eBay Selling Fees: Pricing, Calculators and Best UK Practices

eBay Selling Fees
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As of September 2019, eBay was one of the biggest U.S. online companies with operations in about 32 countries. In addition to the original auction-style sales on eBay, the website has further extended to include an instant shopping style known as “Buy It Now.” As a result, buyers, as well as sellers on the eBay platform, have increased tremendously. For buyers, it is a free-to-use website. On the other hand, listing and selling items on eBay attract a certain fee for sellers depending on the item you’re selling.

Consequently, this post will enlighten you on how much eBay selling fees are in the UK for items such as cars and how the selling fee calculator works. So, if you’re thinking about becoming a regular seller and making more money by selling valuable products on eBay, do yourself a favour and read up. 

eBay Selling Fees in The UK

Being an eBay seller is genuinely fun and exciting, and it can be quite profitable for brands and shops all over the world. Nevertheless, to make the most of the marketplace, you must first comprehend the eBay selling fees.

#1. Listing fees: 

This is otherwise called an insertion fee. Here, you’re paying a couple of bucks to have your listing up for a week or two. With millions of potential purchasers, your offering might sell rapidly. And once that occurs, you will be able to receive funds immediately into your account. 

Similarly, you can upgrade your listing to “buy it now” by adding more pictures or sponsoring it. However, this is optional as it attracts an additional fee.

#2. Final Value Fees:

When most people think of eBay selling fees, they think of final value fees. These are usually based on the subtotal amount paid by your consumer. The fees, however, are determined by the item’s price, the format and category you select for your listing, any optional listing upgrades you include, and your seller behaviour. 

In other words, you’ll be charged a percentage of the total sale price of your item after it sells. Ultimately, the value cost for most categories is 12.55% or less, plus a $0.30 transaction fee.

#3. PayPal Fees:

Most listings may not include this because it is not a true eBay fee. However, the majority of eBay merchants actively use PayPal for all of their transactions. PayPal charges a flat fee and a percentage of your transaction. 

When computing profit margins, remember to include both this fee and your eBay fees.

How much are eBay selling fees in the UK?

Your insertion fee is dependent on the greater of your minimum opening bid or reserve price. If you don’t have an eBay Store and start your auction at $0.99 with no reserve, the listing cost is waived (for the first 100 items per month).

However, if you start your auction at $0.99 and set an unspecified reserve price of $50.00, your auction will cost $2.00 to post. When you place a reserve on an item, you pay an insertion fee equal to the reserve amount plus the reserve price charge. 

Don’t expect to get your insertion fees back if your item does not sell. They are not returnable. You can, however, relist your unsuccessful item for free for a second listing cost, but only if your item sells with the second listing. 

Still, if it doesn’t sell this time, the fee for the second listing will be retained. Meanwhile, writing a better title, starting with a lower opening bid, and including a more concise description can aid in the sale of the item. Consider altering the category too though.

eBay Selling Fees For Cars

Admittedly, the fees for listing and selling cars on eBay Motors differ from the fees for listing and selling in other categories. Therefore, eBay selling fees for cars in the UK are determined by the type of car you list, whether your selling volume and the listing tool you use to generate your listing.

If you have access to decent used automobiles, work as a mechanic, or have a contact at a dealership who allows you to sell cars on eBay for fees or on consignment, selling cars on eBay is a natural business for you.

8 Steps Involved In Listing Your Cars For Sale On eBay Motors

#1. Sign in and start making a listing.

Click “Sell” at the top of any eBay page to begin an eBay listing using the standard eBay selling form.

#2. As Your First Category, choose “eBay Motors.”

On the first page of the listing form, just below the box where eBay wants an ISBN or UPC number, click the “Browse Categories” link. On the following page, choose the vehicle’s make and model from the drop-down menus.

#3. Select a Motors Listing Format.

Following that, you get to choose between a local listing (no fees, viewable to individuals within 200 miles of your location) and a national listing (fees of $60 – $125 upon successful purchase. 

Keep in mind that regarding any sale, you’ll have to make arrangements with the buyer for the delivery of the vehicle in some way, so distance may or may not be critical to you.

#4. Chose a befitting title

The listing title is the determining factor for a non-car eBay auction, just as it is for a vehicle auction. To generate interest in eBay Motors auctions, include the vehicle year, make, model, mileage, and one positive utterance following a unique affirmation.

#5. Completing the Selling Form

Complete the information areas of the selling form with the information you did receive while completing the Sell Your Vehicle Checklist. Don’t make assumptions about features; if you’re not certain your car has a feature, don’t claim it does while you fill out the form, otherwise, you may be held accountable for any contradiction later on.

#6. Enter a Description

For a non-vehicle listing, this is just as important as a good item description. Separate the following text into separate paragraphs to clarify: What is the general functioning condition of the vehicle.? The aesthetic condition of the vehicle.? Kinds of things happened recently.? What chores need to be accomplished as soon as possible.? What is the driving force behind your decision to sell.? Is it your first time owning it, and if so, how long has it been in your family? What is the status of the title right now?

#7. Add Your photos:

You’ll submit the images you’ve taken for your listing after you’ve saved the vehicle specifications and description. The glamour shots are placed first to best market your vehicle and entice visitors to click on your listing. Furthermore, include practical images as well, such as an under-the-hood shot, shots of any damaged areas, and most importantly, your updated title photo or scan.

#8. Set Your Terms

After you’ve uploaded your images, you’ll describe how you anticipate making transportation arrangements for the vehicle and how you expect to be paid.  Indeed, a reasonable rule of thumb is to require a deposit of 10 to 20% of the vehicle’s worth up advance.

When your listing is active, buyers in your area or across the country (considering how you’ve listed your vehicle) will be able to view it and either bargain on or purchase it. 

However, your work’s not done – for an eBay Motors automobile listing, you’ll probably want to be a little more observant than normal.

UK eBay Selling Fees Calculator

Don’t waste time calculating your eBay selling fees or those you’ll incur while accepting PayPal payments on eBay. Today’s downloadable eBay selling fees calculator does all of the homework for you. If you’re still accepting payments through PayPal, use the eBay PayPal calculator to calculate your selling fees. In the same way, if you’re selling on eBay but don’t want to use PayPal, the eBay fee calculator will serve.

Choose whether you are a business or a private seller, enter the specifics of your sale, and the calculator will do the rest. You’ll see the eBay selling fees, PayPal fees, and how much profit you received from the sale right away.

Calculating Your Selling Fees Using eBay Calculator

eBay charges different fees depending on whether you are a business or a private seller. If you are a business seller, the ultimate value fee will vary depending on the category of your listed items, independent of your shop type. Furthermore, eBay rewards sellers with a feature called Top Rated Seller, which offers a 10% discount off your final value charge. Examine the eBay website to learn more about the requirements.

The highest final value fee limit per item sold is £250.

A 20% VAT levy is also payable to business sellers.

If you are VAT registered, you can claim the VAT on the item cost and the eBay final value fee. But the government will also take 20% of what you charge your buyer.

Features Of eBay Calculator

  • Sale price
  • Postage price
  • Item cost Postage cost
  • Type of seller
  • Top-rated seller
  • Item Category
  • International Usage 
  • Profit and Revenue

The amount of income generated by selling your products or services is referred to as revenue. Multiply the number of sales by the sales price or average service price to arrive at this figure.

Revenue is calculated as:

Sales x Average Price of Service or Sales Price. After deducting all of your business expenses, you get your complete profit. When computing profit for a single item, the simplest profit formula is: Profit = Price – Cost.

Then, divide your net income by your total sales revenue to obtain your net profit margin.

Total Sales x Net Income Equals Net Profit Margin.

Is it worth selling on eBay 2022?

What is the value of eBay selling? Definitely, yes. For small businesses with a limited number of listings, eBay will be a better option. because vendors who have several listings are exempt from listing fees and other costs.

Is eBay Losing Popularity?

In 2022, there were 138 million active users on eBay, a 13% drop from the previous year. Since 2018, there has been a reduction in active users.

Is it better to sell through eBay or PayPal?

The ideal option for eBay sellers, including one-time vendors and serious, long-term merchants, is often to use PayPal to manage transactions. eBay advertises PayPal as a “secure and efficient” method of handling online transactions.

Why is eBay banning sellers?

Accounts are typically subject to holds, limits, or suspensions for one of the following reasons: You must pay eBay fees. You must pay eBay back for any refunds given to your buyers. One of eBay’s policies or rules has been broken by you.

How is eBay doing 2022?

Operating margin: According to GAAP, the operating margin dropped from 31.9% for the first quarter of 2021 to 27.9% for the first quarter of 2022. Non-GAAP operating margin dropped from 37.3% in the first quarter of 2021 to 32.4% in the first quarter of 2022.

Is it OK to accept cash when selling on eBay?

You can’t request that customers use a payment method that eBay doesn’t accept or that isn’t listed in your ad. See our Payment Methods policy for more details. Except in cases when a buyer is paying on the collection, we do not advise accepting cash.

Is it OK to accept cash when selling on eBay?

You can’t request that customers use a payment method that eBay doesn’t accept or that isn’t listed in your ad. See our Payment Methods policy for more details. Except in cases when a buyer is paying on the collection, we do not advise accepting cash.


Selling on eBay may be a lucrative and fun business. However, it is critical for sellers to verify they have done their homework on eBay selling fees and hidden upgrade listing prices. Furthermore, understanding how eBay works to safeguard both sellers and buyers is quite beneficial in ensuring a productive eBay selling business.

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FAQ On eBay Selling Fees

How Much Does eBay Take For a Sale?

Sellers with a basic eBay account pay a 10% final value cost for most items (up to $750), a 12% fee for books, DVDs, movies, and music (up to $750), a 2% fee for some business and industrial categories (up to $300), and a 3.5 percent fee for musical instruments and gear (up to $350).

What Are eBay 2021 Fees

9.5 percent of the total sale price up to $2,500 per item. And 2.35 percent on the percentage of the sale that exceeds $2,500

Do I Pay Tax When I Sell On eBay?

The amount of tax you owe on eBay profits depends on the amount of profit you make. If you earn up to £1,000 per year from eBay sales – given they do not account for your full-time income – you can deduct this from your tax bill using the Trading Allowance. For the 2021/22 tax year, the Personal Allowance is currently set at £12,570.

Do I Need To Declare eBay Sales?

You do not have to declare or pay income tax on profits made from selling unsuitable items to private and/or personal use (though capital gains tax may be payable on occasion), for example, if you bought a gleaming set of carbon BST wheels for your motorcycle and then sold them for a small profit.

Can eBay Be a Full Time Job?

For some, eBay selling is a part-time hobby or ‘side hustle’ that allows them to earn extra money while also getting rid of useless stuff. However, selling on eBay may be a full-time profession.

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