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Grant Cardone 10X Rule
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American sales expert Grant Cardone has worked in the real estate and automotive sectors as a speaker, trainer, and business owner. The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last are among his best-selling books. In addition, Grant Cardone is a well-known speaker on business, sales, leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and finance. His five privately held businesses generate annual sales of more than $300 million.

In addition to his many years of sales consulting experience, Cardone’s best-selling book, The 10X Rule, inspired the business tycoon to start the 10X Growth Conference, 10X Global Movement, and several Cardone-branded businesses, all with the goal of “helping others improve their businesses, careers, finances, and relationships.” Grant Cardone’s net worth was approximately $600 million as of April 2023. 

Who Is Grant Cardone 

Real estate tycoon Grant Cardone started from scratch and has since amassed a multifamily property portfolio worth over $4 billion. In addition, Forbes Magazine named him the top marketer to watch in 2017. The largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world, The 10X Movement & The 10 Growth Conference, was founded by Cardone. 

On March 21, 1958, Grant Cardone was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Cardone purchased his first piece of real estate at the age of 29, a single-family home that he rented out. But after a few months, that investment failed, and he quickly sold it, making a promise never to purchase a single-family house once more. 

Three multimillion-dollar companies, the Cardone Group, Cardone Real Estate Holdings, and Cardone Enterprises, are currently owned by Cardone. He addresses CEOs, managers, and business owners, and his sales programs have been purchased by thousands of organizations. 


Grant Cardone

Grant challenges his supporters and clients to embrace success as their duty, responsibility, and obligation and to reject outmoded, ineffective middle-class myths and constraints to achieve true freedom for themselves and their families.

He has become a valuable source for the media seeking commentary and insights on current events due to his open views on leadership, the economy, small business, retail sales, employment, and headlines.

In addition, he founded Cardone University, the premier online sales training resource with more than 500,000 users and growing. He is a very prosperous businessman who offers perceptions, pointers, counsel, and direction on a variety of topics, including real estate, relationships, investments, wealth, sales, marketing, and branding. 

Grant Cardone Bio 

Full NameGrant Cardone
Birth Date21 March 1958.
Birth PlaceLake Charles, Louisiana, United States
PartnerElena Lyons (m. 2004)
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Inspirational speaker, sales trainer
Net Worth$600 million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
CompaniesCardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital

Cardones Early Life 

Contrary to many of his fellow billionaires, Grant Cardone did not have a golden childhood. The larger-than-life character tells us that his upbringing was greatly impacted by the passing of his father when he was only ten years old. He came from modest beginnings. The father of Cardone, an Italian immigrant, toiled arduously to provide for his family. 

Before his father’s death, Cardone claims that his mother was a stay-at-home mom who spent a lot of time clipping coupons out of concern that there wouldn’t be enough money to cover the bills. She lacked any significant education or marketable skills. Cardone says that he was able to feel both her fear and the strain that her financial insecurity had placed on her. Cardone’s grief and resentment over losing his father during his adolescence set him on a path that ultimately resulted in drug and alcohol abuse. When he was 18 years old, he was a practically daily drug user.

Cardone decided to become the best version of himself by giving up all drugs, alcohol, and anything else that was preventing him from being that person. The fact that the economy was in a slump and he was forced to work in car sales due to record unemployment meant that this journey was not without its share of difficulties.

Grant Cardone decided to make the most of that situation at the time. He studied every aspect of car sales he could find. He spent the next two years developing his sales skills and saving his money. In essence, he used that cash to purchase his first piece of real estate.

Since then, the visionary entrepreneur has inspired millions of people all over the world by sharing his story and the techniques that helped him become a successful investor and real estate professional.

Who Is Grant Cardone’s Wife

Elena Lyons and Grant Cardone were married in 2004; their two children are named Scarlett and Sabrina.

10X Business Plan Grant Cardone

Grant first introduced the 10X Growth Conference in 2017, following the release of his best-selling book The 10X Rule in 2011. This 3-day event has quickly grown to be the largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world.

Grant founded the 10X Growth Conference to serve as a venue where individuals can learn tactics from the world’s most successful businesspeople to 10X Your Business, 10X Your Income, and 10X Your Life.

Grant Cardone has since been offering business coaching and training to some of the biggest corporations in the world for more than 35 years. The best online sales training available on the internet is provided by Grant Cardone, who offers everything from new-hire training to speed-up onboarding to certifications for ongoing education as your business and sales team grow.

Mobile devices, tablet computers, and desktop computers can all easily access Cardone University. Thus, Grant is available to you at all times, wherever you may be. Cardone University offers the most comprehensive sales training program currently available online from Grant Cardone. Cardone University has more than 8000 segments of fully interactive video content, making it the one thing you simply cannot live without. 

You can finally realize your potential with Grant Cardone serving as your 24/7 personal sales coach and receiving the full backing of the Cardone Team. The highest-paid professionals train daily, and their salaries reflect that. 

Books by Grant Cardone 

  • Sell To Survive
  • The Closer’s Survival Guide
  • If You’re Not First, You’re Last
  • The 10X Rule
  • Sell or be Sold

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

The 10X Rule states that you should:

  • Set goals for yourself that are 10X higher than what you think you can accomplish, and
  • Take actions that are 10X more than you think are required to reach your objectives.
  • The biggest error most people make in life is not setting high enough standards for success.
  • The only way to reach your true potential is to take massive action.

Book Summary 

  • The biggest error most people make in life is not setting high enough standards for success.
  • Understanding how much work and how much thought are needed to succeed is the foundation of the 10X Rule.
  • 10X action and execution mean operating at activity levels that are significantly above the norm. It will help you get far.
  • Make goals that are ten times more ambitious than anything you could have imagined.
  • Your present situation is a result of your thoughts and deeds. 
  • You must think and act at levels 10X above the norm if you want to advance further than you ever imagined you could.
  • The 10X Rule states that you must set goals for yourself that are 10X greater than what you believe you want and then take 10X as much action as you believe is necessary to achieve those goals.
  • The first common error is to set your goals too low.
  • The second common error is underestimating the amount of work needed.
  • Mistake number three is focusing too much on competing rather than establishing dominance in a particular industry.
  • Any goal you set will be challenging to accomplish, so why not aim higher right away?
  • Due to the insufficient payoff, the majority of people experience work as opposed to pursuing their passions.
  • Either you put in the effort to achieve your own goals and dreams, or you are employed to help someone else achieve theirs.
  • Never lower a goal. Never give an excuse for failure. Always take more action

How Did Grant Cardone Get So Rich?

He is a motivational speaker, author, and sales coach best known for his vast real estate empire. He encountered many challenges along the way, but his persistence and passion for business negotiations helped him become the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Who Is Grant Cardone’s Net Worth?

The estimated value of Grant Cardone’s net worth is $600 Million.

How Much Does Grant Cardone Make Per Hour?

The average salary for a Grant Cardone in the US is $58,340 per year as of April 7, 2023. That comes out to about $28.05 per hour.

At What Age Did Grant Cardone Become Rich?

By the time he was 30 years old, Grant Cardone had amassed a million dollars thanks to the success of his businesses.

Does Grant Cardone Own Bitcoin?

Yes. Cardone said that he received payment for a speaking engagement in Bitcoin at a time when the value of the virtual currency was around “That gig turned out to be worth almost $2 million. almost $2 million.

What Is the 10 Times Rule?

According to Grant’s 10X Rule, you should set goals for yourself that are ten times more ambitious than you believe you are capable of. He claims that many people struggle and fall short of their goals as a result.

What is Grant Cardone’s Best Selling Book?

Grant Cardone has many best sellers but, his major hit or best-selling book is “The 10X Rule”.

In summary

Grant Cardone is a well-known real estate tycoon and businessman who is renowned for his dedication to the 10X Rule and sales training. In his quest to become a household name in real estate, Grant Cardone has faced many challenges. His perseverance and passion have helped him build a sizable clientele and net worth. Cardone is proof that you are not limited by your current situation.

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