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Buildertrend Software
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The pre-sale resources offered by Buildertrend include a CRM, bid requests, project proposals, and more. Tools for managing projects can include calendars, budgets, and time-tracking forms. Also, software for managing customers can help with things like collecting payments, handling warranty claims, and keeping track of orders and selections. It is compatible with third-party applications like QuickBooks and Xero, as well as specialized estimating and takeoff software. Every Buildertrend client is assigned a dedicated account manager for comprehensive training and ongoing support. In addition, Buildertrend University, the Buildertrend Learning Community, and regular webinars are just some of the additional resources available to project teams and construction professionals. In this article, we will discuss Buildertrend software reviews, alternatives, integrations, and the Buildertrend app.

What is Buildertrend Software?

Buildertrend software is a residential construction project management software used by homebuilders, custom builders, specialized contractors, and remodelers. It provides construction companies with an online system that allows them to take on more projects while reducing costly errors and accelerating project completion to increase client satisfaction.

However, in the pre-sale phase, it handles things like bid inquiries, single-entry estimates, and proposal creation. Daily logs, to-do lists, scheduling, and messaging all facilitate remote work and keep everyone in the loop. The portability of the Buildertrend mobile app means that you may keep working no matter where you happen to be.

Also, the software schedule and execute payment requests calculate and manage project costs, and keep track of purchase orders are just some of the financial tasks that Buildertrend can handle. Fundamentally, customer management allows you to manage feedback left on your website, distribute and analyze surveys, and fine-tune your communications to maximize your customers’ experience.

Key Features of Buildertrend Software

Here are the features of Buildertrend software.

  • Selections. A single site for managing product pricing approvals, updating customers on their order totals, collecting electronic signatures, viewing client approvals, and retrieving product warranty information. 
  • Communication. Keep track of everything related to a task in one location, including messages, replies, emails, and more. This component makes use of already email accounts while also providing push notifications on mobile devices. 
  • Payment Processing. Accept payments through check or credit card online, update invoices in QuickBooks or Xero automatically once payment is made, and obtain safe and secure processing. 
  • Forecasts and Ideas. Create budgets, assign customized proposals, and complete sales. Users have the option to use pre-made templates, acquire digital signatures, and export data to popular spreadsheet programs like Excel. 
  • Budget. Keep tabs on time spent on various tasks, as well as bills, purchase orders, and adjustments. Make changes as needed, evaluate projected versus actual costs, and manage different software integrations.
  • Managing the Sale. Buildertrend has built-in marketing resources. Its lead tracker and lead activity tools allow users to originate, capture, and close potential projects, in addition to the CRM capabilities that assist lead management. It allows users to easily add new leads using the mobile app, import existing leads from Excel, and gather leads from a web page. Users can also create and send personalized proposals using the site. With pre-made email templates and personalized emails, teams can quickly and easily create email marketing campaigns. In addition to sending email blasts, the program can also automate email campaigns, allowing for faster reactions to prospects.

Why Use Buildertrend Software?

Unique advantages and benefits of Buildertrend Software.

#1. Basic Timekeeping

With a time clock that allows employees to clock in and out via the mobile app, managers can easily keep track of their staff’s working hours, whether they’re in the office or out in the field. In addition to keeping tabs on who has and has not shown up for work during a given time frame, the system can also generate payroll reports and display a crew member’s precise location on a digital map. 

#2. Create a Reliable Means of Interaction

Send daily log notifications to your team, subcontractors, and clients with project developments so that everyone is always on the same page. To guarantee that their employees always operate in ideal conditions and are ready for any eventuality, users can record weather changes automatically and write notes using voice-to-text technology. 

#3. Effective Modifications to Invoices

Integrating with accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero allows you to generate itemized bills and invoices from data like project estimates, change orders, and customer selection sheets. Online payment processing and reminders can be set up by the user to ensure timely receipt of funds. 

#4. Assign Questionnaires

Send out online questionnaires to clients so they can submit feedback automatically once a project is complete. Customer relationships can be built and maintained through evaluations and constructive answers posted by users on websites. 

#5. Arrange Paperwork and Pictures

Use limitless file sharing to cut down on travel time to and from the office. At the job site, teams may quickly go over plans, finances, and other documents thanks to the accessibility of files from mobile devices. Videos, photographs, and documents can be shared with many users and organized in folders for convenient viewing.

Who Is Buildertrend For?

If you’re a construction manager or contractor who needs to keep track of numerous projects at once, you need Buildertrend software.

It has an easy-to-navigate dashboard, robust tools for managing your workforce, and thorough reporting capabilities for assessing your company’s performance.

Additionally, the platform provides a sales module for handling the crucial issue of construction firm sales and a project scheduling feature. Even while smaller businesses may be priced out of using Buildertrend, larger groups may find that they save money in the long run.

Buildertrend Software Pricing

It’s not as simple to get a free trial of Buildertrend software as it is with other products. You can’t just enter your information and receive a login. You’ll have to fork out cash up front, but you can get your money back if you don’t like the program within 30 days.

The core is the least expensive option at $99/month for the first three months and then the going rate of $299/month thereafter.

It’s conceivable that the introductory pricing is only in effect for a limited time, as the salesperson I spoke with in the spring of 2020 explained that it was recently implemented due to the business issues many construction companies are suffering due to the pandemic.

Also, the Pro edition costs $299 per month (rising to $499 per month after the first three months) and includes a time clock, lead management, owner invoices, estimates, and more.

The top tier, Premium, comes with extras like logo customization and QuickBook sync. The cost of such services is determined individually.

In addition, a software solution that charges per person will soon outgrow that price tag if you have more than 10 or 20 users, so keep in mind that this one includes unlimited users and unlimited jobs.

Therefore, this may prove to be a budget-friendly option for major corporations, however, small contractors may balk at the price if they require less than two users.

Buildertrend’s pricing is month-to-month, requiring less of a commitment from the consumer than yearly plans from many other software providers, despite the fact that these other companies typically offer discounts for annual plans.

Buildertrend Alternatives

The following alternatives to Buildertrend among Construction Project Management Software solutions are frequently mentioned by users and reviewers. Construction project management software is in high demand, and its users are on the lookout for cutting-edge, dependable software that can integrate with other related technologies, such as accounting and estimating software for the construction industry and software for managing the construction workforce. User interface and customer service are two other crucial aspects to think over when comparing Buildertrend alternatives. Here are some Buildertrend alternatives you might want to consider for your construction project.

#1. Buildern 

Buildern is all-encompassing software for managing building projects that cater to the specific needs and issues faced by construction professionals. It contains several useful functions, such as cost and time tracking for projects, bid management, purchase order and change order tracking, accounting process automation, data reporting and analytics, and more.

Also, estimating entails calculating an approximate sum, which can subsequently be utilized to establish a spending plan and schedule. Buildern, one of the alternatives to Buildertrend, aims to fill the void left by solutions in the construction industry’s project management space that are unable to effectively estimate costs by combining estimation and construction management.

Buildern users can estimate using project blueprints and material and building equipment expenses. Estimates can be tailored to each client by adjusting variables like materials, labor, equipment, fees, subcontractors, allowances, and assemblies.

The Estimation tool in Buildern takes into account expenses, line items, and profit margins. In case they are forgotten, the system will automatically factor in the user-specified overhead costs. The percentage of supervision, the percentage of any earnings, and the management fees all add up to these overheads.

#2. Oracle Aconex 

If you’re looking for alternatives to Buildertrend software in the cloud, Oracle Aconex is a good option. The software contains in-built model coordination, which connects teams and ensures that everyone is using the most up-to-date information and models for the project. 

Both Oracle Aconex and Buildertrend fall into the category of construction project management software, however, each offers capabilities that the other does not. Also, Oracle Aconex is a powerful application with a wide range of capabilities, such as enhanced methods of communication, documentation, schedule, and cost management, and the tracking of quality and safety controls. It’s designed for huge construction firms that need tools for managing complicated, collaborative projects. While this level of complexity often necessitates a lengthier learning curve and can be challenging for smaller and medium-sized projects, the benefits for larger enterprises are substantial. 

Subscription pricing is available for both software options. The pricing structures, however, vary. Aconex’s prices are usually calculated on a case-by-case basis, making them potentially more expensive than Buildertrend’s flat rates.

Ultimately, it is up to you and your business to decide which option is best.

#3. Corecon

Corecon is a well-developed project management system that aids companies from pre-construction through project closeout. The software’s Pre-construction module is superior to the competition. The latter provides extensive features, such as recording job leads and chances. Also, the Bid Calendar and custom stages for things like plan reviews, biddings, bid submissions, etc. allow you to maintain tabs on any prospective client’s development in the system. In order for contractors to monitor the development of each lead, it is possible to categorize them.

The analytics tools for tracking and monitoring internal flows are made easier by the connectors offered by Corecon. Potential clients may be confused by the lack of pricing details on the official website, which could deter them from selecting these Buildertrend software alternatives.

#4. Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a worksite management system that includes tools for all parties involved in building projects. The software connects all foremen and the project manager so they can track progress and make adjustments.

Its cooperation features stand out for their capacity to work with up-to-date drawings and synchronize the field and office. Fieldwire’s mobile app is unusual in that it can capture markups and as-builts offline.

However, Fieldwire, like the aforementioned alternatives to Buildertrend software, provides functionality for things like project planning, file organization, group chat, etc. While its field management features set it apart from its rivals, users have complained of occasional system glitches. Another important downside is that the per-user price approach might increase costs for more substantial groups.

#5. Projectmates

Projectmates is Owner-centric construction program management software that is used across a wide range of sectors, from retail to real estate and government. The software helps project managers manage any size project by showing owners the status of their projects in real-time.

This system facilitates planning and design teamwork with pre-built and configurable reports, submission tools, punch lists, etc.

Also, capital project management is only one of many factors that have helped Projectmates stay ahead of the curve. Intuitively planning, assigning, and keeping tabs on capital projects, it aids owners in making sense of their CIP.

#6. CMiC 

The enterprise-level CMiC Construction Platform manages a construction company’s finances, projects, and resources. Larger contractors and construction companies that are searching for an all-in-one platform to manage huge projects often choose CMiC over other Buildertrend choices.

Furthermore, the platform provides thorough reports and analytics for tracking progress, gaining insight into projects, and guaranteeing timely and accurate information delivery. The integrated document management module ensures that no paperwork, such as contracts or modification orders, gets lost in the shuffle.

Several customers, however, have complained about clumsy document handling. Also,  the program works in mobile browsers, but there is no dedicated app for either iOS or Android. Some projects may not require any of its additional web-based features, but the majority could benefit from having access to project data from any device. Also, read Best Construction Management Software: 2023 Reviews.

#7. Viewpoint

Contractors and builders can use Viewpoint Construction Management modules to manage projects from start to finish. Everything from equipment management and site monitoring to budgetary analysis can be performed with the help of this program.

In comparison to Buildertrend, Viewpoint offers more functionality. When deciding between the two options, contractors and builders should consider their individual requirements, the scope and complexity of their projects, and their available resources. In addition, Viewpoint is a sophisticated platform that necessitates a high degree of skill due to its extensive feature set and monitoring tools. 

Buildertrend Software Reviews

Buildertrend is well-liked due to its accessibility across all three pricing tiers and its seamless Xero and QuickBooks integrations. The customer relationship management platform, which excels at keeping tabs on leads and activity, was also lauded by reviewers.

However, the greatest problems with Buildertrend software are the absence of authorization for payment processing and the inability to plan subcontractor capacity on the scheduler. Capacity tracking, reporting, and workload management were all arduous tasks for other users.

Buildertrend standard reviews site ratings for the platform were as follows:

  • Featured Customers: 4.8 out of 5 based on about 1,140 reviews
  • GetApp: 4.5 out of 5 based on about 1,580 reviews
  • G2: 3.8 out of 5 based on around 55 reviews

Buildertrend Integrations

Imagine Buildertrend software as a superhero who saves construction companies from the dangers of things like missed deadlines, financial strains, and misunderstandings. And that’s one of our many strengths! Buildertrend Integrations.

More than 20 connectors are available in Buildertrend, simplifying the process of managing projects. Take a look at these five (amazing) Buildertrend integrations that will wipe away the bad guys on your next building project.

#1. An Outlook Plug-in That Makes It Simple to Share Attachments

Do you recall the days when uploading files to Buildertrend required saving them to your desktop first? With our Outlook plug-in, though, you’ll never have that problem again.

Construction companies send their office workers “a lot of emails with attachments related to the job,” as Vandevoort put it. Users had to save email attachments to their hard disk, then upload them to a project folder in Buildertrend. The Outlook plug-in makes it possible to import attachments from emails directly into Buildertrend, saving users time and effort.

Help everyone get their work done faster by giving them instantaneous access to the files they need.

#2. Accounting Made Simple With Quickbooks and Xero Synergy

Buildertrend is compatible with the small business accounting programs QuickBooks and Xero. By integrating either QuickBooks or Xero with your Buildertrend account, you’ll have instant, anywhere access to your task costing data. It’s simple to get started, and the figures automatically update as you make changes.

According to Buildertrend’s onsite consultant, Zach Wojtowicz, “Builders can streamline communication between their accounting department and production team through Buildertrend’s QuickBooks and Xero integrations.” Time will be saved by eliminating multiple entering into two software and standardizing task costing and expenditure management procedures.

In addition, Buildertrend’s QuickBooks and Xero connectors can help you crush your financial management goals and keep track of your cash flow.

#3. Integration With Excel for Efficient Planning

Buildertrend’s Excel integration is one of its most popular and powerful features, despite being relatively straightforward. Because Excel files can be imported into Buildertrend so easily, it can serve as a central repository for all of your project files.

Your Excel files and other vital project data can be imported in a flash. Once you’ve imported your Excel files into the finances area, you’ll have the freedom to make any necessary changes. Keep your office and field employees on the same page with accurate, real-time data by storing and updating your papers in Buildertrend.

#4. Buildertrend’s Payment Processing for Faster Payments

You, your subs, and your clients can all benefit from the convenience of online payment processing with Buildertrend. Payments should not be delayed by several days or weeks. When compared to other payment processors, Buildertrend’s Payment Processing is more cost-effective, streamlines processes, and notifies users immediately when a payment is processed.

Buildertrend’s associate product manager, Trevor Pillen, emphasized that “our customers can get paid faster.” They offer quick onboarding for payment processing and can provide settlements the very next business day. Flexible payment plans and predetermined due dates will alleviate the burden of invoicing for construction companies.

Additionally, maintain the privacy of your data. The best risk technology available ensures the safety of every financial transaction. With Buildertrend, you can streamline the way your clients and subcontractors are paid while also boosting your bottom line.

#5. Builder’s Risk Insurance for Your Business and Clients

There will be problems. What will happen, and when, is unknown, but we know it will happen. It’s inevitable due to the competitive market. Silverstone Group, LLC, a HUB International company, offers Builder’s Risk Insurance through Buildertrend so that you can be ready for anything.

According to Michael Vandevoort, Buildertrend’s corporate growth strategist, “builders have been able to save hundreds per home and thousands per year.” A policy can be set up in less than five minutes using the program, and it can be done so around the clock.

Protect your projects, pay a flat rate per task, and manage any necessary paperwork for insurance claims all from within your Buildertrend account thanks to this alliance and platform connection.

How Long Has Buildertrend Been in Business?

Buildertrend was established in 2006 by Steve Dugger, together with his brother Jeff and their mutual friend Dan Houghton. As a Co-Founder, Steve is in charge of the company’s overall strategy, in addition to its financial and customer service operations. He is living proof that an idea conceived in a basement can blossom into one of the most rapidly growing technology corporations in the United States of America.

Does Buildertrend Have Gps Tracking?

Buildertrend’s primary features include GPS tracking, an intuitive UI, usage reporting, and granular personalization. Equipment GPS monitoring allows you to know exactly where your tools are at all times. With this kind of helpful data at hand, you can keep track of consumption and discourage theft.


In conclusion, we recognize that Buildern is not the only option for general contractors, and we acknowledge that Buildertrend has many worthy competitors. Buildern is the easiest construction project management software to pick up since it is constantly evolving in response to user feedback. 

Also, we hope that our top best Buildertrend alternatives have helped you narrow down the many possibilities available to you when looking for construction management software. If you’re looking to streamline your construction projects and improve your productivity, each of these options is worth considering. 

Buildertrend Software FAQs

What Type of Software Is Buildertrend?

You can trust Buildertrend to help your team flourish because it is the best construction management software available. Their mission is to equip professionals with the resources they need to affect global development.

What Is Buildertrend Used For?

Everything from estimating and bidding to billing is handled by BuilderTREND. Also, consolidate your pre-sale process, building projects, project finances, and clientele with the use of BuildTREND’s in-built construction management solutions.

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