making cars. And so that the company wouldn’t forget its past achievements in aircraft and ship engines, the new logo has a deeper meaning: the company’s engines work just as well on land, water, and in the air. Each star’s ray stands for one of the four elements.

#12. Converse

Converse is an American company that has been making shoes since the beginning of the 20th century. Their Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers are their most famous shoes. The famous five-pointed star in a circle was put on the All-Star logo for the first time in 1928, and it hasn’t left the brand since. 

Even if there was no writing and only a big blue star in the thin frame, it would still remind millions of people around the world of the famous shoes. Here, the symbol is both a picture of the name of the label and a sign of success, glory, and high quality. Made in a calm, deep shade of blue, it looks serious and sure of itself, showing that the brand makes shoes that are good and will last a long time.

#13. Carl’s Jr. Is a Fast-Food Restaurant

The logo of Carl’s Jr., an American chain of fast-food restaurants, shows a star that looks very friendly and helpful. The symbol here has warm orange and red colors and a slight tilt to the right, making it look like the smiling star is dancing. This makes it feel very friendly and fun. Since the beginning, the star has been an important part of Carl Jr.’s visual identity. It was first used in the company’s first badge in 1941 and has since evolved into a smooth, bright symbol that people all over the world associate with tasty, inexpensive food.

The star had a warm color scheme consisting of red and orange. When you tilt this part to the right, it looks like the smiling star is also dancing, which adds to the emotional tone. The company name at the bottom of the logo has a tilted font that fits well with the rest of the logo. And the contrast between the warm colors and the black makes the picture look good. If you look at the history of the brand’s logo, you can see that it has been a star since 1941. And the company itself, which sells tasty and cheap food, is still famous today because it has a strong hold on the niche it operates in.

#14. Poker Stars

PokerStars is the most popular place to play poker online. Isai Sheinberg and his son Mark Sheinberg, both of whom were born in Israel, started the company. Nothing about the Poker Stars logo is incidental or surprising. It’s just a white five-pointed star inside a red spade, which is the name of the website. 

Obviously, they also use the star to represent exploration, wonder, accomplishment, brilliance, and growth. The white color gives the portal, where people play for money, a sense of openness and trust, which are two of the most important things about it.

#15. San Pellegrino

This is the brand name of one of the most popular mineral waters in the world. The Nestle Group currently owns this brand. But the brand has been around since the turn of the last century, as the Italian company that makes it began in 1899.

Even though the San Pellegrino brand is famous for being simple, the logo looks very powerful and interesting. The San Pellegrino logo consists of a wordmark and a coat of arms in the shape of a star, which is placed above the wordmark. The name “S.Pellegrino” is written in all capital letters, which shows that the company is sure of its market segment.

The font has a dark blue color with a white shadow and a blue outline. A combination like this looks both artistic and strong. Those who know how to enjoy the little things will like them. At the same time, the font gets a geometric shape and seems to have depth. Elegant, thin crochets look unique and go well with the font.

More Information

If you look closely at the typeface, you can see that some of the letters have diagonal cuts on their edges. And the stripes on the letter E are not all the same length. This logo only shows how humble it is. It is hard to understand and well thought out.

The red star has a white outline and then another red outline. This kind of edge gives it a touch of class. The star adds to the composition in a meaningful way and shows that the product sold under the brand name San Pellegrino is of high quality. The logo for San Pellegrino is an example of a brand symbol that can be called “timeless.” Traditions and classics come through, but it doesn’t look old-fashioned.

There are many ways for businesses to grow in the modern world. With the product, it’s positioning, and the way the company looks, it is possible to stand out. The logo for a brand is no longer “just a badge.” It’s a symbol that sends a few important messages about the company and gives it another way to stand out from its competitors.

#1. Chrysler

This company’s logo is one of the most well-known star designs in the world. The star inside the pentagon isn’t the main symbol; it’s more of a secondary one. It gives the main element more light and volume. At the same time, the star, in this case, is an important part of the logo’s design. Because of this detail, the logo has become more elegant, light, clear, and versatile, making it look like it has been around for a long time.

It is also important to pay attention to what the star looks like. Its thin rays show movement and progress. They also show that the company is professional and makes good cars. The badge looks like it has depth because of the way the black and white colors change and contrast with each other. Overall, this logo looks classy and stylish, and its color scheme is perfect for the brand of car it represents.

In 1925, the American company Chrysler came into being. It is famous for producing numerous automobile models. The Italian company Fiat currently manages the company. 

#2. All-Star Chuck Taylor

This is a well-known brand of casual shoes made by Converse. Not for nothing, since the logos of the two brands look so much alike. In the 20s of the last century, the model went all over the world and soon became famous all over the world. Nike has been managing it since 2003. Also, the Wordmark and the graphic symbol are in the middle of the circle.

In the middle of the white circle, you can see a blue star. And the brand’s name is written in two different styles, which makes for a very interesting contrast. You can see the “Converse All-Star” around the edge of the emblem. It is written with only capital letters. This inscription looks beautiful and sure of itself, and it does a good job of decorating the inside of the emblem. The classic straight font and the color red look great there.

The handwritten font and blue color are used for the “Chuck Taylor” writing, which is on both sides of the star. This is in contrast to the clear writing on the “Converse All-Star” shoes.

The image of double stitching all around the frame of the Chuck Taylor All-Star logo is another stylish touch that shows the high quality of the shoes made by the company and their attention to every detail. Everything looks well-thought-out and well-balanced as a whole, and the star in the middle of the emblem looks right and stylish.

#3. Macy’s

This company is a chain of department stores, making an impact all over the world. You can easily recognize the logo because of its flexibility. A big red star is the first part of the logo. The next thing is the name of the company, which you can also write in all lowercase letters. Using a small black star instead of an apostrophe. It looks very unique and makes a nice contrast with the red star at the start of the logo.

The logo’s font is another important thing to point out. It’s very thin now, but it wasn’t always like this. This change to the logo’s style was part of a successful redesign. If you look at the logo’s history, you’ll notice that the font has been getting smaller since 1978.

The star in the Macy’s logo kept showing up and going away. The first logo was made in 1920. Before that, there was no logo. In 1948, the logo used the star instead of the apostrophe for the first time. It was still there when the car was redesigned in 1960. But the logo didn’t have a star in 1970, 1978, or 1982. But in 2004, it not only goes back to where it was before, replacing the apostrophe, but it also goes at the start of the logo. The company’s current logo also begins with a big red star.

#4. Indian Bank

This government agency also has a star in its logo. The main office of the Bank of India is in Mumbai. The meanings behind the symbols in the logo make it interesting. The large rectangle that serves as the base for the rest of the logo is the first thing that stands out. The Bank of India’s logo is blue in color. It has a lot of details without being too much. It looks good.#4.

On this blue background, the name of the company is written in white letters. Taking into account the rules of grammar, capital and small letters will make people happy who like it when brand identity designers follow the rules of literary writing. With the current trend toward making things easier and making logos out of capital letters, this seems like a good idea. And this style can also show a strong sense of tradition. This is a great way to improve the reputation of the bank, as a trustworthy organization.

Then, a dark orange color was used after the name and the five-pointed star. Now let’s talk about the most interesting part of the logo, which is the picture of the man inside the star. A lion is lying down next to a man, who is holding a trident. In the context of the bank’s activities, this method can show that the bank’s management has the resources it needs to manage its position in the market and protect its clients’ investments.

#5. Captain America

In the 1940s, this character was introduced for the first time. Writer Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby worked together to create his look. This character’s shield is the most important thing about him. The hero’s primary weapon is an unbreakable shield, which also serves as his brand. Inside the shield is a blue background with a silver star on it. 

In general, the star’s blue background makes sense. Next, stripes are put around the edge of the disk to make it look more interesting. Near the middle and the edge are glowing red stripes, and in the middle is a metallic band. Overall, the colors of the Captain America logo look like the colors of the American flag, which makes sense for this character. 

#6. Toys “R” Us 

Toys “R” Us is known for its bright logo, which shows exactly what the store sells. The company is in the business of making toys. It began in 1948. The team got its current name in 1957, and the star on the logo came in 1998.

Also, the logo for Toys “R” Us has gone through some interesting changes over time. Before, an “R” was inside a star, but now it’s the other way around: a white star is inside a blue letter. With this style change, it has become a useful detail that fills the space inside the letter.

So, those are some of the interesting logos that use the star. Even though some of the details are the same, they are all different and show what each company is about.

The stylized white six-pointed star with rounded edges is a trademark for Montblanc. It looks like the snowcap of Mont Blanc from above and has been the symbol since 1913.

What Logo Is a Blue Star?

Today, when a family member is serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, these banners are put up by the family. One family member serving is shown by the blue star, and a banner can have up to five stars. If the person is killed or passes away, a smaller golden star is put over it.

What Logo Is a Gold Crown?

Rolex, which makes watches, is the most well-known company with a crown logo. Also, the logos for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Corona beer, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and Maserati all have crowns.

What Is the S Star Brand?

  • Starter

Not only had the business succeeded in elevating licensed sports apparel to the level of a fashion status symbol, but it had also established a loyal customer base by prominently featuring its “S and Star” logo on the designs of the garments. The starter was ahead of the curve when it came to branding, as evidenced by the embroidered logos it placed on the back of baseball caps and on the sleeves of jackets.


The star is one of the most common symbols used for brand logos in all kinds of industries. Dozens of companies put a star on their badges, and here’s why: the Star is a sign of glory, power, guidance, and protection. The star shows quality (Mercedes-Benz), skill (Paramount), and excellence (Mercedes-Benz) (Heineken).

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