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how to make money online nigeria
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Making money online in Nigeria is still doable if you have the necessary knowledge and work mentality. It makes no difference if you are employed, unemployed, a recent graduate, or a student searching for supplemental cash to make ends meet. The fact remains that there are various verified ways for a Nigerian to make money online, and it does not have to be difficult.

Making money online in Nigeria is not rocket science, as 18-year-olds have made millions of naira per month. You may start earning money online in Nigeria just as easily if you have the right information and guidance.

This post will get into and discuss the various ways you can generate money online in Nigeria, regardless of your degree of experience.

How Can I Make Fast Money Online Right Now?

There are numerous respectable internet money-making opportunities. Affiliate marketing, dropshipping enterprises, Instagram monetization, providing services, becoming a virtual assistant, blogging, and more methods are available. We do not, however, promote making money illegally. The best aspect is that you can work from home and earn money online.

The truth is that these approaches have proven to be a source of income for people who took the time to learn and perfect how to earn money using only the internet, computers, and other ways. Let’s look at some simple internet occupations that can help you earn some nice naira or even dollars if you play your cards well.

Proven Ways To Make Money Online Legitimately

These methods have been tried and tested. Making money online in Nigeria is possible by putting one’s skills (technology, business, etc.) to use and becoming affluent. The finest strategies to make money online in Nigeria are discussed here.

#1. Blogging

In this region of the world, this is one of the best ways to generate money online. Putting your thoughts (articles or photographs) out there can earn you money when people read or view them on a blog or website.

You can earn money by driving traffic to your posts and by charging people to place advertisements on your site. This is also possible with affiliate marketing.

Many young Nigerians, such as Linda Ikeji, have made a fortune and become well-known through blogging. Bloggers are being discussed when top musicians release new work these days.

#2. Freelancing 

Freelancing is a rapidly expanding industry in Nigeria and one of the finest methods to make money online. When we talk about freelancing, I simply mean sharing your knowledge to others and getting paid for it.

Assume you know how to write. Upwork and Fiverr are two freelance services in Nigeria where you may generate money online. The same is true for folks who speak numerous languages; they can earn money by translating documents. Simultaneously, you can earn money in Nigeria by freelancing your graphic design, video editing, and other abilities.

#3. Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading cryptocurrency can provide you with a source of passive income. There are cryptocurrency exchanges where you can profitably acquire and sell your crypto assets. P2P trading can also be profitable.

Prestmit, a digital exchange platform, is one of the greatest sites in Nigeria to trade crypto assets at high rates and generate money.

Young Nigerians are profiting from the volatility of cryptocurrency prices. There are various trading tactics for making money, including arbitrage trading, which involves profiting from the price differential between two exchanges.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is perhaps, after crypto trading, another source of income for many Nigerian teenagers and adults.

You don’t need a product or service to generate money as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria. Instead, you only need to hunt for things to sell and earn commissions in other people’s businesses, corporations, and services.

Affiliate marketing is likely another simple way for Nigerians to generate money online. All you need is an internet connection and a product to market. You can earn passive monthly money as a brand ambassador for a respected firm.

#5. E-commerce

In Nigeria, e-commerce is one of the most popular ways to make money online. You simply find things to purchase and sell online with e-commerce. With the rise in online purchasing nowadays, e-commerce has emerged as a profitable way to make money online in Nigeria.

To generate money with e-commerce in Nigeria, you can use e-commerce platforms like Jumia Konga to create a free online store and begin marketing your products online to attract buyers.

#6. Social Media Management

Social media has grown in popularity in Nigeria and is now a lucrative source of income for celebrities and influencers. TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all get a lot of attention, making it a profitable business.

Several businesses are looking for people who can help them manage their internet presence and attract clients.

Your primary responsibility as a social media manager entails providing simple content and connecting with your audience. Furthermore, you can become an influencer and collaborate with brands and businesses to promote their products or services on your platform in exchange for a commission or brand recognition.

#7. Copywriting

Today, one of the methods to gain customers and create sales is through internet marketing. This necessitates the hiring of someone with experience creating text for advertising or other sorts of marketing. There is enough money to be made as a copywriter if one can refine their talents to perfection.

Businesses and global corporations now engage copywriters and pay them well. This is one of the most in-demand skills today, and many Nigerians rely on it to make ends meet.

#8. Online Courses and Tutoring

You may easily generate money in Nigeria by just teaching what you already know while using a course outline and your mobile phone as a camera. It could be teaching a subject or a skill such as video editing, cookery, or something else. You can also design courses based on your knowledge and offer them to others.

It does not have to be complicated or include advanced topics such as web development, advanced bitcoin trading, or artificial intelligence. You can design easy courses on common issues, such as how to overcome procrastination and other topics.

You may make money by uploading your content to major sites like Udemy and Coursera. This also assists you in developing an online presence that you can use to promote other things and earn money.

#9. Content Creation

For most young people in Nigeria today, creating content is their first choice for making money online. Content production, which includes anything from dance to music to comedy skits and more, is rapidly rising in the rankings of the greatest ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Today, there are many creatives that make significant money from sponsored postings on their platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, where they have created a passionate fanbase. With the quality of content we see today and the lifestyle of most Nigerian content creators, it is easy to conclude that this is an excellent way to generate money online in Nigeria today.

#10. Online Transcription

Transcription is one of the most straightforward ways to make money online in Nigeria. Online transcription is quickly becoming popular as a way to make money online because all you need is a mobile device to get started. Thousands of businesses and content creators are continually outsourcing transcribing to make their work more accessible.

You only need your listening ears to type and get paid for online transcribing. Even if you are working or a student, you can do this as a side hustle.

#11. Selling your old textbooks for Amazon Gift Cards

We’ve all been there: college textbooks are large and hefty, and they’re only utilized for a semester or two. After you’ve absorbed all of their knowledge, why not trade them in on Amazon Trade-In for gift cards to spend on the next textbooks or electronics you need for school? On their page, you can see how much your books are worth, and guess what? Amazon charges for shipping!

#12. Making voiceover

Each of us has a distinct voice. Platform projects are constantly looking for audio talent for commercials, animation, video games, narrators, storytellers, educators, and so on. Approachable, authentic, conversational, friendly, and convincing are the most common styles they seek. If you have a quiet area and want to test how your voice can convey thoughts, try online acting today!

#13. Publish ebooks

So you have a niche and some intriguing things to tell, but you don’t enjoy looking at yourself on a rectangle screen? Let’s see if we can turn our exploits into an eBook. You may publish in less than 5 minutes using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) infrastructure, and your book will be available in Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours. This platform allows you to set your own list prices and edit your books whenever you want. If you ever want to view your book in print, KDP will let you do it for free!

#14. Email Marketing

Create an email list and sell courses and publications on that topic! Consider establishing an email list of over 10,000 subscribers who are interested in purchasing your stuff. If 10% of this amount (1,000 subscribers) purchases your virtual product for 80 naira, you would earn 80,000 naira.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn money online legally. You can quickly grow an email list by providing a free book or course (a lead magnet) from your own items and allowing users to download it from their email addresses.

Alternatively, you might use a variety of web platforms to compile this list, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Now that you have a list, provide them something of value. It’s time to think about how you can monetize your newsletter.

When considering how to market your email list, the most important thing to remember is to make it relevant to your audience.

#15. App development

With more people going mobile these days, businesses are striving to establish mobile apps to better serve their customers. If you have a talent for programming, you should consider pursuing app development because of the numerous options it provides in the long run.

#16. Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you want to generate money online in Nigeria as a side hustle, virtual assistant jobs are a wonderful option. Working from home as a virtual assistant allows you to assist customers with day-to-day duties such as email management, basic administrative work, and social media administration.

Virtual assistant positions are in high demand and provide an excellent opportunity to earn money online in Nigeria while interacting with clients from all over the world.

How Can A Nigerian Student Make Money Online?

Making money online is not limited to a specific industry. So, no matter what you are, you can generate money online. If you look into a topic that interests you as a student, you can start creating passive and active revenue streams. You can then start making money from there.

A Nigerian student, for example, can master digital skills such as graphic design, copywriting, and content development. You can begin freelancing with these talents while still studying and earning a fair living.

How Can I Make Fast Money Online?

Making money online takes time and consistency. As a result, you must possess a skill that will enable you to begin making money online. When you apply this strategy of diligence, patience, and consistency, you can enjoy long-term benefits.

You may, however, make quick money online by trading digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and gift cards. These are assets with real-time value, which allow you to profit when you acquire and sell them.

For example, you can buy Bitcoin and keep it in your wallet to sell at a higher price later. This is what people do in order to create a large profit margin from cryptocurrency trading.

Also, you may have received a gift card from a loved one and are unclear what to do with it, particularly if it is an overseas gift card. In Nigeria, you can sell your gift card at the best gift card rate.

How To Earn Money from Facebook?

You can make money by displaying advertisements alongside your work. There are methods to employ advertisements while keeping your content front and center, such as by incorporating In-Stream advertisements into your live and on-demand videos and Instant Articles. Check your eligibility for In-Stream-Ads and submit your Page for consideration.

Do Instagram Pay Nigerians?

The internet is a vast marketplace, and social media networks such as Instagram can serve as profitable online storefronts for Nigerian artisans. You don’t have to be a video content creator to generate money this way, and you can participate if you have in-demand items or services. And it’s simple!


To generate money online in Nigeria, choose one of the strategies provided and discussed in this article and begin working your way up the professional ladder. There are people whose businesses and jobs are entirely online, so getting started today and staying persistent will help you develop a real source of income online.

But take note of this…

Building a business or a profession online requires the necessary skills.


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