CREATIVE AGENCIES: Top Creative Agencies In The US (Updated)


It might be challenging to distinguish between the various types of agencies, including marketing, advertising, and creative ones. Many contemporary organizations fall into multiple categories because of the blend of competencies they offer. It can be difficult to locate pure creative agencies, even though thousands of marketing firms also offer creative services like branding and website design. Here is everything you need to know about creative agencies in Los Angeles, New York and advertising.

The top US creative agencies have been identified and are listed here, with revenue data from ZoomInfo. They generate somewhere between $10 million and $400 million in annual income.

We’ve done our utmost to make sure that these businesses are, first and foremost, creative agencies. Their main areas of focus are branding and/or website design, though they might also provide supplemental digital marketing or creative advertising services. Here are the top advertising and marketing firms in the US if you’re seeking firms with broader expertise.

Creative agencies

A brand doesn’t develop overnight. Strong relationships with individuals require a lot of work, much of which is accomplished through marketing. You’ll likely need some assistance in developing and putting your marketing strategy into action unless you have a formidable internal staff to tell your story for you. However, finding the ideal partner to assist you in doing that might be challenging. How do you decide which type of agency to work with—a creative agency, a digital agency, or an advertising agency? There are many different types of agencies available.

A company that provides a range of services under the headings of marketing and advertising is referred to as a “creative agency.” In essence, they can assist you with any form of creative plan, job, or promotion that you require.

Creative agencies in New York

Advertising agencies, digital agencies, branding agencies, and other types of agencies are likely familiar to you. To provide a comprehensive package, you frequently do various specialties in a modern agency. They are the octopuses of the creative world and are frequently referred to as “creative agencies.”

It takes a team of committed experts who break the mold and combine original thoughts with a company’s story to convey a brand’s message and personality to audiences throughout the world. These creative agencies in New York City provide cutting-edge work to increase the awareness of their clients, utilizing various strategies, including sound design and augmented reality, to meet the task at hand.

#1. Kworq

Kworq is one of the best creative agencies located in Manhattan, New York City, not far from Broadway. They offer assistance with everything from brand development’s strategic and creative procedures.

Even more, they contribute to the creation of products like websites, applications, films, and more. So, if you’re looking for a business that can provide the whole package, Kworq can be of assistance.

They collaborate with a variety of businesses, and in 2019 they created an advertisement for Etat Libre d’Orange. Here, they not only had a 284% boost in revenues, but they also touched millions of Facebook users. By making fun of themselves, they boosted the brand’s reputation as a unique kind of perfume company.

#2. Crafted

Crafted is well-known among creative agencies in New York. The New York City-based creative agency Crafted has won numerous awards. We can only hope that the New York team will be permitted to visit their offices in Miami, Florida, during the winter.

They use content marketing, one of the services they provide, to help their clients build brand loyalty. Crafted handles everything, including video creation and copywriting. They are good at telling stories.

For the American Women’s Party, they produced an online experience through a website as part of one of their content projects. Here, voters could use infographics and statistics to help promote the American Women’s Party’s message.

Additionally, they have expertise in assisting clients with sophisticated technologies. They assist their clients from the concept stages through the creation and launch of their apps as one of their services. To ensure flawless functionality across all platforms, they go through the process in great detail and design each app natively for the relevant OS.

#3. Barrel

New York City-based creative agencies include Barrel. Barrel has an office in Los Angeles in addition to its office in New York City.

They support their clients through every step of the digital marketing process. They can help you with brand development, webshop implementation, data analysis, and ad running.

They’ve previously done business with organizations like California Credit Union and The Sunday Collective. They assisted in creating the latter’s new website and visual identity.

Additionally, they have a remote-first strategy, so few people are present in the office. So don’t be shocked if you see one of them in a Starbucks on a workday.

#4. Starfish

For its clients, Starfish is a creative firm with experience in developing brand strategies and customer journey maps. They help their clients with a variety of things, including website design, digital marketing, and staff engagement.

Their clever branding strategy was displayed in the Leaf Vodka campaign when they assisted in promoting the Texas-based liquor. They assisted in improving the client’s awareness of high-quality vodka by establishing connections between the alcohol and the water used in its production.

They additionally aided MailOnline’s entry into the American market by showcasing the many articles the outlet receives. The only similarity between the news pieces’ vastly dissimilar genres that they compared was the same name. One instance is leveraging humor and pop culture allusions to generate interest by juxtaposing images of Kim Kardashian with Kim Jong Un.

#5. BrandFire

A design firm called BrandFire is situated in Manhattan’s Midtown. They have a small but varied team that brings a range of perspectives, and they are a recognized minority business enterprise (MBE).

They provide their customers with a wide range of services, including brand identification. Their work is demonstrated through their work with Roadway, where they developed a campaign with the tagline “A nicer way to move.”

Since moving can be stressful, BrandFire capitalized on this perception and assured consumers that it doesn’t have to be. This campaign made Roadway one of the most popular moving businesses in New York City by producing a 500% increase in leads and a 120% boost in customer acquisition.

#6. Emergence

The global creative agency Emergence is situated in New York City. They choose their cases with the intention of making a positive societal impact.

They benefit from extensive research efforts because people with academic credentials created them. When people are involved in their cases, they work at their best. It supports their growth and social impact across industries.

Together with the American Civil Liberties Union, they created the “We the People” campaign in 2017. The first amendment was promoted with a multi-channel campaign that used billboards and video marketing in various languages. By the way, they demonstrated that everyone has the right to reside in America, a nation that was colonized and created by immigrants.

#7. Pulse Creative

Established in 2004, Pulse Creative is a multi-award-winning creative agency among all other agencies situated in New York City. Pulse Creative is a driven group that embraces creativity in all of its manifestations. They provide graphic design, photography, and video services.

They collaborated with PowerPlay in 2019, a program that uses athletics to empower girls. For a better user experience, they designed a new website and created a new logo. They’ve also assisted in organizing a gala event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the organization.

They have also collaborated with Perus, a mysterious wine company that originally had an allotment available only by invitation. They organized several meals with Perus’ wine to create an intimate brand experience. Additionally, they disseminated it via social media to reach a wider target market.

Creative agencies in Los Angeles

To dream big and secure your place among the stars in the City of Angels, you need a lot of ingenuity. Los Angeles, after all, is the center of the entertainment sector and home to some of the most outstanding performers in the world. Even though art is most often linked with music and movies, it is necessary for almost every area of life, whether it be creating a live-action movie or marketing a new fruit drink.

Many creative agencies in Los Angeles can help businesses that are having trouble telling their stories to customers. The following creative agencies in Los Angeles have high-profile clients to back up their knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the advertising industry, from creating TV ads to handling social media.

#1. In good Co

A purpose-driven creative agency, In Good Co., considers standing up for something to be the most crucial thing a brand can do. They have a diverse workforce that creates the answers to the next brand-related problem.

Recently, they collaborated on a project with Elysia, developing their brand identity and strategy. They explained to the customers that taking care of oneself is genuinely beneficial. This is only one illustration of the transformation that In Good Co. is working to implement.

#2. Intensify

A creative firm called Intensify is situated in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. For each of their collaborations, they always aim to produce growth within three months.

This implies that they consistently work quickly to provide outcomes for their clientele. They’re just that wonderful, so don’t believe for a second that it detracts from the quality of the product!

They primarily focus on lead generation, social media expansion, and eCommerce sales. There is never any question regarding the work being done because they walk their clients through their complete method.

#3. Hammer Creative

On our ranking of Los Angeles’s top creative firms, Hammer comes in at number five. Hollywood-based Hammer Creative was established more than 30 years ago. It is therefore safe to claim that it is one of Los Angeles’ more seasoned businesses.

They work primarily with businesses that create video games. All the major companies, including CD Projekt Red, Bandai Namco, Bethesda Riot Games, and Square Enix, with which they have collaborated are included.

For their most recent game, Deathloop, they recently collaborated with Arkane Studios on game trailers. Several videos, including trailers and advertisements, were directed here. Their Déjà Vu trailer skillfully combines the plot, gameplay, and animation in a James Bond-like manner.

#4. Eyestorm

A Los Angeles-based advertising firm called Eyestorm Creative. They were established 16 years ago, and their primary area of focus is marketing for the gambling sector.

Their client list, which includes Supercell, Tencent, and Disney, demonstrates that some of the top businesses in the industry have confidence in them.

They recently produced interactive commercials and creative initiatives for Supercell’s well-known game, Clash Royale.

The 24-month relationship produced more than 300 million views in total. It contributed to a 72% increase in installs, and they had amazing statistics for each YouTube video.

#5. Rival

Los Angeles-based Rival is a design firm. They were established at the end of 2014, and ever since, their designs have been on point.

Their objective is to assist brands in finding their distinctive visual language so that they stand out from a crowd of competing companies. They are driven and knowledgeable, and they use their research and creativity to succeed.

Shimano, and they most recently collaborated on the ” Never StoRiding” campaign. For their advertising videos, they created the motion design and the campaign. Test rides rose by 189% as a result of the promotion.

Creative agencies advertising

The planning, execution, and management of advertisements and other marketing promotional materials are the sole focus of creative advertising companies. Based on the requirements of their clients and the organization’s areas of expertise, different types of advertising firms carry out various tasks. You may choose the firm that is best for you and your professional goals by being aware of the possibilities available to you at various advertising companies.

Depending on their areas of expertise, creative advertising agencies can provide a variety of services. The general responsibilities of an advertising agency can include developing print or digital ad plans, organizing the project’s execution, and corresponding with the client for their input and campaign approval. If the client requires hurried adjustments to the campaign, professionals working for an agency may likewise be forced to meet strict timelines. These organizations are in charge of the campaigns’ quality control as well.

What are the types of creative advertising agencies?

You can examine the following list of several advertising agency types:

  • Agencies for digital advertising
  • Full-service agency for advertising
  • Conventional advertising firms
  • Agencies for social media advertising
  • Unique boutiques
  • Advertising agencies
  • Agencies for public relations and advertising
  • Advertising agencies for brands

How do I start a creative agency?

Set your company’s objectives. You need to do some planning before you decide to do anything.

  • Define Your Target Audience;
  • Create an Online Presence;
  • Acquire Leads & Clients;
  • Define Your Growth Plan;
  • Get Leads & Clients.

What is the difference between a marketing agency and a creative agency?

The wisdom and objectives of a marketing agency come from its knowledge of your target market. The creative agency develops the visuals or creatives to employ, the messaging that will connect, and the best locations to exhibit those items for the most exposure.

What departments are in a creative agency?

The following departments make up creative agencies:

  • Contact Department
  • Media Division.
  • Department of Copy.
  • Department of Art.
  • Production Division.
  • Research Division.
  • Department of Accounting and Finance.
  • Department of public relations (PR).

What are the Big Six creative agencies?

The “big six” of advertising creative agencies—WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, Dentsu, Interpublic, and Havas—had it relatively easy for a long time.


A brand doesn’t develop overnight. Building trusting relationships with individuals requires a lot of work, much of which is accomplished through marketing. You’ll likely need some assistance in developing and putting your marketing strategy into action unless you have a formidable internal staff to tell your story for you.
But finding the best partner to assist you in doing that can be challenging. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of reputable creative firms.


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