Best Investment Management Software In 2023: Features and Reviews

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Investment management software assists investors in managing and tracking their assets. Users can maintain all of their portfolio information on a single platform rather than checking different programs to view their assets. Certain functions, such as moving cash, placing orders, and providing current market analysis breakdowns, are automated by investment portfolio management software. This software is also known as wealth management software, stock portfolio management software, and fund administration software. Businessyield has put together a list of the best investment software. Our list considers the best solutions for all sorts of self-directed investors, ranging from novices just getting started to expert investors with sophisticated requirements.

What is Investment Software?

Investment software, often known as wealth management software, monitors and administers the portfolios of investors. These investment professionals utilize these tools to construct, track, and manage their clients’ investment portfolios. Investment portfolio management software offers communication tools to help investors, financial advisors, and their clients communicate with one another.

This type of solution frequently includes investment tracking, investment accounting, reporting, client communication tools, investment analytics tools, and other features. Investment portfolio management software enables advisors and investment professionals to keep a comprehensive view of their operations on behalf of their clients by combining all relevant data and providing tools for investment research.

If investment portfolio management software does not provide built-in accounting functionality, they frequently integrate with accounting solutions. This category of solutions also connects to third-party sources to import market data.

A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for inclusion in the Investment Portfolio Management category:

  • Manage a variety of investments, including equities, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds.
  • Provide features for buying and selling financial securities, as well as managing cash dividends.
  • Management of investment records
  • Compile financial data from third-party market data sources.
  • Make detailed reporting tools available, such as tax schedules or expected cash flow.
  • Include a client interface for placing orders and transferring cash.
  • Provide tools for doing investment portfolio analysis.

Best Investment Management Software In 2023

#1. AppFolio Investment Management

AppFolio Investment Management is commercial real estate software that increases returns, decreases overhead, and streamlines investment operations.


  • A digital platform that generates recurring investors and speeds, large-scale fundraisers.
  • A streamlined approach that automates your investment operations while increasing accuracy and security.
  • A single source of truth that drives deliberate transparency for your teams and investors.

#2. Diligent Equity

EquityEffect (a Diligent Brand) is the only portfolio and cap table management platform that venture capital firms will ever require.


  • A unified view of all your portfolio company cap tables and KPIs.
  • Run waterfalls and scenario models with ease to acquire insight into the performance of all the investments, companies, and funds.

#3. Yardi Investment Management

Yardi Investment Manager is a comprehensive platform for managing relationships with existing and prospective investors, tracking capital transactions, and providing insights into investment indicators. A branded investor portal makes data, operating and capital expenses, papers, and reports available in real time. An audit record of activity and conversations for your compliance issues.

To eliminate separate data systems, use Investment Manager alone or in conjunction with Yardi Voyager or Yardi Breeze Premier.

#4. Allvue

The portfolio management software from Allvue is an investment management system that integrates all of the information used by a Portfolio Manager into real-time dashboards and interactive reports, allowing you to track investment exposures and risk in one place with comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date data.

#5. AdvisorEngine

Client onboarding, portfolio management, CRM, compliance, reporting, billing, reporting, and more are all included in this advisor platform. Custodian and technological linkages are strong. AdvisorEngine provides services to investment advisors, brokerage houses, and banks.

#6. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is the largest investment community on the planet. Our purpose is straightforward: to assist you in becoming a better investor. We have unbiased and balanced stock research, fundamental analysis tools, crowdsourced debate, and practical market data to meet your investing needs. You can link your portfolio as a member to receive personalized stock screeners, alerts, and updates, or you can join one of our expert services to receive exclusive real-time trading ideas.

#7. CircleBlack

Our modern all-in-one wealth management platform gives client-centric advisors the full set of features they need to boost their client-facing activities. CircleBlack has a modern and intuitive user interface, a beautiful and simple client experience, a comprehensive set of core capabilities, and dozens of integrations – all built on a solid data architecture with direct connections to more than a dozen custodians and thousands of financial institutions.

#8. Juniper Square

Juniper Square is the industry leader in partnership enablement for the private funds market, providing a centralized system for GPs and their LPs to connect and communicate at all stages of their partnerships. The software enables investment managers to raise capital faster, scale operations more efficiently, and improve investor satisfaction. Juniper Square is trusted by over 1,700 general partners to manage over 300,000 LPs in over 24,000 private funds.

#9. Covercy

Covercy is used by commercial real estate (CRE) investment firms to increase AUM while preserving crucial efficiency. GPs can use investment management software with robust financial services at its heart to – Distribute funds in minutes – Real-time financial control; • – Engage HNW and family office investors.

#10. AIM

AIM, the leading Private Equity solution on the Salesforce platform, enables you to combine your data into a single central system for operational efficiency and optimize workflows for scaling. The software lightning-ready, with a clean and simple user interface built for speed and ease of use. With AIM, you obtain the basis for your firm-wide IT solution, allowing you to harness the power of your data and achieve an informational advantage that will place you years ahead of your competitors.

#11. Eze Investment Suite

The award-winning Investment Suite from SS&C Eze includes a collection of fully integrated tools that provide first-rate asset management capability while streamlining the investment lifecycle. Applications can be merged for a unified front-to-back workflow, used independently, or integrated with third-party systems.

#12. Origin

With Origin by Altrio, you can optimize your investment process, screen and underwrite deals faster, and establish a successful portfolio. Origin enables you to aggregate information from memoranda, brochures, and emails without the need for manual data entry, resulting in the creation of a proprietary deal and asset database that can provide you with a competitive advantage when analyzing deals. Access relevant and reliable real estate market, capital market, economic, and demographic information in real-time, allowing you to get a complete and accurate picture of any investment.

#13. The CRE Suite

Utilize the only platform designed from the ground up to simplify real-world real estate transactions and company procedures. The CRE Suite is designed to shorten execution time and provide unique data insights, and it includes interactive online tools and a configurable modeling framework that can help you destroy the competition. The CRE Suite offers unrivaled consistency, security, and customization.

#14. FundCount

Portfolio and partnership accounting software from FundCount tracks analyzes and reports the value of complicated investments across portfolios. Improve operational efficiency with a multicurrency G/L and automated workflow solutions, including direct feeds with brokers/custodians. The software is compatible with a wide variety of asset types and portfolio measurement approaches. FundCount improves your firm’s speed, accuracy, and analytical understanding.

#15. Vantage Software

First Rate Vantage manages the whole fund lifecycle, including fundraising, transaction flow management, capital calls, distribution, and reporting. Replace time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets with automated portfolio accounting software to improve efficiency in managing complicated accounting, waterfall structures, fees, and investment reporting. Our portal provides real-time access to funding holdings, transactions, KPIs, performance, and other information that keeps you “in the loop.”

#16. SourceScrub

SourceScrub is the world’s top data solution for businesses wishing to investigate, locate, and engage with privately held businesses. Our Private Company Intelligence platform enables transaction teams to take a data-driven approach in a historically opaque market segment. We combine cutting-edge technology with an unrivaled QA process to produce the most recent and accurate data set accessible.

#17. ETNA Web Trading

ETNA Web Trading Platform is a next-generation all-web trader software for brokers and FinTech companies. The trading user interface in HTML5 is lightning quick and provides a personalized trading experience on the go. The web-based trading platform is accessible via any browser on any device. Trade from any location on the platform, including charts, watchlists, and statistics. To seamlessly link to third-party online apps, customize trade with a drag-drop layout and “widget designer.”

#18. MRI Software

Follow the money as it moves through the real estate investment lifecycle. MRI Software offers a complete and interconnected suite of real estate investment management solutions. Manage financial reporting and risk exposure as your real estate property investment increases with treasury debt management, all part of the MRI Software Property Investment Financial Tool suite.

#19. U-Rite

Our software simplifies commercial real estate underwriting. Utilize the power of the cloud and the simplicity of Excel with U-Rite to produce precise property cash flows and do complicated real estate calculations in seconds. It is a software developed by CRE professionals.

#20. Certent Asset Management

Certent Cap Table and Equity Management software and services provide private and public companies with everything they need to manage, administer, account for, and report on equity compensation plans, including the most comprehensive accounting calculations and in-depth stock plan reporting on the market. You may streamline equity compensation procedures and tighten compliance throughout the entire organization by using Certent Equity Management’s participant/shareholder interface, administrative role, and console.

#21. FolioSure

FolioSure can help private equity and venture capital organizations improve their portfolio monitoring and data operations functions. It is an end-to-end cloud-based portfolio-monitoring tool that allows for reliable tracking and comparison of portfolio company performance. It may be fully integrated into your present tech stack and processes and tailored to your specifications, giving you complete control over the life cycle of your portfolio.

#22. GroundBreaker

All-in-one investment management software designed for small to medium-sized commercial real estate investment enterprises seeking outside finance. By automating fundraising, reporting, and investor relations activities, our technologies assist teams to enhance productivity and investor satisfaction. The suite addresses five major functions in improving real estate investment businesses’ back-office operations: Investor Reporting | Fundraising Automation | Investor Portal | Investment Management | CRM

#23. Octopus

Editor’s choice at Opalesque: The front, middle, and back offices. Order-, Portfolio-, and Fund portfolio, as well as Reporting Our system is designed to quickly adapt to your specific needs. Chat support for “learn by doing.” Interfaces include Bloomberg, major brokers, FIX, and REST. Trade capture is simple, as is pre-trade compliance and order routing. Risk and compliance DMS, DMS, automated email reporting (Factsheet, KIID, Portfolio, and Risk/ICO).

#24. Pinnakl

Pinnakl is a cloud-based enterprise solution used by hedge funds to manage their whole front, middle, and back office operations. We make use of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology. Whether it is the OMS, PMS, EMS, CRM, Risk, or any other service, our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction based on the demands of the customer. The software provides the most straightforward user experience in the business.

What kind of buyer are you?

Buyers of investment management software fall into two broad categories:

#1. Independent Traders:

Individual traders and investment counselors are examples of independent professionals. Independent traders sell stocks, bonds, and financial assets on behalf of their clients (individuals or banks), whereas independent investment advisers provide investment recommendations and perform securities analysis.

#2. Firms

Small, medium, and large investment firms are examples of firms. They oversee portfolio investment management projects for high-net-worth individuals or organizations.

The characteristics described in the preceding section are inherent in effective investment management and so relevant to both buyer types. Businesses should discuss with prospective vendors about their specific needs, such as the amount of support necessary, appealing price points, and data storage capacity.

The Benefits of Investment Management Software

You should have a good sense of the benefits of investment management software by now, but we’ll summarize them below:

  • Improved decision-making: The solution provides quick access to data through reports and dashboards, allowing you to make more educated investment decisions. It enables users to examine investment gaps and track the performance of parameters like the debt-equity ratio in order to optimize investment strategies. Users can also receive real-time, daily, and monthly price information for mutual funds, bonds, and equities.
  • Better risk management: The software uses real-time asset reporting and a variety of risk algorithms to identify assets that are prone to risk or low returns. Users can reduce risk by balancing investments with safer and more rewarding ones.
  • Easier portfolio management: The technology assists in categorizing and organizing portfolios on a consolidated platform. This makes it easy to find and sort through them.

What is the Best Way To Keep Track of Investments?

  • Robo Advisors and Brokerages can benefit from online tracking services.
  • Personal Finance Apps can help you keep track of your investments.
  • Spreadsheets for Do-It-Yourself.
  • For investment tracking, use desktop apps.
  • Begin Keeping a Trading Journal.

Who Uses Investment Portfolio Management Software?

Software for managing investment portfolios is used by many different groups. The main users of investment portfolio management tools are financial advisors, both independent and those working for a firm. This software is also used by independent traders and investors to manage their own portfolios and make intelligent, data-driven investing choices. As they are frequently comprehensive systems that deal with research, modeling, trade execution, performance monitoring, client management (for advisory companies), and compliance, these solutions serve as the foundation of investment activity for businesses and single traders. Investment portfolio management software is viewed by advisors as a comprehensive solution. There are frequently connectors built into complementary solutions if the one they choose does not provide all the capabilities they require.

What Are the Benefits of Using Investment Portfolio Management Software?

Having a single platform that provides an overview of your net worth or the net worth of your client is one advantage of employing these software packages. This simplicity allows the consumer to focus on accumulating wealth while saving time. These technologies make asset management easier for wealth management professionals by providing a single platform from which they can examine all investments, get an overview of performance, and communicate with their clients.

What Does Investment Portfolio Management Software Do?

Investment portfolio management software automates investment management tasks and provides fund administration, accounting, and reporting compliance. Financial advisers, portfolio managers, and individuals can utilize investment portfolio management software, which is also known as stock portfolio management software, wealth management software, or fund administration software.

What Is the Best Portfolio Management System by Fund Intelligence?

The Best Investment Management Software Picture By Fund Intelligence, Solovis was recognized as the best portfolio management system in 2023. It is with great honor that Solovis announces that Fund Intelligence has named the company the “Best Portfolio Management System.”

Who Has the Best Track Record in Investing?

Warren Buffett, also known as the “Oracle of Omaha,” is regarded as one of the greatest investors in history. Buffett’s value-oriented, patient, and methodical investment approach has regularly outperformed the market for years.

How Do You Keep an Investment Journal?

Your personal investment journal should contain your short- and long-term investment objectives, as well as research, advice from professionals, market performance data, and industry trends. Additionally, you ought to establish a list of the potential investments you are thinking about.

Investment Software FAQs

What are investment systems?

The investment management system refers to the processes, rules, capabilities, information, and behaviors that interact to influence how investments are managed throughout their life cycles.

What tools do professional investors use?

  • Stock Screeners.
  • Stock Simulators.
  • Charting Software.
  • Newsletters.

What is a portfolio tracker?

A portfolio tracker, as the name suggests, is a tool for tracking the movement of stocks in your financial portfolio. A tracker will show you how your current asset allocation matches your financial goals and compare the performance of your portfolio to market benchmarks and indices.

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The investment management system refers to the processes, rules, capabilities, information, and behaviors that interact to influence how investments are managed throughout their life cycles.

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  • Stock Screeners.
  • Stock Simulators.
  • Charting Software.
  • Newsletters.

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A portfolio tracker, as the name suggests, is a tool for tracking the movement of stocks in your financial portfolio. A tracker will show you how your current asset allocation matches your financial goals and compare the performance of your portfolio to market benchmarks and indices.

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