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Due to developments in remote banking communication technologies and cloud computing, businesses have found themselves looking for a reliable system to handle their money and cash flow. If you’re in the pot, it’s okay, don’t fret. Generally, since the introduction of EBICS and the widespread impact of SWIFTNet, TMS solutions have become indispensable to modern enterprises. With the help of a TMS, businesses can automate crucial financial activities like liaising with banking partners and retrieving cash flow statistics instantaneously, all the while keeping their financial data safe. We have identified and compiled a list of the top treasury management systems providers so you can evaluate their features and make an informed decision on which is best for your company.

Treasury Management Systems

In the realm of finance, a treasury management system (TMS) is a piece of corporate software that aids in the automation of tedious, frequently manual treasury tasks. By automating these processes, CFOs and treasurers can better monitor cash flow and liquidity, ensure regulatory compliance, and oversee internal financial activities.

Basically, cash management, bank account administration, and the handling of financial transactions are the primary focuses of treasury management. When it comes to optimizing cash flow, controlling bank accounts, managing liquidity, delivering compliance, and keeping an eye on investments, debt, and intercompany loans, treasury management systems provide the visibility and data needed by CFOs and treasurers.

The automation of a company’s financial processes is one of the many benefits that can be gained from investing in treasury management software. TMS provides businesses with the assistance they need to better manage their cash and liquidity requirements in order to pay their employees, suppliers, and shareholders. It also assists with payment reconciliation and debt management, in addition to providing forecasting and analytics. The software provides a picture of the cash on hand, the assets, the market data, and the many financial activities in real-time.

What are the Best Treasury Management Systems?

The top five best treasury management systems providers in 2023 are;

  • SAP Cash Management
  • Kyriba
  • Nomentia
  • FIS
  • Bottomline Technologies

Top Treasury Management Systems Providers

The market is flooded with treasury management systems, making it difficult to know what to look for in service providers. However, taking a hyper-modular strategy might be useful. This is because it lets you pick and select the solutions you need and then incorporate them into your current tech stack. 

Basically, your unique business requirements will determine which solution is best for you. Identifying your needs in terms of financial management will help you zero in on a suitable solution. If you want to take your treasury management to the next level, the next step is to get in touch with several system providers who fit your needs.

While the best treasury management systems providers for your company will depend on its unique circumstances, Below is a list of great TMS programs you may consider;

#1. SAP Cash Management

SAP, or System Applications and Products in Data Processing, is a German software company specializing in business applications. The ERP software produced by this organization is often regarded as the best in the world. 

The SAP Treasury and Risk Management application allows users to precisely forecast cash flow, manage liquidity, and reduce risk. You will have the capability to combine cash flows, transactions, commodity holdings, and market data, as well as optimize straight-through processing with comprehensive and real-time analysis, auditing, and compliance reporting.

The free fundamental components of SAP Cash Management include banking account management (BAM), cash operations, and liquidity management.

#2. Nomentia

When it comes to treasury and cash management solutions in Europe, Nomentia is at the forefront as a market leader. Founded in Finland, Nomentia now serves customers in the Nordic, Benelux, and DACH regions. Nomentia has developed over the past few decades through strategic mergers and collaborations. The award-winning Treasury Information Platform was developed by TIPCO Treasury & Technology GmbH, which Nomentia bought in 2021.

Nomentia recently announce partnerships with Microsoft, Iwow, and Medius to increase the accessibility of the solution on Microsoft Azure, the breadth of its worldwide payment and cash management features, and the effectiveness of its deployment projects.

With Nomentia’s cash management SaaS platform, you can access payments, bank account management, matching, liquidity, bank connectivity, in-house banking, anomaly detection, and sanction screening.

#3. Bottomline Technologies

Bottomline Technologies, headquartered in Portsmouth, US, serves clients in Europe, the US, and Asia-Pacific. Corporations and financial institutions can take advantage of the company’s cash management solutions. These CMSs include things like automated workflows for payment processing and bill review; fraud detection and behavioral analytics tools; domestic and international payments, and solutions for meeting regulatory compliance requirements. The treasury management system from Bottomline Technologies provides real-time visibility and multi-bank connection to streamline your organization’s payment and cash lifecycle management.

#4. Kyriba

Kyriba, a provider of cloud-based treasury and finance solutions, is headquartered in San Diego and has regional offices around North America, Europe, and Asia. Kyriba’s treasury management software is primarily used for cash positioning, cash forecasting, reconciliation, in-house banking, creating journal entries for bank transactions, publishing transactions to the general ledger, and reconciling bank transactions to accounting entries.

#5. FIS

The Jacksonville, Florida-based FIS has been serving the financial industry since 1968. The company is most renowned for its innovations in financial technology, which it uses to serve customers in the retail sector, the banking industry, and the stock market. Payments, banking, trading, and risk management are only some of the use cases catered to by FIS available products. FIS also provides a SaaS-based payments platform called RealNet. RealNet facilitates instantaneous payments to any recipient, anywhere in the world, and thereby speeds up cash flow for enterprises.

#6. CashAnalytics

CashAnalytics was established in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing the ways in which businesses monitor and control their daily cash flow. The company’s main operations are run out of Dublin, Ireland, but they also have a branch in Boston, Massachusetts. With CashAnalytics, you can easily see the state of your business’s cash flow and liquidity, both now and in the future.  CashAnalytics offer tools for cash flow projection, banking, liquidity, and working capital.

#7. TIS

TIS debuted in 2010 with the release of Bank Account Manager, its flagship product. The company was headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. Since then, the firm has provided solutions for the improvement of outbound payment operations by integrating treasury management with cloud architecture and bank connectivity. Global payments, cash management with real-time visibility of liquidity and cash flow, bank account management, and bank connectivity are just some of the current solutions you can enjoy with the TIS payments platform.

#8. Serrala

With locations across the globe, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Serrala is a leading provider of financial automation and B2B payments software. The services offered by Serrala include accounts payable automation, cash application, cash management, forecasting, payments, collections and disputes, credit and risk management, data and document management, and electronic bill presentation and payment.

#9. Cashforce

Cashforce, based in Antwerp, Belgium, is a provider of a working capital platform with an emphasis on automation and integration of cash forecasting. With operations in both Europe and the United States, Cashforce provides services to improve the efficiency of financial and treasury departments by automating processes, including cash flow forecasting and treasury reporting.

#10. Coupa

Coupa is a provider of cloud-based applications for managing business expenses. The firm was established in 2006, and its headquarters are located in California. It also has branches in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Through the use of Coupa, businesses are able to better track and manage their finances, payments, and supply chain operations.

What are the Types of Treasury Management?

Generally, the various treasury management systems providers offer numerous benefits to companies and businesses of all sizes. They make it easier to process cash flows, manage funds more efficiently, and be more open about banking.

While each of these treasury management systems providers has its own unique features, they can be categorized into; 

  • Liquidity management
  • Fraud
  • Receivables
  • Information
  • Disbursements
  • FX risk management
  • Digital treasury services

Why Treasury Management System is Important?

The treasury management systems are important for a variety of reasons among which are;

  • Optimization of liquidity: This has to do with keeping an eye on when your money is coming and going ( cash inflows and outflows).
  • Organization of Collections: It helps get your accounts payable and receivables systems in order.
  • Hedging of Risks: It helps reduce financial risk or the potential for loss.
  • Information sharing provides an avenue to find out how your finances are currently doing with up-to-the-minute information.

What is the Difference Between Cash Management and Treasury Management?

Even though these terms are frequently used interchangeably, Treasury Management encompasses a far wider range of activities, including the funding and investment decisions made by a corporation. Cash Management, on the other hand, typically relates to things like wire transfers, sweep accounts, merchant services, and other choices for business credit.

What are the Treasury Management Tools?

The complexity and features of treasury management tools can vary widely. While some products cater primarily to small and medium-sized businesses, others excel at handling the cash flow needs of multinational corporations. Nevertheless, here are some of the top treasury management tools you can choose from;

  • SAP 
  • MbOX
  • DocFinance
  • OIKOS Treasury Suite
  • Nomentia

What is SAP Treasury Management?

SAP (SAP FSCM-TRM) offers a treasury and risk management module that provides you with automation options that allow you to automate the; 

  • Administration of the Treasury and Working Capital
  • Cash Management 
  • Analyzing, controlling, and complying with all compliance regulations 
  • Securing of Financial Risk
  • Payments and Bank Communication


Financial commitments are basically a fact of life for any enterprise. The purpose of treasury management is to reduce a company’s exposure to financial risk by maintaining an appropriate level of liquid assets.

Even extremely lucrative companies have a chance of going out of business if they do not have the financial resources to meet all of their financial commitments. The amount of time it takes for an organization to collect payments from customers can be cut down significantly with effective treasury management.

Additionally, if you wish to comply with federal financial standards, cover intricate goods, and perform high-level risk management analytics, you need a treasury management system.

Treasury Management Systems Providers FAQs

What are the various products of TMS?

Treasury management product is now available in a wide range of options. Basically, these options can be scaled to fit the needs of even the smallest and largest enterprises. These products include;

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH
  • Wire transfers
  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
  • Merchant service
  • Fraud detection
  • ACH fraud detection

What is the main reason for treasury management?

Financial commitments are basically a fact of life for any enterprise. Treasury management’s goal is to reduce a company’s exposure to financial risk by maintaining an appropriate balance of liquid assets.

What are the main fundamental challeges of treasury management systems?

Basically, the three most difficult tasks facing treasury departments are;

  • Cash repatriation
  • Treasury technology systems, and
  • Liquidity risk management
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