WINDCHILL SOFTWARE: Features, Functions, Pricing, and Differences

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The ability to communicate, share information in real-time, and effectively visualize data are all more crucial than ever before for manufacturers. However, windchill software is revolutionizing product development by providing multi-disciplinary and remote teams with simple, secure data access, quality-conscious methods, and a data-driven strategy for manufacturing. The open nature of Windchill software makes it simple to connect it to other enterprise systems, such as IoT, laying the groundwork for a product-focused digital thread. The PLM system from PTC is extensive in its out-of-the-box features and extremely adaptable in terms of role and task-based apps. Also, windchill software allows more people who aren’t PLM experts to access traceable product data on their own, without increasing the system’s complexity or level of customization. Read on to see the windchill software review and tutorial

What is Windchill?

If you’re looking for a top provider of Windchill PLM Software, go no further than TriStar PLM Solutions. PTC’s Windchill is the best PLM tool available. Because of its open architecture, the PLM tool Windchill can be easily integrated with other enterprise systems. The comprehensive out-of-the-box capabilities and the highly flexible role and task-based apps allow stakeholders who don’t use PLM to access crucial product data without over-customization or complexity.

Today’s fast-paced environment puts a premium on making more with less from manufacturers. They have to be more svelte and nimble than ever before. Therein lies the significance of digital change. Manufacturers can boost productivity and market share by adopting cutting-edge IT systems. In addition, Windchill lays a solid groundwork for a modern, interconnected business. Manufacturers can benefit from digital twins, IoT technologies, and augmented reality for improved collaboration, generative design, and additive manufacturing when a digital thread of information is enabled. You can do anything with Windchill. There’s no time to waste if you want to give your company a leg up on the competition. The future will be windchill.

Using Windchill as your primary PLM software comes with a number of benefits. Because of its open architecture, it can be seamlessly integrated with existing business software. Since this PLM tool can be used in conjunction with other systems, you will see results quickly. The system’s role- and task-based apps are extremely customizable, allowing users to increase access to critical product information without adding unnecessary complexity to the infrastructure. Because of this, stakeholders who aren’t familiar with PLM technologies can nevertheless gain access to and make use of the necessary information with minimal training.

In addition, TriStar PLM Solutions’ Windchill PLM software is a valuable asset, but our team of professionals is what makes us truly stand out.

Functions of Windchill Software

Windchill is a crucial set of tools for meeting the many requirements of product development.

Product data management, service information, product analytics, collaboration, quality, and integration are just some of the areas that the Windchill family of products can assist with. It has a handful of powerful PLM features that allow for the dissemination of product information to an incredible number of employees. Here are the top features of windchill features.

#1. Effective and Scalable Method of Enhancing Operations

It helps to streamline numerous top product development and service information procedures to assist you in achieving the business goals that have been set for your corporation. The PLM software is designed to be scalable, which makes it easier to coordinate the various groups located in different parts of the world. Additionally, the platform can easily grow to accommodate additional companies, locations, processes, and functions.

#2. Modifiable Interface Design

The Windchill UI was not particularly user-friendly when it was launched. Still, a lot has shifted in the years since then. The user interface in Windchill 10 is designed to be more adaptable to the individual needs of each user. Users have the freedom to alter the look and feel of the interface as well as choose which modules are displayed.

#3. Quality Management Throughout the Product Development

It verifies that the product’s quality, safety, and reliability meet the standards established for them throughout product design and use.

#4. Improve the Product in as Many Ways as Possible

By analyzing product performance early in the development process, Windchill has also helped companies bring high-performing, lucrative products to market more quickly. 

Features of PTC Windchill Software to Look For

Let’s take a quick look at some of PTC Windchill’s most useful features right now.

#1. Optimizer of Efficiency

Connecting Windchill to PTC technical support is now very simple, so users can easily receive software updates and information that can assist with optimizing and maintaining system performance. It denotes that the teams providing technical support will receive assistance directly from the PTC themselves.

#2. Collaborative Excellence

Once a product has left the manufacturing unit and entered the market, it is very difficult to obtain analytical data on its usage and performance because of the large number of variables involved. However, this problem has been fixed in Windchill 11 because it comes with a Quality Extension for ThingWorx. This extension makes it much simpler to collect data on products and conduct in-depth research on the information collected.

#3. Function-Specific Software

The latest release of Windchill 11 comes with PTC Navigate already installed. It makes it possible for PLM information to be made available to all of the stakeholders that are involved in the delivery of the product. The user interface of the role- and task-based app included with the new PTC navigate is made exceptionally simple to operate thanks to the ThingWorx technology that is the driving force behind it.

#4. Modifications to CAD Information Management

Users are able to construct new promotion requests for updated or newly acquired check-in data. They are able to choose the objects that are most significant by filtering out the clutter. This can be done with MCAD designs, software, analysis, ECAD designs, specifications, bills of material management, and so on.

#5. Automatic Project Updates

Windchill has the ability to automate processes. It is possible to upgrade on a project-by-project basis in version 11.0 of the software. This is useful because it makes it possible for updates to be written so that they may adapt to the requirements of each specific project.

Windchill Software Tutorial

In today’s era, applications undergo a plethora of transformations and enhancements that are both diverse and cutting-edge. Companies are using the application’s development costs and timelines as their primary restrictions. Also, one such platform that offers comprehensive help with the company’s product development requirements is PTC windchill software. Here let’s take a look at the windchill software tutorial.

  • WIndchill Project link
  • WIndchill parts link
  • Windchill PDM Essentials
  • Windchill PDM link

Let’s get a quick rundown of each interface’s contents.

Windchill ProjectLink is another tool for effective project tracking and collaboration in product development. It’s a component that gives everyone working on a project access to the same central hub for storing, organizing, and discussing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other project-related materials. The engineering and production divisions make the most frequent use of it. Electronic information, such as yearly reports, can be more easily managed and shared with the aid of Windchill ProjectLink.

To incorporate the part classification-based features, Windchill PartsLink is the software to use. It gives you options for conducting attribute searches and handling the resulting data. You can also perform a search for specific components by entering either a free-form product description or the relevant part number. It facilitates the browning of the textual or visual hierarchy of your components. In addition, it enables your employees to conduct clever searches, something most businesses lack and which negates the benefits of reusing the product’s components.

#3. Windchill PDM Essentials

Information like as customer requirements, CAD drawings, and bills of materials are just a few examples of the diverse types of data that the Windchill PDM software tutorial is able to manage simply. Data management, collaboration, and analysis are all made easier with the help of this component or product. However, it gives you a comprehensive overview of your product data for straightforward analysis. Integration with other high-end CAD software, desktop applications, and Microsoft Office is also possible. In addition to helping users save time, features like automated data release, version control, and straightforward search make it easy to utilize.

Due to the sheer volume of information stored by businesses, data integrity is one of the key restrictions that must be addressed. Windchill PDMLink is the answer for business teams seeking integrity in situations when many persons within the firm are modifying the same files. It keeps everything in check by putting master data somewhere only you have access to, so you can manage, log, and keep tabs on any and all modifications. When changes are made to data, the windchill PDMLink can save the updated version. The original format is saved as well. As a result, it facilitates configuration and release management and enables change control management.

Windchill Software Review

Customers that have used PTC Windchill for their PLM-related business tasks have given it a rave review on a variety of software review websites. Numerous users discussed how simple and adaptable the solution was, as well as how it covered all aspects of the product lifecycle management (PLM) process, from sourcing to project management to manufacturing.

TEC assessed the PLM system’s functionality and determined that PTC Windchill beat the competitors. The visualization, marking, and transition skills, as well as the CAD design integration, are all areas in which it excels in comparison to the industry average.

In this review, we focused on the total number of features available across all modules to give you a head start on finding the right PLM windchill software for your company. Your company’s unique requirements, objectives, limitations, and resources will determine the viability of any PLM system. Also, read PLM SOFTWARE: Best Product Lifecycle Management Software Reviews & Comparisons.

Choosing an enterprise software solution can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but we’re here to help. In addition to detailing the best PLM solutions available, such as PTC Windchill, TEC provides a request for proposal (RFP) PLM document template and other selection tools. 

What Companies Use Windchill?

Here are some top companies that use windchill.

  • BMW Group. A German automaker that employs 118909 people and generates $118.01 billion in annual revenue. Gentherm, an American automotive company with 10,000 employees and $1.03 billion in annual revenue
  • BI Worldwide. An American professional services company with 2,000 employees and $800.0 million in annual revenue; and many others like them.
  • Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd. A manufacturing firm in Japan employing 3678 people and bringing in $715.0 million annually.
  • Solar Turbines. A manufacturing firm in the USA employing 8000 people and making $500,000,000 in annual revenue, etc.

What Is the Difference Between Windchill and Sap?

With Windchill’s revolutionary Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) features, your company can share accurate information about its products with all of its departments and employees. SAP PLM, on the other hand, is a program that helps you manage your products throughout their entire lifecycle, from brainstorming through production to maintenance.

What Are the Benefits of Windchill?

The distinguishing features and benefits of Windchill are as follows:

  • Enhanced Exposure. Track items as they transition between stages of development. Also, the ability to monitor improvements and new features are key components. 
  • Productivity Improvements. Aids in increasing employees’ output. Employees can spend less time searching for data if it is centralized and presented in a single view. 
  • Put New Technology to Use. Compatible with the virtual reality app Vuforia. However, this provides users with a realistic perspective of their designs in context, from which they can draw insights for improving the final product. It can be useful to keep up with the most recent developments in technology in order to make use of the newest and latest capabilities. 
  • Cost-cutting measures. When comparing various software options, price is a crucial consideration. Also, saves money by streamlining the expensive and time-consuming process of making new product variations.
  • Automation. Uses automation to assist in maintaining up-to-date material and users as changes are made to features and definitions. This guarantees that data is consistent and accurate.


Companies must perform to industry standards and satisfy client needs. PTC windchill is software proving its worth to businesses by helping them efficiently manage all facets of their projects. On the other hand, the advice given above should prove useful, I believe. The preceding details could have enlightened you about PTC windchill. Each new module adds value, which increases interest in the whole system. As a result, I think it would be beneficial for you to learn as much as possible about PTC windchill software and get certified to use it.

Windchill Software FAQs

What Weather Service Does NASA Use?

NASA’s Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) runs global weather forecasts at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) every 6 hours, every day. However, the agency’s satellite instrument teams, field programs, and climate research all benefit from these 2- to 10-day computer model projections.

Does NASA Use Windchill?

NASA Agency uses Windchill as the repository of previous contractor and in-house Earned Value Management deliverables for cost, schedule, and variance analysis, despite the fact that in its most robust application, Windchill is traditionally a project lifecycle management software product.

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