HOW TO START AN ATM BUSINESS IN 2023 : The Ultimate Guide

How to start an atm business

There are several business side hustles that an entrepreneur can choose to invest in; however, knowing how to start an ATM business in 2023 is a great choice. If you have not researched the ATM business properly, here are a few things you need to know.

For new entrepreneurs in the business world trying to figure out how the ATM business works, you need to know that it is quite simple. This is because once you have an ATM business, every time a person uses it (to withdraw money), they get charged a fee called a surcharge, which is also your profit.

One of the best parts of running an ATM business is that you can determine your surcharge amount and set it to whatever is suitable for you.

How To Start an ATM Business In Simple Steps

If you are trying to start an ATM business, you must follow these steps, as they are the key to successfully establishing and running an ATM business. Some of these steps include;

Step #1: Create an LLC

You need to create an LLC during the start-up of an ATM business. This is because it will help you stay protected in case anything happens, and it should cost you about $100 or more, which varies from time to time. You can make them for free if you don’t have enough money to create an LLC.

Step #2: Get an ATM Processor

After successfully creating an LLC is getting an ATM processor. This will help you to process your transactions. Most people think having an ATM will automatically process their transactions, but unfortunately, it does not. Also, you will need someone or a company to process the customers’ cards in your machine.

Step #3: Find a Business to Put Your ATM

The third step is to find a business to which you can attach your ATM, which is quite tricky. Many businesses are great for ATMs, but a great recommendation is Cash Only Businesses such as barber shops, convenience stores, hotels, motels, liquor stores, and so much more.

Step #4: Get an ATM Machine

After you have created an LLC, found a processor, and landed a location, the next step is purchasing or getting an ATM. Depending on what is convenient for you, you can either buy a new ATM online, which should cost two to three thousand dollars (the amount varies on different websites) or buy an ATM that has already been used. This will help you to cut the price down in half to about twelve or fourteen thousand dollars (the amount varies, depending on the original cost of the ATM).

Moreover, you must purchase this ATM from a trusted seller, such as a local ATM processing company. A good recommendation is to ask the processing company in charge of your transactions. They will have used ones.

With new ATMs costing over two thousand dollars, you will save over a thousand dollars or less by acquiring a used one.

Step #5: Install the ATM in a Business

After successfully purchasing an ATM, the next step is to install the ATM in a business. You can ask the processing company to assist you in installing the ATM or use the DYI process, which means doing it yourself. It is also necessary to have it at the back of your mind that installing an ATM is better done by professionals to avoid any problems in the future.

Step #6: Launch Your ATM Business

You are good to go when officially installing the ATM in a business. 

In Addition, you need to know that the business in which you put the ATM must be registered, and they must have all their requirements and documentation, such as EIN, licenses, and permits. Also, if the business for which you installed the ATM is not yours, you will have to pay a certain percentage to the business owners for the installation of your ATM.

NOTE: If the location you installed your ATM business is not quite favorable, you can always uninstall it and put it in a more suitable location. Plus, you can also have multiple ATM businesses in different locations.

How Much Does It Cost to Start an ATM Business?

The start-up cost varies if you look forward to starting an ATM business in 2023. The cost of purchasing an ATM is from a thousand dollars to about eight thousand dollars (depending on the size and age of the ATM).

If you are trying to reduce the start-up cost, you can easily purchase an ATM already in use.

Is Owning an ATM Profitable?

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking forward to establishing a profitable side hustle, then owning an ATM is a great choice. Owning an ATM is profitable, especially when it is installed in a good location with a good business. Many individuals always run out of cash and look for places close by to get cash.

Moreover, by owning an ATM business, you will get a percentage of every transaction made, like a passive income.

How Much Money Do You Make Owning an ATM?

The amount of money made by the owners of ATM businesses is quite different. Many times online, people tell you that you can make up to $500 every month. According to research for an ATM business that is doing very well, you can make $500 or even more (this depends on your location and how many transactions you can get).

Who Fills Money in the ATMs?

The person that is responsible for filling the ATM is the owner of the ATM business. A bank that runs an ATM is in charge of loading the cash. However, as an independent ATM business owner, you can have a third party carry this responsibility.

How to Start an ATM Business With No Money?

If you plan to start an ATM business, you should know that start-up costs are required. Nevertheless, if you have no money and are trying to start an ATM business, acquiring a credit card is the best way to do this.

This credit card is not a regular one; it is an interest-free one. With this card, you can take advantage of other people’s money by using this credit card to purchase an ATM. Once you have purchased an ATM, you will get a third party to load the ATM

Most interest-free credit cards are sustainable for about 12 months or 24 months. This means you can use your interest-free credit card to purchase an ATM and pay it back.

How Do I Start a Small ATM Business?

There are various ways of starting a small ATM business, but several steps are necessary for you to take. Some of these steps include;

  1. Get a good location to install your ATM business
  2. Please make sure the business you install your ATM is registered and has all its necessary documentation, such as its permits and licenses
  3. Purchase an ATM
  4. Get a processor
  5. Launch your ATM business

How To Start an ATM Business On Your Own?

As an individual who wants to have a side hustle, starting an ATM is a great choice because it is quite easy. Below are some steps you need to take while starting an ATM business on your own. They include;

  • Get a business to attach your ATM (make sure the business is located in a good place, which is open to the public) 
  • Purchase an ATM
  • Get a processor (that would process all your transactions)
  • Install your ATM in the selected business
  • Negotiate the amount to be paid to the business that your ATM is attached to
  • Launch your ATM business

Can I Start My ATM?

Many individuals are looking forward to starting a profitable side hustle, and the question, ‘’can I start my own ATM?’’ is often asked. Well, yes, you can. Starting up an ATM is one of the easiest and most profitable side hustle businesses that you can get into.

How To Start an ATM Business In California

There are several ways to establish a business, especially when it is a profitable side hustle like an ATM business, which gets you a passive income every month. However, in California, there are certain requirements and necessary steps you will need to take while starting an ATM business. Some of these steps include;

  1. Construct an accurate business plan for your ATM business.
  2. Build your ATM business into a Legal Entity.
  3. Get your ATM business registered.
  4. Obtain all requirements and documentation, such as EINs, permits, and licenses.
  5. Go and create a Business Bank Account and also a Credit Card Account.
  6. Get a processor.
  7. Create an Accounting system for your ATM.
  8. Install your ATM business and launch.


A wide range of side hustles are available, but choosing and learning how to start an ATM business in 2023 would be a smart investment, as it is a simple way of acquiring money through the transactions of others.


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