Facebook Marketing: Best Guide to Scale any Business (+ Free Tips)

Facebook marketing

With over 2.5 billion monthly active users and 1.66 billion daily active users. Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform. And since marketers are attracted to consumers, this stat is attractive for businesses in their marketing campaigns. So, if you, as a marketer, want to tap into this big consumer base this post will guide you on how to make the most proficient and successful Facebook Marketing campaign. It will also include Facebook marketing ideas and tools to help you excel almost stressfree in this area.

Let’s begin with the big question;


In business, Facebook marketing is any method adopted by businesses to promote themselves on the Facebook platform. The platform has faced lots of rivalry and scandals in the past which might make anyone question their longevity. However, research has shown that Facebook won’t be going anytime soon. Hence, while the platform lasts let’s look at some Facebook marketing ideas, we can use to promote our business.


Businesses use different methods for their Facebook marketing, like, Facebook ads, Facebook page, sponsored stories, promoted posts, etc. So, as a business owner, do you use any of these methods? And if yes; how effective are they? Let’s look at some effective Facebook marketing ideas that will help you optimize your marketing campaign.

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Target your specific market segment:

Did you know that with Facebook ads you can target a specific age group living within a certain location? So, this helps you narrow down your promotion to the right consumers. You do not have to waste resources unnecessarily.

Host contests:

The endorphin rush associated with the sound of ‘free’ has lots of effects on people. So, you can use this Facebook marketing tip to increase your page’s followership. Hence, increased consumer engagement. For example, if you own an educational page; you can host a math contest with a condition that participants must follow your page.

If you are using videos to promote your company. You should know that most users usually do not like long uninteresting videos. In fact, some YouTube users jokingly say that the longest 5 minutes of their life is the 5 minutes ads on a video they want to watch. So, make the initial part of your video ad catchy while keeping it short and simple.

Clone new target audience with an existing one:

When you want to create your Facebook ad; you can use the Facebook lookalike feature. With this feature, you can reach out to an audience that has the same characteristics as a group of your existing audience. So, with your data ready, you can clone your top-performing customers.

Target leads on Facebook:

With the email of leads, you got from your site; Facebook allows you to get messages across to them. For instance, if an audience subscribed for a course on your website. You can give them updates on the course via Facebook using this tip.



Having Facebook followers with little engagement and not having Facebook followers are equally frustrating. But to combat this, there are Facebook marketing tools that can help you up your game and gain as much organic followership and engagement as possible. Below are some really important ones.

  1. MobileMonkey:

    People feel good when they are given attention. But when you have too many comments to reply on a Facebook post; MobileMonkey is a handy tool for that. It automatically sends messages to the messenger inbox of people that commented on your post. Hence, helping you build a good relationship with customers. So, get creative and maximize the power of this tool.

  2. SocialPilot:

    If you are known for posting interesting content at a specific time. For example, posting at 10 pm every Wednesday. Your audience will expect your post at that time. However, catching up with this can be hard sometimes. So, this Facebook marketing tool helps you create and schedule your post for your audience.

  3. Shortstack:

    There are so many you can achieve with this marketing tool. From building interesting landing pages to creating interactive contests. Definitely, this tool has its marks in engagement. Also, it can help you collect contacts’ information for analysis.

  4. PostPlanner:

    If you are having difficulty creating the right content for your audience. Then PostPlanner is the tool for you. It helps you find top-performing pieces of content in your niche. Hence, you can get ideas and always stay in contact with your audience.

  5. Headline analyzer:

    Most engagements from a post, are due to catchy headlines. This wonderful tool will help you create captivating headlines for your posts. Therefore, increasing the number of click-through rate for a post.

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I hope this post has been insightful to you. Talking about how to use Facebook marketing to scale your business. However, if for some reason you couldn’t do this yourself. Some companies do Facebook marketing services for others. Some of them are Lyfe marketing, SevenAtoms, and WebFx. You can check out their website to know which provides a marketing service that best suits your need.

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