LEAVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Top Best Leave Management System Software 2023

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Best leave management systems include Securtime, Wallet HR, greyHR, Qandle, and Freshteam. Temporary employees, ad hoc employees, and emergency staff members are all tracked by the employee leave management system. Time is wealth. As a result, leave management is critical. Inconsistent leave rules cost businesses a lot of money. Unplanned absences frequently result in missed deadlines and targets, and hence lost money. A leave management system allows you to record, manage, and track employee requests for time off. Its primary goal is to ensure that employee leaves are handled appropriately while not negatively impacting the organization. Leave management software allows organizations to control how employee leave is sought and granted by managers, as well as monitoring capabilities to aid in record keeping for payroll processing, PTO tracking, and compliance. Employees can use leave management software to check their current leave information, submit evidence, and see why their leave was denied. 

Leave Management System

The best leave management systems provide all of the tools required to manage employee leave requests, as well as additional features to accomplish shared business goals, all at a low cost. We examined dozens of top leave management systems before deciding on the best leave management systems for 2023. In this guide, we present an overview of why we chose them, and how they are matched to your specific corporate goals.

#1. Calamari

Calamari distinguishes itself by being able to manage staff time clocks and leave in over 100 countries. To do this, the software is country-specific. You can, for example, employ different paid time off (PTO), leave regulations, and holiday calendars depending on the country. Its interface is also available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Polish, and it is GDPR-compliant with European Union-wide privacy and data protection. Calamari’s Leave Management module starts at $1.70 per employee, per month (when paid annually and with a minimum of 10 employees). It has a leave entitlement and accrual calendar, notifications, an approval flow, integrations, attachments, remote workforce leave management tools and a mobile app.

#2. Kissflow

Kissflow Workflow is the ideal software for managing your vacation time. It is exceedingly simple to use and has earned the trust of over 10,000 clients. Kissflow Workflow provides a comprehensive solution for managing continuous leave. Improve your culture with an easy-to-use leave management application.

#3. PlanMyleave

PlanMyleave is a PTO Tracker, Vacation Tracker, and employee leave management system that assists employees and managers in tracking and managing leaves or vacations on an organizational level in an easy and effective manner. You can configure your teams and supervisors so that your employees can request time off and have various types of days off such as vacation, sick leave, or bank holidays. It integrates with Slack and Outlook + Google Calendar or your own calendar app, allowing you to see who is unavailable at any time.

#4. Timetastic

Timetastic is a leave management tool that assists organizations in keeping track of their employees’ time off requests. It not only provides an extendable 30-day free trial, but it also emphasizes “corporate citizenship.” This includes a commitment to assisting unemployed women in returning to work by providing interview coaching and other interview essentials. In addition to its own charitable and corporate citizenship efforts, it provides a 50% discount to all charities and recognized B-corps committed to social responsibility, transparency, and accountability. A quick time-off request procedure, a business calendar, weekly schedule alerts, daily time-off requests, employee birthday notifications, a time-off dashboard, and a mobile app are among the features of Timetastic.

Employees Leave Management System 

Employees can use leave management software to submit leave requests and paperwork for supervisory approval. HR professionals and managers use leave management software to document and track employee leave requests and scheduling. Leave management software enables firms to maintain enough personnel coverage, provide transparency to employees submitting leave requests, and keep the documents required for compliance and PTO tracking.

#1. Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker distinguishes itself by assisting its clients in meeting their environmental goals. For example, the Vacation tracker plants one tree for every 100 leave requests. If you receive a Vacation Tracker survey, each completed survey results in the planting of another tree. Finally, another tree gets planted when you sign up for a yearly subscription. The consequence has been the planting of hundreds of trees in Spain, Canada, Brazil, and other nations throughout the world. You can use Vacation Tracker to create many different types of leave. You can also configure time zones and work locations for your staff. Customized reporting enables you to classify and track leave activity by company function or establish labels and tags for user groups that require frequent reporting, such as Marketing.

#2. HRnest

HRnest is a user-friendly program that assists HR departments in their regular operations. In human resources, the simplest tasks are the most difficult. HRnest addresses this issue by managing leaves and absences through cloud-based technology. Digital request circulation and personal file storage will help your business save time and operate your organization more efficiently. The database is entirely compatible with the world’s highest data security standards (including GDPR) and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any location or device.

#3. Sage HR

Sage HR is quickly becoming the number one HRIS software for managing employee databases and staff leaves. Additionally, Sage HR solves your HR difficulties while allowing you to focus on growing your business by decreasing the time and money spent on paper chasing workers’ vacation requests.

Leave Management System Lee County 

By automating the intricacies of compliance, claims, and payroll, you can save hours of effort. Reduce risk by guaranteeing cross-state compliance. Provide employees with the smooth leave experience they deserve. The Lee County School District. Website: https://peoplesoft.leeschools.net. If you want assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 337-8221. Current Lee County Board of County Commissioners employees can use these tools to better understand their employee benefits, save money on prescriptions, learn about the benefits of flexible spending accounts, plan for retirement, and much more. 

Free Leave Management System

Human capital is your company’s most valuable resource because it is the people that drive the business. Employee attendance and leave tracking software is in high demand due to the widespread use of remote teams and home offices. Most businesses skimp on leave management software because it is either expensive or comes as part of more expensive HR suites. Fortunately, there are a plethora of free leave-tracking software alternatives available for you to explore – check out this list of top recommendations, and try and use any of them for free.

#1. actiPLANS

Paper applications, emails, and Excel spreadsheets are all outmoded methods of managing absences. The actiPLANS team calendar distributes the corporate schedule across the company in a calendar-like form, allowing your employees to generate leave requests with a few clicks. Users in charge of approving requests will then receive an email notification and will be able to approve, alter, or reject the request. There are no mounds of papers, Excel spreadsheets, or the need to call managers or HR teams if remote employees request a leave of absence online. Transfer your leave management routine into actiPLANS: create leave kinds, designate leave managers, automate PTO balance and Sick Leave balance computations – fine-tune the program to fit your company’s online management policies and procedures.

#2. LeaveBoard

LeaveBoard is a free leave management software for small and medium-sized organizations that allow employees to monitor their time off and offers attendance statistics to supervisors. Key functions include leave management, PTO management, an employee database, and reports.

Pricing: free, with premium subscriptions starting at $1.35 per user per month.

#3. MobileHR

MobileHR provides basic leave management functions, such as leave requests that managers can approve or deny, request alerts, and minimal PTO administration tools. Leave reports include vacation, sick leave, and personal time statistics. Key services include leave management, PTO administration, benefits management, reports, and mobile apps.

Pricing: free with a one-time cost of $74.99 for unlimited users.

#4. Zoho People

To reduce leave misuse, Zoho People provides a simple user-friendly interface for leave management that allows users to request, manage, and track leaves and leave data. Managers can select leave types for certain roles, locations, or employee experience levels, as well as build several custom leave kinds and track leaves based on hours or days. Zoho People is a cloud-based HR and leave management software that helps businesses manage employee leave requests, approvals, and reports. It also offers features such as time tracking, performance reviews, and onboarding.

What Is a Leave Management System?

A leave management system is a comprehensive HR technology platform that allows businesses to track employee leave requests online.

Is Leave Management System Software Secure? 

Employees’ lack of understanding of leave policies and practices is a prevalent issue in leave management. It is frequently ascribed to a lack of communication about the organization’s leave rules. Employees typically do not have the time to comprehend and become acquainted with their leave entitlements.

What Is the Problem of a Leave Management System? 

Employees’ lack of understanding of leave policies and practices is a prevalent issue in leave management. It is frequently ascribed to a lack of communication about the organization’s leave rules.

What Is Required for Leave Management? 

A good leave management software system should provide at least the following capabilities: simple leave requests and approvals, automatic balance calculations, and absence report generation for payroll processing, time tracking, and other requirements

What Are the Benefits of a Leave Management System? 

Simple software also lowers unplanned absences by allowing employees to access it from any location. Managers can also use leave monitoring to make changes to planned work if it is disrupted by last-minute absences or unexpected leave.

What Are the Drawbacks of Online Leave Management System? 

Cons of online leave management systems: There are numerous costs involved with online leave management systems, including acquisition and maintenance fees. If they do not fit within these organizations’ budgets, they may have to settle with subpar software.

How Can an Effective Leave Management System Increase Employee Productivity?

Employee productivity can be increased by minimizing the number of emails and phone calls that must be addressed. Furthermore, leave management systems can assist managers in tracking which employees are on leave when they are on leave, and for how long.


Leave management software enables firms to maintain enough personnel coverage, provide transparency to employees submitting leave requests, and keep the documents required for compliance and PTO tracking. Leave management software is typically available as a monthly subscription that varies according to features and company size. Basic plans range in price from $10 to $370 per month. Some providers impose an additional per-user cost, which typically ranges between $3 and $10 per user each month.

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