BUICK LOGO: Meaning, Old Logo, & History

Buick Logo

Since its inception in 1903, more than 118 years ago, Buick has undergone a lot of transformations in its brand image. Buick has been able to expand into new areas and win over new customers by using a branding strategy that has seen the evolution of several different logos.

Today, Buick is a globally recognized premium automaker, with a strong presence not just in its home market of North America, but also in many other regions and climates.

But that’s is just half the story. Let’s delve deeper into Buick’s background, logo history and evolution.

What does the Buicks logo mean?

The Buick logo is a shield with the word “Buick” on it. It has been used since the early 1900s and was designed by Ethel M. Dean, who also designed the Oldsmobile logo.

Where did the word Buick come from?

One of the most common questions about Buick is where the word came from. The answer is that it’s a shortened version of “buckwheat,” another name for wheat (also known as kasha). Buckwheat grows in some areas and has been used to make bread since ancient times; it was later used as an ingredient in beer brewing, so its association with heavy drinking might not surprise you.

David Dunbar Buick immigrated to America from Scotland in 1855. He began working as an engineer at age 16 with his father’s company, David Dunbar & Sons Machine Shop Co., which made parts for railroad engines (they also made streetcars). In 1876, they started making automobiles under their brand name: “DDB.” By 1880, they produced horse-drawn buggies called “Bucks” or “Piddlers” instead of wagons but still used buckwheat flour.

Buick Enclave

Buick Enclave is a crossover SUV that was introduced in 2008, and Buick manufactures it. The vehicle is based on the GM Lambda platform, which means that it has three rows of seating and can seat up to seven people. It has two powertrain options: one driving all four wheels (2WD) and another with all-wheel drive (AWD). Both engines are turbocharged V6 motors producing 305 horsepower and 280 lb-ft torque, respectively.

What was Buick famous for?

Buick was famous for a lot of things. The first car to offer a straight-eight engine, the first car with an overhead cam V8, and even the first car with an automatic transmission were all developed by Buick.

Buick also had some unique ideas about how to sell their cars. For example, they created “bragging rights” cards that would give you points if you wrote in them using different pens or pencils (the idea being that only those who used expensive pens would have bragging rights).

Buick Logo Meaning

The Buick logo is a shield, which is a symbol of safety and security. It represents the four major divisions of Buick:

  1. North America (the maple leaves)
  2. Europe (the laurel wreath)
  3. China (a dragon head)
  4. South America (a palm tree).

Buick Logo History

The Buick car logo stretches back more than a century, to the company’s inception. As one of the earliest automotive manufacturers in America and around the world, the firm experimented with several Buick logos and badges to find its brand image.

Buick emblems have been altered more than a dozen times, with everything from shields and wordmarks to animals being used (like the hawk). We notice a strong and distinct brand in almost every variant of the Buick emblem.


The original Buick emblem was a complex symbol depicting a guy wandering across a globe. The initial design, created in a sepia tone – popular among corporations at the time – lasted only a year.


A considerably simpler Buick logo appeared for the brand in 1905, with a circular insignia with a broad frame representing the words “The Car of Quality”. The wordmark in this design uses a special hand-drawn typeface, with a swirling flourish on the letter “B”.


The version of the Buick logo released in 1911 was unusual yet eye-catching, with the company name with a large “B” in the backdrop and all the remaining letters put inside. This intriguing design did not last long at the organization, maybe due to legibility concerns.


The 1913 Buick logo was far more modern, but still had a retro feel to it, with a white wordmark placed diagonally on a blue and white square. This eye-catching and captivating logo did an outstanding job of elevating the company’s image.

The colors white and blue also conveyed a sense of elegance, dependability, and trustworthiness, which was ideal for a new automotive brand.


The Buick color palette altered slightly in 1930, as did the wordmark. The blue and white background vanished, leaving the corporate name as the major emphasis of the symbol. The “Buick” cursive wordmark was shown in red with a silver outline.


Buick began experimenting with crests in the late 1930s to create tradition and sophistication for its brand image.

The shield design was inspired by the company’s founder’s coat of arms. The crest had an orange field with a broad diagonal line of white and black checkered squares. A deer was depicted in the upper right corner, and a golden cross was depicted in the lower left corner.

The coloring and shape of the crest were slightly altered in 1939. The backdrop had become a darker red, and the crest had become much thinner.

The crest was expanded and set on a black backdrop with numerous golden flourishes around it in 1942. The blue and white diamond patterns replaced the monochrome checkers across the middle of the shield.


Buick modified its pattern again in the late 1940s, removing the circular backdrop and polishing the various aspects of the shield. The color of the crest’s backdrop also momentarily changed to a more orange hue before returning to red in 1949.

The golden tones on the shield were changed with silver in 1949, making it perfect for a modern car design. The frame around the crest was also much thicker than in earlier versions.


The three shield automobile logo from Buick originally appeared in 1959. This design involves replacing the crest with a sequence of three narrow shields, each in a different tone, to commemorate the three vehicle models available at the time.


Buick’s visual design changed completely in 1975 to include a hawk, a proud emblem intended to represent speed and power. Because the Buick “Skyhawk” model was about to hit the market, the firm wanted to play with the hawk motif.

During 1976, the Buick brand experimented with making the hawk more realistic and incorporating a white wordmark into the logo. This design was used for a few years until the firm returned to the three shields automobile logo.


A simpler form of the three shields logo came in 1980, having many of the same components as the previous design, but without the detail. It was one of the longer-lasting variations of the Buick logos over the years.

The word “Buick” was printed in a serif font beneath the circular three-shield insignia in this iteration of the design.


Buick adopted an updated version of its image in 2002, with a bright and eye-catching chrome variety. This three-dimensional silver logo was simple and effective, and would look great on a car hood or bonnet.


The most recent Buick logo is an improved version of the silver variety that also includes the previous colors linked with the three shields. This design also includes a clean sans-serif wordmark, which emphasizes the brand’s modern nature.

Today, the Buick sign is meant to represent prestige and tradition. The emblem can be traced back to the original Scottish coat of arms worn by the family of Buick founder David Dunbar Buick.

The idea to utilize a shield with a diagonal line across it in the image of the Buick brand was inspired by the coat of arms.

Over time, the firm experimented with this strategy, finally creating a form of the Buick emblem that contained three shields, each representing one of the brand’s important founding vehicles.

The various hues were intended to symbolize the many models championed by the company at the time.

Today’s Buick logo font is a clean sans-serif option aimed to convey the brand’s modernity. This is a company-specific sans-serif typeface designed to be simple, crisp, and easy to read.

The most recent version of the font is a far cry from the company’s past designs, which frequently featured serif fonts.

Is a Buick a luxury car?

Buick is a luxury car, and it’s been around for over 100 years. It’s one of the oldest car brands in the world, having been founded by Elmer W. Smith in 1908 with his initial purchase of 5 Buicks from Henry Ford. The brand has grown to be one of America’s favorite mid-size sedans.

Buick has an excellent reputation for reliability, which makes them the perfect choice for older drivers who may want something reliable but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on their next vehicle purchase. This also means they’re more affordable than some other luxury cars if you need something that isn’t too flashy or expensive but still looks good on paper (and off).

What is the car with the three shields?

There are many different Buicks, but the two most recognizable are:

  1. The Buick Regal is a luxury car made in the United States. It’s been around since 1999 and has been considered one of America’s best-selling cars since then. There have been a lot of changes to this model over time—from its interior design to its exterior design. However, one thing remains constant: it’s still an excellent choice for those looking for something luxurious yet practical on their next purchase!
  2. The Buick Verano is another entry-level vehicle from GM. At the same time, it doesn’t offer quite as much as some other vehicles out there (like BMW), this car has become quite popular among young people who want something less expensive than what they’d get with BMW models like X1 or 3 Series models.”

Old Buick emblem

The original emblem was designed by a young artist named Rockwell Kent, and it was created in 1918. It featured a stylized image of an ox-drawn wagon representing the American pioneer spirit. The emblem also had an outline of Buick in its center and the words “Buick Motor Company” printed on its side.

In 1926, Buick began using this logo on all of their vehicles, but they changed it once again in 1947 when they decided that it looked too much like another car company’s logo (Henry Ford). They redesigned the badge with less red and bluer; however this did not last long because Ford sued them over copyright infringement issues later on down the road.

Buick was founded in 1899 and, since then, has been a brand of General Motors (GM). When Buick changed their logo in 2012, it was the first time a three-pointed star had been used to represent the company. The new logo features an open circle and is meant to evoke both classic Americana as well as modern-day design elements like LED lights and colors.

The old logo was simple because it only represented one word: Buell. It featured just two leaves on top of each side of an oval shape with a small “u” inside it for no apparent reason other than aesthetics. However, this new design does have meaning behind its creation: It represents all things good about life!

Is Buick a German car?

Buick is not a German car. Buick was founded in 1899 and is the oldest US car brand. It’s owned by GM, which also owns Cadillac, Chevrolet, and other brands that have been around since 1908 or earlier.

The term “German” refers to the country where cars are made—not necessarily how they’re designed or what they look like on the outside.

Is Buick Chevy or Ford?

Buick is not a Chevy. It is not a foreign brand. It is not also a luxury brand.

Buick is an American brand, and it’s been around since 1908 when Horace Dodge started building cars in Flint, Michigan (which was then called “Fancy”). The first car they made was called the “New Century,” but it didn’t sell very well. So they decided to rename their new car line after the founder of General Motors: William Crapo Durant (a guy who had been with his father at Durant & Company before becoming head of GM).

The first models were called “Dodge” before being renamed “Buicks.” That name has stuck ever since.

Is Buick made by Toyota?

Toyota does not make Buick. General Motors owns Buick and all of its brands, including Chevrolet and Cadillac.

Buicks are luxury cars that aren’t as good as some other luxury cars like BMWs or Mercedes-Benz models, but they have a lot more style than most other mainstream American brands out there (like Ford). They also tend to be better built than those other brands, which can make them worth the extra money spent on one over another brand you may prefer

Is Buick owned by GM?

Buick is a division of General Motors, but GM doesn’t own it. This can be not very clear because you might think that if Buick were a division of the company, then it would be owned by GM. But in fact, referencing their corporate structure and ownership structure clearly shows how they’re separate entities:

  1. The word “Buick” doesn’t appear anywhere on their website or any other material related to them (including advertisements). Instead, all logos are generic images used for marketing purposes only—for example, there’s an image with no words at all just saying “Buick.”
  2. Their headquarters are located in Michigan City (about an hour south of Chicago) instead of Detroit like most other divisions under GM’s umbrella; even though this division was formed decades ago when Cadillac was still part of General Motors Corporation.

Is Buick a Japanese car?

Buick is not a Japanese car. Buick is not a GM brand. It is an American brand and it was founded in 1911 by William Crapo Durant and William H. Howland Jr., both of whom were involved in the production of the Oldsmobile Curved Dash. The name comes from combining “Bucyrus,” which was the place where Durant built his first carriage company before moving on to automobile manufacturing; however, no relation exists between these two cities (which are located approximately 120 miles apart).

The logo has always been red with white trimming around it—what we’d call today “a classic look.” This color scheme has remained consistent throughout their history and during many other brands’ designs over time; however, several variations were used during this period due to changes made due to economic conditions within each country involved.

Are all Buicks built in China?

Buick is a brand of General Motors, an American multinational automotive corporation based in Detroit, Michigan. It was founded by William C. Durant and Carl W. Rasmussen in 1904 as a maker of carriages and buggies before being sold to GM for $6 million in 1918.

The carmaker has been building cars since 1903 and was bought by GM back in 1926 (which was then known as General Motors Corp.). Since then, it’s become one of the most iconic luxury brands thanks to its opulence and history.

Is Cadillac or Buick better?

You may have heard that Cadillac is more expensive, but there’s also a lot to be said for Buick.

First, you should know that Cadillac and Buick are both made in Michigan. However, Cadillac has been around longer than Buick—the company was founded in 1902 by Henry Leland as the Leland Motor Car Company and produced its first automobiles in 1904. This makes it older than any other American carmaker by over 40 years.

Cadillac also offers more models than any other brand today: they offer 7 models with 10 different body styles (including SUVs). They also provide 11 engines ranging from 2 liters up to 5 liters while other brands only sell 4 machines at most, which means they won’t get as much power out of their cars compared with others like Dodge or Chevy.

Is Buick a luxury?

Buick is a luxury car brand. It’s also the oldest American luxury car brand, the third-largest American car company, and one of the oldest car companies in the world.

Buick was founded in Flint, Michigan, in 1908 by Ransom E. Olds (a former Blacksmith) and Matthew Smith (an inventor). The first Buicks were made from horse-drawn wagons until 1914, when they moved production to Lansing, where they developed an aluminum body for their vehicles. In 1915 they started producing their this became such an essential part of Buick’s operations that today there are still no other major manufacturers that make only engines.

In 1924 General Motors purchased a controlled ng interest in GMC Truck Company which Henry Burden had formed as an investment vehicle for his family’s wealth by merging it with Cadillac Motor Car Company; this allowed them access to new markets like trucks but also gave them greater control over quality issues related directly or indirectly related with manufacturing processes during wartime periods when resources were scarce due government intervention programs like “war bonds.”

Buick is a trendy brand in China and one of the most popular brands in the country. It’s also one of the most popular cars in China, with a market share similar to that of Toyota or Volkswagen.

Buick was founded by C. Elmer Brown in Flint, Michigan, on March 21, 1906, as “The Flint Automobile Company.” The company was renamed Buick Motor Company after it moved its headquarters south from Flint to Detroit during World War I (1914–18). The name “Buick” comes from Louis Charles Buick, who served as an artillery officer during this period; his son Earle D. Buick was born before he retired from military service.


Buick is one of the oldest American automakers and was one of the first to make a luxury car. Buick has been around for over 100 years and has produced many different models. They were also known for being an American brand. Buicks are also very popular in China because they are sold there at lower prices than American cars.


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