HOW TO GET PAID TO TRAVEL In 2023 (With Job Ideas)

How to get paid to travel

Travel has always been a major part of my life. I’ve had the chance to travel to countries worldwide, and it’s always been so much fun! However, there’s one thing that I’ve noticed: most jobs don’t pay you to travel! So how do you get paid to travel? Luckily for us all, we live in a world with many different opportunities for us. And if you want to know about some of these incredible jobs that allow people like us (and YOU!) to travel around the globe without spending money (on plane tickets).

Is There a Job That Pays You to Travel?

The answer is not as simple as it may seem. While some jobs can pay you to travel, most don’t. It’s unlikely that any of the jobs listed on this page will be able to cover all your expenses while traveling worldwide! However, there are some opportunities out there if you know where to look.

How To Get Paid To Travel On Instagram

You’ll need to build an audience and monetize your account to get started on Instagram. The first step is to find a niche that has growth potential. For example, if you’re interested in travel and want to earn money, try posting pictures of yourself traveling or using hashtags like #traveling or # traveling.

Once you’ve built up a following of people interested in what you’re doing (and hopefully not too many trolls), it’s time to think about how best to make money off those followers! Two main ways are selling ads on your feed or charging advertisers directly through direct payments via PayPal or Venmo (a popular payment app).

How Can I Get Free Money to Travel?

There are a lot of ways to get free money to travel. Some are more direct than others, but all of them can help you save up for the trip of your dreams.

First, ensure you’re eligible for any rewards programs that might apply to your travels—and then sign up! The best way to do this is through an online portal like Chase Ultimate Rewards or Amex Membership Rewards (though remember that these usually require some work). Once you’ve signed up and earned some points on your card(s), redeem them toward flights or hotels at no additional cost (or sometimes even less than 1 cent per point).

If you’d rather not deal with all this hassle yourself, consider using one of the many travel hacking services available today: these firms help travelers find cheap flights by getting them access to certain airlines’ frequent flyer programs and hotels’ loyalty programs as well.

How To Get Paid To Travel With Family

If you’re unsure what to do, there are many options. You can travel with family, friends, and partners. You could also tour with a group like the [Tourist Authority]. Or if you want more money in your pocket (and who doesn’t?), consider working for charity or church groups.

You can also make money traveling as part of sports teams or clubs. For example: if you’re an avid tennis player who wants to make extra cash while traveling around Europe during their off-season break—there’s nothing better than getting paid just for showing up at tournaments.

Becoming a travel blogger is one of the best ways to make money. You don’t have to be a professional writer—all you need is an interest in writing about your experiences and sharing them with others. For example, if you’re in Paris and feel like eating at a famous restaurant that only locals know about—you could write an article about it! Or if you just traveled from Tokyo back home and want to tell people how much fun it was—do it.

How Do You Get Paid to Travel in 2023?

Here are 18 ways to paid while you travel in 2023.

#1. Work from home at your current employment.

You may be able to keep your career and travel while working remotely, depending on your situation. This opportunity is dependent on your field, experience, and company. If your firm allows telecommuting, you can work while traveling to new places.

#2. Look at your company’s other locations.

Some large corporations have multiple sites or international offices. If your firm has various offices, you may be able to travel to new places while still working for the same company. Some businesses provide travel opportunities within their corporate network. You might be able to attend a conference at a different office branch, for example. Some businesses also offer temporary work at their other locations. For example, your organization may require someone to work at a new branch for a few months. This could be a fantastic way to get paid to live somewhere else.

#3. Educate others in English or another language

Teaching a language to new language learners can be a fantastic opportunity that pays you to travel. There are online and in-person teaching careers available all across the world. English teachers can work with both youngsters and adults.

#4. Work as a tour guide

If you enjoy interacting with others and discovering new places, becoming a tour guide could be a perfect fit for you. Tour guides guide groups of visitors through a location. They identify certain sites and give information. Consider working for a tour guide firm or leading tailored excursions for certain businesses. Some tour guides, for example, lead bus or walking tours across a city. Others give informative tours of historical locations or museums. When deciding on a tour, keep your interests and hobbies in mind.

#5. Create a research plan.

Some publishers employ writers to conduct research and create travel material. These authors are paid to travel and explore new places. Consider focusing in a specific theme, such as travel food or lodging. You might work for a firm or develop your own manuals.

#6. Work as a flight attendant

If you wish to travel full-time as a career, you can consider becoming a flight attendant. Flight attendants work aboard airplanes to ensure passengers’ safety and comfort. Flight attendants must travel to different places as part of their job. They may have time between flights to visit new places, and their job benefits frequently include free or reduced travel options.

#7. Begin a side hustle

Some professionals supplement their income with side jobs. A side gig is when you use one of your skills to generate extra money. You may wish to try remote side gigs depending on your hobbies and where you want to travel. This can allow you to generate money while traveling to new destinations.

#8. Look for a new remote opportunity.

Full-time remote jobs might be an excellent option to supplement your income while traveling. When looking for remote possibilities, keep your interests and qualifications in mind. Some jobs that allow for remote work include:

  • Virtual helper
  • Content writing
  • Website Designing
  • Recruiter
  • Data scientist
  • TutorAccountant

#9. Apply for a job on a cruise ship.

Professionals working on cruise ships are paid to travel the world. Opportunities for cruise ships may exist in the following areas:

  • Retail: Retail personnel may be hired on cruise liners to run gift shops or apparel stores.
  • Food &beverages: Chefs, cooks, waitresses, and bartenders may be required on a ship.
  • Technical: Cruise ships use personnel to operate the ship and its facilities. Plumbers, electricians, housekeepers, and deck crew members are examples of this.
  • Entertainment: Many cruise lines offer entertainment and may engage professionals to sing, dance, act, or perform music.
  • Photography: Many cruise lines engage photographers to shoot their passengers.

#10. Work as a freelancer.

You might be able to freelance while traveling depending on your abilities and expertise. A freelance work entails earning money by providing individual services to various clients. Some jobs that provide freelance options include:

  • Writing content
  • Copywriting
  • Journalism
  • Photography
  • Designing graphics
  • Designing a website

#11. Start a blog

If you want to write for a living, try starting your own blog. You can establish a blog about your interests or a travel blog to capture your adventures. Among the most popular blog themes are:

  • Accommodations for travel
  • Hobbies and skills
  • Food and dining establishments
  • Fashion
  • Family

#12. Find a nanny or au pair position.

Nannies and au pairs are full-time childcare providers for families. Many au pairs work while living in the home of a family. There may be opportunities in different cities or nations. This can be an excellent method to get paid to live in a new location.

#13. Become a teacher.

Consider leveraging your expertise to become an instructor. Some talents can be taught online. Some professionals, for example, develop training programs to educate people how to knit, woodwork, or write a blog. You could be able to travel while developing these educational courses.

Some talents can be taught in-person while traveling. For example, if you are an experienced skier, you may be able to get work as a ski teacher in several regions. Skills that can lead to travel opportunities include:

  • Snowboarding or skiing
  • Dive diving
  • Climbing over rocks
  • Hiking
  • Surfing
  • Sailing

#14. Look into house-sitting opportunities.

House sitting can be an excellent method to supplement your income while traveling. House sitting entails living in another person’s home and supervising it while they are away. This could include keeping an eye on pets or plants, collecting mail, and cleaning the house while the owners are gone. Some professionals combine house sitting with another opportunity, such as a side work, to earn money while living for free in a new region.

#15. Get a job at a restaurant.

If you have professional restaurant expertise, you may be able to get a new career while traveling, particularly in tourist locations. A seaside municipality, for example, may hire more servers during the summer when the beach is packed. Similarly, a town with a large ski sector may require additional workers throughout the winter. Consider applying for seasonal restaurant jobs to supplement your travel income.

#16. Look for opportunities to speak in public.

Depending on your experience, you might be able to make money by participating in public speaking events. Public speakers can get paid to speak at conferences all around the world. A professional must be knowledgeable in their subject in order to speak at these conferences. These conferences can cover a wide range of themes, including:

#17. Become a brand advocate for business, self-development, and health writing

An influencer who speaks about a firm and interacts with a social media network is known as a brand ambassador. Brand ambassadors typically have big followings on social media. They collaborate with brands to market and promote innovative products. Being a brand ambassador is typically a completely remote opportunity that allows individuals to travel while being paid.

#18. Move or distribute items

You may be able to make money when transporting stuff depending on where you are traveling and your mode of transportation. For example, if you are going across the country in a van or truck, you can be paid to transport someone’s furniture or household goods.

How To Get Paid To Travel and Eat

One of the best ways to get paid to travel and eat is through a food truck job. Food trucks are great because they’re mobile, so you can go anywhere and find work without worrying about finding an apartment or buying groceries.

You might be wondering how you can apply for these jobs. The first step is finding one that fits your schedule and interests—and don’t forget that many different positions are available! Some positions may require more experience, so check out all of them before applying (or even before you start brainstorming ideas).

How To Get Paid To Travel The World

If you have a passion for traveling and want to make money doing it, there’s no better way than by getting paid. Here are some tips on how to get paid to travel:

  1. Get your passport ready! If you’re willing to do some research and put in a little effort, it’s possible that your dream job as a travel writer or blogger could be waiting for you at home.
  2. Blog about traveling! If you want to make money writing about travel, there are many ways to do so. You can write for a blog that pays its contributors or starts your travel blog and make money from ads or affiliate links. You could even write articles for local publications that cover the area you’re visiting.


There are many options if you’re looking for a job that can enable you to travel the world. Whether it’s through an hourly job or one with flexible hours, we have ideas for you. If none sounds right for your situation, check out our other articles on how to get paid to travel with family and what jobs enable you to travel the world.


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