Cheap Domain: 10 Best Sites To Register Domains In The UK

Cheap Domain
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The first step in creating a website for your business is choosing a domain name. This is so because as you begin to generate content for your website, everything you publish will be linked to your website’s domain name and your visitors will recognize you by the domain name you select. 

Some people select a domain name that highly resonates with the main concept of their website and is likely to be searched for using a certain phrase or search term. Others, on the other hand, choose a domain name that will help consumers understand what their brand is all about 

Ultimately, you’ll have to select a name that you are pleased with since it will greatly influence how search engines and your visitors see your website. In this regard, this post is here to guide you by discussing how to buy a domain as well as the registration of cheap UK domain name or names.

Consider the following when looking to buy a cheap domain name or names

  • Do not attempt to register a domain name that is likely to infringe on someone else’s trademark or brand rights.
  • Register yourself as the domain name’s owner – you can, of course, utilize private domain registration if you choose.
  • Now and again, review the rules for renewing your domain name.

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Platforms for Registration of UK Cheap Domain Names

After you’ve decided on a domain name and discovered one that is available for use, there are a plethora of UK cheap domain registration platforms that you can buy and register your selected domain name, often at a reasonable fee. So, if you live in the UK, you can buy cheap domain names from any of the providers listed thus:

#1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has been around for more than 20 years. It provides domains, domain registration, websites, and online hosting, among other things. GoDaddy is a user-friendly solution for a wide audience if you’re seeking everything you need to build a website and has over 18 million clients and maintains approximately 80 million domains.

Furthermore, you may buy domain name for as cheap as £1!  Also, .com  domains, as well as a vast pool of others, can be acquired for £0.99 each. Due to their top-level demand,.net and. tech domain names can be a little more expensive

When you buy a cheap domain name from GoDaddy, you will receive free basic privacy protection. On WHOIS, your name, address, and phone number will be kept secret. Your country, state, and organization, on the other hand, will be open to the public.

#2. Namecheap

Recognized by LifeHacker in 2010 as the best domain name registrar, is the second on our list of the cheap domain name or names registration services. The services offered by include web hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and more, although domains are their primary focus.

Cheap Domain names at start at a little £.64 per year. There are no hidden costs or clauses, just straightforward pricing. What you see is what you get, so if you see £0.64, that’s all you’ll have to pay for a year’s worth of domain registration. WhoisGuard protection is included with all domain names registered to For the first year, this functionality was free. It’s now completely free – forever!

Moreover, the fact that has a marketplace is also really cool. At any time, you can buy cheap, yet famous UK domain names for registration from their marketplace. It’s similar to an auction site in that names are only accessible for a limited period, but there’s no need to bid.

#3. is another company that provides web hosting, websites, email services, and other services. They provide a big database of domain names from which to choose, with pricing for new registrations, renewals, and transfers displayed. 

The domain names available on are extensive. .com names are now available for £6.97 per year. Additionally, Name’s WordPress hosting offers a free domain name, just as other web hosting services. You can get their Blogger WordPress hosting plan for £23.23 per year.

It’s worth mentioning, finally, that when you add a domain to your cart, it shows up as two products in your cart. That’s because Name adds its enhanced WHOIS package for £3.87 to your cart automatically.

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BuyDomains is a premium domain name registrar. Simply type in your search terms to find premium domains that meet your criteria. These domain names are valuable because they are well-known, difficult to obtain, and typically more memorable than others.

If you can’t find the perfect cheap domain names, because other domain name registrars have confirmed it’s taken, you may have some luck with BuyDomains. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect domain name if you have the budget for it, but it will come at a cost. Of course, the cost is determined by the domain name. Also, it’s worth mentioning that you’re not limited to the domains that appear on their website when you first visit. You can search for specific terms you’d like to include in your domain name and everything related to that term will appear.

The offer process is one of BuyDomains’ main advantages as a premium domain name registrar. All domain names, cheap or expensive will have a “buy it now” price that you can pay to secure the domain name. However, if you’re feeling lucky, you can make an offer to see if the third party will accept it.

#5. Google Domains

Google is one of the greatest domain name registrars with domain registration capabilities. It is a straightforward service provider that prioritizes speed and simplicity. That’s right, Google is now selling domain names and also at cheap prices too! Because Google Domains is still in beta, it is ranked number five on our list. Simply choose a domain name and a custom email address for your domain name, and you’re ready to go.

Google pricing is displayed in a table format, and you can see any restrictions that a domain name may have. You can buy a .co.UK domain, for example, at £10 per year, while domain will cost you the same. Moreover, you can choose to renew your Google Domain every year, just like any other domain name. Alternatively, some domain names allow you to buy cheap domain registration for up to ten years!

All of Google Domain’s domain names include a set of complimentary services. In fairness, when comparing features to those offered by other domain name registrars, you’d also consider Google Domains worthy to be on the top five. GoogleDomain’s freebies include Privacy of WHOIS, Domain forwarding and subdomain forwarding, Forwarding emails, etc.

#6., like many of the other registrars on our list, also offers web hosting and other web services as part of the ‘complete package.’ If you only want domain names and no additional items, you can buy domain name as cheap as £9.99 per year. offers a large number of cheap domain name extensions to pick from, as well as several free features that we’ll go over momentarily.

Perhaps, if you’re desire other services, such as domain registration, you can receive your web hosting and a free domain name for only £6.99 per month. In other words, with all hosting services, you get a free domain name.

When you acquire a domain name from, you will get a lot of benefits. Many of the features are simply useful to customers, such as renewal reminders and so on. For an additional £2.99 per year, you can add domain privacy protection to your account.

#7. 1&1

1&1 is one of the most venerable domain registrars still in operation till date. This domain registrar is related to cheap domain registration, as well as web-hosting, servers, web security, emails, eCommerce, and other services.

With 1&1, you can get domain name for as little as £ 9.99. To obtain this bargain, however, you’ll need to sign up for a two-year term, after which you’ll only have to pay £9.99. It’s worth remembering, though, that the prices you see do not include the 20% VAT, so factor it into your calculations.

Even more, you can always join up for 1&1’s all-in-one web bundle if you’re interested in web hosting. For the first 12 months, you can acquire a website, domain, and email address for just £ 9.99 each month. If you’d rather get everything at once, this is a deal you shouldn’t pass up.

Also, you can choose to opt-in for free private registration when you register a domain with 1&1. On a WHOIS lookup, this will conceal your personal information with 1&1’s information. If you only require a domain name or a few basic items, then 1&1 is your great alternative in terms of overall value and features.

#8. Dynadot

Dynadot is a domain registrar and hosting company with a lot of flexibility. It is one of the greatest places to acquire a domain name since you can mix and match hosting and domain options to meet your specific needs. Dynadot provides an excellent marketplace where you can bid on domains up for auction, explore for sale domains. Also, you can list your domain for sale, or place a domain on backorder enabling you to get it when it becomes available. 

Additional features of Dynadot include free website builders with mobile-responsive templates, low-cost email and online hosting. And with website builder plans, you get a free domain name.

#9., which is one of the greatest domain name registrars is the oldest domain registrar firm. It is among the cheap domain names registration firms in the UK, with the greatest pricing plans and value for money.  In addition to participating in the initial test phase of the new competitive shared registry system, this registrar has millions of domain name customers. 

Furthermore, offers WHOIS privacy protection for as little as  £7.93 per year. It’s critical to do so, especially if you own a company and someone runs a WHOIS check on your domain, this will replace your details with generic contact details if you want to safeguard your contact information.

Lastly, offers a large number of domain name alternatives for you to choose from. It also reduces spam from sales, telemarketing and data mining. Hides your personal or business address from the public and lowers your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.

#10. HostGator

As you know, the list would be incomplete without HostGator on it, which is why we saved it for the last; “Always save the best for the last, remember”.? HostGator as a subsidiary of the well-known EIG corporation had over the years accumulated nearly half a million consumers. 

Like BlueHost, it’s primarily a web hosting firm that also serves as a domain registrar. Domain name registrations at HostGator start at $0.95 per year. More popular domain extensions, such, are more expensive, but they still cost little over $1 per month, which isn’t awful!

According to HostGator user review, the Hatchling web hosting plan includes a free domain name. You’ll get free limitless domains if you choose the Baby or Business options. So, to put it another way, there’s a great deal to be had here! Monthly rates start at only $2.75.

Additional features of HostGator include domain locking, renewal and easy administration. Where domain locking prevents unauthorised transfer of domain names, domain renewal will auto-renew your domains by default, ensuring that you don’t lose your ideal domain at the end of the year. Then easy administration ensures domains come with their control panel, making domain maintenance a breeze.

Requirements For Registration Cheap Domain Names UK

The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United Kingdom is .UK. You may also register a.CO.UK domain, as well as.ORG.UK and.ME.UK domains.

Additional information is no longer required for the registration of .uk domains due to GDPR legislation. As a result, Namecheap does not ask you to define your identity type (i.e., non-UK individual or organization) or offer any further information such as a company number unless you choose to.

However, you must ensure that the Registrant Name and contact information you provide for your UK domains are correct, up-to-date, and comply with Registry requirements. Please see What does good registrant data look like? for more information. for additional information.

Following GDPR requirements, the UK Registry does not provide domain contact information in WHOIS. If the domain owner is required to expose their contact information in the public WHOIS (as with government or nonprofit organizations, for example), they can opt-in, revealing their contact information to the public. It is now possible to use PO Boxes for new registrations as a result of the GDPR amendments.

Is a .ME domain any good?

Almost a million people and companies, including some of the greatest brands in the world, trust me domain.

Why is XYZ domain cheap?

They are frequently less expensive than TLDs domain names are more recent.

Can I get a domain for free?

It need not be expensive to register a domain. Free domain names are available from registration services like Dot TK and Freenom, and if you don’t mind having an odd URL extension, they’ll do the trick.

Is XYZ good domain?

Briefly, yes! Top-level domains (TLDs) such as XYZ are entirely legal. This denotes. Although xyz domains are trustworthy, there are other factors to take into account before purchasing this extension.

What does .world domain mean?

You can communicate your global perspective to everyone on Earth using the. world top-level domain (TLD). Put your opinions on people, places, and experiences in a global context into this recognizable domain.

What is .xyz spam?

In order to spread links to technical DNS abuse, such as malware and phishing, spam is frequently used as a gateway. Spam campaigns have the potential to produce a significant flare that cybersecurity platforms can more easily detect.

Is GoDaddy domain free?

Yes. Your free domain comes with some additional expenses. In order to receive your free domain name, you must purchase an annual plan for GoDaddy Web Hosting or WordPress hosting. In addition, ICANN charges $0.18 per domain name per year for domain name registration, renewal, or transfer.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Cheap Domain

Can I Buy a Free Domain?

There is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to domain name registration. There are, however, ways to obtain a domain name without paying a fee. The domain name cost is then deducted from the hosting charge. Other businesses will provide you with a free domain name in exchange for putting advertisements on your website.

Which Is The Cheapest Domain?

  • Namecheap.
  • Bluehost.
  • GoDaddy.
  • OVH.
  • Ionos.
  • NameSilo.

How Can I Get Free Domain Without Paying?

The best approach to receive a free domain name is through Bluehost. Simply sign up for a web hosting package and you’ll receive a one-year free domain. Employing a free subdomain, joining an affiliate scheme, or using a shady ccTLD service are all options for avoiding paying for a domain.

How Can I Get a Free URL?

  • Create a free website on You will create a “site address” during registration that will become your free URL.
  • Use Google Sites to create your free URL.
  • Register for a free website with Bravenet.

How Can I Get a Free .Net Domain?

To buy the .NET domain name for free, visit the Free .NET Domain offer page and proceed to search your domain name. At checkout, you have to apply the coupon code “FREENET” to get a 100% discount on your 

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