Viral Marketing Videos: Best Viral Marketing Videos Of All Time

Viral Marketing Videos: Best Viral Marketing Videos Of All Time
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Things that make a video go viral: people who watch, like, and spread it on social media. Making a video that viewers will want to share with their friends is the key. The rest follows in a domino-like fashion. The best version of video marketing is viral marketing. They are online videos that gain a lot of attention quickly, frequently reaching millions of viewers in a matter of days.

Therefore, brands are beginning to understand what makes content stand out, and research suggests people are more likely to share video content.

We’re going to look at some of the best viral marketing videos ever in this article to spark your imagination.

What Is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing seeks to spread knowledge about a good or service from person to person through email, the Internet, or word-of-mouth. Viral marketing aims to encourage people to spread marketing messages among their friends, family, and other people in order to exponentially increase the number of recipients.

What Is A Viral Marketing Video?

A viral marketing video is a process of producing video content that is distributed across digital and offline channels in an effort to encourage organic sharing among your audience and draw in a large number of potential customers. While the definition of “viral video marketing” can vary, it’s important to note that one essential element is that your video must rely on word-of-mouth advertising for promotion. In other words, viral videos are distinctive because they are promoted by your viewers.

Therefore, businesses are striving to find the secret formula for viral video marketing growth, which can range from 5 million to 10 million views.

After all, compared to other advertising tactics, viral marketing videos are less expensive and perhaps more successful.

Common Components Of Successful Viral Marketing Videos

Brands have been trying to figure out what makes viral videos go viral, but there is no golden formula for success.

However, we may not be able to provide you with a recipe for viral marketing that works, but we can still draw inspiration from some of the most effective old campaigns. For instance, a lot of the most popular viral video campaigns consist of:

#1. Humor: 

Most viral videos are funny, whether they are intended to be or not. They can be embarrassing or designed to appeal to a specific type of humor. We recommend the second option.

#2. Topicality: 

With viral marketing, keeping your content “current” is essential. If the subject matter of your videos is something that people are already interested in, it will be much simpler to get people to talk about them. Check out the popular topics among your target audience before you start producing your viral marketing videos.

#3. Provocation: 

Typically, because it provokes thought and emotion in your audience, viral video marketing is effective. Certain content is intended to shock viewers, so they will be compelled to share it because they cannot believe what they have just seen. Other viral marketing videos concentrate on attempting to change viewers’ perspectives or teach them something new. In fact, 70% of people learn best visually.

What Is An Example Of Viral Marketing? 

The viral video from Cricket Wireless featuring John Cena appears more like a heartfelt message than an advertisement. In it, he laughs and plays chess with the young interviewer before thanking the internet for introducing him to the rest of us and launching his career. Cricket Wireless’s video contained just the right amount of promotion to prevent it from coming across as insincere. It ended with a straightforward image and the hashtag #JohnCenaLovesTheInternet.

Additionally, it is important to note that Cricket Wireless used John Cena’s authenticity to convey its message that people come first. Instead of talking about sales, bills, or phone add-ons, the carrier focused on consumer feelings and entertainment, allowing viewers to watch the ad without feeling bombarded with sales pitches.

How Do You Make A Viral Video Campaign? 

There are no concrete guidelines for creating the best viral marketing campaigns, but there are tips to increase the chances of going viral. Here are our top tips to make your videos go viral. 

#1: Know Your Audience 

Approximately 80% of consumers recall the online videos they have watched. Therefore, viral video marketing is a wise choice if your campaign’s goal is to raise brand awareness. You must, however, take steps to ensure that your audience will remember you favorably.

User personas are essential for viral video campaigns. They help you decide how long your videos should be, which channels to promote them on, and what you want your viral video to accomplish beyond brand recognition. This will help you with the next step.

#2: Choose The Right Style Of Video

Video is becoming increasingly popular as a form of content marketing, offering more options to experiment with. Live videos can be shared in real-time, while animated clips can be more visually appealing. Therefore, the format of the video should reflect the brand image and convey the unique tone of voice of the company.

#3: Optimize Your Social Media Platform

There are various platforms you can use to advertise your content, just as there are various video formats available for businesses to select from today. In the end, your video must look fantastic wherever it is used. The fact that you shared something on Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t eventually end up in an email.

However, think about where your initial audience will view your video, such as on Twitter, which has the fastest scrolling rate, and YouTube, where 60% of its viewers view it on mobile devices. Keep your content visually engaging from the start.

#4: Determine The Right Video Length

Video engagement is highest with videos between 1 and 2 minutes long, according to a social media study in 2021. However, your chosen audience will dictate whether your videos should be longer or shorter. Note that the length of your videos also depends on how much you want to tell.

#5: Create An Emotional Connection

The best viral marketing campaigns are those that make an emotional connection with their audience. Video content is more likely to elicit an emotional response because it speaks to multiple senses at once. Consequently, negative emotions like fear, anger, or disgust can also have a significant impact, but be careful not to get too controversial.

How To Do Viral Marketing? 

To create a viral marketing video, follow these essential tips:

#1. Provide Quality Videos

Viral video marketing has traditionally been low-budget, but viewers are increasingly paying attention to crisp, well-produced content. To ensure quality content, it is important to take the time to edit it and get the music and sound right. Additionally, this includes using audio branding ideas or choosing the right music to elicit emotional responses.

#2. Understand What Makes People Share

Understanding your audience is essential for viral marketing growth. People respond to viral videos differently, with the most shared videos inspiring laughter. People are more likely to share content that makes them look good.

Alternatively, people shared content to entertain their loved ones and warn others about potential dangers. You’ll learn more about your audience the more you run viral video campaigns.

#3. Don’t Underrate Influencer Marketing

Viral marketing campaigns don’t achieve success by spending a lot of money on advertising strategies. Instead, they are achieved naturally by offering content that customers and followers can share. However, if you haven’t been in the market for long, you may not have much influence on your target market yet. Influencers can give your marketing strategy a powerful launching pad, but your content needs to be relevant to the influencer you’re hoping to target.

#4. Building Your Brand Is A Priority 

Focus on building a brand that your customers want to be associated with. Build relationships and affinity with your target audience through multiple digital touchpoints to understand their likes and dislikes. Deliver real value in your videos, and the rest will follow.

Best Viral Marketing Videos Of All Time

Here are seven viral marketing videos that were popular online.

#1. Dumb Ways to Die (Metro Trains)

The conclusion of this cutesy animation is extremely effective. However, this video’s success wasn’t just due to the stark contrast between its cast of happy, vibrant characters and its overarching message. The music is very catchy, and it stays in your head for days. The song has received hundreds of thousands of downloads, and the original video has received over 200 million views!

#2. Will it Blend? (Blendtec)

Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?” YouTube series was a huge success, as it featured old-school infomercial-style segments and encouraged interaction by asking viewers to post suggestions for upcoming videos.

#3. The Epic Split (Volvo Trucks)

Volvo hired Jean-Claude Van Damme to demonstrate its dynamic steering. This video is a recipe for success, featuring Van Damme, Enya, and a beautiful Spanish sunset. It was shot in just one take, which can be used to increase the popularity of the video.

#4. Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

The video appealed to both sexes, convincing women to buy masculine body wash and men to smell like men. It has over 50 million views on YouTube and encourages men and women to consider what masculinity really means. 

#5. Buzzfeed and Friskies: Dear Kitten

Buzzfeed’s first commercial for the Super Bowl focused on kittens. The video was created for an internet audience and has racked up over 257 million views on YouTube. The success of the video is due to the team’s understanding of what moves people and what they’re interested in. Additionally, the video addresses a unique aspect of Friskies cat food and makes it an integral part of the video, making no one feel like they’re being sold to and engaging with the story.

#6. Google Android: Friends Furever

Android’s “Friends Furever” is the most shared video ad of all time due to its simplicity, unobtrusive branding, and home video feel. It is sweet, sharp, and on message, complementing the brand’s strategy of unity and openness. It has been enjoyed by over 24 million viewers.

#7. The Vegan Sausage Roll (Greggs)

Greggs pulled out all the stops to create a video campaign to promote their new vegan sausage roll. The video parodied Apple ads by presenting the sausage roll like a smart device, which helped it go viral and reach over 5 million views in the first two weeks.

What Videos Go Viral The Most? 

According to social media experts, funny videos have the best chance of going viral. Prank and challenge videos are shown after this. These opinions come from people whose videos have gone viral.

How Do You Make A Viral Video For Social Media Marketing? 

Here are 5 tips that will make your video go viral for social media marketing.

  • Post top-notch video content frequently. 
  • Make videos about contentious subjects. 
  • Improve your chances of going viral by networking. 
  • Use subject matter expertise to your advantage and share your video. 
  • Utilize trends to produce more videos that will go viral.

How Many Views Make A Viral Video? 

In summary, a video typically becomes viral when it receives over five million or more views in a matter of days. One of the best things you can do as a video marketer and creator is to make your video content go viral. Lastly, this is one of the best ways to build your brand and draw in new customers.

What Content Is Most Viral? 

An online content is considered “viral” if it receives a lot of shares and exposure across social media platforms, news websites, aggregators, email newsletters, and search engines.

What Is The Goal Of Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing aims to persuade people to spread a marketing message among their friends, family, and other people in order to exponentially increase the number of its recipients.

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