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A game tester doesn’t get paid to play games all day contrary to popular belief. They test certain areas of a game, create detailed reports on each fault they detect and then re-test when the development team has rectified it. They check for copyright violations, program faults, spelling errors, graphic or audio defects, and even program bugs.

A career as a video game tester may be appealing if you like dealing with electronics. Because video game consoles are so popular, there is not just a need for excellent game testers, but it’s also a good method to break into the video game business. We will discuss what a game tester does in this article, as well as how to become one.


A game tester, also known as a quality assurance tester, plays developed video games to look for flaws, commonly referred to as glitches or bugs. Often employed by video game publishers, game testers frequently collaborate closely with programmers and other technical members of the production team. In order to ensure that they have evaluated every conceivable variation of play, they are required to do extensive testing, frequently repeating game levels.

Game testers not only play games but also record any gameplay issues they encounter along with instructions on how to reproduce those errors. They inform the development team of these issues so that they can address them. Software programs are powered by the code created by computer programmers. To create, test, and improve applications, they work with a variety of computer languages. Some focus on particular application categories, such as mobile apps or software as a service (SaaS).

Games must be rigorously tested in all conceivable scenarios and applications for all of the game’s components. Testers use a matrix approach to testing in games where characters battle one another. Here, each character is put to the test by going up against each of the others in turn. Also, they must ensure that every building, tree, rock, and weapon is depicted accurately. Such testing may take days, depending on the size of the game.

In addition to testing the game, testers are required to attend meetings and submit written reports on any errors or bugs they encounter. These reports need to be written in a way that makes it simple for the engineers to identify the issues. Testers can always send mail list and perform certain legislative duties as well

Game Tester Job

Video game testers can work onsite or offsite, either from their homes or somewhere else.  Some businesses choose to establish an internal testing team so that testers and developers may interact in person. This is a typical procedure for big businesses that are managing several projects at once. Other businesses hire independent contractors or firms to handle their game-testing initiatives. Remote video game testers employed by an agency are frequently given several tasks. Because of their flexible schedules and flexibility to choose their clients, work-from-home opportunities are popular among game testers. However, these workers must be self-motivated and capable of performing well without supervision.

The demand for video games has an impact on the work of game testers. Due to the high demand for games, there will be an increase in the need for game testers in the upcoming years. You could find it helpful to do job searches on several employment sites for this phase, including general job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor and sites unique to the gaming industry, like Gaming Jobs Online and Hitmarker. Pay close attention to the income details, the skills and qualifications needed, and the connected responsibilities and projects for each job posting.

In order to improve games and make sure they are user-ready, game testers frequently work for video game firms alongside game developers and programmers.

Video Game Tester

A number of crucial duties fall under the purview of video game testers. Most significantly, kids are required to approach video games differently than while playing them for fun. In this manner, they are able to spot technical and creative issues that might lead to a bad user experience. 

In a sense, testers for video games are professionals in quality assurance. Video game testers spend countless hours playing games and send the game developers bug reports. To make sure that games are engaging and enjoyable for the players, they test the user experience. You must look for bugs and issues in the games that could ruin your gaming experience.

A tester’s primary duty is to guarantee that every part of the game functions as intended. Before the game is officially released, they must ensure that it is error-free. The majority of game testers began as avid gamers. Spending hours playing games teaches them about game dynamics, gameplay, and what makes a successful game. It helps if you enjoy playing video games because the work frequently entails revisiting levels of video games to search for issues.

Testing for video games is a pretty cutthroat industry. Being skilled at video games is insufficient. Standing out from the competition is crucial if you want to build your tester resume after landing your initial job. Make sure to convey to the employer that you take this position seriously and that you are more than just a gamer by acting with the utmost professionalism. Display effective organizing and communication skills. To increase your chances of landing a job, finish a degree or certification program. Earning a degree demonstrates your dedication to the field and your willingness to expand your horizon

Game Tester Salary

As of November 2019, the average pay for a game tester in the United States was $14.13 per hour, with a range of $7.25 to $44.10. Your expertise level and the employer you work for will both have a significant impact on your game-testing income. As local laws may set a minimum wage, where you reside can also affect how much money you make. Some game testing positions could be at an office where the employer supplies the necessary supplies. Other aspects of professions that test video games need you to furnish your own gaming consoles, television, and other equipment. This is something to take into account while negotiating your pay.

Game testers in the US make an average salary of $57,313 per year, according to Glassdoor [2]. This sum includes a median additional wage of $4,086 and an average base pay of $53,227. Profit sharing, bonuses, and commissions are examples of additional compensation. Another evaluation found that the average annual salary for a game Tester in the US is $60,370 as of Mar. 5, 2023. That comes out to about $29.02 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This amounts to $5,030 per month or $1,160 each week.

Xbox Game Tester Jobs from Home

Learn how to evaluate games. Game testing and gameplay are two different things. The chance to work as a game tester has never been better. Are you unsure of where to go for online game tester jobs? do you feel depressed about not being hired as a game tester? Are you unsure about where to submit an online application? Would you be interested in earning $20 to $50 or more per hour at home by testing video games on your PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Xbox 360? Where can I get work like this?

1. Confidential Senior Hardware Engineer

2. Overhead Door Corporation (Electrical Engineer)

3, Philips Ultrasound Field Service Engineer (Home-Based: Fort Worth, TX)

4. Video game tester – Korean localization

5. Video game tester – Italian localization

6. Senior QA technician

7. Associate QA tester: social club (night club)

How do you Become a Game Tester?

Here are a few more pointers to help you stand out from the competition and improve your chances of getting hired as a game tester

  • Gather technical expertise: you may have an advantage over other candidates by earning a certification from the American Software Testing Qualification Board (ASTQB). While most employers accept high school graduates, obtaining a degree or certificate in computer programming, graphic design, or game creation can help you advance your job possibilities.
  • Play a variety of gaming genres, including sports, real-time strategy, and multiplayer online war arenas, to get a variety of experiences.
  • Learn how to play games on a variety of gaming consoles, as well as on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

How Much Money Does a Game Tester Make?

American video game testers make an average of $34,301 per year or $16 per hour. The least 10% earn less than $20,000 annually, while the richest 10% earn over $56,000 annually. The average annual salary for a GAME Tester in the US is $60,370. That comes out to about $29.02 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This amounts to $5,030 per month or $1,160 each week. 

Can a 16-Year-old be a Game Tester?

You should finish high school because the majority of game testers are 18 or older. Also, you will require fundamental communication and writing skills, which you can master in high school or while preparing for an equivalency exam. The publisher (who often conducts the majority of testing) and/or the developer is ultimately responsible. It could be challenging to become a tester while still in high school. The majority of video game publishers and studios need testers who can devote eight hours per day, five days per week, to the game(s) in question. It won’t do to wait a few hours after school.

If you’re enrolled in college, your chances are improved. Most test administrators will accommodate your college schedule, especially if you can arrive before or after your classes and none of them are in the middle of the day.

Do you Need Math to be a Game Tester?

You will require math expertise to comprehend programming. analytical thinking ability to be diligent and pay attention to detail for detecting problems and “bugs” in software. It’s not a terrible idea to broaden your employment prospects by earning a degree in computer programming, software development, or graphic design even though not all businesses require a college degree for entry-level video game testing positions.

Does Game Testing Require Coding?

The essential technical abilities needed can change. The ability to code, though, is the most crucial one. Get a standard computer science degree or learn through online courses or boot camps. Project management, communication, and an eye for practicality are potential additional abilities. You obviously require a working knowledge of coding and programming languages. While it’s not a prerequisite for all professions, understanding how game creators create games might assist QA testers for video games to uncover issues more quickly. Python, C++, and C# are the most often used programming languages among QA testers for video games.

Final Tip

Testers for quality assurance in video games are increasingly in demand. Small mobile phone game developers also commonly offer game testing positions, so it’s not just the big development studios like Electronic Arts, Sony, or Ubisoft that do it. You should consider switching to a position as a QA manager, game programmer, graphic designer, or game technical writer after gaining the necessary expertise as a game tester to have a successful career in the gaming sector.

The careers that you can pursue after earning a computer science diploma are listed below.

  • Programming video games and Designing video games
  • Software development and Software quality control
  • Software evaluation
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