Free Job Posting Sites for Employers in the US
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By enabling employers to view resumes, screen prospective applicants, and post jobs to top boards—all without spending any money—free job posting sites give your job listings the same exposure as paid ones. Your chance of hiring top candidates for your industry may increase as a result. Employers can find excellent candidates without spending any money thanks to the abundance of trustworthy free job posting sites in the US. We advise you to test out a few of the websites we mentioned to choose the best one for your specific needs, preferences, and line of work. 

Free Job Posting Sites

The top free job posting sites in the US enables employers to post jobs for free, track applicants, and offer more services at higher-paid tiers. Some free websites only permit a certain number of posts in their free tier.

#1. Indeed

The largest job search engine in the world right now is Indeed, which receives more than 250 million unique monthly visitors who are all active job seekers. It provides free job postings, candidate evaluation, and applicant tracking. Candidates may also submit their applications through its mobile app. It will assist you in finding qualified candidates, assessing their abilities using one dashboard’s selection of more than 100 premade and customizable assessments, and eliminating candidates. Employers can use this as one of the free job posting sites.

#2. Glassdoor

A job and recruiting website called Glassdoor also controls online reviews of businesses. You can post a job in collaboration with Indeed for no cost, and it will be visible on both platforms for a short while. The choice to sponsor a job on Indeed is an option, though, if you want your job listing to receive more exposure. This is also one of the free job posting sites that employers can use to source qualified candidates.

Glassdoor will put a lot of emphasis on insights and employer branding. Pay-per-click pricing applies to sponsored jobs, with fees only accruing when interested job seekers click on them. Daily budgets for sponsored jobs range from $5 to $499. 

Through Glassdoor, you can actively interact with job seekers by showcasing your business and workplace environment. Additionally, it provides a knowledge base on recruiting that includes templates, datasheets, and webinars. 

#3. Homebase

With Homebase, an all-in-one HR platform, you can easily create hourly job postings for positions (like waiting for staff and retail clerks) on popular job board websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. To assist small businesses in managing hourly workers, it also handles scheduling, applicant tracking, onboarding, and time tracking. There are four standard price tiers: 

  • Basic: Free for a single location and unlimited staff
  • Essentials: $24.95 per month, per location
  • Plus: $59.95 per month, per location
  • All-in-One: $99.95 per month, per location

#4. Fiverr

You can post available freelance jobs on Fiverr without paying a cent. Additionally, it won’t take you long to locate top talent and top-notch services at every price range. Freelancers on Fiverr are paid per project rather than per hour. The freelancer will send you an invoice once the project is complete, and you’ll also pay Fiverr a portion of the project’s overall cost.

#5. UpWork

Employers may freely post open remote or freelance jobs on the international freelance marketplace Upwork. It has the broadest network of available independent professionals in many different fields. It is one of the numerous free job posting sites for employers and applicants alike. You can easily manage work contracts in addition to posting jobs and keeping track of your time. You can even specify requirements for your jobs so that you only see qualified candidates—based on ratings, location, or work history.

#6. Guru

One of the oldest technical and design hubs for online independent contractors is Guru. You can advertise job openings and gain access to a vast professional network to manage your tasks and projects. Guru doesn’t charge a fee to post a job opening, but it does charge a handling fee of 2.9% per invoice. 

Use of an e-Check or wire transfer will also result in a 100% cash refund of the handling fee. The majority of freelance websites, including Guru, offer a secure site with escrow options to make sure the work is finished before you have to pay the freelancer. 

#7. Craigslist 

You can post job openings on the US-based classified ads website Craigslist. Because Craigslist charges employers in some areas (like San Francisco), if you want to post jobs on the site for free, make sure to find out if there are any fees in your neighborhood.

#8. FreeUp

You can post an infinite number of job openings on its platform once you register for a free account. Additionally, you’ll have access to the top 1% of pre-qualified candidates, who you can interview and hire in less than a business day. They bill you anywhere from $5 to more than $75 per hour to finish your projects and tasks.

#9. Chegg Internship

When searching for capable interns who are still in college, Chegg Internships is the best resource. It gives you access to its database, allows you to post job openings for either part-time or full-time positions, and uses a special CareerMatch service to help you find the ideal intern for your needs. There are various job openings, ranging from seasonal or part-time work to full-time positions. Chegg internship acts as one of the free job posting sites for employers to source interns who are still in college.

#10. VetJobs

An employment assistance service called VetJobs allows for an unlimited number of free job postings. It only assists the communities of US military personnel, veterans, and reserve members. After signing up to become an American Jobs for America’s Heroes (AJAH) partner, you will have access to a dedicated Recruiter Connect team who will assist you in finding the best candidates for your open positions at no cost to you.

#11. ZipRecruiter 

You can trust the online job market ZipRecruiter to connect you with the top candidates. Through its web, mobile, and email services, it actively connects all kinds of businesses with potential job candidates. Additionally, it sends job postings to more than 100 job sites with just one click.

You can post open positions for four days without paying anything by creating a free account. Following the trial period, you can select from one of its two daily paid plans (monthly plans are also offered but at a higher price):

  • Standard Plan ($16 daily for each job post): One open position and an unlimited number of applicant submissions; your ad will be posted on ZipRecruiter and its affiliated job boards.
  • Everything that is included in the Standard Plan, plus 25 monthly resume database downloads and premium placement to attract up to twice as many applicants ($24 per job post daily).

#12. AngelList 

If you need to hire people for startups, use this website. The company’s Starter package on AngelList allows for the free posting of jobs. You can integrate an applicant tracking system (ATS) with a free job listing on AngelList, create a company profile, choose how to handle incoming applications, view assessment results, and use collaborative tools. Additionally, this is one of the few job boards that permit an infinite number of free job postings.  

You can post as many jobs as you’d like with the Starter plan, which is free. Additionally, you can use the tracking system, send messages to candidates, and make a profile for your company without paying a dime. Advanced search filters, pitch templates, and instant scheduling are all included in the Recruit Pro plan, which has a monthly starting price of $250.

#13. FlexJobs

You can post a job for free on the well-liked and expanding website FlexJobs, which is made for independent contractors and remote employees. FlexJobs allows you to post up to five jobs for free, but there is no guarantee that any of them will be posted because the website screens every application.

FlexJobs only takes into account positions with remote or freelance components, and the website only takes into account employers with a solid reputation. 

#14. Simply Hired 

A job aggregator, SimplyHired, posts openings on more than 100 employment websites. Even though posting jobs is free, contacting any applicants you think are qualified will cost you money. Every time you receive an application, you will see the applicant’s name and contact information hidden along with their resume, cover letter, and responses to your screening questions. Candidate reveal has a $4.99 starting price and varies based on factors like job title, location, and demand. 

#15. Ladders

In the United States and Canada, Ladders is a job search website targeted at seasoned professionals. If you want to apply for jobs that pay at least $100,000 annually, it will give you ten free jobs, ten free resume views, and ten free emails each month. Even though the free plan allows you to save your searches, it doesn’t include extras like Tap2Call on mobile devices, an individual customer success manager, or advanced search filters.

#16. Learn4Good

A job board for students is available on the educational website Learn4Good. You will be given 20 listing credits through its free employer plan, which you can use for six months. You can receive job applications from the website immediately via phone or email. Additionally, you can switch to a paid job plan whenever you want and get 50 to 1,000 credits in return. ee plan. You can also upgrade to a paid job plan at any time and receive anywhere from 50 to 1,000 credits.

#17. Hubstaff Talent

If you want to hire remote workers like graphic designers, programmers, and marketing specialists, Hubstaff Talent is a good option to take into account. You are welcome to post as many jobs as you like for no cost, and you will receive applications from candidates that include their contact information and justifications for why they are a good fit. You might want to investigate Hubstaff Tasks for project management as you advance in your career from Hubstaff Talent’s paid offerings, which include Hubstaff for time tracking and reporting.

#18. CareerBuilder

Given that it is among the largest and most established job boards on the internet, CareerBuilder has two major advantages. You can filter using several factors, including location, job title, and salary range, using its comprehensive search function. 

The website matches job candidates with appropriate opportunities using Google AI, and it offers resources and career advice to job seekers. Employers searching for candidates can benefit from monthly subscription plans’ provision of candidate management tools, targeted recruitment emails, and other services. 

Free Job Posting Sites for Employers

Finding the right applicants for your job openings can be challenging. Here are a few lists of free job posting sites that employers can use:

#1. Monster 

You can now post jobs for free on the Monster+ website. Additionally, you can pay more to have the position promoted and maintain its top position.

You should check out this option if you’re looking for a free substitute. With this offering, Monster, which has existed since the earliest days of online job postings, is attempting to gain market share.

#2. Google for Jobs

If the web pages for your job descriptions contain structured data, you can post positions directly from your website. The majority of applicant tracking systems with integrated job boards take care of this for you automatically.

Your job advertisements may benefit greatly from being listed on Google for Jobs. Google for Jobs is one of Google’s improved search features, gathering job postings from career pages and job boards and displaying them in Google Search 

#3. Facebook

There is a special section on Facebook where you can post your job listings for free. Additionally, you can directly post job openings on the Facebook page of your business. Like other Facebook posts, you have the option of boosting your employment to reach a wider or more specific audience. If you’re unfamiliar with Facebook lingo, “boost” simply means “pay.”  

#4. Linkedin

You can post one free job on LinkedIn. The one free post should be utilized since this is the biggest business networking site. If you have multiple positions open at once, you can of course pay for sponsored posts. More than 830 million people use the professional networking site LinkedIn, which has members in more than 200 countries and territories.

The platform allows you to manage and filter your candidates while posting one free job. You must use LinkedIn’s pay-per-click model and add a daily or overall budget to market your job, guarantee that it appears in search results, and get the most exposure. Depending on your workplace and the competition, the cost of each click will vary. 

#5. Handshake

Finding recent college graduates is easiest on Handshake. Their website is used by 700 colleges and more than 14 million students. On this website, you can post jobs for free, look through candidate profiles, and download resumes.

You can post jobs on Handshake and register for free online career fairs. You can manage and publicize virtual interviews using the platform as well. If you’d prefer, you can pay for the Premium Partnership, which can help you find better candidates, improve your employer brand, sign up for events, get analytics, and more.

#6. PostJobFree

Since 2007, PostJobFree has been disseminating job postings on various websites and job boards, including,, and Ten jobs can be posted each day, and using the resume database is free. You can call or email each candidate directly if you choose the Premium Membership option, and you can view their entire resume as well as an unlimited number of times.


With more than 28 million monthly visitors, is one of the largest and most comprehensive job sites available. It’s a great option if you want to post a free job listing that could be seen by a ton of potential candidates.

Although the site’s free job listings are less detailed than its paid options, you can still include a lot of information in your advertisements without spending a dime. In addition to listing salaried positions and hourly-paying jobs, you can also specify the working conditions, the location, and the type of employment, including full- and part-time, contract, and internship positions.

Where Is the Best Place to Advertise a Job for Free?

Your particular hiring requirements will determine the best website to post a job on. ZipRecruiter, or Indeed is free to use to get started!

What Are the Top 5 Free Job Postings Sites in India?

  • Linkedin
  • Indeed
  • Internshala
  • Glassdoor
  • Aasaanjobs

Is It Free to Post a Job on LinkedIn? 

There can only be one open free job posting at a time. Members are only permitted to post a certain number of free jobs within 30 days and one free job at a time.

Where Can I Advertise My Business Online for Free in Nigeria?

Businesses in Nigeria can use websites like Google Ads, Facebook, JiJi, and OLX to advertise their products. 

Is It Free to Post a Job on Upwork?

The posting of a job on Upwork is, in fact, free. However, using the platform is not entirely free. Upwork provides free basic project advertisements as well as paid plans starting at $49.99 per month.  

Which Website Is Best for a Job to Apply For?

Indeed, ZipRecruiter Upwork, etc are among the numerous job sites where candidates can apply for different job opportunities.

Which Site Is Best for Job Recruitment?

Finding the best site for job recruitment comes down to the preference of the individual seeking recruitment and also the type of job he is looking for.

Can I Post a Job on Monster for Free?

Although the website technically allows for free job postings, Monster does charge a fee for each job that is posted. Only after creating a Monster account—which you cannot do for free—do you have access to the free job postings. Nevertheless, there is a 4-day free trial, which is rather brief given that you only get one week’s worth of usage.


Free job posting sites increase your opportunity to hire excellent candidates without spending any money by putting your job in front of thousands of potential applicants. Numerous websites, including Indeed and Homebase, provide an applicant tracking system (ATS), which keeps track of where jobs are posted, gathers applications in one location, and identifies which free and paid job posting websites are sending you the best candidates. Your industry or the kind of position you need to fill may influence which free job posting site is best for your company.

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