BEST PART-TIME JOBS FOR RETIREES: Less Stressful Jobs To Go For In 2023

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Working in retirement may seem contradictory, but today’s retirees and those who are close to retiring are redefining what it means to move into the next stage of life. According to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Research, the majority of Americans who currently work (55%) want to continue doing so in retirement, with 41% working part-time and 14% working full-time. Employees 65 and older are twice as likely to work part-time as those between the ages of 25 and 64, according to research published by AARP’s Public Policy Institute.

You don’t have to ever work again once you reach retirement. In reality, it might be a fantastic chance to work independently. Working part-time can increase your retirement income, keep you active, give you a purpose, and even be enjoyable. Some retirees even continue to work for purposes other than boosting their income. Because they are not yet old enough to be eligible for Medicare, they may require group health insurance coverage. Some people simply take pleasure in their jobs because it keeps them socially connected, and busy, providing them with a feeling of purpose. In this article, we will walk you through the best part-time jobs for retirees.

Best Part-Time Jobs For Retirees

According to a survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute in October 2022, more than one-fourth of retirees claim to be spending more than they can afford. Savings aren’t going as far as they once did, which is hardly surprising given that inflation was 7.1% in November. But it is possible to earn additional money without taking a full-time position.

Retirees can spend a few hours at a time at some part-time jobs, such as teaching, babysitting, or assisting with tax preparation, and the extra money can really help. Here are some concepts to think about.

#1. Writing

You may undoubtedly get work as a writer if you love language. Traditional newspapers and periodicals, websites, discussion boards, and blogs are just a few of the places where writers might get employment. The terms “copywriters,” “bloggers, “editors, “columnists, and even “news writers” are frequently used to refer to writers, who fall into two categories (authors and technical writers). Good writing and research skills are essential for this field.

#2. School Bus Driver

Depending on your tolerance for excessive kid behavior, being surrounded by school-age children in your retirement can make you feel young again or age you tremendously. Make sure you’re prepared to drive children safely to and from school as well as uphold discipline and enforce regulations on a bus full of restless teenagers. Simpler criteria for the position include a commercial driver’s license, a clean driving record, and a background check.

#3. Resort Worker

Main responsibilities: Working part-time at a preferred resort may feel more like a vacation for seniors looking for pleasure. Employees in resorts serve guests in a variety of capacities, including concierge, golf course helper, lifeguard, restaurant, dock, and other positions. They are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and helping travelers.

#4. Pet sitting

Pet sitters are those who take care of animals when their owners are away, whether they are at work, on vacation, or in another situation where they may be gone for a long time. They must be kind people who are knowledgeable about animal behavior, take good care of animals, provide them with fresh food and water, exercise them, and stay in touch with their owners while they are away.

#5. Tax preparation or Book-keeping

Got a talent for math? These employees are solely in charge of maintaining the accounting for the business, which includes drafting and monitoring invoices, paychecks, and other financial documents. They could also be in charge of accounting assistants and lower-level bookkeepers. This opportunity is most likely to be found in a small business with straightforward finances.

#6. Nanny

A nanny’s main responsibilities include watching children while their parents are gone. They might stay there permanently or just occasionally. They have to supervise play, maintain the children’s sleep routine, assist with homework, prepare meals, and do some light housework. Someone in this position needs to be a skilled communicator with both the kids’ parents and the kids themselves.

#7. Customer Service

Customer care agents communicate with clients via chat, email, and phone. They serve as a company’s main point of contact and assist clients in finding solutions to issues or providing information. You’ll require fundamental computer abilities, such as data entry, as well as the ability to multitask while serving several clients at once.

#8. Consulting or Freelancing

According to the requirements of their projects, many businesses employ people with particular capabilities. At times of workforce reduction, businesses may require independent contractors to fill in the vacancies.  Some retirees work as independent consultants for businesses where they once held long-term positions. Clients and independent contractors are connected by websites like Datatrace

Best Part-Time Jobs For Retirees With Benefits

Retirees can spend a few hours at a time at some part-time jobs, such as teaching, pet sitting, or assisting with tax preparation, and the extra money can really help. Here are some concepts to think about.

#1. Gig Worker

Casual laborers are finding new markets thanks to on-demand apps. In the gig economy, you can find work if you’re a driven self-starter. Delivery drivers, task assistants, supermarket shoppers, writers, designers, handymen, etc. can all find employment. You finish the job and keep the money.  A phone and an account with one of the numerous applications to perform duties assigned to you

#2. Translator

If you are bilingual, you might be able to find part-time employment as a translator or interpreter that is flexible. People with these talents are frequently needed by customer service centers, courts, and social service organizations. An interpreter translates what is being said verbally, whereas translators work with the written word. You will be more competitive for numerous occupations if you are multilingual.

#3. Hosting Guest

Do you have a lot of additional space, and do you reside in a popular neighborhood?  Rent out your recently refurbished basement or extra room on Airbnb, advises Brian DeChesare, the creator of the financial modeling educational portal Breaking Into Wall Street. You can define your optimum availability so you’re never forced to host visitors at inconvenient hours.

#4. Home care provider

A home care provider provides laundry and housekeeping services, grocery shopping, food preparation, and errand running. It’s a fantastic way to supplement your income and keep busy in your later years.

#5. Uber Driver

Retirees who are interested in flexible part-time work might consider driving for Uber or Lyft. You’ll be able to choose your own work hours and commute in the convenience of your vehicle.

#6. Medical Assistant

For a healthcare provider, a medical biller is in charge of monitoring patients’ unpaid balances and managing insurance claims. They are employed by healthcare facilities such as primary care offices, clinics, hospitals, and specialized facilities. They must be capable of creating, sending, and maintaining records of medical bills for patients and insurance companies.

Part-time employees are frequently used by community theaters and performing arts facilities to direct patrons to their seats, take tickets, or serve refreshments. A background in art history could make you a successful museum guide. Those with enthusiasm and interpersonal skills can find fun, adaptable part-time careers in the arts.

Flexible Part-Time Jobs For Retirees

#1. Dental Assistant

Depending on your state, you might be able to work as a dental assistant without any prior training, performing standard duties at the dentist’s office like sterilizing equipment and keeping patient records. You must, however, complete a recognized training program in several states. A community college or a technical or vocational school is where you’ll find one. 

#2. Security Guard

An effective strategy to keep your intellect sharp and your body in shape may be to safeguard assets against theft, damage, and other criminal acts. Though the physical demands of this work might vary widely depending on the position, many call for guards to patrol an area and remain on their feet, while others require them to remain fixed or even sit to watch security cameras. Yet taking action isn’t everything. Moreover, security officers might require training in first aid, report writing, public relations, and other disciplines.

#3. Sales Associate

Salespeople are required in industries other than retail. Sales associates can work in a variety of industries outside of department shops, where they may also serve as cashiers, such as telemarketing and vehicle sales.

#4. Real Estate Agent

Throughout the transaction process, real estate agents serve as the main point of contact for buyers and sellers. Real estate agents help clients by advising them through the purchasing or selling process after first seeking out new business through networking and advertising. They receive a commission from the sales of the homes.

#5. Tutoring

Of course, locating the pupils is the key. You have the option of applying to one of the more established tutoring companies, such as, or starting your own. Start by letting your former school’s acquaintances and colleagues know that you are willing to tutor students. You might even get direct referrals from the guidance counselors at your former school from kids and their parents.

#6. Financial Services Worker

Jobs in the financial services area include those involved with money management. These employees work for financial companies, especially investment banks. Some also work for stock brokerages, credit card businesses, and insurance companies.

#7. Clerical Assistant

A business’s clerical needs are supported by an administrative assistant. They are responsible for answering incoming mail, setting up meetings, taking notes at meetings, keeping company calendars, monitoring office supplies, liaising with suppliers, and managing files.

What Are the Best Part-Time Jobs For Retirees?

Some retirees continue to work after they stop working because they want to keep their bodies and minds active or because they are eager to pursue a new line of work. People are adopting a lifestyle that frequently has an expected effect on their long-term health and wellbeing. A desire for additional money or health insurance is among the financial justifications. Some of the best-defined jobs that are part-time for retirees include:

  • Non-profit consulting
  • Government work
  • Event attendant
  • Teaching/tutoring
  • Consultant

What Is the Best Paying Part-time Jobs For Seniors?

You have numerous possibilities if you are over 60 and thinking about taking a part-time job. Many seniors over 60 still seek out part-time work to fill their free time and supplement their income. You can choose the part-time work that best suits your talents and interests by learning about the various positions that are available.

In this post, we examine some of the top careers for seniors over 60 and talk about job duties. They are

  • Medical biller
  • Senior Strategist/director
  • Customer service
  • Book-keeper
  • Administrator

What Are Easy Jobs For Retirees?

Many people think that once you retire, your options for employment diminish and you have little possibility of finding new employment. Not to mention, many businesses deliberately seek out mature candidates due to the maturity and solid moral character they may bring to the workplace—qualities that younger workers occasionally lack.

There are many job opportunities available for retirees who wish to make extra money, stay active, network, or pursue a new career route.

  • Office Manager
  • Resort worker
  • Salesperson
  • Tax preparer
  • Real estate agent

What Job Is Good For Retirement?

Few retirees desire full-time employment. Instead, they are trying to find ways to use their wealth of knowledge and experience in a contract or part-time capacity. Employers are more likely to hire contract or part-time workers because they don’t have to pay for benefits like health insurance or vacation days, which is one benefit of an uncertain economy. Some of the best jobs to go for after your retirement include:

  • Virtual personal assistant (VPA)
  • Secretary
  • Administrative assistant
  • Antiques seller

How Can a Retired Person Make Extra Money?

Working outside the home may no longer be a secure choice for retirees, as older Americans are more likely to experience terminal sickness or lethargy. Fortunately, there are several ways for people to make extra money while relaxing at home. Here are a few methods for retirees to earn extra money at home:

  • Online stakeholder engagement and mentoring.
  • Work as a freelancer in your industry.
  • Seek possibilities to work remotely.
  • Your garage or home may be rented out as space.
  • Draw on the equity in your house.

What Is the Best Side Hustle for Retirees?

Retirement and “work” would never be used in the same sentence in a society where people are financially responsible. Yet, the fact of the recent economic slump is that an increasing number of workers are delaying retirement in order to replenish their depleted funds, and a sizeable number of confirmed retirees are hanging up their golf clubs in order to re-enter the workforce. Nevertheless, sometimes the desire to work after retirement has less to do with money and more to do with the need to stay active and creative.

  • Utility staff
  • Librarian
  • Food chef/nutritionist
  • Tour guide
  • Gardener
  • Food delivery driver


Making your retirement planning should begin as soon as you begin to earn money. When you establish your retirement fund in your early years of life, you can quickly amass enough cash to help meet your expenses once you retire. Also, by doing this, you’ll be less stressed about how to make money as you get closer to retirement. Some people, however, have a tendency to put off their retirement planning because they believe they are still three decades away. Because these are the times when financial duties are still limited, invest in your retirement as early as you can to decrease the strain of doing so in the future.

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