ActivTrak: Features & How It Works (Detailed Guide)

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Are you an employer looking for means to monitor your workers and see if they are really diligent in their work? If so, then this article is for you.  

An ActivTrak is the best option in this case. It monitors the website and programs your staffs make use of once we install it on their computer.

Do you also know you can find out if ActivTrak was installed on system as an employee? Read on because you will learn a lot about this monitoring device including how it works, reviews, Pricing, alternatives and how to tell if they installed it on your computer

What is ActivTrak

With the help of the cloud-based employee time and productivity monitoring tool ActivTrak, you can monitor the websites and programs your staff members use. When your employees use their computers, ActivTrak records screenshots, URLs, and the names of the websites they visit. Along with listing websites and apps, it also displays how much time users spend using them.

ActivTrak Features

One of two views can be used to create and implement employee monitoring software. With most firms, it’s a matter of mistrust and suspicion that causes them to think the worst of their staff and keep an eye on everything they do to catch them off guard.

It’s more a matter of producing the right kinds of crucial insights for a more proactive organization to increase productivity and enhance overall performance.

A limited much software packages fall on the latter end of the range, one of which being ActivTrak. Compared to some of its competitors, it is a method for monitoring employees that is substantially more positive and proactive and doesn’t just focus on discovering and punishing “lazy” workers.

Naturally, ActivTrak can be used to monitor how much time employers spend on particular tasks, while also keeping track of the websites they visit, how long they spend on each page, and other information. Additionally, it can be set up to regularly collect screenshots, alert users to security risks like file transfers, and monitor system idleness.

It’s interesting that ActivTrak is one of the few platforms that allows you to alert staff via pop-ups when they violate company policy or attempt a prohibited action without really recording it in their log. The aim is to use a more proactive and constructive approach rather than pointing out their error without explaining what they did incorrectly.


  • ActivTrak provides incredibly thorough data reporting and analysis.
  • The services emphasized both productivity and employee well-being.
  • Three employees can test the platform for free over the long term.


  • Despite other platforms having smartphone compatibility, the platform doesn’t.
  • The program cannot record keystrokes

How Does ActivTrak Work?

The monitoring agents for Windows and Mac are available for download once you’ve registered for ActivTrak. In order to monitor browsing behavior on Chromebooks, there is a Chrome browser extension available. You can create a secure link to an ActivTrak Agent installation package if you wish staff members to install the software on their PCs independently.

The installation process is simple, however after the program is set up, there is nothing to indicate that it has been activated, such as an ActivTrak Agent icon on the taskbar or its presence in Windows’ list of installed programs and features.

It basically functions as spyware. It can only be removed by reopening the installation application and selecting Remove.

Managers may view reports, screenshots, and videos on their dashboards by using the ActivTrak Agent program, which communicates information about what each user is doing to ActivTrak.

ActivTrak Review

The program is always free to use on three or fewer devices, but ActivTrak also offers cloud-based free and premium options and a 14-day free trial.

With the aid of ActivTrak’s workforce analytics, you can keep an eye on worker output, effectiveness, workload, and technology use.

The program makes it simple to compare analytics between teams and employees.

We intend this evaluation for proprietors of small companies who are thinking about using ActivTrak to meet their requirements for personnel monitoring.

Our choice for the finest analytics-based employee monitoring software is ActivTrak because it provides thorough worker insights like activity tracking, website and app monitoring, content filtering, and alarms.

The application is simple to set up, install, and use, and its dashboard offers insightful information about user activities, boosting team efficiency.

Windows, Mac, Chrome, terminal services, and even virtual desktop infrastructures are all compatible with these cloud-based applications. Although you can’t use the software itself on an employee’s mobile device, managers can utilize iOS and Android mobile apps to access streamlined dashboards and usage reports.

ActivTrak Pricing

ActivTrak offers paid plans and add-ons along with its free version (though you must subscribe to an annual contract for access to the latter). In the event that none of the plans is suitable for your needs, the vendor can develop a special plan and provide a quote based on the demands of a bigger company.

  • Free: This package, which only accommodates three users, includes tools for keeping track of employees’ productivity levels by viewing user activity. A central dashboard that shows a summary of the data that has been recorded, website blocking, real-time reporting, and scheduled monitoring are all included with the free platform’s 3GB of storage space. There are no add-ons at this level, but it is still more than many other platforms of a similar nature offer.
  • Advanced: This plan needs a least five users. Although it enables unlimited users and unlimited data storage, it costs $9 per user per month on a minimum 12-month contract. Comprehensive Slack and Teams notifications, risk-level scoring and management, team productivity monitoring, working hours analysis, and USB device identification are just a few of its advanced employee monitoring features.
  • Premium: In 2021, ActivTrak introduced this new, advanced-insights-based package, significantly enhancing the platform’s suitability for users looking for more information from their workplace monitoring solutions. The plan, which is marketed as providing the best value, has an annual contract price of $15 per user per month. It is capable of supporting an infinite number of users. This option offers premium workforce monitoring insights such as employee productivity, workload balance, and technology use in addition to the features found in the Free and Advanced plans. It also includes historical and team benchmarks, team and individual productivity dashboards, and executive dashboards with organizational indicators. We appreciate that businesses may test it out for free for a full 14 days.
  • Enterprise: Businesses frequently need specialized personnel monitoring plans. Fortunately, ActivTrak can tailor a plan for staff monitoring to suit your requirements.

How To Tell If ActivTrak is Installed

You should check the installed software or apps. There is a “Start” button, followed by “Control Panel.” It is recommended to double-click with “Programs and Features” highlighted.

Before scrolling through to check for any unrecognized software, give the list time to populate completely. If you want to know if this program is tracking software, search it.

ActivTrak Alternatives

#1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a comprehensive time tracking and workforce efficiency tool. It helps both large and small businesses increase the productivity of their internal and external workforce.

Using Time Doctor, you can:

  • Utilize effective reports to gauge employee efficiency.
  • Utilize tools like distraction management to keep your staff concentrated.
  • Keep accurate time records for all tasks and projects.
  • Maintain privacy by taking strict precautions to protect sensitive information
Pricing: Time Doctor costs $7 per user per month to start. Also available is a 14-day trial (no credit card required).

#2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking and remote productivity tool that makes it simple to assess your team’s performance. However, the base pricing plan does not include several essential functions, such as multiple connectors and payroll management.

Key Elements
  • Reports that are in-depth for productivity insights.
  • For transparency, it can enable screen capture monitoring.
  • Enables both manual and automatic time tracking.
  • May oversee your employees’ paid time off.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Integrates with applications like project management and CRM software.


Hubstaff provides four price tiers:

  • Free: provides time tracking, but only has a few screenshots.
  • Basic: $7/user/month provides unlimited screenshots, “Free” features, and 1 integration. Payroll, GPS tracking, and unlimited integrations are all included in the premium service, which costs $10 per user each month.
  • Enterprise: $20/user/month – VIP Support, “Premium” Features, Concierge Account Setup.

#3. Teramind

With a focus on office productivity and insider threat identification, Teramind is a user activity monitoring program. Although it comes at a price, since you must pay for a minimum of 5 people, it includes a number of capabilities for monitoring distant teams.

Key Elements

  • Monitoring of on-screen information to stop data loss.
  • Monitoring of keystrokes and the clipboard.
  • User behavior analytics to find harmful activity
  • Can specify which websites and applications should be regarded as productive.
  • User activity tracking in real time.
  • Dynamic risk scoring is able to detect insider security concerns.


For different needs, Teramind offers three pricing tiers:

  • Internet monitoring, time tracking, and behavior analysis are included in the starter plan, which costs $12 per user each month (minimum of 5 users).
  • UAM costs $25 per user per month (minimum of 5 users), and it comes with “Starter” functionality, keystroke tracking, and OCR of screen information.
  • DLP: $30 per user per month (minimum of 5 users); contains data loss prevention and “UAM” functionality.

#4. Interguard

The staff productivity platform Interguard allows you to monitor time usage and defend against insider threats.

Key Elements

  • Using time monitoring effectively to assess staff productivity
  • Monitoring social media to keep workers from becoming sidetracked.
  • For greater transparency, use three different screenshot monitoring types.
  • Monitoring web content aids in virus defense for your network.
  • Supports the tracking of idle time to increase worker effectiveness.
  • You can respond right away to violations thanks to real-time alerts.


Three pricing tiers are provided by Interguard:

  • Free cloud trial with fast setup and employee monitoring software.
  • Cloud Hosted offers “Free” services, stealth mode, and round-the-clock assistance for a monthly fee of $9 per user (minimum 11 users).
  • Enterprise On-Premise: Personalized pricing; provides “Cloud” functionality, Active Directory, and a virtual desktop user interface.

What Can ActivTrak See?

When your employees use their computers, ActivTrak records screenshots, URLs, and the names of the websites they visit. In addition to offering a list of websites and apps, it also displays how much time users spend on them.

How Do You Trick Employee Monitoring Software?

All it takes is to attach a battery-operated toy to the computer mouse to trick the normal employee monitoring software into thinking you are working. The mouse will move in response to the toy, and the activity will be recorded by the time tracking system.

Is ActivTrak Installed On My Computer?

Watch out for suspicious activity. Open the Windows Task Manager to discover suspicious programs. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and choose Task Manager after Windows has started to load on your machine. Scroll through the list of running processes from the Processes tab while looking in.

What Is ActivTrak App?

By analyzing employee work activity data, ActivTrak protects you from potential security concerns while providing visibility into working hours, productivity patterns, and behaviors. Discover the benefits of using ActivTrak: Discover how remote and hybrid teams are using their time.

Can ActivTrak See My Screen?

ActivTrak provides no video or camera surveillance features, and the Agent cannot access the cameras on the devices used by employees.

Can ActivTrak Track Incognito?

The program and file processes used by the stealthy ActivTrak agent are hidden deep within the registry of your PC and have incognito names to prevent detection. Real-time monitoring takes place instantly.

Is ActivTrak undetectable?

Following that, the software begins to collect and immediately provide data about how users are using websites and applications to your dashboard. Unless you specifically want them to, your employees won’t be aware that you installed monitoring software because it is transparent to the user.

Will ActivTrak be able to use your camera?

No video monitoring or camera access features are available with ActivTrak, and they do not give the Agent access to the cameras on employees’ devices. We think these features are extremely intrusive and don’t provide useful information about how employees operate.

If you have ActivTrak, how do you know?

Check the installed apps and software. You can access Start and then Control Panel. In double-click mode, programs and features need to be highlighted.


ActivTrak is a very good monitoring tool an employer can use. We have highlighted its features and all you need to know about it in this article.


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