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Rakuten Affiliate
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  1. Affiliate Marketing 
  2. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate
  3. Overview
  4. Rakuten Affiliate Login
  5. Rakuten Login Affiliate Top 8 List
    1. #1. Affiliate Marketing Services | Rakuten Advertising
    2. #2. Login – Publisher Help Center
    3. #3. Rakuten Affiliate Network – Crunchbase Company Profile
    4. #4. Rakuten: Shop. Get Cash Back. Repeat
    5. #5. Rakuten Linkshare – Affiliated.io
    6. #6. Rakuten Affiliate Login – LoginDetail
    7. #7. Rakuten Affiliate Program Review & Product Details – G2
    8. #8. How to connect Rakuten Affiliate Network – Funnel Knowledge
  6. How Many Affiliates are in Rakuten?
  7. Can Individuals Sell on Rakuten?
  8. Is Selling on Rakuten Free?
  9. Does Rakuten Support the Use of PayPal?
  10. Rakuten Affiliate Commission Rate
    1. Rakuten Affiliate Pros
  11. Why Should You Join the Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Program?
  12. Rakuten Affiliate Program Review
  13. How do I Become a Rakuten Affiliate?
    1. #1. Join the Advertiser Programs
    2. #2. Apply for Programs
    3. #3. Publish Links on Your Site
    4. #4. Run Reports on The Program Progress
    5. #5. Rakuten LinkShare Pricing: Earn Paid Commissions
  14. Does Rakuten Have an Affiliate Program?
  15. What does Rakuten Advertising do?
  16. Which is Best Affiliate Program?
  17. Is Rakuten Bigger than Amazon?
    1. #1. Gender Score at Amazon vs Rakuten
    2. #2. Diversity Score at Amazon vs Rakuten
    3. #3. Perk and Benefits Score at Amazon vs Rakuten
  18. What is the Benefit of Rakuten?
  19. Can I Use Rakuten Points on Amazon?
  20. Does Rakuten Money Expire?
  21. FAQs
  22. Does Rakuten have an affiliate program?
  23. What does Rakuten Advertising do?
  24. Why is Rakuten so popular?
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Before the Rakuten affiliate, there was only Linkshare. In 1996, during the dawn of the affiliate marketing industry, this affiliate network was founded. Prior to the advent of “gurus”, publishers published photos of their hired Ferraris in front of their rented houses. When Rakuten bought them out in 2005, the company had already built a solid reputation in the affiliate marketing industry. Rakuten Marketing is the new name for the company after a lengthy rebranding process. Stay on board as we discuss the Rakuten affiliate network program commission rate, review, and login process.

Affiliate Marketing 

In affiliate marketing, the affiliate (or publisher) is rewarded monetarily for generating business for the merchant (or vendor) through participation in affiliate programs and advertising.

One way to look at it is as an advertising model based on Rakuten affiliate commission rate or revenue splits. However, many businesses prefer to use the phrase “performance marketing” instead of “affiliate marketing” because the former is commonly linked with network marketing and the latter with multi-level marketing.

When compared to other forms of advertising, affiliate promotion has the highest return on investment and lowest cost per acquisition.

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate

The Rakuten Marketing Affiliate program offers complete affiliate, display, and search engine marketing options through Rakuten Inc. Rakuten was nominated #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for seven years in a row. Brands like ECCO, Walmart, and Lacoste have put their faith in the company.

The following are just a few examples of the company’s successes:

  • The Rakuten Marketing System processed one hundred million orders in 2016.
  • Protection of Brand Reputation Through Management of Brand’s Quality and Compliance with Relevant Regulations
  • It aids brands in keeping their affiliate marketing program compliant with government regulations.
  • There are 1.1 billion Rakuten users around the world.
  • It supports 25 different currencies and payments to 202 different countries and regions.


Rakuten, founded in Japan and now worth over a billion dollars, is a household name all over the world. In addition, Rakuten’s affiliate networks only link to a thousand or so stores, but the company prioritizes quality over quantity.

Therefore, leading global brands like Walmart, Best Buy, Wells Fargo, Lilly Pulitzer, Virgin Holidays, Macy’s, Papa John’s, and Ecco are available through Rakuten’s affiliate networks.

You, the publisher or affiliate marketer, may not have access to Rakuten’s millions of affiliate products. Even yet, the bucket does indeed include access to hundreds of the world’s finest brands.

Rakuten Affiliate Login

In order to access your publisher dashboard, you must first create a publisher account. Visit Rakuten Advertising’s homepage in order to register an account.

The homepage’s drop-down menu for logging in is located in the top right corner. Then, after logging in, choose Affiliate Publisher from the drop-down menu. To login into the Rakuten affiliate, please use the email address and password you specified when you registered for our service. Get in touch with Customer Support if you’re having trouble logging in.

Rakuten Login Affiliate Top 8 List

The following are Rakuten affiliate departments and what they have to say about login.

#1. Affiliate Marketing Services | Rakuten Advertising

Take advantage of Rakuten Advertising’s affiliate program today! With our extensive international contacts, we can assist you in developing strategies to reach your target market.

#2. Login – Publisher Help Center

When I try to access the Rakuten Affiliate Network, what do I see? You are now browsing the Rakuten Advertising Network glossary. Read our blog, then follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

#3. Rakuten Affiliate Network – Crunchbase Company Profile

The Rakuten Affiliate Network was formerly known as the Rakuten LinkShare Corporation and offers affiliate marketing solutions to online retailers. Its also worthy to note that the Rakuten affiliate login is easy and steady.

#4. Rakuten: Shop. Get Cash Back. Repeat

Begin at Rakuten, shop normally, and get Cash Back. You can shop at over 2500 different stores, and you don’t even need to sign up for anything new. Get logged in. With my membership, I accept Rakuten’s

#5. Rakuten Linkshare – Affiliated.io

Affiliate marketing services like Rakuten’s Affiliate Network have been operating for some time. Once known as LinkShare, the company was established in 1996.

#6. Rakuten Affiliate Login – LoginDetail

The omnichannel retailer has collaborated with Rakuten Advertising to increase brand recognition and sales in the United States through our affiliate marketing network.

#7. Rakuten Affiliate Program Review & Product Details – G2

All of our social media efforts may be viewed in one convenient web dashboard. Affiliate marketing is just one of the many low-cost services Rakuten provides; theirs has a 4 out of 13 review rating.

#8. How to connect Rakuten Affiliate Network – Funnel Knowledge

First, access the Rakuten Affiliate Network website with your credentials so that Funnel may establish a connection to it. It’s possible that (24)… If you’re working with many marketers.

Avangate, ShareASale, and Blink are three great alternatives to the Rakuten Affiliate Network. The list of alternatives to Rakuten that we’ve compiled through user suggestions is about 25 strong.

How Many Affiliates are in Rakuten?

You will get access to over 150,000 active publishers all over the world, as well as a dedicated team of network development professionals who will actively find affiliates and partner opportunities for you across a variety of content, influencer, and loyalty-based verticals and more.

Can Individuals Sell on Rakuten?

You are going to require the following things in order to sell on the Rakuten e-commerce marketplace:

Own Brand name (but you are free to use your own name) and. A unique manufacturer id ( to ensure you own a business) Following the screening and verification, You can list your products using one of these four methods: Web-based RMS tool and FTP feeds. Open application programming interface (API) or integration with third-party apps.

Is Selling on Rakuten Free?

Monthly subscription price – Rakuten will charge retailers $39 each month for their subscriptions. Category Commission requires you to pay a certain percentage for each item sold, and the amount varies depending on the product category. Depending on the category, the cost can be anywhere from 8% to 15%.

Does Rakuten Support the Use of PayPal?

Simply logging into the Rakuten TV website with the user account you wish to configure PayPal as the default payment option, and then navigating to the “SETTINGS” menu, is all that is required. Go to “SETTINGS” and then “PAYMENT METHODS” to make PayPal the default payment method. You may do this by clicking on the “PayPal” option.

Rakuten Affiliate Commission Rate

Income can range substantially depending on a number of factors. Signing up, joining advertisers’ programs, and testing out different link forms on your site are the greatest ways to determine your potential earnings. In the publisher dashboard, under the Reports section, you can view your Rakuten affiliate commission rate.

Payment for using an advertiser’s link on your site is determined by their individual policies. Most marketers will only give you a commission on the sales you help them make. Read the fine print before signing up for any advertising.

For each advertiser, the Rakuten affiliate provides in-depth data detailing your campaign’s total number of impressions, clicks, orders, sales, and commission rate.

Rakuten Affiliate Pros

  • Affiliated advertising system Rakuten partners with major brands like Walmart to provide customers with access to a comprehensive selection of goods from a variety of categories.
  • The Rakuten affiliate commission rate varies from merchant to merchant, the same as with Commission Junction and ShareASale. Over thirty percent of profit is typical for the majority of the items.
  • There is a healthy balance between digital and physical releases for publishers.

Why Should You Join the Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Program?

  • Millions of publishers, including Walmart, can make use of Rakuten’s affiliate marketing schemes.
  • Rakuten, an affiliate marketing network, protects the reputation of its clientele’s brands and ensures that its services are in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. That’s why it’s one of the most reputable companies in the world.
  • Rakuten’s compensation structure is similar to that of many other top affiliate marketing programs in that it differs from merchant to merchant.
  • Many different industries, including retail, direct-to-consumer, banking, tourism, and more, supply publishers and affiliate marketers with a wide variety of products to promote.
  • When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, Rakuten is the best for large, highly trafficked affiliate websites.
  • Rakuten’s global reach is so extensive that the company processes payments from 202 countries in 25 different currencies through its various software systems.
  • Affiliate commission on Rakuten products varies by vendor. And the lowest possible payoff is $50.

Rakuten Affiliate Program Review

Rakuten Marketing LLC owns LinkShare as an affiliate company. It is comparable to the world’s biggest pay-per-performance affiliate programs. Advertisers and publishers can meet each other and interact with users on this platform. Virtually every assessment of Rakuten Marketing’s affiliate program review will affirm that it’s a good fit for businesses looking to advertise or publish content.

By carefully selecting the most appropriate influencer, businesses may reach a larger audience for less money. Plus, it facilitates the discovery of potential collaborators for influencers.

The headquarters are in Tokyo, and there are satellite offices in 8 additional cities. With a presence in more than 200 countries, it is one of the few affiliate companies with a truly global reach.

How do I Become a Rakuten Affiliate?

In operation, LinkShare is similar to other affiliate networks. The procedure is outlined below.

#1. Join the Advertiser Programs

Joining the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network is the initial step. If you want to establish a profile, you’ll need to fill out the registration form with some personal information.

Your name, physical and email addresses, and possibly certain banking details will all be required pieces of information. If you want to be connected with advertising, you’ll need to disclose some information about yourself.

Depending on your area and the Rakuten network, you can choose from a number of different payment methods. The advertisers whose items are similar to those sold in your niche are another potential audience.

#2. Apply for Programs

Join the advertiser’s program by submitting your profile on the LinkShare platform. Click the Select button next to the deal that best meets your company’s needs. Then, at the bottom of the page, click the Update button.

Go back through the list of applications and mark the boxes next to the ones you think your company would benefit from if they were all installed at once. The final step is to hit the “Apply” button in the page’s footer.

Using the website’s filtering tools, you can narrow your search and get more relevant results.

After applying, you’ll have to wait for a response from the company. About a week may pass.

When you join Rakuten advertiser’s affiliate program, you’ll have access to a wealth of review resources and connections to share with your audience. Access the pre-made links by going to your profile’s dashboard.

On the Rakuten platform, you can find numerous link formats. These links typically feature a special code that gives you a cut of any sales the firm makes as a result of the link you provided.

One of the following is available for your use:

  • Connects the written word
  • Signs, including banners that spin
  • Google and Bing search boxes
  • Personalized in-depth-linking
  • Connecting strands that bend and more

The nicest part is how simple it is to implement banner or text adverts. Moreover, Rakuten’s PopShops can be used to generate data streams. The company provides extensive support in the form of a Help center. Get in touch with the agents if anything isn’t functioning as expected.

#4. Run Reports on The Program Progress

Go to Reports in your publisher dashboard to use the platform’s reporting tools.

It is imperative that you produce reports on sales and activities. We can analyze your results with their help. The Custom Reports button allows you to generate unique reports for your company.

#5. Rakuten LinkShare Pricing: Earn Paid Commissions

It made payments on a weekly basis, and there is a minimum payout requirement that must be met. As a result, it receives a perfect 5 on the Rakuten marketing price scale.

In addition, the network provides advertisers with four payment plants per month.

First, the payment must go through a series of checks and balances before they can transfer it to your bank account. The Network collects information necessary to generate an invoice.

Since Rakuten affiliate price varies by merchant, it’s advisable to check with individual businesses for details. The minimum withdrawal is only $1, but there is no maximum limit. A direct deposit or a paper check is your only two payment alternatives.

Does Rakuten Have an Affiliate Program?

Rakuten Advertising developed an affiliate prospecting program with a primary emphasis on cultivating strong connections with publishers and educating them on the various goods that are available. This strategy was designed to match the process of developing attractive consumer-facing offers that would appeal to an audience served by a publisher.

What does Rakuten Advertising do?

When it comes to advertising and marketing services and tools, Rakuten Advertising is unrivaled worldwide. Rakuten Advertising partners with agencies and businesses all over the world to boost brand awareness and marketing performance via the use of cutting-edge techniques like powerful machine learning and extensive consumer insights.

Which is Best Affiliate Program?

 Fiverr, is the best overall affiliate program.

Join the Fiverr affiliate program to advertise the largest online services marketplace. It’s possible to offer anything from logo design and copywriting to coding, WordPress gigs, and business services.

And when affiliates successfully market these services, they may earn up to $1,000 per sale with their $10 CPA/10% rev share hybrid model (service prices go up to $10,000).

Is Rakuten Bigger than Amazon?

At this point there are some factors of comparison one has to put in place before arriving to a logical conclusion. Those factors include:

#1. Gender Score at Amazon vs Rakuten

The average Gender Experience Score at Amazon is 74 out of 100, with the highest scores coming from Business Development and Engineering. Although Rakuten workers give themselves a Gender Score of 67 out of 100.

#2. Diversity Score at Amazon vs Rakuten

Amazon employees give their company’s Diversity Score a 73 out of 100, with the highest scores coming from the Marketing and Business Development divisions. Staff at Rakuten have given the company a Diversity Score of 64/100, with the greatest scores coming from the IT and Engineering divisions.

#3. Perk and Benefits Score at Amazon vs Rakuten

Amazon employees give their perks and benefits a 78 out of a possible 100, with the IT and Admin divisions giving the best possible scores. In spite of this, employees at Rakuten give the company’s perks and benefits a score of 66 out of 100, with the Information Technology and Engineering divisions having the best overall experiences.

What is the Benefit of Rakuten?

When you make your online purchases after clicking on a Rakuten link, you can get a small amount of your money back. Rakuten links may be found on a variety of different websites. Rakuten receives a commission from online stores as payment for sending customers their way; this money is then split with the customer who made the purchase.

Can I Use Rakuten Points on Amazon?

Shopping on Amazon through Rakuten is one of the simplest ways to save money and get Cash Back on all of your purchases at the same time. When you click the Cash Back button, Rakuten will immediately apply any coupons that are valid and start the process of earning up to 5% Cash Back on any Amazon purchases you make.

Does Rakuten Money Expire?

We are pleased to give a replacement for your Big Fat Check in the event that it is ever stolen, destroyed, or becomes invalid for any reason. In addition, the grace period for our Big Fat Checks is an additional 90 days, even though the checks themselves are only good for 90 days. From the date of issuance, each of our checks has a validity period of one hundred eighty days, which is equivalent to six months.


Does Rakuten have an affiliate program?

Yes, Rakuten Marketing developed a program to find a new affiliate that prioritized establishing trusting partnerships with publishers and providing in-depth information about the services on offer and review.

What does Rakuten Advertising do?

Our innovative award-winning solution continues to bring together advertisers and highly engaged audiences, increasing revenue for both publishers and advertisers.

Rakuten offers a strong point system that is linked to customers’ credit cards and is integrated across hundreds of retailers in Japan.

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