Best Postage Meters For Small Business In 2022
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A postage meter is a tool that determines the proper postage for each piece of mail in an organization’s outbox. A postage meter can accomplish much more depending on the type, but at its most basic level, it determines the proper postage for letter-sized packages or mail. This feature ensures a business never overpays for postage by using extra stamps they don’t require. This is why you also need it for your small business. This article will guide you on the best postage meters you can choose for your small business.

Postage Meter For Small Businesses

Postal meters are equipment or systems permitted for use in your home or business that print postage. Meters print the postage directly onto your postal pieces or the meter tape you attach to your letter.

According to the USPS, you can only use postage meters if you have a permit in the city of sending. Although not difficult, this technique is nonetheless crucial.

In its most basic form, a postage meter prints postage on your mail. On mail, many meters print business logos and other graphics. The postage meter prints an ink strip as postage rather than requiring you to purchase stamps or stickers with your company’s logo.

Postage Meter Operation

Nowadays, computerized postage meters are the most common. In most cases, a touchscreen and a scale are features of a digital postage meter.

The postage scale measures the weight of your mail or package and displays the postage cost. When the postage has been added to your mail, you insert your envelope into the manual or automatic feeder. For packages, many meters print the postage on a sticker, which you then place on the box.

The procedure is straightforward, easy to do, and without incident. Using their postage meter should be something that almost every tiny organization worker can pick up quickly.

Benefits of Postage Meters For Small Business

#1. Savings for the Business

A firm won’t ever again have to stress about overpaying for postage thanks to postage meters. Without any guesswork, the postage meter determines the correct amount to pay, so a business never has to overestimate the postage cost or use unnecessary stamps.

#2. Reduces Employee Stress

The human body might suffer negative repercussions from stress. Postage meters make it unnecessary for employees in a company’s mailroom to spend time on postage. Instead, they may concentrate on more urgent issues, like ensuring that everything is sent out on time and reviewing the mail that has been successfully returned.

#3. Makes You Look More Professional

No matter if a firm is just getting started or has been operating for some time, developing its image is crucial. All outgoing correspondence should have a professional, well-put-together appearance to increase professionalism.

Other Benefits Include;

  • Obtaining USPS postage discounts
  • You spend less time processing messages from the employees
  • Reduce your number of post office visits (and the fuel required)
  • Obtaining precise postage cost estimates
  • Removing checks and petty cash
  • Obtaining accurate information about shipping costs
  • Checking your meter’s balance quickly both before and after use
  • Creating budgets with greater efficiency

Tips To Find The Best Postage Meters For Your Small Business.

  • Examine the unique qualities of the mail processing equipment from various manufacturers. If you are fully aware of what the competitor offers, you will be in a stronger negotiation position.
  • Describe your company’s requirements, including the kind of mail you send, how much you send, and how frequently you send it. This will assist the supplier in determining the ideal product for your requirements.
  • Ask for a free trial that lasts for at least a month. You can use this information to determine whether the deal is worthwhile.
  • Ask about various pricing options and leasing terms. If you require more immediate flexibility, don’t hesitate to sign a multi-year deal.

Best Postage Meters For Small Business

#1. FB PostBase Mini

Unsurprisingly, this quiet machine is perfect for small mailrooms and fits nicely into a home office. The PostBase mini is the smallest postage meter in the PostBase range from FP USA.

The PostBase small is a low-volume system that can process up to 17 letters per minute. However, it still features a 4.3″ color touchscreen to make organizing your mail even simpler and complete Wi-Fi connectivity as standard. You can customize the inbuilt scale with one of five colors to fit your brand.

The cost of this equipment varies depending on the contract’s duration and anticipated usage.


  • $12.95 for 13 months plus a free month
  • 26 months for $21.95 plus two months for free
  • 42 months for $21.95 plus six months for free


  • It has a 5 lb integrated scale
  • Simple to use
  • The quietest device in its category


  • Rather small Touchscreen
  • On the list, this model isn’t the fastest.

#2. Pitney Bowes SendPro Mailstation

For people with poor tech skills, this is the best postage meter. Pitney Bowes SendPro Mailstation won’t put too much pressure on you because it lacks sophisticated bells and whistles. It is the most straightforward and effective solution for firms that send up to 50 pieces of mail every week.

The SendPro Mailstation, the most entry-level design offered by Pitney Bowes Small Business, can process up to 16 letters per minute (LPM) and 5 lb letters. Its small size and lack of additional complexity make it appear like a standard printer.


  • There is a monthly rental fee of $26.99.


  • Scalability at the corporate level
  • Dynamism in sales analytics
  • CRM integrations that seem never to end


  • Duplicate contacts can only be eliminated manually.
  • Getting acclimated to the UI takes some time.

#3. Quadient IS-280

Small but strong, the Quadient IS-280 can process 18 LPM. It delivers a high printing resolution and, depending on your preference, includes inbuilt 2lb or 5lb scales.

With the Quadient IS-280, you can personalize your mail with various stock images and track spending for up to ten departments. For firms that send fewer than 150 pieces of mail every month, this model is an excellent low-cost alternative.


  • $2lb scale over 24 months for $19.75 per month plus six months for free (new customers only)
  • Over 24 months, $22.75 per month (5-lb scale), plus six months for free (new customers only)
  • Estimated monthly ink expenditures are $11.66 (10 letters/day).
  • Estimated label costs ($3.53/month; 2 labels/day)
  • There is a 9% Quadient discount on First Class postage.


  • Suitable for any tiny office, the design is compact.
  • Online postage balance replenishment
  • Simple to use


  • Scales can only measure up to 5 lbs.
  • There are now quicker postage meters.
  • Mailing System for the Quadient iX-5 Series
  • Optimal for expanding businesses

#4. Mailing System for the Quadient iX-5 Series

The Quadient iX-5 Series includes an expandable catch tray, color screen control panel, and 5 lb scale as standard equipment. Options go up to 70 lb. Whether you use the automation option, it processes 75–110 LPM.

To increase your chances of receiving the best postage rate possible, USPS, UPS, and FedEx all offer multi-carrier shipping rates. Additionally, the iX-5 Series from Quadient provides automatic ink ordering and low ink email warnings.


  • There is a 9% Quadient discount on First Class postage.


  • Scalable for your mailing solutions


  • Comparatively pricey
  • Probably unnecessary for very small mailrooms

#5. Datapac EZ-Mailer

When sorting mail for small businesses, the EZ-Mailer will do the heavy lifting. You can process 140 LPM with this mail machine, including flats, letters, and packages.

More integrated scale options than any other meter we’ve studied here, with options ranging from 25 pounds to 70 pounds. The Shape-Based measurement software from Data-Pac offers exact sizing for the lowest postal costs.

Utilize limitless bookkeeping, employment reporting, and various printing options for forms.


  • Measures bulky and heavy mail precisely
  • Outstanding for small and medium-sized enterprises


  • Probably too big for tiny mailrooms
  • Not the most modern hardware available

How Much are Postage Meters For Small Businesses?

You cannot purchase a postage meter; instead, you must rent one from a licensed vendor, and lease costs range widely. The monthly cost of a simple model is about $20, whereas the monthly cost of a dedicated mail processing unit might exceed $1,000.

Is Postage Meter Worth It?

A postage meter might be a valuable method to save time and money for companies that send direct mail a few times per month. It is advantageous and more convenient for the postage process when there is a direct connection to postal service charges. A postage meter is generally unneeded if you send direct mail occasionally.

Can You Buy a Postage Meter?

Businesses can save time and money by using postage meters for necessary mail. Since postage meters are unfortunately not something you can just purchase, your only choice is to rent or lease one from a dealer if you need one for your business.

Do You Save Money With a Postage Meter?

Yes! You can save money by using postage meters. You save a half-cent on each letter when you use postage meters.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Pitney Bowes Meter?

Your free trial and monthly price do not include mailing, refill fees, or supply costs. A monthly lease payment of $42.99 or $52.99 is required. Or $62.99/month. Depending on the model you select unless you cancel within the initial 60-day free trial.

Can You Owe a Pitney Bowes Meter?

No, you can’t owe this meter. You can only lease and return after use.

Postage Meters For Small Business FAQs

How long is the lifespan of a postal meter?

You must deliver the request to the neighborhood post office within 60 days after the indicia’s date.

Which of the two postal meter types are they?

Digital meters and internet and stamp-based meters are the two primary categories of meters in use today.

How and where do I use a postage meter?

To transmit addresses from your PC to the machine, often using any mail merging system, you can connect your postage meter to a network. The addresses can then be printed by the postage meter directly onto a non-window envelope or sticky labels.


You often sign a contract for one or two years when renting a machine, with a variable monthly rental charge. Instead, if you decide to lease, your contract length would be longer, and the monthly payments will remain constant.

Despite price differences, a postage meter will typically save your small business money and time, making it a reasonable investment.


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