POST AFFILIATE PRO: Meaning, How It Works, and Review

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Post Affiliate Pro lets you create and manage your own affiliate program from top to bottom, with personalized commission structures and settings. It also integrates with 200+ CMS systems and payment processors. Post Affiliate Pro tracks every action and rock-solid tracking assigns it to the affiliate. The system is intuitive, fast, effective, and infinitely expandable—perfect for small-to-medium-sized businesses. In this post, you will get to see reviews on what others say about Post Affiliate Pro which also includes its pricing and the difference between Leaddyno vs Post Affiliate Pro.

What Is Post Affiliate Pro?

With customizable commission structures and settings, Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate tracking tool that enables you to design and manage your own affiliate program from top to bottom. Post Affiliate Pro now has the most reviews and is the top-rated affiliate software, per Capterra rankings.

Post Affiliate Pro makes managing affiliate programs simple. You can plan payments, track sales, manage your referral links, exchange content, and communicate effectively across channels. You can also use social media to boost your communication.

How do I use Post Affiliate Pro?

By adding a live chat button to your affiliate panel and signup pages, you can start offering fantastic client assistance. From your affiliate website, your affiliates can get in touch with you. With just one button click, your agents may respond and answer any questions. A live chat widget can save both you and your affiliates time by providing a quicker means of communication for all parties.


  • Live chat makes it simple to communicate with affiliates.
  • On your affiliate website, add a chat widget.
  • simple to link
  • combines well with other help channels you have

Now let us go over to Post Affiliate Pro Pricing. Let’s continue

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing

Even at the bottom end of their pricing membership, Post Affiliate Pro has a ton of functionality, so it is not short on features. We’ve looked at rival platforms with premium plans that provide much less, making PA Pro’s entry-level package an excellent value.

The majority of other affiliate marketing systems place restrictions on the number of recommendations your affiliates can make for you, and these restrictions get stricter as your subscription level rises. Similar functionality is provided by PA Pro, but the limitations are placed on what they refer to as “Tracking Requests,” which are each data point that the program tracks. Therefore, if an affiliate clicks on a link you provided and subsequently makes a purchase, that is two requests. These ceilings are set so high that upgrading is more likely to provide access to more features than more clicks, despite the fact that it may initially look like a technique to quickly exhaust limits and encourage clients to upgrade to the next level of service.

#1. Pro, $97/Monthly

Track as many Post Affiliate Pro as you like, with a monthly tracking request pricing of 1,000,000. If you exceed the allotted amount, more requests cost $1 for every 10,000. All the tracking tools are offered, in addition to a plethora of other features like automatic affiliate registration, multiple currencies and languages, a customizable user interface, mass payments, more than a half-dozen commission types, marketing tools for making banners, coupons, and campaigns, advanced reporting, and hundreds of integrations.

#2. Premium, $197 Monthly 

Unrestricted affiliates, 5,000,000 tracking requests, 40 cents for every additional 10,000 tracking requests, all of the aforementioned, as well as custom affiliate tracking codes, a campaign task manager, multiple admins, automatic affiliate removal, a lifetime referrals manager, repeated commissions, dividing commissions, performance rewards, time-and rules-based commissions, and lifetime referrals manager.

#3. Network, $477/Monthly

All of the following unlimited affiliates, 20,000,000 tracking requests; 20 cents for each additional 10,000 requests; as well as tools for setting up and administering your own affiliate network are included (that you and other merchants can access).

Most options include access to the knowledge base, email-based support, and live chat technical support that is available 24/7/365. Everyone also receives a complete setup and integration service that is suited to their requirements. Additionally, customers can purchase some capabilities offered by the pricing network plan at the Pro or ultimate level of post affiliate:

#1. Lifetime Referrals Manager, $9/Monthly 

Ultimate and Network customers already have access to this function, but Post Affiliate Pro customers can join the fun for an additional monthly pricing fee.

#2. Subscription Membership Manager, $9/Monthly

This is how you can charge affiliates to join your program if you wish to. Affiliates who fail to pay their dues are not compensated for referrals and are unable to access the affiliate site.

#3. Audit Log, $17/Monthly

Every action affiliates and administrators do on the system is recorded chronologically.

Links and banners for monitoring that are dynamic and adaptable to the place and device on which they are displayed.

#5. Remove Post Affiliate Branding, $27/Monthly

Not at all accessible for Pro. This network-level functionality allows users enrolled in the Ultimate Plan to white label their portal or program. Additionally, customers can purchase some capabilities offered by the pricing Network plan at the Pro or Ultimate level Post Affiliate:

What is the highest-paying affiliate program?

#1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a web hosting platform, just like many of the affiliate marketing businesses on this list. It handles more than 500,000 sites and has more than 45,000 customers globally, primarily serving SMB users.

With a minimum payout of $150, its internal affiliate program, which is supported by the Impact Radius affiliate network, provides commissions equal to 150% of the monthly hosting fee. 90-day cookie duration; 150% commission rate.

#2. Bluehost

WordPress hosting is offered by Bluehost, with plans beginning at €3.23 per month. More than two million websites are powered by its 750-person crew, which is available around the clock.

Despite having exceptionally low prices, Bluehost’s affiliate program offers generous commissions, offering $65 for each successful hosting referral you make. 60-day cookie life, and commission rate of $65

#3. SEMRush

If you are familiar with digital marketing, you are probably aware of SEMrush. Over seven million marketers utilize its suite of more than 40 digital marketing tools, which range from competitor analysis and keyword research to social media management and content delivery.

It’s impressive that SEMrush products are used by one in every four Fortune 500 firms. Payment of commissions occurs 27 days after the end of the month. Commission: $200 maximum; cookie life: 120 days

#4. Siteground

The first of several web hosting providers to appear on our list of top affiliate programs is this one. It’s understandable that so many of them made the cut considering that the web hosting sector is expected to be valued at close to $100 billion by 2025.

The number of signups you generate determines the sliding scale of commissions that Siteground offers. To earn €75 on each sale, refer 11 to 20 new customers each month. A month of free hosting is also provided to everyone who joins the Siteground affiliate program, so They may test the service out for themselves. Commission: up to 75 euros; cookie lifetime: 60 days.

#5. Hostginger

It is a low-cost hosting provider, much like Bluehost, with its basic Single Shared Hosting option just costing $1.39 per month. Hostinger serves 29 million users across 178 countries for our ongoing game of web hosting Top Trumps, and 98% of them consider the company’s service to be “great.”

Similar to Bluehost, Hostinger doesn’t reflect its inexpensive costs with meager compensation rates; instead, its affiliate program pays out at least 60% of every sale it refers to. In order to assist you to maximize performance, it also guarantees excellent conversion rates and provides a dedicated affiliate marketing account manager. Applications are submitted through a straightforward online form, and the evaluation process can take up to three business days. 60% commission rate; 30-day cookie life span

#6. Cloudways

As its name implies, Cloudways is a cloud hosting platform that offers users a choice of five main infrastructures, including Google Cloud Engine and Amazon Web Services. The affiliate program from Cloudways offers a variety of commission structures, which is exciting for affiliates.

With a customer satisfaction rating of 94.7%, it boasts a portfolio of more than 250,000 effectively managed websites spread across more than 60 data centers. Very impressive. To enjoy the benefits of passive income, choose between earning per sale at a rate of up to $125 for 46 to 80 sales per month or taking $30 plus a 7% lifetime commission. Up to $125 in commissions; 90-day cookie lifespan.

#7. Elementor

Elementor is surprisingly not a hosting platform. Instead, it’s a tool for creating WordPress websites. One of the top 15 most used WordPress plugins, the software as a service utility has over five million active installs and more than 3,000 five-star WordPress ratings.

The affiliate program commission rates for Elementor’s page-building tool are also really straightforward to understand: you get paid 50% of the transactions you refer. With costs rising to as much as $999 a year, there is a significant revenue opportunity. The cookie life is 30 days, the commission is 50%.

#8. Sendinblue

As a participant in Sendinblue’s affiliate network, you can get a €5 commission each time a user you refer registers for an account, plus an additional €100 if the person purchases a subscription.

Similar to SEMrush, Sendinblue provides a comprehensive line of marketing software. It is used by more than 175,000 businesses worldwide to carry out email marketing, manage client connections, create landing pages with high conversion rates, and do a lot more. One thing to keep in mind is that you must recommend at least one new paid subscriber in order for your account to be recognized, and you won’t start receiving commissions until that time. Cookie lifetime: 90 days, commission rate: €100.

Post Affiliate Pro Reviews

Post Affiliate Pro has a five-star rating in reviews, and it has been a useful tool for some marketers. Hence, they have given out the advantages and usefulness of post affiliate pro to their use. Furthermore, here are some of the reviews on Post Affiliate Pro.  

#1. Feature-rich, adaptable, and thorough knowledgebase

The Post Affiliate Pro platform has several features, according to the reviews from users. You can see that the client’s needs have been taken into account because specific solutions for bespoke integrations have been put into place before being made available to everyone.

#2. Outstanding product

The best resource behind Post Affiliate Pro is, without a doubt, their support staff, according to the reviews of users. To fix any concerns, they are essentially always available via chat and email. In comparison to our prior affiliate program (iDevAffiliate), help is scarce and frequently unavailable, even when they claim to be online.

#3. Customer service

excellent client service and numerous features. “Their live chat system’s instantly accessible, really helpful, patient, and kind customer service. because there are so many adjustable options.

#4. Transparency

According to the reviews, it is a reliable and flexible referral marketing tool that improves transparency, Post Affiliate Pro. Our UPM Affiliates Program benefits from the software’s flexibility and transparency.

#5. An excellent tool to start your affiliate marketing campaign

In our case, the main requirement was to have a system that can track sales made against a specific coupon code that is assigned to a correspondent affiliate. Since the majority of affiliate tracking software on the market only tracks clicks, leads, etc., it was difficult to find a system that also tracks coupon codes.

#6. Inexpensive and easy to install and utilize.

Setting up the page and adding assets for affiliates to utilize was really easy. Additionally, the team was very helpful when we had issues and was ready to extend the free trial period as we got accustomed to the program.

#7. All-in-1 affiliate software

They have thought of everything, including the links and materials that affiliates would require, a pre-made landing page for them, and different commission systems. Having support at all times is also beneficial.

Leaddyno vs Post Affiliate Pro

In Leaddyno vs Post Affiliate Pro, The affiliate marketing program Post Affiliate Pro has a variety of special banner formats. Additionally, payouts and reports are options included with this software. The ability to track and manage one’s own affiliates, commissions, etc. is provided to users. It supports a variety of affiliate link types, and one of its standout features is the capacity to monitor clicks on direct connections. You can keep track of sales made in several currencies and convert them all to your default currency. A wide range of useful features, including fraud protection, forced matrix, a customizable affiliate interface, Web2.0 client-server architecture, numerous affiliate user accounts, etc., are included in Post Affiliate Pro.

The LeadDyno affiliate marketing tool also greatly facilitates social media distribution. It’s really simple to set up, and you can immediately access your affiliate network afterward. The trial period is free for 30 days. The affiliates will each receive their own affiliate dashboard with all the tools they need to promote a product or service. Affiliates can view their commissions and clicks in real-time. Multiple platforms, including BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., are integrated with LeadDyno. On well-known social networking platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., affiliate links are simple to share. It is possible to track multiple levels. Other features include smart targeting and fraud protection.

To further differentiate between Leaddyno vs Post Affiliate Pro, let us look at what each does for a company.

Leaddyno vs Post Affiliate Pro: What benefits does Post Affiliate Pro provide for your company?

  • Monitor Affiliates: Keeps an eye on the engagement, qualified leads, and conversion rates of each affiliate partner.
  • Increased LeadAffiliates ‘ Generation: Affiliate marketing is the most efficient and affordable method to expand online visibility, attract more qualified traffic, and boost revenues.
  • To Determine Commissions: Utilizing streamlined reporting and affiliate program tools, assign commissions depending on conversion rates.
  • Release Payments: When affiliate partners hit certain sales milestones, we automatically provide them with commission bonuses.

Leaddyno vs Post Affiliate Pro: What benefits does leaddyno provide for your company?

  • Engage: With the help of our collection of affiliate tools, you can continue to engage and inspire affiliates to promote your goods or services.
  • Automate: To automate your marketing, set up emails. You may email both your customers and your affiliates using our affiliate software.
  • Analyze: Your LeadDyno dashboard has access to every one of your clicks, leads, and sales. Look at your most effective campaigns.
  • Reward: With LeadDyno affiliate software, paying your affiliates is simple. PayPal Mass Pay allows you to pay affiliates in bulk.

How do I get started in affiliate marketing?

To make it easier to understand, here are the first five steps to how to start the affiliate marketing process:

  • You come across a product you wish to market.
  • Find the affiliate program for “product name” by searching. Additionally, you can market it if it’s on Amazon.
  • Become a member of their affiliate program.
  • You are given a unique URL that enables the retailer to keep track of customers who have used it.
  • You receive a commission if they decide to purchase the item.

What is Go AFF Pro?

For your e-commerce site, Goaffpro is a full-service affiliate and influencer marketing solution. With goaffpro, you can quickly build up a distinctive affiliate portal for your Bigcommerce store.

How does it function?

  1. Your clients can sign up and become affiliates on a personalized affiliate portal.
  2. They receive a referral link after registering, which they can use to advertise your products on their blog, Instagram, etc.
  3. When someone makes a purchase through their referral link, they receive compensation.

Why does it function?

Strong financial incentives exist for your customers to promote your products on social media.

How do you succeed?

You attract more buyers who might not have learned about your goods otherwise. Additionally, your store’s visibility and popularity rise with each shared link, resulting in an increase in organic traffic.

How do I pay GoAffPro affiliates?

You have two choices with GoAffPro for paying the affiliates in your program:

1. Pay affiliates outside GoAffPro

If you want to pay affiliates through services like bank transfers, debit cards, etc., you will follow this procedure.

  • From Settings > Payments, choose the accepted payment options for affiliates.
  • From the Payouts,> Pending Payments section, view the affiliates who are still owed money.
  • Following that, you can pay the affiliate using a method other than the GoAffPro app.
  • In the Payouts > Pending Payments column, you can finally declare the payment as paid.

2. Pay affiliates within GoAffPro

You will need to connect to PayPal Payouts in order to send affiliates money from within the GoAffPro app.

  • From Settings > Payments, choose PayPal as the supported payment option.
  • Set up PayPal Payouts under Settings > Integrations.
  • After that, you may pay money to affiliates by going to the PayPal Payouts tab.

How Do I Use Post Affiliate Pro?

By adding a live chat option to your affiliate dashboard and signup pages, you can begin providing excellent customer service. Affiliates are able to contact you via your affiliate website. With a single click of a button, your agents may respond to and answer any queries.

Does Affiliate Marketing Pay Daily?

You will find thousands of offerings to promote, many of which pay commissions of 50% or more, you get paid daily, and new affiliate products are always being introduced.

What Is the Highest Paying Affiliate Website?

  • Liquid Web
  • Bluehost
  • SEMRush
  • Siteground
  • Bluehost

What Is the Fastest Way to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

How to Make money Through Affiliate Marketing

  • Create a website rich in content.
  • Google will provide you with targeted traffic.
  • Promote items that people are actively seeking to purchase.
  • Promote Products That Sell Effectively.
  • Promote Products That Offer High Commissions to Affiliates.
  • Optimize Your Affiliate Links To Receive Additional Clicks


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