ONLINE PRESENCE: Effective Strategies to Manage & Increase It.

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The aggregate existence of a business or an individual found online via searches is referred to as an online presence. It is a good strategy to apply in your business so as to target customers easily and make your organization grow. This article talks about the management of online presence and how a manager can manage and erase their online presence.


The presence of digital media via various internet search systems is referred to as online presence. It is one of the basic criteria for businesses in the digital age. However, it is a company’s or individual’s internet presence. It includes a presence in markets, social networks, and emails, in addition to the web.

The online presence includes its own brand. A company’s online presence can be achieved through its website, social media channels, articles in online journals, membership in online associations, and so on.

Online Presence Components

Digital marketing manages the development of an online presence, which involves a variety of disciplines:

  • Search Engine Promotion.
  • Reporting.
  • Social networking sites.
  • Web Development.
  • Usability.

The online presence is thus the sum of marketing efforts to popularize the brand, not just on the company’s own website, but on all types of internet-based platforms where the products and/or services offered can be advertised and made known.

Manage Online Presence

Before making a transaction, most users conduct research on the company. Online precedent gives you a competitive advantage because it allows you to stand out from the crowd and present your best self. Clients ought to be able to locate it easily.

This increases visibility. To manage customer feedback or product reviews, make use of your online presence to demonstrate the high quality of the products you sell. Take care of the consumer relationship. Platforms and social networks that allow for bilateral contact are ideal for strengthening ties with prospective clients.

However, managing your web presence is a multifaceted endeavor that requires your undivided attention. It’s a difficult chore, especially in our always-connected world.

A complete and deliberate approach is required to manage a professional online presence for your brand. Because of the expansion of social media and the development of numerous SEO tactics, you now have the ability to place your company, product, or service online and reach out to entirely new audiences. Here are the following methods that are used to manage your online presence:

#1. Discovering What’s Available on the Internet

The first step is to see what information is available. The best method to do this is to conduct a Google search for your name, as this is exactly what potential employers will do. Put double quotes around your name to tell Google to look for it as a phrase rather than two individual words.

#2. Social Media Management

Begin with what you can control: your personal social media profiles. After that, proceed to your friends’ profiles and any marked information.

#3. Other Website Administration

If your Google search yields results about you that are no longer relevant, are incomplete or incorrect and may be off-putting to future employers, you have the right to request that Google remove them from their database and search listings.

Google will evaluate your request based on its own merits. There is limited information available on what Google will and will not agree to erase, but it appears that the business will not remove material related to criminal convictions.

Online Presence Management

Online presence management is the process of maintaining a brand’s online footprint to ensure as many positive feelings as possible surrounding it. This involves keeping brand-owned websites and social media profiles up to date, soliciting and reacting to online feedback, and even conducting virtual events.

To manage or properly manage your online presence will result in a better online reputation, more website traffic, and, eventually, more paying customers for your brand. Here are the following ideas to manage your online presence:

  • Social networking networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter can help to expand one’s professional and business network (s).
  • Your website – ensure that your website includes online copy that accurately represents your brand and is thoroughly optimized for SEO keywords.
  • Your blog – continuously create content that is relevant to your audience, optimize it for search, and promote it on social media.
  • Local listings – Claiming and managing local listings and directories online is part of online presence management for local businesses. Make a point of responding to reviews on directory websites.

Management of Your Online Presence

Here are some management online presence business tips:

#1. Pursue Consistency

First and foremost, ensure that your brand is consistent across all platforms, from your website to your social media outlets to the virtual events that you and your staff host. Consistency fosters confidence between businesses and their customers. You should absolutely keep this in mind because it is exceedingly difficult to create sales without trust.

#2. Increase Your Physical Activity

Once you’ve mastered online presence management, try to ramp up your activities. This will provide you with extra opportunities to create relationships, demonstrate your authority, improve the reputation of your business, and convert strangers into paying consumers.

#3. Plan a Strategy

One of the most effective ways to address a large group is to cover as much ground as possible. If your blog post gets shared on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve now reached three new audiences. You will also most likely receive more comments, allowing you to interact with them and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

#4. Make Use of Professional Networking Websites

It is critical to use sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to establish community and business when wanting to advance your profession. Companies have discovered that utilizing different social media networks has numerous advantages. The most significant advantage is that you may reach a broad demographic range. If you publish material or post on that site, your largest audience will be on one side.

#5. Make Use of Visual Media

Make sure to use high-quality photographs on your website, blog entries, web content, and social media updates. People are more likely to be attracted in by visuals than by content, so utilize images that catch the attention of your audience. Consider incorporating video in addition to pictures. When done properly, video has the potential to engage web visitors across all online platforms.

Online Presence Manager

You may concentrate on running your business by using the online presence manager services. Never again be concerned about your online presence, reviews, Google Ads, Google My Business, SEO, social media, or website upgrades. The following is a management list of online presence manager products and services, including:

  • Local search results have improved.
  • Increased Google Maps visibility.
  • Google Ads’ performance has improved.
  • Leads have increased (calls, form submissions, purchases).
  • Enhanced customer feedback is the management service for the online presence that the manager uses.
  • Results from Google Business Profile (GMB) have improved.
  • Review monitoring (over 100 websites).
  • Customer reactions are also the management service of the online presence that a manager uses.
  • More backlinks.
  • Increased interaction on social media.
  • Marketing content that is exclusive.

How to Erase Online Presence

It is difficult for a manager to completely erase their online presence; due to the proliferation of personal data gathering and tracking activities, some information will be impossible to remove.

Fortunately, there is a distinction to be made between total online erasure and becoming difficult to locate. You can reduce your exposure to the public eye if you wish to be more difficult to find online. Here is how to erase and purge your internet or online presence below;

#1. Remove Your Social Media Accounts

If you only have one, two, or three, go ahead and start; four or more, you might want to consider creating a checklist. Unfortunately, there is no “remove me” button for social networking profiles or internet services.

#2. Delete All Other Internet Accounts (Commerce, Online Tools, Etc.)

Management should make a list of the websites and services they use and erase any online presence accounts that you can. This will be more difficult for some accounts than others, similar to social media sites. You may be able to remove your account with a single click, or you may need to contact the service provider. Don’t be startled if a service provider requests identification.

#3. Search for Your Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address

Open Google and enter your name in quotation marks. Then, use other search engines to look up your email address, home address, and personal phone number. Consider using other prominent search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo, and Dogpile, which may yield different results. These searches will show you what easily accessible personal information you have.

#4. Contact the Site’s Administrators and Request That Your Information Be Removed

While some websites allow you to log in and remove your data, others may necessitate a little more effort. You may need to submit an official request to the website owner. Check to see if the site offers data removal assistance, and if not, look for a way to contact the company or person in charge so as to erase the online presence information.

#5. Delete the Email Address You Used to Create Your Accounts

You have to erase or delete the online presence email address you used to sign up for your online accounts and replace it with a new one for friends, family, and work. This makes it more difficult to locate you. Many data scientists, for example, search for individuals in many databases using common fields such as email. By deleting your email, you are removing another data element from which you cannot be identified.

#6. Change Your Browser Preferences and Habits

Once you erase all the online presence of websites that display information, you may start over with stronger privacy-protecting behaviors to keep your data safe. Examine the privacy records of the web browsers and search engines you use. Are there extensions, such as Ghostery and HTTPS Everywhere, that you may add to your browser’s list of favorites? If you’re more technically savvy, you may also use a VPN as part of your internet connection, or Tor. These technologies have the capability of concealing your identity from websites as well as your surfing activities from your ISP.

What Is an Online Presence Example?

A member of an association with a member directory listing online is an example of a person who is not active on the Internet but has an online presence.

How Important Is Online Presence?

When a company has a digital presence, clients may simply find them. Most customers will use the internet when looking for a company or a product. Even if you have a physical location, a digital presence is necessary to bridge the gap for your customers.

How Can I Have an Online Presence?

You have the option of;

  • Create a polished website.
  • Make use of social media to retain and attract customers.
  • Create an online shop.

What Is a Strong Online Presence?

When prospects search for the items or services you provide, your website and promotional channels will appear near the top of the results. A good online presence boosts your chances of being recognized and chosen above your competition.

What Is Online Visibility?

The total presence of a brand or its items in the general consumer environment is defined as online visibility. It is a company’s ability to be found online by its intended audience, whether through social media or search engine results pages. Increasing your online presence, on the other hand, is a difficult task.

How Can I Improve My Online Visibility?

There are some examples below:

  • Create a mobile business app.
  • Utilize Paid Ads.
  • Encourage user-generated content and engagement.
  • Enhance Your Website.
  • Make good content.
  • Invest in a successful SEO strategy.
  • Use social media to your advantage.
  • Cross-promote.
  • Collaborate with other companies.
  • Work with influencers.


As the days pass by in the economy, technology grows and makes it easy for the individual to use. Businesses venture into technology in marketing their products, thereby making it easy for them to locate their customers. All you have to do is to have an online presence and you are good to go. You can also seek the assistance of a professional for a quicker process. This article teaches about “online presence.”


How do you present your online presence?

  • Create a mailing list.
  • Learn SEO.
  • Make something of value.
  • Participate in internet activities.
  • Analyze your findings.
  • Adopt new discussion forums.
  • Have a presence on social media.
  • Build a website.

What are some examples of online visibility?

A person’s web presence could include a personal website, a blog, a profile page, a wiki page, or a social media presence (e.g. a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook account, or a Twitter account).

Why is an online presence important?

When your company posts on social media on a regular basis, regardless of the platform, your brand gains a voice. This voice makes your company more human to customers. Social media allows businesses to get to know their customers.

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