PAYCHECK MANAGER: Features, Pricing, and 2023 Review

Paycheck Manager Calculator
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Paycheck Manager, a website that processes payments, is accessible to small businesses. It offers self-service accounting for a variety of industries as well as payroll administration, paystub distribution, and tax calculation. Because free, basic, and concierge service options are offered, the program can be tailored to fit any requirement or spending limit. A payroll tax calculator that is available online through Paycheck Manager is free. The absence of features like analytics, new hire reporting, and benefits administration will make Paycheck Manager unattractive to larger businesses. 

Paycheck Manager 

C&S Technologies, the same business that runs eSmart Paycheck, is the owner of Paycheck Manager, a fully functional, reasonably priced payroll software for small businesses. Paycheck Manager is a self-service payroll application with an easy-to-use user interface for processing employee pay. With unlimited pay runs, calculations of federal and state payroll taxes, paycheck printing, and real-time tax form updates, it is most suitable for small businesses.

 Additionally, Paycheck Manager offers managed payroll services like automated tax filing and depositing, as well as a free online paycheck calculator. Small businesses with a few employees and independent contractors who are responsible for paying themselves are the best candidates for Paycheck Managers. The affordability of Paycheck Manager sets it apart from its rivals. It is a great option because of the pricing for small businesses that need to manage payroll but have few resources. 

Paycheck Manager Features

Paycheck Manager, an online payroll solution, makes paying employees simple and convenient. In addition to limitless pay runs and payroll tax calculations, managed payroll services are also available.

#1. Payroll Dashboard

The dashboard displays upcoming payroll due dates, account alerts, and the total number of paychecks you’ve generated this year. If you chose its Basic Service, you can electronically file both federal and state tax forms right from the dashboard as long as you also buy the necessary add-ons.

#2. Paper Checks

You will also require a blank check and a laser printer to print checks using its system (inkjet and thermal printers will not work). Paycheck Manager creates the check image in PDF format after you enter the bank details, company name, and employee name. You can save and print the check image whenever you like. The check must be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader as well.

#3. Tax Services

Employer payroll taxes and tax forms are updated automatically by Paycheck Manager. Furthermore, the service provider asserts that it can accurately calculate and keep track of payroll taxes at both the federal and state levels. However, if you have workers who are employed in different states, its system can only handle tax reporting for the state where the employer or business is located. Online payroll services that include the submission of federal forms 941, 940, W-2, and W-3 are available to small businesses who select its Managed Service option. Furthermore, it automatically pays payroll taxes. Only California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia, however, are currently able to use its electronic tax deposit and filing services.

Pros of Paycheck Manager

  • Payroll runs are limitless
  • Priced reasonably
  • A three-month free trial is available.
  • Keeps up access to historical salary data for comparisons between years and precise calculations.
  • There is no setup charge for the Basic Service plan.
  • Plans start at a reasonable $6 per month
  • Payroll calculator for free online
  • Tax return updates in real-time
  • Free installation for the most basic service plan

Cons of Paycheck Manager

  • Only a few states offer services for filing and depositing payroll taxes.
  • Creates and prints pay stubs for each employee individually.
  • The managed payroll service it offers has a setup fee.
  • It does not handle payments to contractors
  • Only the employer’s home state is considered when calculating state taxes.
  • No hiring reporting
  • Analytics is not accessible
  • Further setup costs for its managed service plan
  • It does not manage to file and pay state taxes in all states 

Paycheck Pricing

#1. Basic Service 

By purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription to the Basic Service, you can gain access to its self-managed payroll software. The price of the Paycheck Manager’s Basic option is determined by the number of employees in your account who have annual paycheck savings. As soon as all payroll reports from the prior year have been processed, the system resets the employee count for the following year in January. 

Monthly Plan

As there are more employees on the Basic monthly plan, the cost goes down. The monthly rate per employee can range from $6 to $1.50.

  • One employee: $6 per month
  • Two to three employees: $3 per employee monthly
  • Four to 10 employees: $2.50 per employee monthly
  • 11–20 employees: $2 per employee monthly
  • More than 20: $1.50 per employee monthly

Annual Plan

As you sign up more employees for your subscription, you save more money with Paycheck Manager’s Basic annual plans. For a business with 60 employees, the cost per account is $499 per year; if you choose a monthly payment schedule, the cost is $1,080 per year.

  • One to three employees: $59 per account yearly
  • Four to 10 employees: $99 per account yearly
  • 11–20 employees: $189 per account yearly
  • 21–30 employees: $269 per account yearly
  • 31–40 employees: $349 per account yearly
  • 41–60 employees: $499 per account yearly
  • 61–90 employees: $599 per account yearly
  • 91–120 employees: $799 per account yearly
  • More than 120 employees: Custom pricing

#2. Managed Service 

The Managed Service option gives you access to all the features included in the Basic Service plan. You won’t have to file and pay federal and state payroll taxes on your own because Paycheck Manager will handle these transactions for you.  

In contrast to the Basic Service’s pricing model, which only includes per-employee charges, the Managed Service option has a base monthly fee as well as a per-employee rate that stays the same regardless of changes in headcount. Paycheck Manager will only charge you its base monthly fee of $12 if there are times when you don’t have any paychecks to process for the month.

Paycheck Manager Calculator 

A payroll tax calculator that is available online through Paycheck Manager is free. Just enter the necessary payroll information, including your state, salary details, pay period, marital status, number of hours worked, deductions, and earnings (such as bonuses and commissions). Enter the information about your year-to-date salary if you want accurate calculations. Following that, the paycheck manager calculator offers a thorough analysis along with projected payroll taxes and net income.

However, nothing you entered into the free online paycheck calculator regarding your salary will be saved once you close the website. If you want the system to store the details of your company, you must sign up for a Paycheck Manager account and choose a payroll service. 

Payroll information must be entered, including salary details, work hours, pay periods, allowances, and deductions. After that, the paycheck manager calculator will give a thorough breakdown of the projected payroll taxes and net income.

If you don’t have a Paycheck Manager account, you can still access this feature online. Non-subscribers, however, will lose their information once the website is closed.

Paycheck Manager Reviews 

The online payroll system from Paycheck Manager is made to be as straightforward as possible. It has an easy-to-use interface, and setting it up is also not too difficult. Simply create a profile for your business, register for a Paycheck Manager account, and enter the information for your staff members. Following that, you can run payroll and print paychecks whenever you like.

Despite the software’s user-friendly interface, you must be well-versed in fundamental payroll requirements as well as rules regarding tax withholding, deposits, and reporting. You can use the payment processing tools in Paycheck Manager more effectively if you do this.

The software’s “help” button can be selected if you’re not sure how to use a particular feature. Furthermore, the Paycheck Manager website and its mobile app both have FAQ sections. Additionally, you can get in touch with the provider’s support staff by phone or email, though phone support isn’t great.

eSmart Paycheck

Anyone can use the web-based payroll calculator offered by eSmart Paycheck without having to register for an account and completely free of charge. eSmart Paycheck is a cost-effective payroll solution for small businesses that are owned by C&S Technologies, the same organization that manages Paycheck Manager. Despite being a paid product, they do provide a three-month free trial of their services. Furthermore, using the payroll calculator from eSmart Paycheck is free and doesn’t require creating an account. The trial period for the paid features of eSmart Paycheck is three calendar months. The payroll calculator offered by this company is free, as was already mentioned. 

eSmart Paycheck Pricing

The cost of eSmart Paycheck’s payroll services is determined by how many employees you have:

  • 1-5 employees: $50 annually
  • 6-10 employees: $100 annually
  • 11-15 employees: $150 annually
  • 16-20 employees: $200 annually
  • 21-30 employees: $250 annually
  • 31-40 employees: $300 annually

Additionally, eSmart Paycheck provides supplemental services like:

  • Deposit federal taxes automatically: $25 annually
  • Deposit state taxes (where applicable): $25 annually
  • Print or e-file state forms (where applicable): $15 annually
  • e-File of W-2 to states (if required): $20 + $2 per employee
  • Print and mail W-2s (including envelope & stamp): $2 a form

What Is Paycheck Manager? 

Paycheck Manager is a payroll software with tools for calculating paychecks and taxes and monitoring tax updates. You can either self-manage your payroll or use the managed service for automated payroll services such as tax deposits and filings

Does Paycheck Manager Offer Direct Deposit? 

You have the option of managing your payroll or using the managed service for automated payroll tasks like filing and deducting taxes. Small businesses can prepare, view, and print paychecks, payment vouchers, and payroll reports using the tools provided by Paycheck Manager. To ensure proper paycheck administration, tax withholding and deposits are also automated.  

In addition, Paycheck Manager will produce tax forms W-2, W-3, 941, and 940, as well as handle your tax filing and deposit. Additionally, direct deposits will be made from your account to employee accounts. Additionally, you can use the service to set up pending deposit reminders.

How Do You Manage Employee Payroll? 

  • Enroll in an Employer Identification Number
  • Select the Pay Period and Salary Status.
  • Recognize and follow wage laws
  • Establish a payroll system
  • Compile and maintain employee data
  • Determine the gross and net pay.
  • Calculate employer payroll tax contributions. 
  • Maintain precise payroll records
  • Paying workers
  • Reimburse government organizations and benefit suppliers
  • Filing tax returns

What Is a Payroll Checklist? 

A payroll checklist is a list of tasks you must carry out to finish your payroll processing from beginning to end. When paying wages, there should be items on the checklist to look for. This involves recording and coding all regular and overtime hours, adjusting wages, and paying bonuses, commissions, severance pay, salaries, and benefits provided by the company, such as auto loans, vacation, personal days, and sick days.

What Should I Look for When Reviewing Payroll?

  • Establish a schedule for your payroll audit.
  • Review your employee roster, wages, and hours worked. 
  • Verify wages and working hours
  • Examine variable payments and other forms of compensation.
  • Reconcile your payroll.
  • Check the accuracy of your tax returns and internal payroll records.
  • Look up any unpaid taxes that are due.
  • Find ways to make the payroll process better.
  • Achieve adherence to labor and recordkeeping laws


Paycheck Manager might be a good option if you’re searching for an affordable small business payroll solution. Along with affordable managed and DIY payroll options, it also provides a free paycheck calculator that lets you print out individual paychecks. Although electronic tax filing and depositing are only offered as part of the provider’s Managed Service plan, you can add them to your Basic Service subscription for a small fee. Paycheck Manager has two cost-effective plans and is simple to use. The owners of small businesses who need affordable, simple payroll processing should use it. Additionally, its self-service Basic Service plan is a smart option for little companies with a few employees who handle their taxes and filings. 

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