Short Term Car Insurance: Best Insurers in the US

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Short-term car insurance is a temporary cover that allows you to get flexible coverage, lasting from one hour to several months. However, if you’re looking for short-term car insurance in California, I will recommend you go for Geico. Geico is one of the insurance companies that provides cheap short-term car insurance and has full comprehensive coverage in the US. Also, they have a long-standing reputation and offer nationwide auto insurance coverage. But then there are other companies that are cheaper, read on to know how to get coverage for your car and the insurers to go with.

Does Temporary Car Insurance Exist?

Major insurers do not provide temporary auto insurance, but there are solutions if you will only be driving temporarily. If you own your car, you may get a six-month coverage, cancel when you’re finished driving, and avoid paying for months you don’t drive. If you only drive sometimes, you may want to look into pay-per-mile vehicle insurance. If you’re driving a car that you don’t own, you can check into non-owner insurance, rental car insurance, and temporarily being put as a driver on someone else’s auto insurance.

How Does Short-Term Car Insurance Work?

Short-term car insurance allows the owner of a vehicle to add a person to his policy on a temporary basis. However, if you purchase short-term car insurance, you can quickly and easily arrange a policy to start from the moment you purchase it with the vehicle owner’s permission. You may get the same level of cover as a standard car insurance policy, but for a short period of time. Although, a short-term policy is entirely separate from the annual car insurance policy. So this does not affect your no-claims bonus if you need to make a claim on the short-term cover.

Moreover, If you want to ensure a car multiple times in a year, you may find a cheaper annual policy by comparing a quote. You can also build up a no claims bonus with this policy too.

What Does Short Term Car Insurance Cover?

The following is a comprehensive overview of what short-term car insurance covers;

#1. Comprehensive Full Coverage

Short-term car insurance generally gives you comprehensive full coverage for the duration of time you choose it. It covers you against theft and fire damage, third-party repairs or compensation, and damage to your car on the occasion of accidents or threats.

#2. Flexible length coverage

Flexible length coverage from as little as one day and up to 12 weeks. This is convenient for a short period of time and also cheaper than latching into an annual policy.

#3. Instant Coverage

You can quickly take out a policy, with fewer questions to answer than typically latching into your annual insurance. However, the cover can either start immediately, or you can set it up ready to use when you need it. You can also get the coverage in 15 minutes or buy up to 28 days in advance.

What Does Short Term Car insurance Not Cover?

Short term cover though comprehensive but will still not cover some of these policies such as:

#1. Insecurity

You won’t be covered when you carelessly leave your car doors and windows insecure. So it’s prudent to keep your car secure by closing the windows, locking it, and leaving your valuables out of view.

#2. Additional Drivers

If you don’t add an additional driver to your policy, It will not be insured and no one will make use of your car except you add another driver to your policy.

#3. Driving Other Cars

Short-term insurance allows you to use your policy for the insured vehicle, but not for driving other vehicles. However, multi-car policies are also available.

#4. Vehicle Purpose

Short term insurance policy does not allow you to use a vehicle for another purpose that is not in the policy’s terms and conditions.

What Is the Shortest Time You Can Insure a Car?

  • Veygo by Admiral lets drivers between the ages of 17 and 75 choose between monthly, daily, and hourly car insurance plans.
  • Cuvva offers temporary insurance to drivers between the ages of 19 and 65 for as little as one hour and as long as 28 days.

Short Term Car Insurance Geico

Geico short-term car insurance is an auto insurance company designed for federal government employees and certain categories of enlisted military officers. It has a long-standing reputation that offers nationwide auto insurance coverage. The company also offers home, renters, watercraft, and motorcycle insurance.

Furthermore, GEICO has above-average customer satisfaction rankings. It provides multiple car coverage because of its high average discounts for cars as well as other discounts for being accident-free for five years. It also provides coverage in the form of non-owner coverage. So, GEICO short-term car insurance offers short-term coverage when you’re using a work car, borrowing a friend’s car, or driving any car that is not yours. GEICO Car Insurance Coverage offers all the basic car insurance coverage which includes:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Underinsured motorist
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive

GEICO also offers these optional add-on coverages or endorsements, depending on your location:

  • Emergency roadside service
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Mechanical breakdown insurance
  • Accident forgiveness

GEICO Car Insurance Discounts

GEICO Car Insurance offers discounts on your auto insurance premiums. Although some discounts only apply to specific coverages, like health, medical, and collision. However, availability may vary in different locations. Some discounts they offer include

  • Youth discounts: Good student (up to 15%)
  • Loyalty discounts: Multi-car policy discount (up to 25%) though it varies,
  • Safety discounts: Safety discounts for new vehicle (up to 15%), good driver (up to 22%), defensive driving course (varies), driver’s education course (varies), DriveEasy telematics (varies), airbag (up to 23%), anti-lock brakes (5%), anti-theft system (up to 23%), daytime running lights (3%), seatbelt use (varies),
  • Other discounts: Emergency deployment (up to 25%), federal employee (up to 12%), membership/affiliation (varies), military (up to 15%)

GEICO offers discounts for several policies and programs designed for military personnel, including overseas insurance partnerships, and emergency deployment, which is why it is one of the best insurers for members of the military.

USA Short Term Car Insurance

USA short-term car insurance provides flexible insurance for your car. Though you may have to go for a temporary auto insurance contract. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get short-term car insurance in the USA for a few reasons.

Many insurance companies do not provide short-term insurance policies that are shorter than six months since the law mandates auto insurance in most USA states. However, changing policies every month can be risky. If you keep creating gaps in your auto insurance record by frequently changing policies, this will automatically lead to higher premiums down the road.

Fortunately, the USA short-term car insurance policies can last for about six months. This allows auto insurance companies to “re-rate” or re-price your premiums with your present driving profile and personal profile.

However, you can improve your short-term insurance in the USA by requesting quotes from other companies. You may decide to shop prices online which may not be costly. Also, there is no penalty for switching car insurance companies when your policy ends. As long as you didn’t allow your insurance to knock.

Furthermore, the elastic nature of short-term car insurance in the USA makes it relatively simple to acquire with almost no notification.  So If you want to purchase a policy to drive a new car, attempting to get coverage for a relatively long-term auto rental, or you’re are looking for coverage on a car you don’t own but regularly drive, think about purchasing the short-term insurance policy.

Short Term Car Insurance California

If you’re looking for short-term car insurance in California, it’s important to do comparison shopping before you buy. This is because your auto insurance premium can vary from insurer to insurer, depending on the insurer you choose. However, with proper research, you can find a policy that perfectly suits your needs while saving your money. Below are normal car insurance costs in California for auto insurance companies and the best annual rates for minimum coverage in California. This will help you to consider the insurers to go for If you’re paying more than the rates listed below.

Short Term Car Insurance Company Rates in California  

The average auto insurance rate in California is $156 per month while the average 6-month rate is $934. However, the most affordable insurer for temporary car insurance in California is Esurance. This provider offers a monthly premium that’s $14 lower than the next cheapest option, which is Century National. The following are the average monthly and six-month rates of several insurance companies in California

  • Esurance: $97 per month or $582 six-month rates
  • Century National: $111 per month or $667 six-month rates
  • GEICO: $113 per month or $679 six-month rates
  • Progressive: $131 per month or $784 six-month rates
  • California Capital: $135 per month or $811 six-month rates

How Do I Add Temporary Car Insurance?

  • In the United States, temporary or short-term auto insurance policies cannot cover a duration of less than six months.
  • Short-term auto insurance may not be available, but you may be able to secure coverage through a rental car company, another driver’s policy, per-mile or non-owners insurance, or a credit card.

Cheap Short Term Car Insurance

The city where you reside in California can affect your car insurance costs. For example, if there are common occurrences of accidents or car thefts in your city, get it in mind that you will have to pay more for auto insurance. However, if you reside in a safe city with a low accident rate and car thefts, you may enjoy cheap short-term car insurance. Some of the cities that provide cheap and expensive short term car insurance include: Cheap Short Term Car Insurance California Cities include:

  • Santa Maria: $813.19 per year
  • Redding: $823.58 per year
  • Cupertino: $857.58 per year
  • Camarillo: $863.67 per year
  • Hanford: $864.88 per year

Expensive California Cities:

  • Glendale: $1379.71 per year
  • Los Angeles: $1357.99 per year
  • Santa Monica: $1259.40 per year
  • South Gate: $1255.33 per year
  • Burbank: $1229.43 per year

Short-term car insurance companies in California that give cheap auto insurance might not provide the best claims experience or customer service. Though this depends on individual circumstances. So some of these cheap Short-term car insurance providers may fit in for certain drivers. Though it differs with the age of the driver. Below are the cheap short term insurance providers that have the best minimal annual rates coverage in California:

  • Progressive: $481 per year or $40 per month
  • USAA: $483 per year or $40 per month
  • CSAA: $505 per year or $42 per month
  • GEICO: $521 per year or $43 per month
  • Esurance: $570 per year or $48 per month


I hope you’ve learnt how to get coverage for your car and the insurers to go with.


When would I need short-term car insurance?

You need short-term car insurance in lots of situations, whether you own a car or not. It’s useful if you need car insurance to borrow someone else’s car, drive one home after buying it, or for occasional use of a vehicle you keep off the road

What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance, also known as short-term car insurance is a type of fully comprehensive cover for cars that can last from 1 hour up to 28 days. It’s another option alongside one-day insurance and weekly insurance.

Can I get temporary car insurance when learning to drive?

No, you can’t. RAC Temporary Car Insurance only covers qualified drivers who have held a full and valid driving license for over a year.

What does short term car insurance offer?

The short-term policy offers a handy alternative to a 12-month car insurance policy. If you’re unsure whether it could be what you need, take a look at some of the features it includes:

  • Instant cover
  • Comprehensive cover as standard on all policies
  • Flexible cover with insurance from one hour up to 28 days
  • Cover up to 28 days in advance
  • No risk to your car or the car owner’s existing no-claims bonus
  • No lengthy contracts, once the policy ends, that’s it
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