Best 21 Time Clock Systems For Small Business(+ free options) 

Best 21 Time Clock Systems For Small Business(
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For those wondering, yes, a time-clock system exists for small businesses. A timekeeper cannot properly compute an employee’s pay without first having access to an accurate and verifiable record of the time that person spent working. Let’s take a look at the available free small business time clock systems and the best time clock with no monthly fee.

What Is Time Clock System? 

A time clock, occasionally referred to as a clock card machine, time clock, or time recorder is a device that keeps track of when hourly or flexible-time workers at a workstation start and end their shifts.

Automated time clocks, were accomplished by inserting a thick paper card, called a “time card,” into a slot in the time clock. When the time card touches a contact on the back of the slot, the device prints the date and time information (a timestamp) on the card. One or more time cards could serve as a timesheet or provide the data to complete one. This enabled a timekeeper to have an official record of an employee’s hours worked in order to calculate the remuneration due to an employee.

Best 21 Time Clock Systems for Small Business

Here are the small business time clock systems available:

#1. Manual Time Clocks

The simplest and most common solution for small businesses is the hand watch. Whether you prefer an analog prototype or a digital model, the notion is the same: employees use thick paper cards to “punch” and “punch”. The clock prints the time.

Manual time clocks have existed for a while and are simple for employees to use. But it requires a lot of back-end work. You need to collect the cards, transfer the data to another program, and then calculate the working hours and wages of the employees. This system allows for a significant margin of error.

For this reason, a set of scheduling tools with a built-in clock like Sling is often the best solution for small businesses. In a later section, we will talk about the advantages of this employee management tool.

#2. The Icon RTC-1000

Next on our list of the best time clocks for small businesses is this brand by Icon RTC–1000. This is another combined software and manual tool that can be beneficial for both large and small businesses.

Use An ID number that can be set between three and nine digits, employees can clock themselves in and out and see the number of hours they’ve worked per day or per week. Managers can even set unique pay periods such as weekly and monthly to easily calculate payroll.

#3. FingerTec

This is a software-based time clock that permits you to quickly and effectively manage employee work time data through the software loaded on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. This brand by  FingerTec TA200 Plus can also be used to prevent unauthorized and unpermitted entry to restricted areas.

#4. Icon Totalpass ( proximity

The Icon TotalPass time clock uses proximity sensors to record the presence of remote employees. Employees simply swipe their badge across the front of the device to clock in and out. The Icon TotalPass also accepts PINs and even biometrics (with an optional add-on).

The Icon TotalPass connects to your computer system via USB, local area network, or Wi-Fi to allow the entry of biometric information from up to 500 employees to record.

#5. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is another timer we recommend for small businesses. By tracking time per client, project flow, or even the task itself, you can find out where the inefficiencies lie. Time Doctor is incredible because it merges with over 60+ online applications that you may already be using for task management.

#6. Clockify

Clockify’s functionality is straight to the point; you name your selected task, mark it under a selected project, and then start the timer. When you have completed the task and want to complete the process, click the stop button and from there you can quantify it as Payroll Solution as billable or non-billable.

#7. Timecamp

Timecamp is a digital time clock that measures time spent on project-specific, computer-related tasks, so it can also be used as one of our recommended time clocks for small businesses. It measures time and how you can optimize your employees’ schedules in a way that respects money and time.

#8. Tick

Tick is a real-time time clock solution for small businesses that detects overtime before it becomes a time-allocating issue for business expenses. Tick ​​sets up seamlessly for mobile or desktop and integrates well with other project management software like Asana, Trello, and Basecamp.

#9. Jibble

Jibble is designed for both remote workers and the office. For office workers, a single device (tablet or other compatible device) can become a kiosk for the full workplace. Using facial recognition ( identification) and/or PIN codes, this digital time clock software not only speeds up processes but also ensures that every check-in is performed by the rightful “owner.”

For field workers, turn your own mobile phone into your own pocket watch. With geofencing and GPS capabilities, business owners can ensure the right restrictions are in place to keep everything honest outside of the office.

#10. Homebase

The digital stamp card system at Homebase is available on any gadget. For this reason, every employee who checks in and out via Homebase is individualized with a personalized PIN code. Shifts are easy to manage remotely; business owners can set up a notification for late submissions and additionally send messages or remind employees in such scenarios. Transfers can be verified via GPS or photos

#11. Punch in Clock ( Allied Time USA)

Small business owners sometimes prefer simple, no-frills drills because they’re easy to use and take less time to set up. The easy installation and intuitive mechanism make the Allied Time USA Small Business Time Clock the best choice for employers who want no-frills time tracking.

Setting up the device takes less than two minutes, and you can access customer service if you need help. The package contains everything you need: a time recorder, 100-time cards, two tapes, two cardholders, and four keys. The time clock does not add up the time, but Allied Time USA has a free online application to calculate the hours.

#12. The uAttend BN6500 biometric fingerprint watch

This time clock uses a fingerprint scan to record employee check-ins and check-outs and then exports the data to the cloud. Remote workers can also clock in using a computer or phone app. Employers get better scheduling insights with overtime alerts and can set shift times and blackouts. Please note that this fingerprint device requires a monthly subscription to a cloud-based system.

#13. Pyramid 3500 (multi-purpose and document stamp) Time clock.

This multipurpose machine is an improvement over a standard check-in system, as it can do more than just mark employee attendance. Includes 14 pre-programmed messages for time-sensitive documents such as incoming mail, attendance records, and legal documents

#14. The Acroprint analog handprint time clock

This time clock catalogs months, dates, hours, and minutes. Signing up is easy. Insert the time card and touch the antimicrobial touch bar to record your presence. The gadget operates on AC power, particularly 120 VAC, 60 Hz.

If you work in a room with fixed or no AC power, you can order a battery-powered edition(version). The timer has rust-resistant housing, making it last a long time in harsh environments.

#15. uPunch CR1000 Digital Time Clock & Date Stamp.

The digital time clock means there are no manual errors in recording employee arrival, break, lunch, and departure times. It also functions as a digital date stamp with preset message options and three-sided printing.

#16. Lathem’s Heavy Duty Maintenance

This time clock offers maintenance-free operation that eradicates the need for ribbons. Its rugged construction also means it can tolerate difficult environments and high volumes, while the large LCD exhibit makes it straightforward to read the time and date.

#17. Timelogix

This best time clock offers wall-mounted machines with flexible input and output options that support various types of time attendance, from RFID cards and fingerprint scans to facial recognition and PIN codes.

#18. uAttend

uAttend delivers wall-mounted time clocks for employees that promote numerous entry/exit options. Your employees can actually track cross-departmental jobs and turn in department transfer proposals promptly from the unit, making it standard for companies that appoint employees to multiple departments throughout the day or pay period.

#19. IconTime

With Icon Time TotalPass P600, you receive a clock that can manage up to 500 workers. This creates a perfect solution for small businesses with ideas to scale. In addition to on-site time tracking, it has a network clock feature that allows your employees to clock in and out of tablets, smartphones, and computers

#20. When I work

When I Work possesses one of the most comprehensive qualities you will see in a time tracking solution. The one-click scheduling feature automatically appoints open shifts based on worker availability and your business’s scheduling rules.

#21. 7shifts

7shifts was developed for the diner and hospitality industry. Employee scheduling is an area where 7shifts excels. In addition to establishing schedules with ordinary staff shifts, you can similarly add unique /special events such as large group bookings.

Free Time Clock for Small Business

The following are the available free small business time clock:

#1. Hourly

Hourly is an all-in-one solution that offers Time Clock & Time Tracking, Payroll & Compensation Management, all through one simple and easy-to-use mobile app.

#2. Clockify

This basic, simple time tracker and time clock app offers time clock and employee time tracking features. It also permits users to organize their time by assignment and plan, making it manageable for business owners to completely understand how their workers are spending their work day and how they can boost productivity.

#3. Time Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is another clock app that delivers a basic edition of time tracking and offers many refined features (comprising task management, worker scheduling, and payroll functionality) for an additional monthly fee.

Best Time clock No Monthly fee

#1. Time Clock MTS

It’s exclusively free to track time for up to 4 users

#2. Time Clock Wizard is

This is another clock app that delivers a basic edition of time tracking and offers many refined features (comprising task management, worker scheduling, and payroll functionality) for an additional monthly fee.

#3. Open Time Clock

Open Time Clock is an incredible time clock software for small businesses. Unlike a lot of timers with free plans, this equipment still allows users who don’t pay monthly fee access to a large number of features.

What Is the Best Time Clock for Small Businesses?

The best time clock for small business include

  • Manual Time clock
  • Open time clock
  • FingerTec
  • uAttend

Do Companies Still Use Time Clocks?

A lot of companies still use time clocks to track attendance, reduce time thievery, and increase timekeeping precision.

What Is the 15 Minute Rule for Time Keeping?

The 15 minutes rule for timekeeping is the maximum limit under federal law. For this reason, many organizations have adopted this system on their payroll.

What Are the Available Free Time Clock for Small Business?

The available free time clock for small business(es) includes hourly, Clockify, and Time Wizard.


Selecting a favorable time clock is an easy enough solution, but it’s not always a simple choice among the many ( the available free small business time clock systems and the best time clock with no monthly fee) brands on the market. You should check out these brands on our list of the best tune clocks for small businesses I’m sure you will find the one that suits you best.

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